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KEATING, W. H. EXPEDITION to the SOURCE OF ST. PETER'S RIVER, Lake Winnepeck, Lake of the Woods, &c., in 1823. Map and Plates. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf extra. 1825. $7. KEBLE, J. CHRISTIAN YEAR; Thoughts in Verse for Sundays and Holydays throughout the Year, illustrated with designs by Eliza Hackett. 8vo, morocco extra, gilt leaves, scarce. Oxford, 1849. $12.50. Other edition fine. $1.50 each. 1119 KEEPSAKE, edited by F. M. Reynolds, the COUNTESS OF BLESSINGTON, &c. 1828 to 1840, upwards of 240 highly finished engravings by Heath, Finden, &c., after Turner, Sir T. Lawrence, Stothard, Eastlake, and Landseer, India proofs. 13 vols., royal 8vo, silk binding. 182840. $45. 1120

This beautiful work contains original contributions by Sir Walter Scott, Bulwer Lytton, J. Mackintosh, Egerton Brydges, Sheridan, Moore, Southey, Coleridge, Shelley, Hon. Mrs. Norton, Countess of Blessington, L.E.L. and a host of other popular writers. KEIGHTLEY, T. The FAIRY MYTHOLOGY, illustrative of the Romance and Superstition of various Countries. A New Edition. Post 8vo, cloth. 1857. $1.75. Half calf gilt. $2.50. A most delightful and curious book, invaluable to the Shakesperian reader and delver of our early English poesy. "It must form part of the library of every lover of poetical antiquities and every general scholar.”— Athenæum.



KEIGHTLEY, T. THE CRUSADERS, or Scenes, Events and Characters from the Times of the Crusades. Plates of Views. 2 vols., 12mo, half calf gilt, 1884. $4. 1122 KEIGHTLEY." MYTHOLOGY OF ANCIENT GREECE and Italy, illustrated by 12 plates of outline engravings. 8vo, calf. 1831. $4 1123 KELLY, W. K. SYRIA AND THE HOLY LAND. Their Scenery and their People, from Burckhardt, Lindsay, Dr. Robinson, and others with 180 Woodcuts. 8vo, half morocco. n.d. $2. KELLY, M. The REMINISCENCES OF MICHAEL KELLY, for half a Century, and Anecdotes of distinguished Persons, Political, Literary and Musical. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf. 1826. $4. 1125 "The best addition to our Theatrical History since Colley Cibber;" it was, in reality, written by Theodore Hook.

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KEMP, E. HOW TO LAY OUT A GARDEN, a general Guide for Choosing, Farming, or Improving an Estate, from a Quarter of an Acre to a hundred Acres in extent, with reference to both Design and Execution. By E. Kemp, Landscape gardener, second edition, enlarged, with 200 woodcuts, thick post 8vo, cloth, gilt. 58. $4. New Edition, greatly enlarged, 8vo, cloth. 1864. $6. 1128 "Intended as a general guide in choosing, farming, or improving an estate from a quarter of an acre to 100 acres in extent."



Avec appendice. Notice par J. Janin. Auteurs - presumes par Delaunay. Histoire de l'ornamentation des manuscrits par Denis. Catalogue bibliographique, Index ; et Grand Danse Macabre. 2 vols., imperial 8vo, half morocco, gilt top. Paris, 1858. $75. 1129

A magnificent specimen of book making printed in gold and colors, in imitation of the early Manuscripts." each page being a different design. It is an excellent work for presentation.

This work, for 300 years, has continued to be the favourite companion of devotional readers of all communions and opinions. "It is the finest work that hath proceeded from the pen of man, the Gospel being of divine origin."-Fontenelle.

