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discipline, and increasing in usefulness. St. to the several dioceses, to establish auxiliaPeter's, Berkley, vacant, but visited by Mr. ry societies or associations, the members of Ward who in addition to his appointments which to pay a much smaller sum, or to as missionary, preached there three times on adopt any mode to give aid to the parent Sundays, and once on a week day.

society, which, in cases, in which diocesan SALEM C. Two churches. St. John's, institutions already exist, many not interSalem, and St. George's, Penn's Neck. Both fere with such institutions. these churches are under the rectorship of “I would, therefore, suggest to the conthe reverend Mr. Cadle. They continue vention, the expedieney of recommending to much as they were at our last report, to every congregation in the diocese, to form. wbich we refer our readers.

a missionary association ; the contributions In 16 congregations, 613 families and con- of which to be transmitted every year to tributors.

the treasurer of the convention, in aid of “ 5 congregations 970 Individuals. the collections, which are annually made, 16 17 do. 679 Communicants. in the several churches, for missionary 16 16 do. 148 Baptisms. purposes : and that the board of directors 46 14 do. 41 Marriages. of the missionary fund be authorized to do. 171 Funerals.

transmit annually, so much of the avails of The bishop has visited almost every church the fund, as they may think expedient, to in the diocese, during the last year; has the treasurer of the general missionary soheld four confirmations; the number confirm- ciety, for the use of the society. ed being fifty-seven; has admitted one can- " The liberal support of this truly Chrisdidate for orders, and ordained one, as before tian institution is a duty, which we owe stated.

to ourselves, as members of the protestant “ The several institutions in the diocese,” Episcopal church; the reputation of wbich, the bishop observes, “ connected with the in this period of unusual exertion, in the exchurch, continue, through the divine bless- tension of the gospel, is deeply involved in ing, to prosper. The funds belonging to its success ; also as members of the Christhem gradually increase ; and to the ap- tian church, at large, which necessarily implication of one of them--the missionary ply, that we use the means and powers, fund-is principally to be ascribed, under with which God has endowed us, in endeavGod, the improved state of some of our ouring to extend the blessed kingdom of long vacant and almost ruined churches, his Son, and to promote the spiritual inteand the establishinent of ministers in others." rests of our fellow creatures."

The bishop recommends to the patronage In consequence of this recommendation, of the laity in his diocese, the General Theo- committees were appointed by the convenlogical Seminary, and the Church Missionary tion to report respecting these two objects. Society, instituted by the general conven- That on the missionary fund, reported as tion of 1820. With regard to the latter, he follows. observes : 66 The society is now in operation. “ Resolved, first, That it be recommended Its objects are, to send missionaries into the to every congregation in the diocese to states and territories in which our church is form a missionary association ; the connot yet organized ; and collect together the tributions of which, to be transmitted every scattered members of our communion, who year to the treasurer of the convention, in have migrated to those remote parts ; and aid of the collections, which are annually are now wandering about as sheep without made, in the several churches, for missionashepherds ;-to afford temporary and occa. ry purposes. sional assistance to those dioceses, which 66 Resolved, secondly, That the board of are not able of themselves to support the directors of the missionary fund, be authorrequisite missionaries; and to send mis- ized to transmit, annually, so much of the sionaries also to the heathen of our own avails of the fund, as they may think excountry; and, when opportunity offers, and pedient, to the treasurer of the domestick its means are sufficient, to the heathen on and foreign missionary society, for the use the eastern continent, for the purpose of en- of the society." deavouring to turn them from darkness to That on the theological seminary, offered light and from the power of satan unto the following resolutions. God.'

“ Resolved, first, That early measures be “It is desirable, that every churchman, taken for raising the sum of $2000, for the who can conveniently pay three dollars a purpose of establishing a scholarship in the year, should become a member of this very seminary, to be called the * New Jersey useful society. But, as many persons are scholarship. unable to pay that sum, it is recommended so liesolved, secondly, That all suns sub

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scribed, be paid into the hands of the trea- if subsequently passed, by three fourths of surer of this convention ; and that, in case the members present. a sufficient sum shall not be immediately

Standing Committee. raised, the sums, so paid, shall be placed by The reverend Dr. Wharton, J. C. Rudd, him at interest, with good security, until J. Chapman, J. Croes, jun. of the clergy ; they shall amount to the sum necessary for Robert Boggs, Esq. William P. Deare, Esq. founding such scholarship.

