Trades Waste: Its Treatment and Utilisation. With Special Reference to the Prevention of Rivers Pollution. A Handbook for Borough Engineers, Surveyors, Architects and Analysts

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C. Griffin & Company, limited, 1902 - Factory and trade waste - 267 pages

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Page 36 - Pumps and Pump Valves — General Principles of Non-Rotative Pumping Engines — The Cornish Engine, Simple and Compound — Types of Mining Engines — Pit Work — Shaft Sinking — Hydraulic Transmission of Power in Mines — Electric Transmission of Power — Valve Gears of Pumping Engines — Water Pressure Pumping Engines — Water Works Engines — Pumping Engine Economy and Trials of Pumping Machinery — Centrifugal and other Low-Lift Pumps — Hydraulic Rams, Pumping Mains, &c.
Page 49 - Circulation and Convection.— Quantity of Heat ; Specific Heat.— Conductivity.— Forms of Energy ; Conservation; Mechanical Equivalent of Heat.— The Kinetic Theory.— Change of State; Liquid Vapour. — Critical Points. — Solids and Liquids. —Atmospheric Conditions.— Radiation. — Theory of Exchanges. — Radiation and Temperature. — Thermodynamics. — Isothermal and Adiabatic Changes.— Thermodynamics of Changes of State, and Solutions.— Thermodynamics of Radiation.— INDEX....
Page 76 - BY GILBERT R. REDGRAVE, Assoc. INST. CE, Assistant Secretary for Technology, Board of Education, South Kensington, AND CHARLES SPACKMAN, FCS *'We can thoroughly recommend it as a first-class investment.
Page 57 - Mining and Geology to the Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College. Units of Measurement, Conductors, &c.— The Theory of the Dynamo.— The Dynamo, Details of Construction and Working.— Motors. — Lighting Installations in Collieries. — Pumping by Electricity. — Electrical Haulage. — Coal Cutting. — Miscellaneous Applications of Electricity in Mines. — Coal Mines Regulation Act (Electricity). — INDEX. "A clear and concise introduction to electrical practice in collieries."—...
Page 85 - GEOLOGY: An Introduction to Geology Out-of-doors. BY GRENVILLE AJ COLE, FGS, MRIA, Professor of Geology in the Royal College of Science for Ireland, and Examiner in the University of London.
Page 35 - A MANUAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING : Comprising Engineering Surveys, Earthwork, Foundations, Masonry, Carpentry, Metal Work, Roads, Railways, Canals, Rivers, Waterworks, Harbours, &c. With Numerous Tables and Illustrations. Crown 8vo, Cloth. TWENTY-THIRD EDITION. 16s. A MANUAL OF MACHINERY AND MILLWORK : Comprising the Geometry, Motions, Work, Strength, Construction, and Objects of Machines, &c.
Page 36 - CIVIL ENGINEERING, KING'S COLLEGE, ETC., ETC. CONTENTS — Discharge through Orifices. — Flow of Water through Pipes. — Accumulators — Presses and Lifts. — Hoists. — Rams. — Hydraulic Engines. — Pumping Engines. — Capstans. — Traversers. — Jacks. — Weighing Machines. — Riveters and Shop Tools. — Punching, Shearing, and Flanging Machines. — Cranes. — Coal Discharging Machines. — Drills and Cutters. — Pile Drivers, Excavators, &c. — Hydraulic Machinery applied to...
Page 46 - CONTENTS. — Introductory. — General Principles of Continuous - Current Meters. — Continuous-Current Quantity Meters. — Continuous-Energy Motor Meters — Different Types. — Special Purposes, ie, Battery Meters, Switchboard Meters, Tramcar Meters. — General Principles of Single- and Polyphase Induction Meters.
Page 85 - SKETCHES OF BRITISH WILD FLOWERS IN THEIR HOMES. BY R. LLOYD PRAEGER, BA, MRIA Illustrated by Drawings from Nature by S. Rosamond Praeger, and Photographs by R. Welch.
Page 54 - Rarely does it fall to the lot of a reviewer to have to accord such unqualified praise as this book deserves. . . . The profession generally have every reason to be grateful to Sir C. Le Neve Foster for having enriched educational literature with so admirable an elementary Text-book.

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