KENNEDY, P. LEGENDARY FICTIONS of the Irish Celts. Post 8vo, cloth. 1866. $2.25. 1130 The greater part of the stories and legends in this volume are given as they were received from the story-tellers with whom the editor was familiar in his youth; they are arranged thus:- Household Stories-Legends of theGood People" Witchcraft, Sorcery, Ghosts and Fetches- Ossianic and other early Legends- Legends of the Celtic Saints. KENNEDY, W. TEXAS. The Rise, Progress and Prospects of the Republic of Texas. Map 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt. 1841. $5.75. KERR, R. Collection of VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. Forming a Complete History of the Origin and Progress of Navigation, Discovery and Commerce. From the Earliest Ages to the Present Time. Maps, Charts, etc. 18 vols., 8vo, newly half bound. Scarce. Edinburgh, 1824. $27.50. 1132

"This collection contains a great variety of very curious and interesting early voyages and travels of rare occurrence, or only to be found in expensive or voluminous collections."

KERR, R. ̈'The GENTLEMAN'S HOUSE; How to Plan English Residences, from the Parsonage to the Palace, with Tables of Accommodation and Cost, and a series of selected Plans, with numerous illustrative woodcuts, and 45 ground 1133 plans, thick 8vo, cloth. 1864. $7.50. A much esteemed and thoroughly practical work. KING, C. W. The Natural History of PRECIOUS STONES AND METALS. Numerous Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth. 1867. $2.50. 1134 Half calf, gilt, newly bound. $4. KING, C. W. ANTIQUE GEMS AND RINGS. Numerous fine Plates. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth extra. 1872. $15. 1135

KING, P. P. Fitzroy, and Darwin's VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY ROUND THE WORLD, in the Adventure and Beagle, including the Geology and Natural History, large maps and charts, and upwards of 60 fine engravings by Land seer. 4 vols., 8vo, cloth. 1839. $16. 1137

KING, T. H. The STUDY-BOOK OF MEDIEVAL ARCHITECTURE AND ART. A Series of Working Drawings of the Principal Churches of the Middle Ages, in Germany, Belgium and France; whereof the Plans, Sections, Elevations and Details are Drawn to Uniform Scales from Actual Measurement, To which are added, Illustrations of Remarkable Chalices, Cups, Iron-work, Stained Glass, Tombs, &c., in all between Three and Four Thousand Subjects, Engraved on Four Hundred Copperplate Engravings, comprising between Three and Four Thousand Subjects. Four volumes, half bound, top gilt. $60. Or with proof impressions of the plates on India paper, Four volumes, morocco, top gilt. $80. Very few copies printed in this superior style. 1138 The importance and value of this publication will be best shown by an examination of the subjoined List of Churches which are illustrated in its pages, or from which objects worthy of attention have been selected.

Vol. I. CONTAINS:-Braisne, Etampes, Flavigny, Alby, St. Bertrand de Comminges, Altenberg, Auxerre, Maulbroun, Semur, Dijon, Séez, Spires, Gelnhausen, Luneberg, Toulouse, 23 Churches in all, with 100 plates.

Vol. II. Soissons, Andernach, Coblentz, Laach, Emmerich, Oberwesel, Fribourg, Oppenheim, Bruges, Ghent, Lysseweghe, Marburg, Halberstadt, Mayence, Hildesheim, Romersdorf, Neuss, Ratisbon. 28 Churches in all, with 100 plates.

Vol. III.- Bamberg, Heilbronn, Osnabruck, Magdeburg, Laon, Le Mans, Chartres, St Leu d'Esserent, Antwerp, Senlis, Rheims, Mantes, Brussels, Xanten. 19 Churches in all, with 100 plates.

Vol. IV.-Erfurth, Ulm, Naumbourg, Cobern, Bacharach, Viluorde, Herford, Wurms, Limbourg, Treves, Lubeck. 22 Churches in all, with 100 plates.

The great advantage of this work is its practical utility. All the drawings are made on a uniform scale, exhibiting at a glance comparative sizes.

