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LAMB. The same, original foolscap 8vo edition, (uniform with Shelley, &c.), beautifully bound in polished calf, gilt edges. Choice copy, scarce. $18. Cloth. $7. Moxon. 1203 LAMB. Essays of Elia and Eliana, portrait, cr. 1204 8vo, new calf gilt. 1867. $37.

"Lamb's writings will go down to the latest posterity by the side of Addison, Steele, Johnson, or still greater names, and so at length, count more heads and hearts influenced than many works at first more widely popular."-Quarterly Review.

LAMB, CHAS. Specimens of English DRAMATIC POETS, who Lived in about the Time of Shakespeare, with Notes. New edition. Crown 8vo, half calf. 1854. $2.25. 1204* LAMB, CHARLES AND MARY. Poems, Letters and Remains; now first collected with Reminiscence and Notes, by Hazlitt. $3.75, Large paper copy. $7.25. 8vo, cloth, portraits and numerous illustrations of their favorite Haunts in London and suburbs. 1874. 1205 "We are very grateful to Mr.Lamb for bringing to light these long neglected treasures of the English drama, which are distinguished not only by the curiosity of them, with reference to many interesting points of literary history."


LAMB. TALES FROM SHAKESPEARE. Cloth.. $1.50. Tree calf extra. $3.50. 1205* LAMB. WORKS: Poems, Plays, Essays of Elia, Letters and Sketches of his Life by Judge Talfourd. Roy. 8vo, half morocco gilt. 1841. $4.75. Calf. $10.80. 1206 LANDOR, W. S. WORKS COMPLETE; Imaginry conversations, Pentameron, Pericles and Aspasia, Plays, Poems, &c. 2 vols., roy. 8vo, half morocco gilt, 1853. $10 Cloth. $7.50. LANDOR, W. S. IMAGINARY CONVERSATIONS of Literary Men and Statesmen. Best edition. 5 vols., 8vo, light polished calf. 1836. $32.50. LANDOR, WALTER SAVAGE; A BIOGRAPHY, (1775-1864), by John Forster, portraits and facsimile of writing. 2 thick vols., post 8vo, light polished calf. 1869. $12.50. 1209 Together 7 vols., uniformly bound in polished calf extra, beautiful set scarce. $44. LANDSCAPE ANNUALS, complete series from '1830 to 1838 inclusive, with upwards of 200 highly finished engravings by the best artists from drawings by David Roberts, Prout, Harding, &c. 10 vols., 8vo, morocco. 183039. $30. 1210 This beautiful work comprises the best pictures of David Roberts, and other eminent painters; it comprises Roscoe's Tourist in Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Granada, Andalusia, Castile, Biscay, Morocco, and other countries.

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on the Engraved Hieroglyphics of Chaldea, Egypt. and Canaan, plates. 4to, bds.1823. $3.50. LANDSEER GALLERY. A Series of 20 Autotype reproductions of Engravings after the celebrated early Paintings of Edwin Landseer. With memoirs and Descriptions. Cloth, gilt edges, new. 1871. $15.50. 1213 LANDSEER, THOMAS AND EDWIN. En gravings of Lions, Tigers, Panthers, Leopards, Dogs, &c. Printed from the Original Plates published between 1820 and 1828. Folio, cloth. 1853. $5. 1214

LANE, EDWD. WM. Account of the Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians, illustrated with numerous woodcuts. 2 vols., post 8yo, boards. 1836. $4.25. Tree calf. $8.50. Another edition, 8vo, calf extra. Scarce. 1860. $12. 1215

