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7275 — codex pseudepigraphus Vet. 20 gr.) Index supplementi. ib. Testamenti. Ed. II. Hmb. 1722– 1799. 8°. (6 gr.) 41. 8°. 2 voll.

7284 genera insector. Kiliæ et 7276 – codex apocryphus N. T. Hmb. 1777. 8o. (1 d.) Species inHmb. 1719–43. 8°.

spector. Hmb. 1781. 8o. 2 voll. vols.

(2 d. 20 gr.) Mantissa insector. Consult COLLECTION d'anciens évan- Havn. 1787. 8°. 2 voll. (1 d. 10 gr.) giles.

7285 FABRICIUS, J. Seobald. 7277 - delectus argumentor. et syl- Jul. Cæsar numismaticus. Lond. labus scriptor., qui veritatem reli

1678. 8. gionis Christianæ asseruerunt. Hmb. 7286 FABRICIUS, O. Fauna Grön1725. 4°

landica. Havn. 1780. 8°. with 7278 - salutaris lux evangelii s. no- plates (1 d. 6 gr.). titia historico-chronologica, literaria 7287 FÀBRICY, Gu. Des titres et geographica propagatorum per primitifs de la révélation ou consiorbem totum Christianor. sacrorum. dérations crit. sur la pureté et l'inHmb. 1731. 4":

tégrité du texte original de l'anc. The interest of both these works is not testament. Rome, 1772. 8°. 2 voll. perhaps confined to the theologian.

7288 de literaturæ Phæniciæ fon7279 bibliotheca ecclesiastica, in tibus. Romæ, 1803. large 8o. 2 vols. qua continentur de scriptorib. ec- FABRITII, see CYNTHIO. clesiasticis Hieronymus, Gennadius, 7289 FABRONI, Ang. Vitæ Italor. Isidorus, Ildephonsus, Honorius, doctrina excellentium, qui seculis Sigebertus Gemblac. etc. Hmb. XVII. et XVIII. floruerunt. Pisis 1718. fol.

et Lucæ, 1778–1805. 8°. voll. A new collection, and the most complete (120 paoli). one of this kind ; owing to which, Aub.

Containing, besides his autobiography in Miræi bibl. eccl. Antw. 1639–49. fol. 2 vols.

the last volume, 153 biographies written in may be dispensed with.

good Latin. To this work belong, Lettere 7280 centifolium Lutheranum s.

inedite d'uomini illustri. Fir. 1773–75. 8°. notitia literaria scriptor. omnis ge

2 voll. (8 paoli). neris de Luthero. Amb. 1728-30. 7290 — elogj d'illustri Italiani. Pisa, 8o. 2 voll.

1786. 8°. 2 voll. (10 paoli). Particularly valuable on account of the 7291 Lr. Medicis magnifici vita. index to Luther's letters. G. H. Alb.

Pisis, 1784. large 4o. 2 voll. (12 Ukert Luthers Leben. Gotha, 1817. 8°. 2 vols. contains additions to it.


7292 vita magni Cosmi Medicei. 7281 opusculor. historico-critico

Pisis, 1788–89. large 4o. 2 voll. literarior. sylloge. Hmb. 1738. 4o.

(10 paoli). 7282 bibliotheca P. I-III. Hmb.

7293 vita Leonis X. Pont. Max. 1738–39. 8°. 3 vols. with the portrait of Fabricius. P. IV. Manu

Pisis, 1797. 4°. (10 paoli).

7294 de vita et reb. gestis Clescripta. ib. 1741. 8°.

mentis XII. Romæ, 1760. 4°. The 4th vol. is scarce. This fortunate FABULÆ, see Æsopus, No. 220. individual had a library of 29,321 printed books, and 440 MSS., which last were pur

and HILDEBERTUS Turon.-incerti chased for the University library of Copen

auctoris, see HOMERUS. hagen. The catalogue is well arranged, FABULIST, the oriental, see Giland is still useful.

CHRIST, No. 8508. 7283 FABRICIUS, J. Ch. Entomo. 7295 FABYAN, Rb.

The new logia systematica. Havn. 1792–94. chronicles of England and France. 8o. 4 parts in 6 vols. (10 d.) Index Lond., Rch. Pynson, 1516. fol. alphabet. ib. 1796. 8°. (14 gr.) Gothic letter. Supplementum. ib. 1798. 8° (id.