KING, R. JOURNEY to the Shores of the ARCTIC OCEAN, with Capt. Back, 1833-5. 2 vols., small 8vo. 1836. $3. 1139 KING, R. J. Selections from the EARLY BALLAD POETRY OF ENGLAND and Scotland. Folscap, 8vo. Pickering, 1842. $2. 1140

"Ye shall fynde enow, both grete and smale Of Storiale thyng that toucheth gentylnesse And eke moralitie and holinesse."-Chaucer. KINGLAKE, A. W. EOTHEN, or Traces of Travel brought Home from the East, colored frontispiece, 8vo, cloth. Scarce. 1845 $4. KINGLAKE, A. W. INVASION OF THE CRI

MEA, its Origin and an Account of its Progress. 4 vols., 8vo, half calf gilt. $22.50. 1142 The best history and a readable book. KINGSLEY, C. WESTWARD HO! or the voyage and adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. 3 vols., post 8vo, cloth. 1855. $6. 1143 KINGSTON, W. H. G. LUSITANIAN SKETCHES of the Pen and Pencil, with numerous illustrations. 2 vols., post 8vo. 1845. $2.75. An interesting work, including an account of the production of Port Wine, the method of preserving and treating it, &c. KIPPIS, Dr. BIOGRAPHIA BRITANNICA, or the Lives of the most eminent Persons who have flourished in Great Britain and Ireland from the earliest times. 5 thick vols. fol., half russia. 1788-93. $25. 1145

It is to be deeply regretted that this very valuable work extends no further in the alphabet of British worthies than the letter F.

KINGTON, T. L. HISTORY OF FREDERICK THE SECOND, Emperor of the Romans, from chronicles and documents published within the last ten years. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 1862.$4. KINGSBOROUGH, LORD. ANTIQUITIES OF MEXICO, comprising Facsimiles of Ancient Mexican Paintings and Hieroglyphics, preserved in the Royal Libraries of Paris, Berlin, Dresden, Vienna, and the Vatican at Rome, and various others, the greater part inedited. Also the Monuments of New Spain, by M. Dupaix, illustrated by upwards of 1000 finely colored and highly interesting plates, from the originals. 9 vols., impl. folio, half bound morocco, 1830. $375. THE SAME, UNCOLORED $150.00. 1147


One of the superior copies of this magnificent work, having all the plates beautifully colored in exact imitation of the original paintings and monuments, and likewise printed on a large and fine paper; it was published at upwards of £200, and is vastly superior in coloring to the copies usually offered. Brunet very properly calls it "Cet ouvrage de la plus grande magnificence." "When, some four centuries ago, the enterprise of Spanish navigators opened the vast continent of America to the admiration of Europe, the Civilization of the New World was found to be concentrated in two spots, and two only, of that enormous territory. One of these favored regions was Peru; the other was Mexico. It was in Mexico especially that Art, Politics and Science had received their greatest development. All the rest of North America, was desolate and barbarous, and populated by savages without knowledge or laws. Mexico, alone, redeemed the character of the new continent, and presented to the eyes of the invaders a spectacle so marvellous as to satisfy even the expectations which the great discovery had raised." Times, Dec. 8, 1858. KIRBY AND SPENCE. AN INTRODUCTION TO ENTOMOLOGY, or Elements of the Natural History of Insects. 30 Plates mostly colored from Nature. 4 vols., 8vo, half calf. 1828. $12. The same, another edition. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 1843. $8. 1148

In this work a vast amount of material, acquired after many years' unremitting observation of the insect world is mingled together by two different but congenial minds, in the pleasant form of familiar letters. The charm based on a substantial knowledge of the subject, which these letters impart, has caused them to be stu died with an interest never before excited by any work on natural history and they have served for the model of many an interesting and instructive volume.