LANE, E. W. See Arabian Nights. No. 48. LANE, R. J. THEATRICAL SKETCHES, drawn from Life, being Portraits in Character of Kemble, Vestris, Horton, Farren, Mathews, Macready, Keene, Keeley, Young, Faucet, etc. 50 fine Theatrical Portraits, tinted, folio, calf. Scarce. 1840. $27.50. 1217 LANGE, J. P. THE LIFE OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST; A Complete Critical Examination of the Origin, Contents, and Connection of the Gospels. Translated from the German of J. P. Lange, D. D. Edited, with additional Notes by the Rev. Marcus Dods, M. A. 4 vols., 8vo, $12. 1218 LANZI. THE HISTORY OF PAINTING in Italy, from the Period of the Revival of the Fine Arts to the end of the Eighteenth Century. 6 vols., 8vo, half calf gilt. 1828. $12. Another edition, 3 vols., post 8vo, half calf gilt. $7.25. Cloth. $4.25. 1219 LAPPENBERG. A HISTORY OF ENGLAND under the Anglo-Saxon Kings, translated, by B. Thorpe, F. S. A. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 1845. $4.50. Calf extra $8.50. 1220 LARDNER, NATHANIEL, D. D. WORKS. With a Life by Dr. Kippis. 10 vols., 8vo, calf. 1831. $15. 1221 LARDNER, DR. MUSEUM OF SCIENCE AND ART. Illustrated with numerous Woodcuts. 12 vols. in 6, 12mo, half calf. 1859. $12.50. 1222 LA ROCHEFOUCAULD. REFLECTIONS. AND MORAL MAXIMS. With an Introductory Essay. Portrait. Small 4to, cloth. n. d. $0.60. LAROCHEJAQUELIN; MEMOIRS OF THE MARCHIONESS of, with colored map of the Theatre of War in La Vendée. Thick 8vo, half bound neat. Edinburgh. 1846. $3.25. 1224 LARWOOD, JACOB, HISTORY OF SIGNBOARDS from the Earliest Times to the Present Day, with colored frontispiece, and 100 illustrations in facsimile. Thick post 8vo, cloth. 1868. $2.75. 1225



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"The frontispiece to this curious and amusing book represents the famous sign of "The man loaded with mischief' in the colors of the original painting, said to have been executed by Hogarth." LARWOOD, JACOB. THE STORY OF THE LONDON PARKS. With numerous illustrations, Colored and Plain. Hyde Park; St. James' Park and the Green Park. 2 vols., post 8vo. $6.50. 1226

This is a new and most interesting work, giving a complete History of these favorite out-of-door-resorts, from the earliest period to the present time, together with the fashions, the promenades, the rides, the reviews and other displays.

Upwards of 400 Engravings. 8vo, newly bound,
cloth. 1867. $3.75. Calf extra. $7.
A very nice edition, offered at a low price.


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LAS CASAS, COUNT. JOURNAL of the Private Life of the EMPEROR NAPOLEON at St. Helena. 4 vols., 8vo, half calf. 1821. $12.50. 1228 This work has been universally acknowledged to form 4 the most perect epitome of the character and opinions of Napoleon.

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LISH LANGUAGE, founded on that of Dr. Johnson. Last and best edition. 4 vols., 4to, half russia, red edges 1861. $40, 1229

Adam Smith compares Johnson's Dictionary with those labors of an age and an Academy respectively, the French and the Della Crusca Dictionaries; as Garrick's Epigram asserted, with reference to the first, that Johnson had beat forty French, and could beat forty more." LATHAM. THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Fifth edition, revised and enlarged. Large 8vo, half morocco extra, gilt top, uncut, newly bound. 1862. $7.50. 1230 LATHAM. NATURAL HISTORY OF THE VARIETIES OF MAN. 8vo. 1856. $6.75. 1230* LAVATER, J. C. ESSAYS ON PHYSIOGNOMY, designed to promote the Knowledge and Love of Mankind, translated from the French by Dr. Hunter, with several hundred exquisite engravings executed under the superintendence of Fuseli. 5 vols., roy. 4to., russia gilt. A Fine Copy. 1810. $90. Another edition. 4 vols., 8vo, calf. Numerous plates. $16. 1231 For this edition Lavater executed an entirely new series of drawings to suit the quarto size, and they were admirably engraved by T. Holloway, Bartolozzi, W. Blake, and other equally eminent artists.

