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YEAR, with portrait, and many comic woodcuts from the Author's own drawings. Both series, 2 vols., 8vo, best edition, newly bound in half calf gilt. 1868. $13.50. 934 HOOD. MISS KILMANSEGG AND HER PRECIOUS LEG, a Golden Legend, illustrated by 60 most beautiful drawings by Capt. Secombe, engraved in outline by F. Joubert, the text of the work engraved throughout, and printed with the utmost care on India Paper, folio, an elegant volume, in characteristic cloth binding, gilt edges (pub. £10 10s.) $25. 4to edition. $10. 935

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HOOKE, N. ROMAN HISTORY, from the building of Rome to the Ruin of the Commonwealth. 6 vols., 8vo, with maps, elegantly half bound. 1823. $10.75.


As a wit and humorist of the highest order "his name will be preserved. His political songs and jeux d'esprit, when the hour comes for collecting them, will form á volume of sterling and lasting attraction !" J. G. Lockhart. The time has arrived, and Hook's inimitable songs, jokes, and stories are here for the first time gathered together for the amusement of readers who delight in the hearty waggeries of the old school of humorists.

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HOOKER. SECOND CENTURY OF FERNS, being figures with brief Descriptions, of One Hundred, New, Rare, or imperfectly known Species of Ferns, from various parts of the World, 100 finely coloured plates, with magnified figures, a large thick vol., impl. 8vo, half morocco (pub. £2 88.) $12. 943 HOOKER, R. WORKS, including the Ecclesiastical Polity, &c., with Life by Izaac Walton, edited by Keble, fac-simile, 3 vols., 8vo, cloth. Oxford, 1841. $8. Calf. $13.50. 944

"The adamantine and imperishable work of Hooker," says Dr. Parr, "is the Ecclesiastical Polity." Bp. Warburton calls him "the excellent, the admirable, the best man of our order."

Pope Clement the VIIIth, said of Hooker, "This man, indeed, deserves the name of an author, his books will get reverence by age; for there is in them such seeds of eternity that they shall continue till the last fire shall consume all learning."


ANASTASIUS, or MEMOIRS OF A GREEK. Written at the close of the Eighteenth Century. 3 vols., 8vo, half morocco, uncut. Best edition. Scarce. 1820. $7.50. Another edition. 2 vols., post 8vo, half calf, gilt, scarce. $4.25.


"I would have given any one of my best reputed poems to have been the author of Anastasius."- - Byron.


321 plates of Egyptian, Grecian and Roman Costume. 2 vols., imperial 8vo, cloth. 1841. $13.50. New half morocco, gilt, uncut. $18.946 A book valuable alike to the artist, actor and amateur. Good impressions, very scarce.

HOPKINS, E. J. THE ORGAN, ITS HISTORY AND CONSTRUCTION: a Comprehensive Treatise on the Structure and Capabilities of the Organ, preceded by an entirely New History of the Organ and Memoirs of the most eminent Builders of the 17th and 18th Centuries, by E. F. Rimbault, numerous woodcuts and diagrams, thick royal 8vo, new half calf, gilt tops, fine copy, scarce. 1855. $16. 947

HORATII OPERA, cura Pyne, finely engraved throughout, and illustrated with many very beautiful vignettes, brilliant impressions. 2 vols., calf gilt. 1733-7. $30. 948

This well known and beautiful edition is much esteemed by the collector of the classics as well as the collectors of Livres de Luxe. It is the most beautiful edition of Horace.

HORATII OPERA, cura H. MILMAN, elegantly printed on fine paper, the pages embellished with floreated and Etruscan borders in colors after designs by Owen Jones, and the text illustrated by nearly 500 beautiful woodcuts from the antique, by G. Scharf. 8vo, boards, original edition, scarce, clean copy, free from spots, superbly bound in morocco, Roger Payne style, burnished, gilt edges over carmine, a delicious copy. $43. 949 HORATII. Another copy exquisitely bound in panelled calf, gilt tops, uncut, by Zahnsdorff. $32. 950 HORACE. LITERALLY TRANSLATED BY SMART. New edition, carefully revised by an Oxonian, Post 8vo. 1857. $1.75. 951 HORNE. HISTORY OF NAPOLEON. Illustrated by several hundred spirited engravings by Horace Vernet, &c. 2 vols., royal 8vo, half calf extra. 1841. $10.50. 952

A very fair work considered both in respect of its literary value and its style and qualities as a book. HORNE, T. H. INTRODUCTION to the STUDY

of the HOLY SCRIPTURES. Eleventh edition, · revised, corrected, and brought down to the present time, edited by the Rev. Thos. Hartwell Horne, B. D., the Rev. Jon. Ayre, M.A., and S. P. Tregelles, LL. D., maps and facsimiles of Bible Manuscripts. 4 vols., 8vo. 1860. $16. Eleventh Edition, thoroughly revised and all the porion by Dr. Davidson expunged.

