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berland, 106; is surprised at Aln-
wick, ib.; and captured by Ra-
nulph de Glanville, 108; the King
takes him to Normandy, 114; he
is set at liberty, 116; does homage
to King Richard I., 147; pur-
chases the Castles of Berwick and
Roxburgh from the English, 149;
does homage to King John at Lin-
coln, 235.

William, son of Henry I., the Barons
swear fealty to him at Salisbury, i.
42; he does homage to the King of
France for Normandy, 46; is
drowned at Barfleur, 47.

Count of Holland, i. 300.

William, Archbishop of Tyre solicits
aid for the Holy Land, i. 131.
Winchelsea, Robert, Archbishop of
Canterbury, ii. 116, 122.
Worcester, city of, burned, i. 41.
Wulfnoth, son of Earl Godwin, a
hostage at the court of William
Duke of Normandy, i. 5.


York, city of, burned by the Normans,
i. 11.

Godfrey, Archbishop of, his
death, i. 327.



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