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durst trust a greater, but not trust the borrower with a lesser sum of money? You have trusted the bishops, and a select clergy in a convocation to tell you, These you shall take to be canonical books of Scripture, and no other: Upon the truth of those, and only those, that they declare to be the holy Scripture, you lay the foundation of your faith, and hope of salvation. You have trusted the bishops, that is, the Church of England; first, their learning and wisdom to know, and then their integrity to tell you truly which is the blessed and holy Scripture. With these 'great and necessary concerns of your faith and salvation you have trusted them; and yet, like the mistaking man, you dare not trust them with what is of less concern; namely, you do not believe them when they tell you how the primitive Christians did worship, and praise, and pray to God: And though you have trusted them to translate the Scriptures into English, as being best learned in the original languages, yet you dare not, or do not, trust them with the explanation of many words which have in the original an ambiguous or doubtful meaning, especially to us of the laity, who cannot know the customs and phrases of those nations where our Saviour and his disciples preached the glad tidings of our common salvation.

Cousin, I hope I have in this made some unfore'd and so useful observations, as an humble and good Christian will not gainsay; and, doubt

less, a soul truly humble, will both think and



Almighty God hath appointed me to live in "an age, in which contention increases, and cha'rity decays; and it is certain, that variety of opinions and controversies in religion declare 'difficulty to know them truly; but my comfort is, that without controversie, there is so much 'religion without controversie, as by the true 'practice of what is so I may save my soul. And, "therefore, to make sure of that, I will first be"come an humble Christian, and conclude, that I "will in all doubtful things obey my governours; "for sure they see a reason, which I neither can "or need to know, why they command them: I "will be sure to be humble, to fast, and pray, to "be charitable, to visit and comfort dejected fa"milies, to love my neighbours, to pardon my "enemies, and to do good to all mankind, as far as "God shall enable me: For I am sure these to be "sacrifices which please Almighty God, and will bring peace at last: And I am sure that by using these graces, and my faith in Christ's merits for "my salvation, will be more and more confirmed; "and by still using them, more and more new 66 graces will be still added; and all be still more " and more confirmed; so confirmed, as to bear "witness with me, and be my comfort, when I "must make my last and great account to the Searcher of all hearts."



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Almighty God give me grace to practise what I have commended to your consideration; for this and this only, can, and will, make my life quiet and comfortable, and my death happy. And, my dear cousin, as I wish my own, so I wish your's may be.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1679.

Your affectionate kinsman,


R. W.


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