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PROPOSITION 2nd.—The trading of the Apothecary distinct from

the Physician's office in ancient, mediæval and modern times.

Page 67.

THE ANCIENT APOTHECARY.—The name of Apothecary- Its
derivation-Origin of his Vocation-Aristotle and Theophrastus
- Zoology and Botany-Pliny and Dioscorides-Materia Medica
(p. 69)-Various designations in ancient authors-Pharmacopoles

and all ages



Exaggeration of special means of cure by each successive invader

of the Physician's Office-Consequent Divisions-Evil effects entailed

on the Public and the Profession-Licensing bodies, their origin and

effects-Powers and privileges limited and exclusive-Papal defini-

tions of purity, Standard of Royal Colleges (p. 118)—Medical Schools

-Alternative presented to Medical Students-Its effects-Hospitals,

their insufficient staff of Medical Officers (p. 122). The evil effects

hence arising to the poor, the public, and the profession—General

duties of bodies corporate-Corruptions renounced, Divisions per-

petuated by Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons-Encourage-

ment to Modern Specialists—Third Corruption and Division legalised

in 1815--Powers usurped, Privileges abrogated by Society of

Apothecaries (p. 125)—Good and evil effects hence arising-Unity

rejected, Divisions multiplied by College of Physicians—Statistics

of the Medical Profession in the great nations of the earth (p. 130)--

Ratio of Apothecaries to Physicians compared with England—Illicit

practice of Chemists and Druggists-Compulsory Divisions--Their

evil effects—Transition from past errors-Sir Kenelm Digby and his

sympathetic powder (p. 140)—Homeopathists and their globules-

Neglect of “ Dietetics” cause of chief quackeries in the present day-

Hydropathists, Kinesipathists, and others---Ancient Physician, and

Modern Physician in foreign States, compared with Medical Profes-

sion in England and Wales-Effects of College Restrictions foreseen

_"Overstocked with Apothecaries” (p. 150)-Free trade in Poisons-

Murder and Suicides-Practice of Drugging Infants in Mining and
Manufacturing Districts (p. 152)—Ignorance of Women, Illegitimacy,
and Mortality of Infants co-existing—Comparison with other
Divisions-Increased Importation of Opium for Home Consumption
-Ratio of Suicides by Poison in various States (p. 163) – Vice of
Opium-eating in England and Wales—The suicide's more gradual
mode of destruction, Mode of Remuneration in England and Wales
-Varieties and modifications of former corrupt practices-Pure
Physician and Pure Surgeon-Their mode, evasions and subterfuges
necessary for its support-Origin not more pure than its effects

Precedents drawn from past experience-Corruptions renounced
in 1518 and 1745—Divisions (as well as corruptions) of Priest and
Barber effaced in Foreign States (p. 183)-Russia-Prussia-German
States generally-America-Denmark-Norway-France-Protest
of Ireland and Scotland (p. 188)—Reunion of Medicine and Surgery
and separation from Pharmacy - The only remedy for present
corruptions and divisions (p. 191)-Prospects more hopeful in
Ireland and Scotland than in England and Wales-Review of the
powers transferred from the CHURCH to the Universities—Thence to
corporate bodies-Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons in
each division of the Kingdom (p. 192)--Various contending factions
thence arising-Powers and privileges contrasted (p. 193)-PAPAL
and ROYAL-Proposed coalition of Medical Corporations—Royal
College of Medicine of Great Britain and Ireland— Education and
examinations to be eminently practical and progressive-Unity,
purity, and fulness, the sine quá non of every qualified Physician-

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