LAYARD. DISCOVERIES IN THE RUINS OF NINEVEH AND BABYLON, with Travels in Armenia, Kurdistan and the Desert, being the result of a Second Expedition, maps, plans, and illustrations, thick 8vo, cloth. 1853, $6. LAWSON, W. J. THE HISTORY OF BANKING. Accounts of the Rise and Progress of the Banks of England, Ireland and Scotland. Portrait. 8vo, cloth uncut. 1850, $4.50. 1239 LAYARD. MONUMENTS OF NINEVEH, Drawings of the Buildings, Sculptures, Bas-Reliefs, &c., discovered during his excavations among the Ruins of Nineveh, and other ancient cities of Assyria, both series containing 171 large and splendidly executed tinted and other plates, with brief descriptive notices, in 2 impl. portfolios, with flaps. Murray, 1853. '$80. This magnificent work is rapidly becoming scarcer, and is consequently rising in value.

D. LAVATER. ESSAYS ON PHYSIOGNOMY, translated by P. H. Holcroft, with 360 plates. 3 vols., roy. 8vo, calf neat. 1789-93. $14.50. 1232|| LAWRENCE, SIR THOMAS. FACSIMILES FROM DRAWINGS of Portraits. 9 Plates engraved by Lewis. Portfolio. n.d. $5. 1233 Sir Thomas Lawrence, Portrait painter par excellence! LAWRENCE GALLERY. DRAWINGS BY MICHAEL ANGELO, from the matchless collection formed by the late Sir T. Lawrence. 30 large and fine Plates, executed in exact imitation of the Originals. Mounted on paper. Fac-simile of writing. With descriptions. Folio, half morocco. 1853. $15. 1234 LAWRENCE, SIR THOMAS. CABINET OF GEMS. 12 very beautifully engraved Portraits, tinted like the Original Drawings. Folio, half calf. 1837. $15. 1235 Includes portraits of Mrs. Siddons and Miss Siddons. LAYARD, A. H. NINEVEH AND ITS REMAINS ; a Narrative of an Expedition to Assyria in 1845-47, with numerous illustrations. 2 vols., 1854; also Discoveries in the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon, the result of his second expedition in 1849-51, with numerous illustrations, 1853-together 3 vols., 8vo, polished calf super extra, uncut, fine set, gilt top. 185234. $25. Half morocco $16.50. 1236 LAYARD. A POPULAR ACCOUNT OF THE DISCOVERIES AT NINEVEH.. Numerous Plates and cuts. Crown 8vo, boards. 1852. $1.50. The researches of no antiquary or traveller of modern times have excited so profound an interest as those of Henry Austin Layard, who has summoned the kings and people of Nineveh through three thousand years to give their testimony against the sceptics of our age in support of Divine Revelation.

LEAKE, WM. TRAVELS IN THE MOREA, with large map and numerous plans of the Ancient Cities. 3 vols., 8vo, calf. 1830, $6. 1241

This tour exhibits the learning and indefatigable diligence of the author in a striking light, and includes all the great points of topographical and historical interest in Greece, It is highly deserving of a place in every good library."Edinburgh Review.


DRAWINGS illustrative of the relation between the Human Physiognomy and that of the Brute Creation. With remarks on the System. 37 Plates, with fine proof portrait on India paper, by Edelinck. Royal folio, half bound uncut. 1827. $11.

1242 LEE, HARRIET AND SOPHIA. CANTERBURY TALES. 5 vols., 8vo, calf. 1804. $10. Lord Byron's admiration for this work is well known. From one of the stories, "Krintgner" the German Tale, he took the plot of "Werner."