HORNE. INTRODUCTION to the STUDY OF BIBLIOGRAPHY, with a Memoir on the Public Libraries of the Ancients, engraved facsimiles of type, monograms, &c. 2 vols., 8vo, boards. 1814. $8. 953

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This valuable work comprises a collection of papers by the most eminent horticulturists and botanists of the day and is embellished with an extensive series of the most beautiful colored plates of fruit and flowers, equal to the finest Drawings. HORTICULTURAL JOURNAL, New series Complete, with numerous fine colored and other engravings of Fruits, Flowers, &c. 9vols., 8vo, half morocco. 1846-55. $25. 955 This forms a continuation to the Transactions of the Horticultural Society, HOUBRAKEN AND VERTUE'S HEADS OF ILLUSTRIOUS PERSONS of Great Britain, with their Lives and Characters, by Dr. Birch, 108 magnificent portraits, most brilliant impres sions, fine original copy, folio, morocco. 1756. $60.


HOSKOLD, H. D. PRACTICAL TREATISE on Mine, Land and Railway Surveying, Engineering, &c., numerous plates and woodcuts. Roy. 8vo, cloth (pub. $12.) 1863. $5. 957 HOWARD, FRANK. The SPIRIT OF THE PLAYS of SHAKESPEARE, Exhibited in a Series of Outline Plates Illustrative of the Story of each Play; with Quotations and DePlates. scriptions. Original Impressions. 5 vols., 8vo, cloth. 1833. $25. 958 HOWARD. COLOUR AS A MEANS OF ART, being an adaptation of the experience of professors to the Practice of Amateurs, 17 coloured plates. 8vo, cloth. 1838. $3.50. 959 HOWARD, GEORGE. LADY JANE GREY and her Times. Portrait and several Woodcuts. Crown 8vo, half calf. 1822. $2. 960 HOWELL, J. FAMILIAR LETTERS. Domestic and Foreign, partly historical, political, and philosophical. 8vo. 1754, $2.50. 961


Amusing and instructive and have deservedly gone through half a score of editions. The Account in them of the Assassination of Henry IV. of France is minutely curious."— Dibdin, HOWELL AND COBBETT'S COMPLETE COL LECTION OF STATE TRIALS, for High Treason, and other Crimes and Misdemeanors, from the earliest period, with general index. 34 vols., royal 8vo, half calf. Extremely scarce. $225. 962

highly important series of trials which it is to be hoped American Lawyers will make haste to secure before they become "introuvable."

HOWITT, MARY. PICTORIAL CALENDAR OF THE SEASONS, exhibiting the Pleasures and Pursuits of Country Life, for every Month, and embodying the whole of Aikin's Calendar of Nature, with upwards of 100 engravings on wood. Post 8vo, cloth. 1854. $1.75. Half calf. $2.75. 963 "Her observation of nature is accurate and intense."Christopher North.


signed from the Fables of Esop, Gay and Phaedrus. Fifty-six very beautiful and spirited

chings from Life. Fine original impres sions. 4to, half bound. 1811. $6.50. 964 HOWITT, WILLIAM. HOMES AND HAUNTS

of the most Eminent British Poets, with numerous beautiful woodcuts of famous Localities, Dwellings, etc. 2 vols., 8vo, Elegant copy, polished calf, gilt. 1847. $17. 965 HOWITT. NORTHERN HEIGHTS OF LONDON,

or Historical Associations of Hampstead, Highgate, Muswell Hill, Hornsey and Islington, engravings in the text. Thick 8vo, cloth. $4. 966

The outskirts of London, in almost all directions, are rich in historical and biographical reminiscences; and the Northern suburbs are particularly affluent in this respect. The object of the present work is to bring the most prominent of the historic incidents and characters connected with this district into one connected view, freed from much of the mere topographical matter which, in the local records, envelopes them.