A copy of this edition in a good state of

22 1.



preservation is one of the rarest of English nem redacta. Lps., Weidmann, books. Also, Lond. 1553, or 42, or 59. fol. 1813. 8°. (2 d., on writing paper 7296 — reprinted from Pynson's edi

2 d. 12 gr.) tion of 1516; the first part collated 7302 FĂERNUS, Gbr. Fabulæ with the edit. of 1533 and 1559, centum ex antiquis auctoribus deand the second with the MS. of the lectæ et a Gbr. Faerno carminibus author's own time, with a biogra- explicatæ (a Sylvio Antoniano ediphical and literary preface by H. tæ). Romæ, Luchinus, 1564. 4°. Ellis. Lond. 1811. 4. (31. 38.) with plates. 7297 FACCIOLATI, Jac. Oratt. X The first edition and scarce. The plates de optimis studiis. Patav. 1723. 8°.

are well designed (probably by Titian), but Oratt. XX et alia ad dicendi artem

badly engraved (probably on tin)." Hi.

Largomarsini defends Faernus from the repertinentia. ib. 1752. 8o. Oratt.

proach of having borrowed his fables from XXVIII. ib. 1767. 8°. Epistolæ. an old MS., see Parthenii comm. de vita ib. 1765. 8o. Ortografia moderna Lagomarsini. Ven. 1801. 8o. p. 69 and italiana. Padova, 1727. 8o. See also CALEPINUS, DANET, and For- 7303 Ant., Plant., 1567, or

73, or 85, or 1600, 12°. with wood7298 FACETIÆ facetiarum h. e. jo- cuts. coserior. fasciculus. Ff. 1615. 12°.

Neat editions, and sought after when in Also, Pathopoli, 1645 or 47. 12°. With

good condition. The figures are after those the title: Fasciculus novus. without place,

of the preceding edition. This is also the

case with the edition, Bruxellis, Foppens, 1657. 12°.

1682. 8°. with plates. FACEZIE, see ARLOTTO and Do

7304 Patavii, Cominus, 1718.

large 4 7299 FACETUS. Incipit liber Fa- Enlarged with the rest of the writings of ceti de moribus juvenum docens, Faernus, prized and only 300 copies struck qui a Catone erant omissi, per Sb.

off. With new additions, ib., id., 1730. 4°. Brant in vulgare noviter translatus 7305 fabulæ centum et ejusd. car(Latin and German). Ulmæ, J. mina varia (cura Ant. Agst. ReSchäffler, 1497. 4o. 14 leaves.— nouard). Parmæ, Bodoni, 1793.4o. (Bas., Bergman de Olpe), 1499. 4°.

Fine and correct. According to the contract 16 leaves.-Augustæ, Froschauer,

100 copies were to have been struck off for

Renouard and 10 for Bodoni, but Bodoni 1501.40.-Nrb., Höltzel, 1503


struck off so many for himself, that there 1507. 4o 12 leaves. - Mogunt.,

are probably from 300 to 400 copies. Hewman, 1509. 4°. 10 leaves.- There is one copy on vellum. Lps., Wfg. Monacens., 1513. 4°. 7306 fabulæ centum (lat.) cum 12 leaves. All in Gothic letter. gallica versione C. Perrault. Lond. Consult also Panzer's Latin Annals

1743. 4°. with plates. Also on under Brant. An older German transla- large paper. tion in verse of the year 5457 is in the

Fine but incorrect. — Another French Deutsch. Museum, 1788. p. 437 etc. The

translation, Par. 1805. 4°. with plates. original see above under AUCTORES, No.

Latin and Italian by Gi. Crisost. Trom1348.

belli, Ven. 1736. 8°. In English and FACIUS, see Fazio.

French, Lond. 1741. 8°. 2 vols. 7300 FACULTATES assistentium 7307 FAGE, Raymond de la. ReS. D. N. Julii III. Pont. Max. cueil de 123 pièces d'après ses desRomæ, 1551. 4°. 8 leaves.

sins, grav. par Audrau, Simoneau Molini at Florence offered a copy on

etc. Par. 1689. large fol. vellum for sale for 16 paoli.

Rime 7301 FÄHSE, Gf. Sylloge lectionum piacevoli. Fir., 1729-34. 4°. 6

7308 FAGIUOLI, Gi. Bt. græcar., glossar., scholior. in tragi- voll. cos græcos atque platonem ex codd.

At the end of the 6th vol. there ought MSS. in biblioth. Paris. in ordi- to be Chiave e note di Ant. Mar. Bi.