KIRBY R. WONDERFUL AND ECCENTRIC MUSEUM; a Magazine of Remarkable Characters and Curiosities of Nature and Art, with upwards of 100 portraits of eccentric and notorious persons. 6 vols., 8vo, half bound, rare. 1803. $36. 1149

An extraordinary collection of curious biographies and naratives of credulity and superstition. KIRKMAN, I. T. MEMOIRS OF CHARLES MACKLIN, forming a Comprehensive but Succinct History of the Stage during a period of One Hundred Years. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco gilt, newly bound, gilt tops, uncut. 1799. $6.50. KITTO, J. A CYCLOPÆDIA OF BIBLICAL LITERATURE. Best edition, edited by W. L. Alexander. Very numerous Woodcuts and Steel Plates. 3 thick vols., royal 8vo, cloth new. Edinburgh, 1869. 1151


This work is enriched by contributions from the most renowned theologians of Europe, and has raised Dr. Kitto's name to a high place among modern benefactors to sacred science.


PORTRAITS of the celebrated Political and Literary Persons composing the Kit-Cat Club, comprised in 48 fine engravings from the original paintings by Sir Godfrey Kneller; with memoirs and an account of the origin of the Association (by James Caulfield), folio, half morocco. 1821. $25 1152 "The Kit-Cat Club, consisting of about 30 noblemen and gentlemen, was instituted in 1703, to promote the Protestant succession of the House of Hanover. Addison, Steele, and Dr. Garth were members, and made several epigrams upon the toasts of the Club. It took its name from Christopher Ca, a pastry-cook," (at whose house the meetings of the club were first held).-BOYER's Life of Q. Anne. 4

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The Kit-Cat Club, generally mentioned as a set of wits, were in reality, the patriots that saved Britain." -Horace Walpole


IN. A Pictorial and Literary Sketch of the British Empire. With several hundred fine Engravings on Steel and Wood. 4 vols. in two, imp. 8vo, cloth. $10. Half calf. $14. 1153 More than 300 years ago John Leland, the first English topographer, addressing his patron, Henry VIII., thus writes: "I have travelled in by the seacoast and the middle parts, sparing neither labor and costs, by the space of these six years past, that there is almost neither cape nor bay, haven, creek or pier, rivers, lakes, meres, mountains, valleys, moors, heaths, forests, woods, cities, boroughs, castles, manor places, monasteries and colleges but I have seen them, and noted in so doing a whole world of things very memorable. And because that it may be more permanent and fur ther known, than to have it engraved in silver and bra ss, I intend, by the leave of God, within the twelve months following, such a description to make of your realm in writing, that it shall be no mastery after for the graver or painter to make alike by a perfect example.'

The honest antiquary did not accomplish his ambitious purpose. The labor of a life-and his was a short life

would have been insufficient in those days "to paint all the realm in its native colors," In these volumes Charles Knight has done, and done well, all that John Leland was unable to accomplish.

Old England, The Land We Live in, and London, will together, make an almost perfect cyclopedia of information regarding England, KNIGHT, CHAS. HALF-HOURS WITH THE BEST AUTHORS, 52 Illustrations by Harvey. 4 vols., 12mo, calf gilt. London, n. d. 1154

A complete treasury of knowledge and amusement. It contains biographical notices and extracts from the best works of upwards of 300 of the standard English authors so arranged that they form half an hour's reading for every day in the year. There is not another work in the English language so well calculated to induce a love of reading. KNIGHT. OLD ENGLAND'S WORTHIES; a Por

trait Gallery of the most eminent Statesmen, Lawyers, Warriors, Artists, Men of Letters, Science, &c., of Great Britain, accompanied by full and original Biographies (written by Lord Brougham, Craik, De Morgan, and others), imperial 4to, with 74 fine portraits on steel, 12 large colored plates of remarkable buildings, and upwards of 250 historical and decorative vignettes on wood, cloth, 1847. $7. Half calf extra. $9.


