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be pardoned for speaking of it in the manner it deserves.' And let me beseech person, who is willing to have his prayers heard, to consider this matter a little better, and use a more correct form; for God, who is jealous of his honour, and has no communion with idols, will certainly reject the petition that sets him upon a level with Baal and Jupiter.

The true God is He that was in Christ reconciling the world to himself ; there is none other but He; and if this great Characteristic be denied, or any other assumed in its stead, a man is left without God; after which, he may

call himself a Deift, if he will ; but his God is a mere idol of the imagination, and has no corresponding reality in the whole universe of beings.

The modern Jews, by denying their God to have been manifest in the flesh, are as effectually departed from the true God, as their forefathers were, when they danced before the golden calf, and


called their idolatrous service a feast to the Lord. For the Being of God is not an object of sight, but of faith ; it enters first into the heart; and if it be wrong there, the first commandment is broken : if a figure of it be set up before the eyes, then the second is broken likewise. The first forbids us to have any other God; the second to make any graven image of him. Now though we make no image, yet if with the heart we believe in any God different from the true, the Idolatry indeed may be less, but the Apostacy is the same. And this seems to be the case of the Jew.

The Mahometans are another set of infidels, who abhor idols, but have in express terms denied the Son of God, and set up an idol of the imagination, a God in one Person. They inveigh bitterly against the Christians for worshiping three Gods; for so they state the doctrine of a Trinity in Unity, as some others have done beside them.


In answer to all these abominations of the Deift, the Jew and the Mahometan, and to shew that no unbeliever of any

denomination can be a servant of the true God, it is written whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father :: and again whosoever transgresseth and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not GOD. And let the Socinians, who have not only vindicated the religion of Mahomet, but preferred it to the Christianity of the Church of England, which with them is no better nor other than a sort of Paganism and Heathenifm *, let them consider what a share they have in this condemnation.

And to bring this matter home to the Arians; it is to be observed, that every article of the Christian Faith depends upon the Doctrine of a Trinity in Unity. If that be given up, the other doca 17ohn II. 23.

b 2 7ohn 9. * See Leslie's Theological works Fol. Vol.i. p.218. where the

a great deal more to the fame purpose; and particularly an Epistle of the Socinians to the Morocco Embassador, in the time of Charles II, a great curiosity, wherein their whole scheme is laid open to the bottom by themselves.




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trines of our religion must go with it, and so it has been in fact, that the authors who have written against the Trinity, have also disputed away some other essential parts of Christianity; particularly the doctrines of the Satisfaction and of original fin.

The whole Bible treats of little else but our creation, redemption, sanctification, resurrection and glorification by the power of Christ and the Holy Spirit : and the reader will find hereafter, that there is neither name, act, nor attribute of the Godhead, that is not shared in common by all the persons of the Trinity. If, therefore, the persons of Christ and the Spirit are not God in the Unity of the Father, then the prayers and praises we offer to them, as the authors of every blessing, will not be directed to the supreme Lord and God, beside whom no other is to be worshiped, but to his creatures and instruments: which overthrows the sense of our whole religion; and drives us upon a sort of second-rate faith and worship, which, be

fide the blasphemy of it, can be nothing but confusion and contradiction. It is no wonder then, that the Arians and Socinians, with their several under-sects and divisions, who have fallen into this snare, and departed from the divine Unity, while they pretend to be the only men who assert it, have never yet been able to agree in the forms of religious worship. Some of them allowing that Christ is to receive divine worship, but always with this reserve, that the Prayer tend ultimately to the person of the Father. So that Christ is to be worshiped, only he is not to be worshiped : and if


should venture, when you are at the point of death, to say with St. Stephen - Lord Jesus, receive my Spirit —and confess the person of JeJus to be the God of the Spirits of all

flesh by committing your own Spirit into his hands; you are to take care not to die without throwing in some qualifying comment, to assure him you do it only in hypocrisy, not meaning 2 Afts VII. 59.

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b Numb. XVI. 22.

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