LEE, HARRIET. CANTERBURY TALES. 2 vols., 8vo., old calf. 1804. $4. 1244 "A woman's story at a winter's fire, Authoriz'd by her grandame." -Shakespeare. LEECH. SPORTING NOVELS; viz: Sponge's Sporting Tour, Handley Cross, Ask Mamma! Plain or Ringlets! Mr. racey Romford's Hounds. Original editions throughout, profusely illustrated with colored etchings and woodcuts by Leech. 5 vols., 8vo, very handsomely and uniformly bound in half crimson morocco extra, gilt top, uncut. Very scarce in this fine and uniformly early condition. $42. The same, later editions. $35. 1245

LEECH, JOHN. PICTURES OF LIFE and Character from the Portfolio of Mr. Punch. Hundreds of humorous wood engravings. 5 vols. in 3, oblong folio, half morocco gilt. n. d. $25. 1246 LEECH. FOLLIES OF THE YEAR. Oblong 4to, half morocco. $4.50. 1246* LEECH, EARLY AND LATER PENCILINGS FROM PUNCH, (chiefly political). 2 vols. Over 500 spirited woodcuts. Royal 4to, cloth extra, gilt edges.n. d. $12.50. Sold separately, $6.50 1247 per volume.

LECKEY, W. E. H. HISTORY OF EUROPEAN MORALS, from Augustus to Charlemagne. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth. 1869. $6. 1248

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Edi1848. 1249

LECTURES ON PAINTING, by the Royal Academicians, Barry, Opie, and Fuseli. ted by R. Wornum, Esq. Post 8vo. $1.50. Half calf. $2.50. LEGEND OF THE WANDERING JEW, illustrated by Gustave Doré; Poem by Pierre Dupont; Bibliographical Notice by Lacroix, translated by Thornbury, with 12 very large and elaborate woodcuts. Royal folio, gilt sides. 1857. $5.50. 1250 These wonderful illustrations by Doré remind the spectator of the grand imaginings of William Blake but they are distinguished by even more daring conceptions with rich humor, startling Rembrandt-like effects of light and shade, bold dealings with form, and true studies of the human figure,


LEPSIUS. LETTERS FROM EGYPT, Ethiopia, and Sinai; also Extracts with Reference to the Exodus of the Israelites. With maps. Post 8vo. 1857. $2. Half calf. $3. 1251 LE SAGE. GIL BLAS, translated by Smollett, illustrated with several hundred spirited woodcuts, by Gigoux. 2 vols., roy. 8vo, new half calf gilt, handsomely bound. 1836. $12. LE SAGE. ASMODEUS, or the Devil on two

Sticks, with Biographical Notice of the Author, by Jules Janin, numerous spirited woodcuts by Tony Johannot. Roy. 8vo, uniform with "Gil Blas." 1841. $6.50. 1253 LE SAGE. THE ADVENTURES OF GIL BLAS of Santillane, translated from the Spanish by B. H. Malkin, 24 fine plates after designs by Smirke, R. A., India Proofs, Large Paper Copy. 4 vols., 4to, morocco, gilt edges, scarce. 1809. $60. 1254 LE SAGE. The same edition. 8vo, size 4 vols., calf extra. $35. 1255 LE SAGE. THE ADVENTURES OF GIL BLAS de Santillane. Translated from the French by Tobias Smollett. Crown 8vo, tree calf, n. d. $4. Half calf. $2.50. 1256 LE SAGE. ADVENTURES OF GIL BLAS of Santillane. Translated from the French. New edition, with Engravings after Smirke. 4 vols., 12mo. Calf extra. 1822. $8. 1257 LE SAGE. THE ADVENTURES OF GIL BLAS; with 24 engravings, after Smirke, and 10 etchings by George Cruikshank. Post 8vo. 1852. $3.50. Half calf. $4.50. Boston edition. 3 vols., 12mo, cloth. $3.50. Half calf. $6.50. 1258 LESLIE, C. R. HANDBOOK FOR YOUNG PAINTERS, numerous plates of examples. Crown 8vo, cloth, original edition. 1855. $4. Same, edition of 1870. Half calf. $4.75. 1259 LEVER, CHARLES, NOVELS. 19 vols., 12mo., newly bound half calf, gilt. $33, 1260 LEVER. WORKS. BEST LIBRARY EDITION. 17 vols., 8vo, half calf gilt. $65. 1260* LEWES, G. H. BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY, from its origin in Greece down to the Present Day. 8vo, half calf gilt. 1857. $6.75. 1261 LEWES, G. H. HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY, last edition. 2 vols., 8vo. $12, 1262


