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apothecary, and brother of the company of selling 'divers sortes of defective apothecaries' wares which, on triall, were found to be defective, corrupt and unwholsome for man's body;' and it being further proved that he had soald and uttered the like wares to Mr. Lownes, the prince, his highnesses Apothecarie and others; and he also being found very unfitt in the making of compositions and confections, and insufficient and unskilfull to deale therein, he was by the court, in consideration of the great damage and danger which might happen to the companie by permitting such enormities, committed to the Poultrie compter. There are repeated instances of the company's proceeding to these extremities,” &c.

To prevent all the aforesaid evils it was in this same year that the separation was effected between the grocers and apothecaries, and full power was given to maintain this trade over-sight to the newly constituted “Pharmacopolites” Apothecaries' Society of 1616.

Soon after this had been effected another candidate for the ancient and honorable office of garbeller of spices, drugs, &c., appears in the College of Physicians, which with other encroachments excited the opposition of the Grocers and Apothecaries at this period. Thus

“In 1664, the Physicians, having obtained a charter of incorporation, which seemed likely to abridge the sphere of the Companys medical control, the following notice appears on the books : 'Divers members of this company trading in drugs, made request and suit for the countenance and protection of the court in the freedom of their trade, against the invasion of the College of Physicians, who, having lately obtained from his Majesty a patent, with new and strange power of privilege, and search, seizure, fine, and imprison


ment, are attempting the passing of a bill in Parliament for the ratification of the same; which if effected, will be an insupportable inconvenience and prejudice.' They prayed the aid of the Court, which was granted, and a committee appointed to consult and instruct counsel to defend them before the Committee in Parliament; it was likewise ordered, that the charges incurred by the druggists, for the defence of their right against the physicians, should be defrayed by the Grocers' Company."

The above and much other very interesting matter relative to this subject may be found in Herbert's History of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of London, vol. ii, pp.

297 et seq.

See also antè, note, p. 79.

(No. 5.)

19 Edw. III. See Charter and Confirmatory Statutes &c., Herbert's City Companies. Vol. i, Grocers' Company.

(No. 6.)
Draught of Act of Parliament, 9 H. 5.

Petyts MSS. v. 33, p. 140. No one shall use the mysterie of fysyk, unless he hath Anno 1422. studied it in some university, and is at least a bachelor in who might

practise that science. The sheriff shall inquire whether any one physic. practises in his county contrary to this regulation; and if any one so practise, he shall forfeit 401. and be imprisoned.

And any woman who shall practise physic, shall incur the same penalty.

It is ordered in parliament, on this petition, That the Lords of the Privy Council shall make what regulations they shall think proper.

But it does not appear that this had the effect of an act of parliament.

25 H. 6. Pat.


2. M. 5. An. 1447.

(No. 7.) De Feodis Consuetis pro Barbitonsore Regis.

(Willcock's Laws, p. clxv.)

5 Rym. Fæd. pt. 1, p. 180. Rex omnibus ad quos, &c. salutem : Sciatis quod per quandam supplicationem nobis per dilectum servientem nostrum Robertum Bolley, servientem ewariæ nostræ exhibitam, accepimus qualiter ipse oppellas barbitonsorum, ad portam hospitii nostri, ubicunque fuerit, cum tot servientibus quot pro occupatione hujusmodi oppellis prædictis necessarii fuerunt et opportuni, habuit et occupavit cum omnibus proficuis et commoditatibus eidem occupationi aliquo modo pertinentibus sive spectantibus, prout ipse tempore carissimi domini et patris nostri regis defuncti habuit.

De gratiâ nostra speciali concessimus prefato Roberto et Alexandro Donour valetto ewariæ nostræ opellas barbitonsorum, ad portam seu portas hospitii nostri, tenendas, habendas, et occupandas a quinto die Julii, anno regni nostri vicesimo tertio, pro termino vitæ, eorundem Roberti et Alexandri et alterius eorum diutius viventis, cum tot servientibus, in opellis prædictis servientibus et servituris, quot pro occupatione prædicta necessarii fuerint et opportuni,

cum omnibus proficuis et commoditatibus occupationi prædictæ pertinentibus sive spectantibus una cum feodis Militum de Balneo quando erunt milites facti sive creati ; videlicet,

De quolibet milite viginti quatuor ulnis panni linei qui erunt circa balneum, una cum uno tapet. longitudinis trium virgarum de rubeo worsted, ac etiam viginti solidis pro rasura cujuslibet militis sic creati;

Quadraginta solidis de quolibet barone, seu ejus pare, pro ejus rasura;

Centum solidis de quolibet comite, seu ejus pare, pro ejus rasura ;

Et decem libris de quolibet duce, seu ejus pare, pro ejus

rasura :

Et ulterius concessimus quod nullus alius barbitonsor habeat seu occupet aliquas opellas barbitonsorum, prope portam seu portas hospitii nostri, nisi prædicti Robertus et Alexander, durante vita eorum, et alterius eorum diutius viventis; eo quod expressa mentio de aliis donis et concessionibus, eisdem Roberto et Alexandro per nos ante hæc tempora factis in præsentibus facta non existit, aut aliquo statuto, actu, vel ordinatione in contrarium factis, non obstantibus.

In cujus, &c.—Teste Rege apud Westmonasterium vicesimo quinto die Julii. Per ipsum Regem, et de data prædicta, auctoritate Parliamenti.

(No. 8.)
Rot. 32 H. 6. (Willcock's Laws, p. iv.)

De Ministrando Medicinas circa Personam Regis.
Rex dilectis sibi magistris Johanni Arundell, Johanni 251.

A.D. 1454. 5 Rym. fæd. pt. 2, p. 55. Vid. 4 Inst. King's physicians and surgeons

Assigned by consent of council.

Powers limited.

Faceby, et Willielmo Haccliffe medicis, magistro Roberto
Warreyn et Johanni Marchall chirurgis, salutem.

Sciatis quòd, cùm nos adversâ valetudine ex visitatione divina corporaliter laboremus, a qua nos, cùm ei placuerit qui est omnium vera salus, liberari posse speramus; propterea, juxta consilium ecclesiastici consultoris, quia nolumus abhorrere medicinam quam pro subveniendis humanis languoribus creavit altissimus de ejus salutari subsidio ac de fidelitate scientia et circumspectione vestris plenius confidentes.

De advisamento et assensu consilii nostri assignavimus vos, conjunctim et devisim, ad libere ministrandum et exequendum in et circa personam nostram.

Imprimis, videlicet, quod licite valeatis moderare nobis dietam juxta discretiones vestras et casus exigentiam.

Et quòd in regimine medicinalium, libere nobis possitis ministrare electuaria, potiones, aquas, sirupos, confectiones, laxativas medicinas in quacunque forma nobis gratori, et ut videbitur plus expedire, clisteria, suppositoria, caput purgia, gargarismata, balnea ; vel universalia vel particularia epithemata, fomentationes, embrocationes, capitis rasuram, unctiones, emplastra, cerota, ventosas cum scarificatione vel sine, emoroidarum provocationes, modis quibus melius ingeniare poteritis, et juxta consilia peritorum medicorum qui in hốc casu scripserunt vel in posterum scribent.

Et ideo, vobis et cuilibet vestrum mandamus quòd circa premissa diligenter intendatis, et ea faciatis et exequamini in forma prædicta.

Damus autem universis et singulis fidelibus, et ligeis nostris quorum interest in hâc parte firmiter in mandatis, quod vobis, in executione premissorum pareant et intendant, ut est justum.

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