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scioni of 60 pages. To which may also tionary of the marine. Lond. 1780. be joined, Rime piacevoli. Parte VII. pos

4o. with plates. tuma. Lucca, 1743. 4°. Lucca, 1733–34. 8°. 6 vols. is a reprint.

7318 FALCONET, Et. Euvres 7309 commedie. Fir. 1736. 12o. 7

contenant plusieurs écrits relatifs voll. or Ven. 1753. 12°. 7 voll.

aux beaux arts. Lausanne, 1781.

8o. 6 voll.—Euvres diverses con7310 prose. Fir. 1737. 12°. or

cernant les arts. Roveredo, 1754. 12o.

Par. 1787. 8o. 7311 FAGIUS, P. Sententiæ vete


3 rum sapientum Hebræor., quas ca

7319 FALCONIA, Proba. Cento pitula aut apophthegmata patrum Virgilianus. Without place or date nominant, in lat. versæ notisque il_ (Bas., Wensler and Biel, about lustratæ. Isnæ, 1541. 4°.

1475). fol. Gothic letter, 12 leaves Also in Surenhusii Mischna. T. IV,

with 30 lines, without signatures,

catch words, and pagination. p. 407 etc. FAJARDO, see FAYARDO.

Also, Antw., Leeu, 1489. 4o. Gothic

letter. Brixiæ, Misinta, 1496. 4°. (Par.), FAIFEU, see BOURDIGNÉ.

Alyate, 1499. 4o. Gothic letter. Lugd., St. FAITE of arms, see CHRISTIENNE, de Basignana, 1516. 8°. At first in the No. 4134

Ausonius, Ven. 1472. fol. 7312 FAITS, les, et gestes du Legat. 7320 centones de fidei nostræ Par., Eustache, 1509. 8°.

mysteriis e Maronis carminibus exThere is a copy on vellum in the Royal cerptum opusculum. Par., Calvalibrary at Paris.

rinus, 1550. 4?:-Col. 1592. 8°. 7313 les faits merveilleux de Vir. 7321 cento Virgilianus historiam gille. Par., Trepperel, without V. et N. T. complexus, ed. J. H. date. 4°. Gothic letter. Par., Ny- Kromayer. Halæ, 1719. 8°. verd, without date. 8'. Gothic 7323 FALDA, Gi. Bt. Li giardini letter.

di Roma, disegnati ed intagliati da Concerning this romance of the 13th or Falda. Roma, 1683. oblong fol. 14th century, see Mélanges tirés d'une gr.

1 title and 20 plates. bibl. V. 181.

7324 - le fontane di Roma. Roma, 7314 FAJUZAT Meknatissia (i. e. de virtute et utilitate magnetis

, without date. oblong fol. 4 parts in

I vol. 107 plates. turcice). Constantinop. 1 144 (1731).

7325 small 4o.

il nuovo teatro delle fab7315 FALCO, Bd. de. Bd. de. De origine Roma, 1665. oblong fol. 4 parts in

briche ed edifizj di Roma moderna. hebraicar., græcar. ac latinar. lite

I vol. 142 plates. rarum, deque numeris omnibus. Neap. 1541. 4o.

7326 FALETUS, Hi. De bello Si7316 FALCONER, W. The ship- cambrico libri IV et ejusd. alia poe

mata libri VIII. Ven., Aldus, wreck, a poem, with a life of the author by Jam. Stanier Clarke.

1557.4°:-Oratt. XII. Ven., Aldus, Lond., Miller, 1804. 8°. with plates. FALISCUS, see GRATIUS. Also on very large paper.

A fine edition, and scarce already. The 7327. FALLOPIUS, Gbr. Opera geplates are finer than those in the edition,

nuina omnia tam practica quam Lond. 1811. 8°. (128., on large paper il. theoretica. Ven., Franciscis, 1606. 4s.) although those are very neat.-At fol. 3 voll. first, Lond. 1762. 4o. Also, Lond. 1808.

The best edition. The edition, Ff. 1600. 8o. with woodcuts (8s., on large paper fol. 2 voll. is extremely faulty, and entirely 16s.).

disfigured by arbitrary alterations (parti7317 poetical works with the life

cularly in the treatise De externis morbis). of the author. Lond., Cooke, with. FALLOURS, see RENARD. out date. 12°, with 2 plates. 7328 FALUGI, Dm. Triompho 7322 FALCONER. Universal dic

magno, nel qual si contiene le fa.