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HOWITT, W. THE RURAL AND DOMESTIC LIFE of Germany, with Characteristics of its Cities and Scenery. 8vo, half morocco, uncut. 1842 $5.

HOWITT, WM. THE RURAL LIFE OF ENG-HUGO, T. THE BEWICK COLLECTOR; and the LAND. Pretty Woodcut Illustrations. 2 vols., crown 8vo, cloth, uncut, scarce. 1838. $3.75. HOWITT, WM. The Same. Corrected and revised. With Illustrations by Bewick not in former Edition. Large 8vo, cloth uncut. 1844. $7.


Supplementary volume, a Descriptive Catalogue of the Works of Thomas and John Bewick. Including Cuts, in various states, for Books and Pamphlets, Private Gentlemen, Public Companies, Newspapers, and other miscellaneous purposes, and Wood-Blocks. With an Appendix of Portraits, Autographs, Works of Pupils, &c., the whole described from the Originals, contained in the largest and most perfect collection ever formed. By Thomas Hugo, M.A., F.R.S.L., &c., &c. Illustrated by upwards of two hundred and ninety cuts. 2 vols., 8vo. 1869. $10. 981

968 HOWITT. The STUDENT LIFE OF GERMANY. Numerous Cuts and Steel Frontispiece, 8vo, half calf gilt. 1841. $7. 969 HOWITT, WILLIAM. VISITS TO REMARKABLE PLACES. Old Halls, Battle Fields, and Scenes illustrative of Striking Passages in English History and Poetry. Numerous fine woodcut vignettes. Both series. 2 vols., 1840-42. royal 8vo, calf elegant. $18.50. This delightful work is becoming more and more difficult of acquisition. HOWITT. A Complete set of the scarce original editions in large 8vo, as follows: HOMES AND HAUNTS of the most Eminent British Poets. 8vo. 1847.

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RURAL and Domestic Life of Germany.
STUDENT Life in Germany.

NORTHERN HEIGHTS of London. Together 8 vols., 8vo, original editions throughout, handsomely bound in half morocco extra, gilt top, very choice set, scarce. $68. 970 All the above, uniform in size and binding, a remarkably choice set fresh from the bindery. HOYLAND, JOHN. A HISTORICAL SURVEY of the Customs, Habits, and Present State of the Gypsies. Designed to develop the Origin of this Singular People etc. 8vo, half morocco. York, 1816. $3. 971 HUC, M. THE CHINESE EMPIRE. 2 vols., post 8vo, half calf. 1855. $6. 972 HUC. TRAVELS IN TARTARY, Thibet, and China, during the Years 1844-5-6. Engravings. 2 vols., post 8vo, cloth. n.d. $2.50. 973 HUGHES, THOMAS. TOM BROWN AT OX-HUMBOLDT. PERSONAL NARRATIVE of Tra. FORD. Portrait. 2 vols., 12mo, cloth, new. Boston. $2.50. 974 HUGHES, T. THE SCOURING OF THE WHITE HORSE. Illustrated by Richard Doyle. Square 12mo, half morocco, gilt. Cambridge, 1859. $4. HUGHES, T. S. HISTORY OF ENGLAND from the Accession of George III. to the Accession of Victoria. Port. 7 vols., 8vo, calf extra, gilt, scarce. 1846. $35. Half calf. $27. Cloth. $20. Last and best edition; it is indispensable, as being the best continuation to Hume and Smollett.

vels to the Equinoctial Regions of America during the Years 1799-1804. Translated and Edited by Th. Ross. 3 vols., post 8vo, half morocco. 1870. $7.50. Cloth. $5. 986 HUMBOLDT. VIEWS OF NATURE, or Contemplations of the Sublime Phenomena of Creation, with Scientific Illustrrtions. Translated by E. C. Otté and H. G. Bohn. Fost 8vo, cloth. $2. Half morocco. 1850. $3. 987 HUMBOLDT, COSMOS. A SKETCH of a PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION of the. UNIVERSE, translated by Otté. 5 vols., 12mo, half calf, gilt. 1860. $12. Cloth. $7.50. 988 HUMBOLDT. WORKS, translated by Black and Williams, with numerous maps and engravings. 12 vols. 8vo in 11, newly bound, half calf gilt, scarce. 1811-29. $30. 989

This desirable set comprises; Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent, Political Essay on New Spain, and Researches on the Institutions and Monuments of the Ancient Americans.

