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tine of Lancaster; Godbolt, one of the Readers of the Society; and Francis and Nathaniel Bacon, the nephews of Lord Bacon; and (in 1636–38) Sir Dudley Digges, who was then Master of the Rolls.

By an Order of Pension made in January, 1645, it was ordered, that “ Mr. Ladd and Mr. Bacon be desired to make inquiry what books, and the names, have been delivered out of the Library, and by whom and to whom such things are delivered, and the same to notify at the next Pension.” By another order, of the 4th February, 1645, the first “Library-keeper” was appointed, at an

, annual salary of 31. 6s. 8d. And by an Order of the 4th May, 1669, the first Catalogue was ordered to be made.*


The reasons for making this Catalogue, as stated on the face of the above order, were first :-“that divers books in the Library” had “been embezzled ;” and, secondly, that “divers others” were “ forthwith to be brought in by Mr. Raworth, according to a former Order.” The books “ to be brought in by Mr. Raworth” seem to have consisted of about one hundred volumes; and this large increase to the Library was occasioned as follows. It appears, by an Order of Pension of the 8th January, 1668, that Raworth had been called upon, to perform the office of Reader; but that being unable to do this, “ by reason of some infirmities of his body then upon him," he had offered, by way of fine for his delinquency, “the sum of 2001., to be paid into the Treasury of the Society for the use thereof.” And it was thereupon ordered “that upon payment of the said sum of 2001., the said Mr. Raworth” should "continue at the Bench, and enjoy the privileges of a Bencher, and have a voice in Pension as formerly.” By a subsequent Order of Pension, made the 28th November, 1668, it was ordered “ that 2001. be paid by Mr. Raworth into the Treasury, to be disposed of, viz.: 1001. for books to the Library, and the other 100l. towards repairs in the walks.” And, accordingly, 100l. of the fine thus imposed on Mr. Raworth appears to have been expended, as stated above, in the purchase of about one hundred volumes of books,which books are now in the Library, and are duly, but it would seem not quite accurately, inscribed as having been, “Ex Dono Roberti Raworth, 1669."

* This Catalogue has not been found.

By an Order of Pension of the 6th May, 1689, the Treasurer and two Benchers were ordered to make a fresh Catalogue, which was done accordingly. And it appears from this Catalogue, which is still in existence,* that the Library then consisted of about 320 volumes -by far the larger number of which, however, were not law books.

To remedy this, it was ordered, on the 10th February, 1719, “ that Mr. Treasurer do examine the books in the Library, and do treat with booksellers for the exchange of such of them as he shall think unnecessary, for such as may be more useful to this Society.” And by an Order of the 10th February, 1725, it was referred to a Committee of the Bench, “ to see what books are necessary to complete the Library as to all law books,” and “ to provide the Library with such as they shall see wanting, or necessary to complete the same as aforesaid, against the first Pension in the next Term.”

* It will be found at the end of Vol. II, of the “ Book of Orders."


The result of these orders seems to have been, to make it necessary to provide additional accommodation for the books. And, accordingly, on the 23rd June, 1737,- up to which time the Library seems to have been merely a chamber in the Inn,- an Order of Pension was passed, for building the Library in Holborn Court* (now South Square), which some of the present members of the Inn are old enough to remember.

Such are a few memoranda, as to the History of the Library of this Society. What its present state is, will appear from the following pages : -


* This building seems to have been completed in 1739. And Maitland, in his History of London,—the first edition of which was published in that year,--says that, at the time he wrote, Gray's Inn Library was “kept in Coney Court,”—which, according to Stow, formed the western side of what is now Gray's Inn Square.



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