1558. fol.

16 gr.)

mose guerre d'Alessandro magno. FARCES, see COLLECTION, No. Roma, Silber, 1521. 4°.

4936. 7329 FAMIN, A. and A. GRAND- 7336 FARIA y Sousa, Man. EpiJEAN, Architecture Toscane, ou

tome de las historias Portuguesas. palais, maisons et autres édifices de Madr., Martinez, 1628, 4°. la Toscane. Par. 1806. large fol. An expurgated copy of this edition is in 12 numbers, each of 6 plates (at 4 fr. On

Dresden. But none of the erased passages Dutch paper 8 fr., lavé et color. 30 fr.).

are wanting in the following editions, Lisb.

1674. 4o. Brusselas, 1677 or 1730. fol. FANCIULLO, see AlcibiadE.

with plates (the last on large paper also). 7330 FANELLI, Fr. Atene Attica The last time, Brussel. (Lisboa), 1779. fol. descritta da suoi principii sino all'

(2880 rees). acquisto fatto dall' armi Venete nel 7337 – Europa Portuguesa. Ed. II. 1687. Ven., Bortoli, 1707. 4° correcta, ilustrada y añadida. Lisb. with plates.

1678-8o. fol. 3 voll. 7331 FANT, Eric. Mch. Scriptores 7338 — Asia Portuguesa. Lisb. 1666 rerum Suecicar. medii ævi. Ex

-75. fol. 3 voll. schedis præcipue Nordinianis col. A very indifferent work, which is somelectos, dispositos ac emendatos edi.

times joined to Barros (see above). dit. T. I. Ups. 1818. fol. (u d.7339 – Africa Portuguesa. Lisb.

1681. fol. There are to be 3 vols.

7340 FARINATOR, Mth. Liber 7332 FANTI, Sgm. Triompho di moralitatum elegantissimus magnafortuna. Ven., Agst. da Portese, rum rerum naturalium, Lumen Ani. 1526 (other copies 1527). fol. mæ dictus. AV., Ant. Sorg, 3 148 leaves.

Sept. 1477. fol. Gothic letter, 369 This scarce and curious book, consisting leaves, without signatures, catchentirely of woodcuts, excepting the 16 words, and pagination. leaves of preliminary matter, contains an- The first edition of a book important on swers, astrologically calculated, to 72 ques account of the intelligence which it contions given at the beginning. The first 3 tains respecting Theophilus the presbyter, leaves of the woodcuts are unnumbered, the pretended discoverer of oil-painting ; the rest have the numbers 1-128. At the

see Fiorillo artist. Schrr. I. 197 not.

Acend is the colophon of one leaf.

cording to Lessing's works, VIII. 360. the FANTIN, see DESODOARDS.

art is older than Farinator, and was only 7333 FANTONI detto Labindo, Gi.

reduced into a mere convenient arrange

ment by him. Poesie. Pisa, 1800. small 4°. with Fantoni's portrait.

Odi. Italia

7341 without place (AV., Gth. (Genova), 1799. 4°. Splendid edi. Zainer?), ult

. die Dec. 1477. fol. tion.—Poesie colla giunta dell' odi

half Gothic letter, 348 leaves with Oraziane. Fir. 1817.8°. (3 paoli). 43 lines.

. ib. 1817. 18o. 2 voll.-Poesie in- 7342 without place (Eustadii, edite. Pisa, 1819. 8°.

G. Reyser), 1479. fol. Gothic letter FANTONI, J., see PiccolOMINI.

268 leaves of 44 lines. 7334 FANTUZZI, Gi. Notizie degli 7343 FARINGTON, Jos. The lakes scrittori Bolognesi

. Bol. 1781-84. of Lancashire, Westmoreland, and large 49. 9 vols.

Cumberland, delineated in 43 enCollected with exemplary industry and gravings from drawings by Jos. Faaccuracy, and altogether in Mazzuchelli's rington. With descriptions by Th. style.

Hartwell Horne. Lond. 1816. 4o. 7335 FARCE nouvelle de deux sa

(81. 8s.

First impressions 121. vetiers. Without place or date

128.) (Par. about 1530). narrow fol. Go

See also BOYDELL, No. 2889. thic letter, 4 leaves.

7344a FARKAS, J. Ungarische See also PATHELIN.

Grammatik für Deutsche. Umgearb.