*This Work, which embraces the history of all our most remarkable countrymen, must become a popular favorite. The biographies, which are in chronological order, and written in a pleasing style, are each accompanied by a capital portrait on steel, and other illustrations. There are also large plates printed in colors by the new process, including the Monuments to Newton and Lord Bacon; the house of John Knox; Dryburgh Abbey; Shrine of Henry V.; full length figure of Chaucer; Interior of St. Stephen Walbrook; Shakespeare's House, &c.

KNIGHT. CABINET PORTRAIT GALLERY OF BRITISH WORTHIES, (by Lord Brougham, De Morgan, and others). 12 vols. in 12mo. containing 72 portraits engraved on steel, and numerous illustrations on wood, gilt edges. $8. A desirable companion series to the preceding. KNIGHT, Original PICTORIAL EDITION OF THE BIBLE, with copious Explanatory Notes, and many hundred engravings on wood, 8 vols, roy. 8vo, half morocco. 1836-8. $9. 1157 KNIGHT, C. GALLERY OF USEFUL AND FINE ARTS, with 4000 engravings, 2 vols., folio, new half calf gilt, original issue. n. d. $15, cloth, $12. 1. 1158



A valuable and interesting work. Vol. I contains the Useful Arts, and Vol. II. the Fine Arts, giving examples of each from the earliest period.


ANIMATED NATURE; and Companion for the Zoological Gardens. Illustrated with FOUR THOUSAND WOOD ENGRAVINGS. 2 vols., folio, half calf extra. n. d. $14.50. 1159 KNIGHT.

HALF HOURS OF ENGLISH HISTORY, from the Roman Period to the Death of Queen Elizabeth. 8vo, cloth, gilt edges. 1868. $2.50. 1160 KNIGHT, C. LONDON. Being a Pictorial History of that City, ancient and modern, with nearly 700 Engravings of Buildings, Antiqui ties, Costumes, Curiosities, etc. 6 vols. bound in 3, imp. 8vo, polished calf, extra. 1851, $20. Cloth, $10. Roxburghe binding. $12 (very cheap.) 1161

A work of never ending interest from the varied information it contains. It consists of a series of 150 papers by the cleverest writers of the day, illustrative of ancient and modern London, the daily occurrences, places of public resort, street sights, rogueries, fires, trades, old London booksellers, companies, and London life in general. 103 KNIGHT. OLD ENGLAND. A Pictorial Museum of National Antiquities, Regal, Ecclesiastical, Baronial, Municipal, and Popular, with upwards of 3000 engravings. Some colored. 2 vols., folio, bright half calf, gilt. Knight, 1845. $14.50, cloth $12. 1162 The engravings embrace Druidical remains, cathedrals, churches, castles, mansions, sepulchral monuments, portraits, arms, coins, medals, autographs, costumes, &c. Altogether it forms a very interesting and voluminously illustrated history of the antiquities of England. KNIGHT. PICTORIAL HALF HOURS; or Mis

celanies of Art, a series of Entertaining and Instructive Articles, with upwards of 700 woodcuts from Paintings, Sculpture, Architecture, Natural History, &c. 4 vols. sm. 4to. in two, half calf. 1852. $5. 1163 KNIGHT, C. PICTORIAL HISTORY OF ENGLAND, being a History of the People as well as a History of England, by C. Knight, Prof. Craik, C. Macfarlane, etc., upwards of 2000 engravings, complete, 8 vols., impl. 8vo, 1837. -Martineau's History of the Thirty Years' Peace, 1816-1846. Portrait. 2 vols., impl. 8vo, together 10 vols. 1837-49 Calf, excellent copy. $60. A nice copy without the continuation, 8 vols. half morocco. $40. 1164

Original copy scarce. The impressions of the engrav ings are far superior to those usually seen. It is very seldom to be obtained with the continuation by Mar. tineau. A different work from the Popular History.

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KNIGHT. GEMS; OR, DEVICE BOOK. About 300 Designs. 8vo, half bound new. n. d. $6.50. KNIGHT MODERN AND ANTIQUE GEMS. 4to, half morocco extra, gilt top, uncut, newly, bound. Fine copy, large paper. 1828. $8.50 KNIGHT, C. ENGLISH ENCYCLOPÆDIA. See No. 326.