Peter Kean, Esq. Jacob Van Wickle, Esq. “ Resolved, thirdly, That eight persons of the laity. be appointed to solicit subscriptions to this Deputies to general convention of 1823. object, in the several congregations of the The reverend Dr. Wharton, J. C. church, in the diocese."

Rudd, J. Croes, jun. G. Y. Morehouse, The reports of both the committees were of the clergy ; Peter Kean, Esq. Joseph accepted.

V. Clark, Esq. Dr. P. F. Glentworth, The reverend Mr. Rudd moved a very Wm. T. Anderson, Esq. of the laity. important resolution, viz. “ that a commit- Trustees nominated for the theological tee be appointed to take into consideration, seminary, the reverend John Croes, jun. the subject of the bishop's powers in the and Peter Kean, esquire. convention of his diocese ; and that said To the proceedings of the convention are committee be authorized to report such annexed four appendixes. 1. The proceeds measures relative to it, as they may deem ings of the standing committee. 2. Report proper to be adopted by the convention." of the board of directors of the missionary

Hitherto, in most if not all of our dioceses, fund. 3. Accounts of the treasurer of the it has been simply provided that the bishop missionary and bishop's funds. 4. Exshall be ex-officio president of the conven- tracts from the journal of the special genetion. According to the rules of parliamen- ,ral convention held in Philadelphia, October tary usage, the president of a deliberative 1821. body does not deliver his sentiments upon The second appendix we think will be inany subject, and has merely a casting vote; teresting, and we therefore present it to our but this is inconsistent with the patriarchal readers. character of a bishop, and the spiritual au- The board of directors, to whom is conthority with which he is invested by the fined the appropriation of the missionary divine Head of the church. As far as any fund, beg leave to make the following re. analogy can exist between that kingdom port to the convention : which is not of this world, and the govern- " That, as was mentioned in their last ments which are of this world, the bishop is communication, the reverend Mr. Ward like a governour of the state, presiding over had been engaged to perform the duuties of his council; he has an inherent right to give a missionary to the vacant churches. This his sentiments freely on subjects which con- engagement was for the half of his time, cern the spiritual welfare of that portion of for one year, commencing on the first of the flock of Christ intrusted to his pastoral October last, on the condition of his receive Piscataway ; and on four Sundays, and Ordination and Confirmation. one week day, at Trinity church, Wood- At an ordination held on Thursday, the bridge.

And he ought moreover to have the ing $150, in aid of his support. The other power certainly of a limited and qualified half, he had consented to devote to St. vote on all.canons passed by the convention, Mary's church, Colestown, on a stipulation similar to that which the president of the made between him and the vestry of that United States enjoys with respect to the acts church. Mr. Ward has been enabled thus of congress. We are ppy, therefore, to far, faithfully, and, as they trust, usefully, see that the following report was accepted by to fulfil his engagements. the convention.

“ In his report to the bishop, ex-officio “ The committee, to whom was referred president of the board, it appears, that he the subject of the powers of the bishop, in has, since his appointment, performed divine the convention of his diocese, report, that service, and preached, on five Sundays in they have had the matter under considera- the congregation at Paterson, and baptized tion, and offer to the convention the follow- one infant ; on three Sundays at Christ ing proposed addition to the constitution, to chapel, Belleville, and baptized two infants ; be entered on the journal for consideration on three Sundays, at St. Thomas's church, at the next convention.