HUGHSON, D. HISTORY AND DESCRIPTION OF LONDON, and its neighborhood to 30 miles extent, from an actual perambulation. Copiously illustrated. 6 vols., 8vo, half calf, gilt, 1807. $12.50.

977 HUGHSON, D. WALKS THROUGH LONDON, including Westminister and the borough of Southwark. Hundreds of pretty little views, engraved on steel. 2 vols., 12mo, half calf, nice copy. 1817. $3. 978

These volumes comprise an elaborate Descriptive List of the most complete collection yet formed of the works of the renowned Wood Engravers of Newcastle-uponTyne. They include their books and book illustrations, proofs of such in various states, and the engravings, with similar proofs, by Thomas Bewick, executed for Private Gentlemen, Public Companies, Newspapers, Exhibitions, Bill-heads, Broadsides, and other miscellaneous purposes, with much original matter connected with the Artists and their productions.

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HUGO, V. LES MISERABLES, authorized English Translation, best edition. 3 vols., small 8vo, new half calf, gilt. 1862. $9. 12mo, cloth. $2.25. 982

HUISH, R. See No. 672.

HULME, F. E. SKETCHES FROM NATURE of Plant Form, 100 full-page plates printed in colours, of flowers and foliage, specially selected for their variety and ornamental character, with Descriptions, small folio, cloth extra, gilt edges (pub. £2 15s.) 1868. $12. 984 Illustrating the infinite variety and beauty of natural forms, this work is admirably adapted to the use of Artists, Designers, and Architects.


WORKS of. Containing his Cosmos, 5 vols.; Equinoctial Regions of America, 3 vols.; Views of Nature, 1 vol. Together 9 vols., post 8vo, half calf extra. 1870-71. $25.50. Cloth. $17. The above works sold separately per volume in cloth $2.00 or in half calf. $3.00. 985


HUME, DAVID. PHILOSOPHICAL WORKS. Including all the Essays and exhibiting the more important Alterations and Correction in the Successive Editions published by the Author. Best edition. Portrait. 4 vols., 8vo, cloth, Edinburgh, $12. Polished calf extra, fine copy. $20. 990 HUME, D. ESSAYS. Literary, Moral and Political. Post 8vo, cloth, new. $1. A careful reprint of the best edition. HUME. HISTORY OF ENGLAND, Bowyer's Magnificent Edition. The History of England, by David Hume, in Ten Volumes Atlas folio, superbly printed in large bold type by Bensley, and illustrated with over Two HUNDRED PLATES, containing Historical Subjects by Stothard, Romney, Smirke, Northcote, Opie, &c. Portraits, Naval and Military Engagements, Coins, Medals, &c., the whole engraved by the first artists of the day, in rich and massive full russia binding, extra gilt and gilt edges, in splendid condition. 1800. $100. This grand national work was undertaken to show the point of skill at which the Arts of typography and book illustration had arrived it is a matchless specimen and stands little chance of being rivalled. It is one of the most finely printed books ever produced in any country, was published at £70. The PLATES comprise PORTRAITS, HISTORICAL SUBJECTS, BATTLES, ANTIQUITIES, COINS, MEDALS, &c., and are the finest productions of Stothard. Smirke, Opie, Landseer, Bartolozzi, Fittler,


Hume, after all, retains his literary ascendancy. People will turn to him naturally as the educational book, the unchallenged source of authority."- Quarterly Review. HUME & SMOLLETT. HISTORY OF ENGLAND,

Scholey's fine large print edition, with numerous portraits and historical cuts by Thurston, scarce. 16 vols., 8vo, beautifully bound in light polished calf, gilt tops uncut, a splendid set, 1808. $60. 993 HUME AND SMOLLETT. HISTORY OF ENG LAND. With Continuation to the Death of William IV. By Rev. T. S. Hughes. Large type. Best library edition. 17 vols., 8vo, polished calf, extra. Fine uniform set. 1841, $65. Half calf. $45. 994 HUME AND SMOLLETT'S HISTORY OF ENGLAND, with Hughes' Continuation to Victoria, large type, with portraits and engravings of historical events 21 vols., foolscap. 8vo, half morocco. Valpy, 1848, &c. $32.50. This beautiful cabinet edition is printed uniform with the popular editions of Scott, Byron, Moore, Southey, etc. HUMPHREYS, NOEL. HISTORY OF THE ART


