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Psalm 135–150.

LECTURE 996—1011.

135. 1. The psalmist giveth reasons 996. The blessedness of not being

for praising the Lord.

idle worshippers.

136. 1. The psalmist dwelleth on 997. The supreme mercy of God

God's everlasting love.

in our redemption.

137. 1. The psalmist lamenteth the 998. That we are liable to be en-

captivity in Babylon.

snared by the mystic Babylon.

138. j. David declareth and fore- 999. The Gospel promotes genuine

telleth the praise of God.

civil liberty.

139. 1. David setteth forth the 1000. The necessity of loving God

omniscience of God.


140. 1. David prayetli and trusteth 1001. Of being more in earnest

in the help of God.

in our faith.

141. 1. David prayeth to be pre- 1002. Of praying to be delivered

served from evil practices.

from the power of temptation.

142. 1. David pointeth out his com- 1003. The comfort of praying for

fort when in trouble.

the help of God.

143. 1. David pleadeth earnestly for 1004. Of fervency in our prayers

mercy and grace.

to God.

144. 1. David blesseth God, and 1005. The effect of being sanc-

declareth the happiness of God's tioned and blessed by God.


145. 1. David praiseth God for his 1006. The praises of God set forth.

greatness and his goodness.

146. 1. The psalmist resolveth to 1007. The attributes of God are

praise God perpetually.


147. 1. The psalmist calleth on Zion 1008. The powerful and sure in-

to praise God.

fluence of God's grace.

148. i. The psalmist exhorteth 1009. How few do what they can

every thing to praise God. in praising God.

149. 1. The psalmist calleth on the 1010. The grounds on which the

church to praise God.

saints rejoice in the Lord.

150. 1. The psalmist exhorteth us 1011. How to use the Book of

to praise God many ways.

Psalms in praising God.

LECTURE 1012–1017.
1012. The benefit of knowledge.

1. 1. The use of the Proverbs.

1,7. An exhortation to resist the 1013. That we ought not to con-
enticement of sinners.

sent when invited to transgress.
1. 20. The warning words of divine 1014. The folly of rejecting warn-

2. 1. How to find knowledge. The 1015. Against being enticed to
use thereof.

forsake God.

3. 1. Exhortations to various duties. 1016. Religion the way of plea-

santness and peace.

3. 19. Further exhortations to duty. 1017. Of knowing the right means

towards life eternal.


LECTURE 1018–1041.

4. 1. Solomon declareth how his 1018. The duty of parents to in-

father instructed him.

struct their children.

5. 1. The end of following after the 1019. Matrimony, God's ordinance

strange woman.

for man's benefit.

6. 1. Against suretyship, idleness, 1020. The character of an arro-

and frowardness.

gant, false, and cruel man.

6. 20. Of obeying parental instruc- 1021. The habit of submission to



7. 1. The arts of an abandoned wo- 1022. The sins of the adulterer

man described.

hard to repent of.

8. 1. Wisdom proclaimeth herself 1023. Of seeking for wisdom, and


loving it.

8. 22. Wisdom the attribute of God. 1024. Of approaching to the like-

ness of divine wisdom.

9. 1. Wisdom's invitation; and that 1025. The end of those who re-

of the strange woman.

sort to an abandoned woman.

10. 1. Proverbs relating to the 1026. The excellency of holiness

righteous and the wicked.

manifested by contrast.

10. 15. Proverbs relating to the 1027. The righteous happy, the

righteous and the wicked.

wicked miserable.

11. 1. Proverbs relating to the 1028. The force of contrast as

righteous and the wicked.

employed in the Proverbs.

11.17. Proverbs relating to the 1029. The retribution of the good

righteous and the wicked.

and of the evil.

12. 1. Proverbs relating to the 1030. That many profitable lessons

righteous and the wicked.

are plainly taught in this book.

12. 14. Proverbs relating to the 1031. The importance of a right

righteous and the wicked.


13. 1. Proverbs relating to the 1032. How large an amount of

righteous and the wicked.

holiness is attainable.

13. 14. Proverbs relating to the 1033. The inheritance which good

righteous and the wicked.

men leave to their children.

14. 1. Proverbs relating to the wise 1034. The ways of the wise and

and foolish.

of the foolish.

14. 20. Proverbs relating to wisdom 1035. National religion the way to

and righteousness.

national prosperity.

15. 1. Proverbs relating to the 1036. Of temper. Of instruction.

righteous and the wicked.

Of the omniscience of God.

15. 19. Proverbs relating to the 1037. Of being humble, pure, and

righteous and the wicked.

not covetous.

16. 1. Proverbs relating to the Lord, 1038. Of the judgment awaiting

and to kings.

us hereafter.