KNIGHT, T. CYCLOPEDIA OF ORNAMENT. Designed for the use of Architects, Builders, Silversmiths, Chasers, Modellers, Jewellers, Die Sinkers, Engravers, Founders, Carvers, and all Ornamental Manufacturers. 4to, cloth. Edinburgh. Published at $20, $12. 1170 KNIGHT, F. CRESTS OF THE NOBILITY and Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland. 27 finely engraved Plates. 4to, cloth. $6.50, 1171 KNIGHTS OF MALTA.-See Porter and Taaf. KNOLLES AND RYCAUT. TURKISH HISTORY. The General History of the Turks, from the reign of Amurath 1st., with the Lives and Conquests of their Emperors, by R. Knolles, continued to 1687, with the present state of the Ottoman Empire, etc., by Sir Paul Rycaut. 3 vols., fol., portraits, best edition, calf. 1687. $15. 1172

"So observes Mr. Charles Knight in his admirably comprehensive Popular History of England, from which no topic that concerns the history of the English people has been omitted; that book of Mr. Knight's being, here let us say by the way, the best history extant, not only for but also of the people.' C. Dickens. KNIGHT. GALLERY OF PORTRAITS, See Gal- KNOX, ALEX. REMAINS, both series, port. lery No. 652.

But none of our writers can, in my opinion, justly contest the superiority of Knolles, who in his History of the Turks, has displayed all the excellences that narration can admit, etc."- Dr. Johnson. KNOWLES. DRAMATIC WORKS. Portrait by Finden. 2 vols., post 8vo, cloth. 1856. $4.75. Another edition. 12mo, cloth uncut. 1859. $3. 1173


4 vols. 8vo, cloth. 1834-38. $8.


Knox was Bp. Jebb's guide, philosopher, and friend, and a man of great genius, learning and piety. KNOX, JOHN. HISTORICAL JOURNAL of the Campaigns in North America, 1757-58-59-60. Portrait. 2 vol., 4to. half calf. 1769. $15. Highly commended by Dr. Bancroft in the Monthly Review.

KNIGHT, CHARLES. POPULAR HISTORY OF ENGLAND, AN Illustrated History of Society and Government from the earliest Period to 1849, with an Appendix comprising a brief chronological account of public events; and a summary of Legislation and Statistics from 1849 to 1867, with many hundred woodcuts and steel engravings, 8 vols. 8vo. new cloth, 1867. $20. The same, newly half bound calf gilt, $29 or full bound, calf gilt, $40. 1165 Hume, Smollett, Macaulay, &c., are only partial - this is a complete connected and readable History of England. It should be in every household. Its price is such that the cost is no obstacle.

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"It was an article published in The Times in 1854 which first induced him (C. Knight) seriously to contemplate the production of the last aud greatest literary work of his life a 'general' History of England. He had already produced a Pictorial' history; but he had frequently contemplated something on a larger scale, and during the course of his extensive reading he had gleaned many stores of materials for a comprehensive History of the People. The remarks of The Times, however, led him, as he tells us, To depart from the original design of writing a domestic History of England apart from its public history.. Upon a more extended plan,' he adds, I would endeavor to trace through our long-continued annals the essential connection between our political and social history. To accomplish this I would not keep the people in the background as is done in many histories, and I would call my work the Popular History of England.' This history will remain, for many a long day to come, a standard work in its class." Times, March 10, 1873.