OF PRINTING; its invention and Progress to the Middle of the Sixteenth Century, with 105 plates, comprising facsimiles from the most remarkable Block-Books, including 44 facsimiles of the Press of Caxton, Wynken De Worde, Pynson, and others, impl. 4to, extra cloth. 1868. $17.50.. 996 HUMPHREYS. ART OF WRITING, History of the Origin and Progress of the, illus trated with 28 plates containing several hun dred specimens of writing, from the earliest to the latest periods. Imp. 8vo, elegantly bound in a unique style in imitation of elaborately carved oak. 1855. $12. 997 A beautiful and interesting volume, many of the plates are finely executed in gold and colors,

HUMPHREYS. THE COIN COLLECTOR'S MANUAL, a Guide in the formation of a Cabinet of Coins. 150 Illustrations. 2 vols., 12 mo, cloth, 1853. $3.75. Half morocco. $5. 998 This work will be found most useful to the numismatic student. The subject is systematically arranged and very fully illustrated, and each section has an historical introduction.


MASTERPIECES OF EARLY PAINTERS AND ENGRAVERS, containing 70 plates of Facsimiles from rare and curious books, in all 81 examples of Illustrative Devices, beautiful Borders, decorative Initials, Printers' marks, elaborate Title-pages, etc. with descriptions, impl. 4to, half morocco, top edge gilt. 1870. $16,


The author has, with the exception of a few specimens from Lucas v. Leyden and A. Dürer, avoided the wellknown series of illustrations of the Passion of Our Saviour, as also Missals, Books of Prayer and Bibles, examples from which have been already reproduced in so many other works; nevertheless the volume has been enriched with specimens from the beautiful French "Books of Hours," and, in one or two special cases, from a few remarkable Bibles. HUMPHREYS.

The Coins of England, facsimiles of the coins in gold, silver, and copper, crown 8vo. 1846. $4.50. 1000 HUMPHREYS. BRITISH BUTTERFLIES, described and arranged, 32 beautifully colored plates, in which all the species and varieties are represented, accompanied by their respective Caterpillars and the Plants on which they feed. Impl. 8vo, new cloth gilt. 1860. $7.50. HUMPHREYS. BRITISH MOTHS, described and arranged, 62 beautifully coloured plates exhibiting many hundred Insects in their different stages, with the Caterpillars, and the Plants on which they feed. 2 vols., imperial 8vo, cloth gilt. 1860. $10. 1002 HUNT. SERIES OF COMIC SKETCHES, 21 large and finely executed lithographic plates, finished in tints, from his original Drawings preserved in various celebrated Collections of Pictures. Imp. fol. new half morocco. 1850 $12.50. The same coloured, in portfolio. $30. "Mr. Hunt is well known known as one of the most effective Painters of humorous subjects of the day. These Sketches' evince great comic powers, without the slightest coarseness."

HUNT, F. K. THE FOURTH ESTATE. Contri butions towards a History of Newspapers and of the Liberty of the Press. 2 vols., post 8vo, uncut. Scarce. 1850. $4.50. Half calf. $5.50. The best history of English Newspapers ever published. HUNT, F. K. THE FOURTH ESTATE. Also His

tory of British Journalism, with Sketches of Press Celebrities, by Alex. Andrews, 4 vols. 12mo, in 2. Forming a complete history of newspapers in England. Half calf, gilt. 1850-9. $10.

1005 HUNT, LEIGH. POETICAL WORKS, large type edition. 8vo, beautifully bound in light polished calf, choice copy, scarce. Moxon, 1832. $9. 1006

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HUNT. BYRON and some of his CONTEMPORARIES by Leigh Hunt, with recollections of his past Life, his Correspondence, &c., portraits, 2vols., 8vo, half calf. 1828. $4.50. 1008

A most interesting and curious series of literary and personal sketches of the eminent literati of the day, including Moore, Campbell, Shelley, Coleridge, Lamb, Theodore Hook, J. and H. Smith, Landor, &c. HUNT. IMAGINATION AND FANCY, or Selections from the English Poets, with critical notices, etc. Post 8vo, calf gilt. 1846. $3. 1009 HUNT. INDICATOR AND COMPANION, a Miscellany for the Fields and the Fireside. 2 vols., post 8vo, boards, 1834. $3, 1010 Singularly attractive from the novelty of the subjects, and the delightful manner in which they are treated. HUNT. STORIES FROM THE ITALIAN POETS. With their Lives. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco, 1011 Fine copy. 1846. $7.

