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UNDER the authority given by the foregoing act of the Legislature, this Catalogue has been prepared on the following plan.

No Book or Pamphlet known to belong to the Library, however unimportant it may have been deemed, has been excluded. Each one will be found in its proper place, as carefully described, and as accurately classified as though it had been regarded of the greatest importance. No discretion was given, and none exercised upon this subject. Indeed, any attempt at discrimination would have been unwise; for that, which might be regarded of trifling value now, may become of the greatest importance in the lapse of time.

In the construction of the Catalogue, the design has been so to arrange, describe and classify the Books, as to afford the greatest facility in ascertaining if any desired book belonged to the Library, and what works on any particular subject might be found on its shelves.

In the prosecution of this design, the Catalogue has been divided into two parts: the first, including the Law Books, Statute Laws and State Papers; the second, the Miscellaneous Books.Under each of these heads the works are arranged, and described alphabetically under the name of their authors when known; when unknown, under the word that best indicates the nature and design of the work. In the description of the works, the title pages are copied, except in a few cases, in which owing to their extreme length, an abbreviation seemed desirable; but in

has been

such abbreviations the subject matter of the title page
retained. In most of the polygraphs, when the title page is
simply "The Works of," &c., the contents of the volumes have
been added in an abbreviated form. Some works are so arranged
as to render such an exhibition of their contents impossible, with-
out swelling the Catalogue to undue dimensions. Wherever it
was believed a cross-reference would facilitate the finding of a
book, such a reference has been made.

In the classification of the works according to their subjects, the aim has been to avoid the perplexity growing out of a large number of sub-divisions, by making the classification as general as would comport with its usefulness. The Library is not so large as to render a more minute classification necessary. A brief examination will enable any one to ascertain what books it contains on any particular subject.

The Maps, Charts and Prints belonging to the Library will be found at the end of the Catalogue of Miscellaneous books. The Maps belonging to the Surveyor General's Department have been added for the information of the public.

At the close of the Catalogue will be found an ADDENDA, principally of English and Irish law reports, that came too late to be included in the body of the Catalogue.

The preparing of the Catalogue, and the examination and correction of the proof sheets has been a task of no ordinary labor. Errors doubtless will be found, but as few, we think, as in most Catalogues of its size. At any rate we have done our best, and such is our conviction of its comparative accuracy, that we confidently submit it for the approbation of the Legislature.


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Hon. GEORGE W. BREWER, Eighteenth District.


WILLIAM M. FRANCIS, Twenty-sixth District.

(( JEREMIAH SCHINDEL, Fifth District.


Hon. JOSEPH M. CHURCH, Philadelphia city "MAX GOEPP, Northampton county.

E. H. IRISH, Allegheny county.


WILLIAM R. DE WITT, Harrisburg.

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