Alexandria ; on one Sanday and two week “All canons, and other acts of the conven- days, at Mr. Robert Sharp's,, Amwell ; tion, shall be signed by the bishop for the on seven Sundays, and one week day, at time being ; and, in case of his declining to St. Peter's, Freehold; on seven Sundays sign any canon or act, he shall give to the and one week day at St. Peter's, Spois. convention his reasons for it: such canon or wood, and baptized two children ; on four act, shall nevertheless be considered valid, Sundays, and one week day, at St. James's,


28th day of November last, in St. Mary's " That he has, in addition to his per. church, Newton, lower falls, the right reveformances of the regular services of the rend the bishop of the eastern diocese prosanctuary, distributed catechisms among moted the reverend Alfred L. Baury to the the children, and examiced their progress holy order of priests. Morning prayer was in the study of them, in several churches, read by the reverend Isaac Boyle, rector of in which the measure was practicable. St. Paul's, Dedham, and a sermon preached

" He further states, that he has found by the right revered bishop, from Heb. v. the people of the congregations, in which 4.“ No man taketh this honour unto himself be officiated, attend divine service, gene. but he that is called of God as was Aaron." rally, very well; and in many cases, unite Immediately after morning prayer, confirin that holy exercise, with great proprie- mation was administered to six persons. ty and solemnity.

Mr. Baury has accepted the rectorship of 61 He reports, that the collections for the the interesting church at Newton, and we missionary fund, during the time he has understand is shortly to be instituted. It officiated, amount to $74,37.

was a pleasing circumstance that he was 66 The board also report, that they, ordained in the church where he is appointed through their president, continued to the to serve. Situated as we are in this counreverend Mr. Dunn, the missionary to the try, many of the members of our church churches in Sussex, the sum of $50, for the having been educated dissenters; so little year lately passed, in consideration of his being thought by our dissenting brethren of not, as yet, receiving the proceeds of all the the sacred nature of the ministerial office; church property, at Newton; a part of it and so little known in most places concernbeing under a lease, the rent of which having ing the solemnity of our ritual on these oc. boen anticipated, in the erection of build- casional services; there seems to be a pecuings.

liar propriety in holding the ordination of a " They also report, that the sum of $18, priest in the church where he is appointed has been allowed to the reverend Mr. to minister. Douglass, rector of Trinity-church, Swedes- In the infancy of the church, the apostles borough, for performing missionary duties Paul and Barnabas, as they passed through at the vacant church at Glassborough; the churches of Asia, " ordained them elders that church being out of the course of Mr. in every church.” (Acts xiv. 23.) Ward's mission, it was thought the best mode thus to supply it. Mr. Douglass re

Portugal. ports, that he has officiated on six Sundays, Late accounts from Lisbon state that on and two week days, at that church, and the 14th September the corner stone of a administered the Lord's supper once." monument to liberty was laid at Lisbon, on

the spot in Inquisition square, where the inSouth Carolina.

quisition was held, amidst crowds of joyful On Friday, the first of November, the spectators. It is to be built of the materials festival of all saints, the holy rite of con- that composed the part of the buildings of firmation was administered, by the right reve. the inquisition which has been taken down. rend bishop Bowen, in St. Michael's church, The cortes, at their present session, has in the city of Charleston, to fifty persons. passed a law to put down most of the conMorning prayer was read by the reverend vents and nunneries, of which only a very Dr. Dalcho, and an appropriate sermon, few are to remain ; allowing no new ones from Proverbs iïj. 17, delivered by the rev- for either sex to be created. Their tenants erend Mr. Lance, of Georgetown. The may go into the world; or into the estabservices were impressive, and the whole lishments that are continued in being. In scene was peculiarly interesting. It is the twenty or thirty years, perhaps, this race, practice of the bishop to administer this now so numerous, may be extinct. rite about once a year, or thirteen months, The celebrated Corle convent is to be in each of the city churches, in order that put down, as is that upon the rock of Listhe persons presenting themselves, on each bon. And the old man who has for thirtyoccasion, may not be more in number, than five years inhabited this pinnacle, will it to admit of the most satisfactory pastoral is to be hoped, resort to loftier aspirations, preparation of them.

when he descends to the footing of humanity.

TO CORRESPONDENTS. Several communications are omitted for want of room.



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