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LEWES. LIFE AND WORKS OF GOETHE, with Sketches of his Age and Contemporaries from published and unpublished sources. Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo, new half morocco, gilt top, uncut. 1855. $14.50.


LEWIS, F. C. SCENERY ON THE DEVONSHIRE RIVERS, 26 beautiful Copperplate "Painters' Etchings," by F. C. Lewis, from the Pictures painted by himself, in the Collections of the Duke of Bedford, Si T. Acland, &c., with Introductory Remarks. Folio, half morocco. 1845. $12.50.


"These Etchings are altogether the most beautiful and instructive of their kind we have yet seen. Some are mellow and beautiful Etchings; others amonnt in value of execution to effective and finished engravings."—Art Journal.

LEWIS, GEORGE. A series of etchings Portraying the Physiognomy, Manners and Character of the People of France and Germany. Royal 4to, large paper copy, proof impressions on India paper, in the original parts. Only & few copies produced in this shape. 1823. $7.50. 1265 Mr. Lewis accompanied Dr. Dibdin on his "Southern Tour" during which these drawings were made. LEWIS, GEORGE C. ON CREDIBILITY of Ear ly Roman History. 2 vols., 8vo, $12. 1266 LEWIS, M. G. THE MONK, a romance. 3 vols., 12mo, beautifully bound in polished calf, gilt edges very choice copy, uncut. Very scarce. 1800. $21. Another; newly bound half morocco similar to preceding but gilt top, uncut, very fine copy.$18.50. 1267 LEWIS, M. G. Another complete and very scarce edition in 2 vols., 12mo, in half levant morocco, gilt tops uncut, beautiful copy. Dublin, 1808. $12. 1268

A most seductive and dangerous work which has obtained for its author the sobriquet of Monk Lewis. The modern editions are expurgated.

LEWIS, MONK. ROMANTIC TALES, 4 vols., 12mo, half bound. 1808. $6. 1269

Some of these tales were communicated to the author by Sir Walter Scott; others are translated from the Spanish and German, the remainder are in our own legendary lore.

LEWIS AND CLARKE, (CAPTAINS.) TRAVELS to the Source of the MISSOURI RIVER, and across the American Continent to the Pacific, 1804, '5 and '6. "With Delineations of the Manners, Customs, Religion, etc., of the Indians. Maps. 3 vols., 8vo, calf gilt, fine copy, scarce. London, 1815. $16. See also "James." 1270

This interesting work exhibits not only some valuable Geographical notices but very copious and amusing details respecting the manners, habits, and diversions of the North American Trlbes."-Critical Review.

LEWIS, M. G. THE LIFE AND CORRESPONDENCE of Author of "The Monk," "Castle Spectre," &c. With many pieces in Prose and Verse never before published. Portrait. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt top, newly bound. 1271 1839. $5.50. LEWIS AND CLARKE. TRAVELS.1 vol. Joe and Patrick Gass's Account. 1 vol. 2 vols., 8vo, half morocco, gilt tops uncut, scarce. $9. 1272

Patrick Gass accompanied the exploring party and his narrative is interesting as à pendant to the account given by the leaders and principals.

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Dramatic and Poetical

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$6 Invisible $2 Providences


Overbury, Sir Thomas. Works in Prose and



Piers, Ploughman's Vision and Creed. 2 vols.

