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III-Sainted Specialists.-Contest of Light and Truth with Darkness

and Superstition-Laws of Roger and Frederick II frustrated by
Romish Councils-FIRST COMPULSORY DIVISION of Medicine-
Assignment of Chirurgics to Barbers-SECOND GREAT CORRUPTION
OF MEDICINE, or that of the Barber-surgeon (p. 37)—Priests assert
their Divine commission to “heal 'the sick”—How they obeyed it
--Their miraculous powers tested–Their degradation of Medicine no

more sanctioned by Divine than human authority-Papal Supre-

macy-Its only foundation . .

Pages 19—41.

PROPOSITION 2nd.—The trading of the Apothecary distinct from

the Physician's office in ancient, mediæval and modern times.

Page 67.

THE ANCIENT APOTHECARY.—The name of Apothecary- Its
derivation-Origin of his Vocation-Aristotle and Theophrastus
-Zoology and Botany-Pliny and Dioscorides—Materia Medica
(p. 69)—Various designations in ancient authors-Pharmacopoles

THE MEDIEVAL APOTHECARY–His several schools—Those of
Priests and Monks—Their trading in scientific formulæ-Arabic
Schools Their improvements in Pharmacy and Chemistry-Geber
- Sabor-Ebn-Sahel and others-Revival Schools (p. 74)—Salernum,

Early enlightenment–The triple armour reviewed—Reason and

Experience again supplanting Bigotry and Superstition, as in times

of Herophilus and Erasistratus-Statutes relating to Apothecaries-

Confectionarii-Speciarii-Epiciers-Early introduction of Italian

and French apothecaries to England . . Pages 71–78.

Exaggeration of special means of cure by each successive invader
of the Physician's Office-Consequent Divisions-Evil effects entailed
on the Public and the Profession-Licensing bodies, their origin and
effects-Powers and privileges limited and exclusive-Papal defini-
tions of purity, Standard of Royal Colleges (p. 118)—Medical Schools

-Alternative presented to Medical Students-Its effects-Hospitals,

their insufficient staff of Medical Officers (p. 122). The evil effects

hence arising to the poor, the public, and the profession-General

duties of bodies corporate-Corruptions renounced, Divisions per-

petuated by Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons-Encourage-

ment to Modern Specialists—Third Corruption and Division legalised

in 1815--Powers usurped, Privileges abrogated by Society of

Apothecaries (p. 125)—Good and evil effects hence arising-Unity

rejected, Divisions multiplied by College of Physicians—Statistics

of the Medical Profession in the great nations of the earth (p. 130)—

Ratio of Apothecaries to Physicians compared with England—Illicit

practice of Chemists and Druggists—Compulsory Divisions--Their

evil effects—Transition from past errors—Sir Kenelm Digby and his

sympathetic powder (p. 140)—Homeopathists and their globules-

Neglect of “ Dietetics ” cause of chief quackeries in the present day-

Hydropathists, Kinesipathists, and others-Ancient Physician, and

Modern Physician in foreign States, compared with Medical Profes-

sion in England and Wales—Effects of College Restrictions foreseen

_"Overstocked with Apothecaries” (p. 150)— Free trade in Poisons-

Murder and Suicides—Practice of Drugging Infants in Mining and
Manufacturing Districts (p. 152)—Ignorance of Women, Illegitimacy,
and Mortality of Infants co-existing–Comparison with other
Divisions—Increased Importation of Opium for Home Consumption
-Ratio of Suicides by Poison in various States (p. 163) – Vice of
Opium-eating in England and Wales—The suicide's more gradual
mode of destruction- Mode of Remuneration in England and Wales

-Varieties and modifications of former corrupt practices-Pure
Physician and Pure Surgeon-Their mode, evasions and subterfuges
necessary for its support-Origin not more pure than its effects
(p. 168)—General Practitioner–His Varieties and Modifications-
Estimation in foreign States-IRELAND AND SCOTLAND--Evil effects
proportioned to Corruptions and Divisions existing-Royal Col.
leges, as in England and Wales, subservient to PAPAL decrees.
Third Corruption-Its distinctive character (p. 173)— Contrast in its
Effects, as in its origin and course-Ratio of Apothecaries to Physi.
cians-IRELAND contrasted with England-SCOTLAND with Ireland
and England (p. 176)—Pharmacy, how provided for in the United
Kingdom-Hospitals and Medical Schools—Invasion from without,
proportioned to corruption and division within the Profession-Quack
establishments-Amount paid for Medicine Stamps in each portion
of the United Kingdom-Murder and suicide by Poisons---Com-
parative frequency-Conclusion

Pages 115–180.



Precedents drawn from past experience-Corruptions renounced
in 1518 and 1745—Divisions (as well as corruptions) of Priest and
Barber effaced in Foreign States (p. 183)-Russia-Prussia-German
States generally-America-Denmark-Norway-France-Protest
of Ireland and Scotland (p. 188)—Reunion of Medicine and Surgery
and separation from Pharmacy – The only remedy for present
corruptions and divisions (p. 191)-Prospects more hopeful in
Ireland and Scotland than in England and Wales-Review of the
powers transferred from the CHURCH to the Universities—Thence to
corporate bodies-Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons in
each division of the Kingdom (p. 192).- Various contending factions
thence arising-Powers and privileges contrasted (p. 193)—PAPAL
and ROYAL-Proposed coalition of Medical Corporations—Royal
College of Medicine of Great Britain and Ireland Education and
examinations to be eminently practical and progressive_Unity,
purity, and fulness, the sine quá non of every qualified Physician-

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