One of the finest series of portraits ever engraved. KNIGHT, H. GALLY. ECCLESIASTICAL ARCHITECTURE OF ITALY, from the time of Constantine to the Fifteenth Century, with an Essay and Descriptions. 80 large, beautiful and highly interesting Views of Cathedrals and Churches in Italy, several of the plates richly illuminated in gold and colors. 2 vols., impl. folio, half morocco. 1844. $60. 1166 This beautiful and valuable work was executed at the expense of the late Mr. Gally Knight, M. P. The plates are arranged chronologically.


to illustrate the Normans in Sicily. 30 colored and tinted drawings on stone. Impl. folio, 1167 half morocco, scarce. 1849. $15. The work includes the most famous old buildings in Palermo, Messina, Cefalii, Syracuse, &c. KNIGHT, RICHD. PAYNE. A DISCOURSE ON THE WORSHIP OF PRIAPUs, and its connection with the Mystic Theology of the Ancients. A New Edition. To which is added an Essay on the Worship of the Generative Powers during the Middle Ages of Western Europe. Illustrated with 138 Engravings (many of which are full page), from ancient Gems, Coins, Medals, Bronzes, Sculpture, Egyptian Figures, Ornaments, Monuments, etc. Royal 4to, half morocco, uncut. 1866. $25. 1168


Privately printed on toned paper, at the Chiswick Press. This is a new and elegant edition, edited by two very distinguished English scholars, and embraces the original work entire, with much highly important additional matter.


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graphical Preface. Portrait.7 vols., 8vo, boards,
1824. $6.
the Earliest Period to the Present Time,
thick 8vo, cloth. $2.
KORAN OF MOHAMMED, translated from
the Arabic by G. Sale, with explanatory Notes
from eminent Commentators. 2 vols., 8vo, half
calf, neat. 1825. $5.


KORAN, commonly called the Alcoran of Mohammed from the Arabic, with Explanatory Notes. By George Sale. Best edition. 2 vols., 8vo, half calf, gilt. 1846. $7.50. 1180 KORAN. Another edition. (Tegg's latest.) 1 vol., 8vo, $2.75. Tree calf. $6. 1181


LACROIX. The same, the letterpress in French. LACROIX, PAUL. Vie Militaire et Religieuse au Moyen Age, et à l'époque de la Renaissance, illustrated with 14 beautifully Colored Lithographs by F. Kellerhoven, and upwards of 400 Wood Engravings. Imp. 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges. Paris 1873. $12. Half morocco. $14. Morocco. $20.



1193 Forming a very valuable addition to the "Arts of the Middle Ages," by the same author. LA FONTAINE, JEAN DE CONTES ET NOUVELLES EN VERS. (Edition Executed " aux frais des fermiers-generaux.") With introduction by D. Diderot. Original Impressions of the numerous beautiful, spirited and rather free Engravings by Eisen. 2 vols., 8vo, original binding, gilt edges. Very scarce, Amsterdam, 1762. $125. The same, Amsterdam, 1764, a copy of the preceding but so charmingly executed that none but a connoisseur could detect a difference. 2 vols., calf extra, $25. Old binding, $18. 1194

A rare and beautiful edi

tion, known as the Farmer-General edition. The Plates

are in beatiful impression, and Cas de Conscience and Diable de Papefiguiere are "according to Brunet."

KORAN. Selections from the Koran, with an Interwoven Commentary and Notes from Sale's Translation, and Corrections and Additions by E. W. Lane. 8vo, bds., scarce. 1843. $2. 1182