Quarles, Francis. Enchiridion.
Sandy's Poetical Works.
Sackville, Thomas Earl of Dorset. Drama-


$1.60 $2 $1.60

tic and Poetical Works. Selden, Jno. Table Talk. Southwell, Poetical Works. Spence, J. Anecdotes, observations and characters of Books and Men. $2.50 Webster, Jno. Dramatic Works. 4 vols. $8 Withers Geo. Hymns and Songs of the church. $2 Withers Hallelujah or Britain's Second Remembrance. $2 The originals of many of the above publications are of extreme rarity. All are of great interest to the literary man.

LIBRARY OF ANECDOTE. The book of Table Talk, illustrated. 2 vols. Book of Human Character. 2 vols.; and Sketches of Popular Tumult together 5 vols, 12mo, cloth. Knight, 1835-37 $5. 1275 LIBRARY OF ANGLO-CATHOLIC THEOLOGY, complete from the commencement. 88 vols., 8vo. Cloth, scarce, $130 (published at upwards of £40.) Oxford. 1841-67. 1276 This valuable publication comprises the works of Bp. Andrewes, Bp. Beveridge, Abp. Bramhall, Bp. Bull, Bp. Cosin, Crakanthorp, Frank, Bp. Forbes, Bp. Gunning, Dr. Hammond, Hickes, John Johnson, Abp. Laud, L'Estrange, Marshall, Bp. Nicholson, Bp. Overall, Pearson, Thorndike, Bp. Wilson, and many others.

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LINGARD, DR. J. ANGLO-SAXON CHURCH; History and Antiquities of, its Origin, Government, Doctrines, Worship, Revenues, &c., enlarged edition. 2 vols., 8vo, calf gilt. 1845. $7.50. 1288 LINGARD, DR. J. HISTORY OF ENGLAND' from the Invasion by the Romans to the Revolu tion in 1688, Portrait. 10 vols., post 8vo, cloth. 1855. $15. 1289 LINGARD, DR. HISTORY OF ENGLAND from the first invasion of the Romans to 1688. Best edition. 10 vols., 8vo, calf gilt. Scarce. 1849. $60. 1290 LIN-LE'S TI-PING TIEN-KWOH; the History of the Ti-ping Revolution, including a Narrative of the Author's Personal Adventures, with 21 Chromolithographs, and numerous woodcut illustrations. 2 vols., roy. 8vo, cloth. 1866. $4.50. 1291 LIPPINCOTT. PRONOUNCING GAZETTEER of the World. New Revised edition, with nearly 10,000 new Notices according to the last Census. Royal 8vo, sheep, Philadelphia. Last edition. $9. 1292 LITERARY SOUVENIR, and Cabinet of Modern Art. Edited by Alaric A. Watts. Exquisitely illustrated by the first Artists of Great Britain Stothard, Westall, Newton, Wright, Roberts, Collins, Barrett, Middleton, Lawrence, Jones, Hollins, Fichner, Stone, Bonnington, Rippingille, Danby, Bentley, Lewis, Wood, Pickersgill, Hart, Leslie, Uwins, Chalon, Robert, Rochard, Beechey, Williams, Martin, Cooper, Romney, Stephanoff, Edmondstone, Falkner, Farrier, Gandy. Charming impressions of the Plates, of which there are at least 75. 3 vols., 8vo, half morocco. 1835, &c. $16. 1293 LITTRE, E. DICTIONNAIRE DE LA LANGUE FRANÇAISE Contenant: 1° Pour la Nomencla ture: tous les mots qui se trouvent dans le Dictionnaire de l'Académie française, et tous les termes usuels des sciences, des arts, des métiers et de la vie pratique ; -2° Pour Grammaire: la prononciation de chaque mot figurée ét, quand il y a lieu, discutée; amen des locutions, des idiotismes, des exceptions, et, en certains cas, de l'orthographe actuelle, avec des remarques critiques sur les difficultés et les irrégularités de la langue; 3° Pour la signification des mots : les définitions; les diverses acceptions rangées dans leur ordre logique, avec de nombreux exemples tirés des auteurs classiques et autres; les synonymes principalement considerés dans leurs relations avec les définitions; -4° POUR LA PARTIE HISTORIQUE: une collection de phrases appartenant aux anciens écrivains depuis les premiers temps de la langue française jusqu'au seiziéme siécle, et disposées dans l'ordre chronologique à la suite des mots auxquels elles se rapportent; -5° POUR L'ÉTYMOLOGIE: la determination ou du moins la discussion de l'origine de chaque mot, établie par la comparaison des mêmes formes dans le français, dans les patois et dans l' espagnol,