Charming selections, adequately criticised and forming a delightful medium for acquiring a fair knowledge of Italian literature,


LLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, a complete set of this valuable and interesting work from its commencement to June 1864, with all the large coloured engravings. 44 vols., folio, half calf. 1842-64. $85. Complete set in new half binding $300. In old binding. $175nding up to 1872.


The above at ($85), is a desirable set of this valuable publication, as clean as when published. So cheap a copy seldom is offered for sale. Containing American War Volumes. A never ending source of pleasure to the young. ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS. A large

collection, numbering 66 volumes, mostly half bound, all in good sound condition. $125. 1016 It is nearly a complete set. We will agree to furnish the lacking volumes at a reasonable advance on the cost. An inexhaustible fund of instruction and amusement. IMLAY, G. Topographical DESCRIPTION of

the WESTERN TERRITORY of NORTH AMERICA. Maps. Very fine, clean, uncut copy. #8vo, morocco. Scarce. 1797. $10. 1017 IMPERIAL DICTIONARY of UNIVERSAL BIOGRAPHY. A Series of Memoirs of distinguished men of all ages and all nations, conducted by John Eadie, J. F. Waller, and others. With Portraits, 3 vols., impl. 8vo. half calf. $27. 1018 IMPERIAL DICTIONARY. English, Technological and Scientific, with Supplement, Tedited by Dr. Ogilvie, illustrated with 2,4000 woodcuts. 3 vols., imp. 8vo, half morocco. 1850– *1255. $25. (+ 1019 INDIA. PICTORIAL, DESCRIPTIVE, and HISTORICAL, from the earliest times to the present, with nearly 100 illustrations, post 8vo, half morocco. 1854. $2.75. Cloth. $1.75. 1020 INGLIS, H. D. RAMBLES in the FOOTSTEPS



of DON QUIXOTE, with illustrations by George Cruikshank. Post 8vo, cloth. 1837. $3. Half morocco. $4. 1021 "Those that want a few hours' pleasant reading are not likely to meet with a book more to their taste." Athenæum.

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INGOLDSBY LEGENDS, or MIRTH AND MARVELS, tenth edition, numerous highly characteristic illustrations by Leech, Geo. Cruikshank, &c. 8 vols., 8vo, half morocco, very scarce. 1855. $24. Cloth. $18. 1022 The best impressions of the plates are found in the 3 volume edition. INGOLDSBY LEGENDS, or MIRTH AND MARVELS, edited, with notes introductory and illustrative, by R. H. Dalton Barham, numerous highly characteristic engravings by Cruikshank and Leech. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, 1870. $8.75. Elegantly bound in tree or polished calf. $16.50, 1023 Another Edition printed on toned paper superbly bound in red morocco, gilt edges. $18!! INGOLDSBY, T. THE INGOLDSBY LEGENDS, or Mirth and Marvels Illustrated. 12mo, cloth $2.25. half calf. 1869. $3.50. Calf extra $4.50. "We cannot open a page of the book that is not sparkling with its wit and humour, that is not ringing with its strokes of pleasantry and satire." INGRAM'S MEMORIALS of OXFORD, HISTORIcal and Descriptive Accounts of the Colleges, Halls, Churches, &c., with upwards of 150 highly finished Engravings by Le Keux, fine impressions. Large paper. & vols., 4to, cloth. Oxford, 1837. $20. 3 vols., Large 8vo, half morocco. $18. 1025 This work contains 100 engravings on steel, and 248 on wood.


"We take our leave for the present of this elegant work, with cordial wishes for its success. Oxford will ever afford a fertile source of employment to the antiquary and the artist."Gent. Mag.


OXFORD AND CAMBRIDGE, both Works, Large paper, with choice India Proofs of the 250 highly finished engravings of Colleges, Halls, Churches, &c., and fine early impressions of the numerous beautifully executed woodcuts by Jewitt, &c. 5 handsome volumes, 4to, new half morocco gilt. 1837-41. $60. 8vo edition, 5 vols., half bound. $40. 1026

These beautiful works have long become scarce, particularly on large paper with original proofs of the engravings as the above.

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