See "Mills." "The Koran contains most sublime passages far surpassing European Poetry."-Lord Byron. KUGLER. HANDBOOKS OF PAINTING; Italian Schools, edited by Eastlake, 2 vols. 1867 German, Flemish, and Dutch Schools, by Dr. Waagen, 2 vols. 1860-early Flemish Painters, by Crowe and Cavalcaselle, 1857-and Memoirs of Early Italian Painters, by Mrs. Jameson, 1868 together, 6 vols., post 8vo, with numerous illustrations, Tree calf extra, gilt leaves. $45. 1184 KUGLER. HANDBOOK OF THE ITALIAN SCHOOLS OF PAINTING, edited with Notes, by Sir C. Eastlake, third edition, with more than 100 wood engravings by Scharf. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 1855. $12. 1185 KUGLER. The German, Flemish, Dutch, Spanish, and French Schools. Edited with Notes, by Sir E. Head. Illustrated edition. 2 vols., 8vo, uncut. 1854. $12. 1186 KUGLER, F. HANDBOOK OF PAINTING, the German, Flemish, and Dutch Schools, revised and enlarged by Dr. Waagen, 60 illustrations. 2 vols., post 8vo, cloth. 1860. $12. 1187 LACOMBE, C. ARMS AND ARMOUR, in Antiquity and in the Middle Ages; also a descriptive notice of Modern Weapons: from the French of Lacombe, with Notes and an additional Chapter by C. Boutell, M. A., beautifully printed and profusely illustrated. Sqr. cr. 8vo, cloth. $2.50. 1188 LACONICS, or the BEST WORDS of the BEST AUTHORS, containing nearly Four Thousand Five Hundred of the Cleverest Maxims from all Languages, edited by J. Timbs. 3 vols., 1189 12mo, cloth, 30 portraits. 1840. $4.

Abstracts, summaries, &c., have the same use with burning glasses-to collect the diffused rays of wit and learning in authors, and make them point with warmth and quickness upon the reader's imagination."-Swift. LACROIX. Mannners, Customs and Dress,

during the Middle Ages, and during the Renaissance Period. Illustrated with 15 Chromo-lithographic Prints and upwards of 400 Wood Engravings. Royal 8vo, cloth, gilt top, 1873. $11.50. Half morocco $13.50. Full morocco. $20. The same, in the original French, same price. 1190 LACROIX, P. ARTS OF THE MIDDLE AGES, and at the Period of the Renaissance, illustrated with 19 beautiful Chromo-lithographic Prints by F. Kellerhoven, and upwards of 400 engravings on wood. Royal 8vo., cloth, $10. new half morocco $12. morocco, gilt edges. $16. Considering the number and beauty of the illustrations contained in the above work, it is one of the cheapest publications that has been offered for sale for many years. The letterpress also is extremely valuable as it reunites in a compendious form, the information comprised in many expensive works; and places at the disposal of the ordinary reader information which hitherto has been the sole property of the rich and the learned.

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LA FONTAINE. CONTES ET NOUVELLES EN VERS. Illustrated by an extensive series of curious Vignettes (well known to collectors.) Only 100 copies printed in this size. 2 vols., 12mo, large paper, levant morocco, tooled borders, gilt edges. Paris, 1861. $44. 1196 LAMARTINE, A. DE. HISTORY OF THE GIRONDISTS, or Personal Memoirs of the Patriots of the French Revolution, from unpublished Portraits. 3 vols., 12mo, cloth, $4. Half calf. $7 1197 471 EUVRES, 14 vols. LAMARTINE, A. DE, ses. Paris, 1849 and Histoire des Girondins, illustrated by a series of fine portraits. 8 vols. Paris, 1847-the beautiful large type library editions, together 22 vols., roy. 8vo, calf extra. 1847-49. $65. 1198 A handsome set.



LAMARTINE. HISTORY of the Great FRENCH REVOLUTION of 1848, translated from the French. Crown 8vo, portraits, cloth. $1.50. Half calf. $2.50. 1199 LAMARTINE, A. DE. HISTORY OF THE RESTORATION of Monarchy in France. Portraits. 4 vols., 12mo, cloth. $5. Half calf. $9. 1200 LAMARTINE, A. DE. HISTORY OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION of 1848. 12mo, cloth, 1201 $1.30. Half calf. 2.50. LAMB, CHARLES. WORKS AND CORRESPONDENCE Complete with an Essay on his Life and Genius, by Thomas Purnell. 4 vols., post 8vo, cloth. 1870. $11.50. Tree calf, gilt edges. 1202 $20. Moxon's best edition.

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