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Quæs- 7349

von P. Szlemenics. 9 Ausg. Wien. primum continetur concilium BaGerold, 1816. large 8o. (1 d. 8 gr.) siliense, quod Æneas Sylvius con7344b FARLATI, Dn. Illyricum scripsit. Insunt præterea summor.

Ven. 1751-1819. fol. 8 aliquot viror. epp., libelli, tractatus vols. with plates.

et opuscula, numero LXVI. (ed. A supplementary volume ought still to Ortuinus Gratius). Without place appear.

(Col., Quentel), 1535. fol. 7345 FARNESE, Octav.

a mendis repurgatus una tiones definitæ ex triplici philoso- cum appendice s. tomo II. scriptor. phia, rationali, naturali, morali, in

veterum. Op. et st. Ed. Brown. Parmensi academia publice triduum Lond. 1690. fol. 2 voll. disputatæ ab Octav. Farnesio, Se- Enlarged with an appendix of 77 pieces, ren. Ranutii, Parmæ, Placentiæ etc. mostly unprinted before. An important Ducis IV. filio. Parmæ, Viotti,

collection of sources for the history of that 1613. fol. 374 pages.

period. It is deserving of more accurate

investigation whether Gratius really was This piece is remarkable, besides being the editor or not. The former opinion the largest disputation which perhaps exists Clement maintains in Bibl. cur. VIII. (it contains not less than 2370 theses), as

244 etc.; the latter, Götze Merkwürd, der being the disputation of the son of a prince,

Dresdn. Bibl. III. 518. and Denis Garell. then only 14 years old; it has also a sepa

Bibl. 494. The final decision is also esperate interest on account of the figures of cially important to the future editor of the men, beasts, and other objects, engraved

Epistolæ obscur, viror. on wood, and merely composed of writing

7350 FASCICULUS temporum, omstrokes, with which it is ornamented at the beginning of every book and chapter, and nes antiquorum cronicas complecin which not only great variety, but even a tens, autore quodam devoto Carkind of expression prevails, of which such a thusiensi (Wern. Roletink). Col., trifling production would not be thought

Arn. ther Huernen, 1474. fol. Go. capable. The artists have mentioned them. selves in the following manner, Brondulus

thic letter, with woodcuts, 73 leaves, inven. Ferrarius incid. The author, who without signatures. possessed the affection of the people, ended Considered to be the ist edition. At the his days in a horrible prison, in which his beginning 8 leaves, table of contents, in unpitying father suffered him to languish 3 columns. The colophon in red. away.

7351 (Col.), N. Gotz de Sletz7346 FARQUHAR, G. Dramatic stat, without date. fol. Gothic letter. and poetical works. Lond. 1742, A very scarce edition. 2 leaves, prolog. or 60, or 72. 12°. 2 vols.

(leaf 2a, col. 2, the printer's name and

symbol), and 280 numbered pages, then 35 7347 FARSETTI, Tom. Gius. Bib

leaves of index. Without signatures, catchlioteca manoscritta di Tom. Gius.

words, and pagination. It extends as far as Farsetti. Ven. 1771-80. 12. 2 1474, and was printed at the same time as voll. Catalogo de commedie ita- the above edition. There is also an edition liane raccolte da Farsetti. ib. 1776.

continued on to 1478 by the same printer. 12°. Catalogo di storie generali e 7352 - (Col.), Cr. de Hoemparticolari d'Italia, quanto a città, borch, 1476. fol. Gothic letter. luoghi e famiglie, raccolte da Far-7353 – Lovanii, J. Veldener, setti. ib. 1782. 12°. Catalogo di 4 Cal. Jan. 1476. fol. Gothic letter. libri italiani raccolti da Farsetti. ib.

Vallière had 2 copies, in one of which

the last leaf was reprinted, and enlarged 1785. 12° Catalogo di libri latini with notices from 1474 to 1476. raccolti da Farsetti. ib. 1788. 12o.


Spira, Pt. Drach, 8 Cal. All these catalogues were drawn up and furnished with observations by Jac. Morelli.

Dec. 1477. fol. Gothic letter, with The prefaces are by Farsetti. The last woodcuts, 64 leaves. catalogue contains additions to the earlier 7355 Col., Quentel, 1479. fol.

Gothic letter. 7348 FASCICULUS rerum expe- 7356

Ven., G. Walch, 1479. tendarum ac fugiendar. In quo fol. Gothic letter.


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