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Will of Dr. Robert Sanderson, Wotton, Dr. Nicholas, 185, 193,

290, v. ii.

Williams, Dr. John, Archbishop

of York, 53, 202, 283, v. ii.
Winniff, Dr. Thomas, 23, v. i.
Woodford, Dr. Samuel, 299, v. i.
Woodnot, Mr. Arthur, 58, v. ii.
Wooley, Sir Francis, 58, v. i.

Sir John, 59, v. i.

Wotton, Sir Edward, 183, v. i.
Sir James, 184, v. i.
Sir John, 184, v. i.

v. i.

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Thomas Wilson and Sons, Printers, High-Ousegate, York.

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Parry, Dr. Henry, Bishop of Prideaux, Dr. John, Bishop of

Worcester, 480, v. i.

Pearson, Dr. John, Bishop of Pullin, Mr. John, 295, v. ii.

Worcester, 170, v. ii.

[blocks in formation]

Chester, 277, v. ii.

Pell, Dr. John, 281, v. ii.


70, v. ii.

v. ii.


Pembroke, Ann, Countess of, Quinquarticular Controversy,299,

Philip, fourth Earl

of, 70, v. ii.

William, third Earl Rainbow, Dr. Edward, Bishop

of, 69, v. ii.

Penry, John, one of the author's of Martin Mar-Prelate, 387,

v. i.

of Carlisle, 293, v. ii. Raleigh, Sir Walter, 311, v. i Rastall, John, 41, v. i.

William, 41, v. i

Perambulations, benefit of, 426, Redman, Dr. William, Bishop

v. i.

Perkins, Mr. William, 254, v. i. Peters, Hugh, 29, v. i. ; 228, v. ii. Pey, Mr. Nicholas, 245, v. i. Philip, Pompey's Freedman, 38, v. i.

Philips, Fabian, 449, v. i.

Picus, Prince of Mirandula, 42, v. i.

of Norwich, 408, v. i. Reynold's, Dr. John, 318, v. i. William, 319, v. i. Richmond, Lodowick, Duke of, 50, v. ti.

Rokeby, Ralph, 196, v. i. Rotherham, Dr. Thomas Scot, Archbishop of York, 155, v. ii.

Pierce, Dr. John, Bishop of Rudd, Dr. Anthony, Bishop of

Salisbury, 406, v. i.

St. David's, 47, v. i.

Dr. Thomas, Dean of Rupert, Prince, 197, v. ii.

[blocks in formation]
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