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LITTRE, E. DICTIONAIRE, (continued). l'italien et le provençal ou langue d'oc. 4 vols., roy. 4to, new half morocco. Paris, 1863-71. $40.


"No language that we have ever studied, or attempted to study, possesses a Dictionary so rich in the history of words as this great work which M. Littré has fortunnately lived long enough to complete. To the love of order, system and clearness which belongs to the French mind, he has joined a degree of patience in research and scientific thoroughness in comparison, which we have been accustomed to associate with German rather than with French erudition. The courage which could undertake such a task as this might have been considered mere uncalculating rashness if the workman had not lived to complete his colossal performance.

"The entire work contains 4,708 pages, and M. Littré's Dictionary contains twice as much printed matter as the whole of the Waverly Novels, with a few thousands of novel-pages into the bargain.

"Mere bigness is, however, one of the least of its many claims to attention. M. Littré is not the first man who has made a big Dictionary, and we all know that in labors of this kind the author whose name is on the titlepage avails himself of the services of others. The wonder is that so vast an undertaking should have been carried through from beginning to end without the slightest hitch or flaw, and in perfect obedience to one great governing idea."-Saturday Review.

LIVERSEGE, HENRY. WORKS consisting of 37 most beautifully executed line engravings by the most eminent artists, folio, half morocco, very neat, an original copy. 1835. $15. LIVINGSTONE. MISSIONARY TRAVELS and Researches in South Africa. Plates. 8vo, new half calf extra. 1857. $7. 1296 1 LIVINGSTONE, DAVID AND CHARLES. NARRATIVE of an Expedition to the Zambesi and its Tributaries; and of the Discovery of the Lakes Shirwa and Nyassa, 1858-64. Map and illustrations. 8vo, cloth, uncut. 1865. $5. Half calf gilt, newly bound. $6.50. 1297 LIVIUS. HISTORIA. Translated by Baker. 2 vols., 8vo. $3. 1298 LIVIUS, TITUS. THE HISTORY OF ROME. Literally translated, with Notes by D. Spillan. With Portrait. 4 vols., 12mo, half morocco, gilt tops, uncut, Very nice copy. 1861. $11.50. Cloth. $8. 1299 LOBEIRA, VASCO. See Amadis de Gaul and Library of Old Authors. 1300 LOCKE, JOHN. PHILOSOPHICAL. Works and Preliminary Essay, by J. A. St. John. Portrait. 2 vols., crown 8vo, half morocco extra, gilt 1301 tops, uncut, newly bound. 1870. $6. LOCKE, J. ESSAY on the Human understanding; Elements of Natural Philosophy. 8vo, calf neat. $3. 12mo, cloth. $2. 1302 LOCKE. THE WORKS OF; 9 vols., 8vo, calf. 1303 "The obligations we owe to him for the Essay on the Human Understanding are never to be forgotten.... It is truly the first real chart of the coasts; wherein some may be laid down incorrectly; but the general relations of all are perceived. The name of Locke is a part of our literary inheritance, which as Englishmen, we cannot sacrifice.... The excellent chapter on property would be sufficient to leave him a high name in philosophy." -Hallam.


1824. $18.


LOCKE. WORKS in Ten Volumes. London. 1801. 8vo, half calf gilt, marbled edges. Nice copy newly bound. $21. 1304

He was in Logic a Great Critic,
Profoundly Skilled in Analytic.-Hudibras.

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