16. 18. Proverbs relating to various 1039. The fruit of humility to-


wards God.

17. 1. Proverbs on various subjects. 1040. Against returning evil for

good unto God.

17. 14. Proverbs on various sub- 1041. Of reverently studying di-

vine wisdom.


LECTURE 1042-1065.

18. 1. Prove. bs on various subjects. 1042. Our way to be friends of


19. 1. Proverbs relating to various 1043. The wise though poor better


than the foolish rich.

19. 15. Proverbs relating to various 1044. The judgments awaiting


20. 1. Proverbs relating to various 1045. Against slothfulness in


things spiritual.

20. 14. Proverbs on various sub- 1046. God chastises us for our



21. 1. Proverbs on various sub- 1047. Of rejoicing in well doing.


21. 16. Proverbs on various sub- 1048. Of putting our whole trust


in God.

22. 1. Proverbs on various sub- 1049. Heaven graciously offered


alike to rich and poor.

22. 17. An exhortation to attend to 1050. That the book of Proverbs

the proverbs.

is inspired.

23. 1. Solomon addresseth several 1051. God pleads with us as with

proverbs to his son.

dear children.

23. 19. Solomon addresseth several 1052. Against excess in drink,

proverbs to his son.

and following evil women.

24. 1. Solomon addresseth several 1053. The duty of taking part

proverbs to his son.

with the injured.

24. 17. Solomon addresseth several 1054. Against improvidence and

proverbs to his son.


25. 1. Proverbs of Solomon copied 1055. Means of avoiding strife.

out by the men of Hezekiah.

25. 15. Proverbs of Solomon copied 1056. Against giving way to an

out by the men of Hezekiah.

irritable temper.

26. 1. Proverbs of Solomon copied 1057. The hopeless case of a vain

out by the men of Hezekiah.


26. 13. Proverbs of Solomon copied 1058. The causes, symptoms, and

out by the men of Hezekiah.

progress of contention.

27. 1. Proverbs of Solomon copied 1059. Of being truly kind amd

out by the men of Hezekiah. friendly.

27. 15. Proverbs of Solomon copied 1060. How surely God supplies

out by the men of Hezekiah. the world with plenteousness.

28. 1. Proverbs of Solomon copied 1061. The joy which is felt when

out by the men of Hezekiah. the righteous prosper.

28. 14. Proverbs of Solomon copied 1062. Against robbing God of the

out by the men of Hezekiah. honour due to Him.

29. 1. Proverbs of Solomon copied 1063. The abuse and use of God's

out by the men of Hezekiah. good gifts.

29. 14. Proverbs of Solomon copied 1064. Causes of the abundance of

out by the men of Hezekiah. ungodliness.

30. 1. The first part of the words 1065. Of being contented with

of Agur.

moderate things.


LECTURE 1066_1067.
30. 18. The remainder of the words 1066. Various things that may
of Agur.

help to humble us.
31. 1. The words of king Lemuel 1067. The character of a virtuous

which his mother taught him. wife.

Ecclesiastes 1-12.

LECTURE 1068_1086.

1. 1. The Preacher declareth that 1068. Against setting our affec-

all is vanity.

tions on things below.

1. 3. The Preacher sheweth the 1069. In what cases labour and

vanity of labour and knowledge. knowledge are not vain.

2. 1. The Preacher sheweth the 1070. The great loss of living an

vanity of a life of pleasure. ungodly life.

2. 12. The Preacher sheweth the 1071. The duty of enjoying thank-

vanity of amassing for others. fully God's good gifts.

3. 1. The Preacher dwelleth on 1072. Of looking forward from

the times and seasons of things. time to eternity.

3. 16. The Preacher declareth man's 1073. Better things than those of


earth are awaiting us.

4. 1. The Preacher sheweth many 1074. Our advantage in having a

cases of vanity.

settled monarchy.

5. 1. The Preacher warneth us 1075. Of making good our vows

against vanities in our worship. unto God.

5. 8. The Preacher sheweth the 1076. Of enjoying thankfully but

vanity of great wealth.

not selfishly.

6. 1. The Preacher sheweth the 1077. All worldly plans of life are

vanity of possessions not enjoyed vain alike.

7. 1. T'he Preacher setteth forth the 1078. The advantage of viewing

right way.

things wisely.

7. 15. The Preacher sheweth the 1079. The universal corruption of

conclusions of wisdom.

human nature.

8. 1. The Preacher dwelleth on the 1080. The wisdom of planning for

uncertainty of time.


8. 11. The Preacher declareth the 1081. Of being content to find

end of the good and of the evil. God's ways inscrutable.

9. 1. The Preacher exhorteth to joy 1082. Reasons for labouring, and

and diligence.

rejoicing in the Lord.

9. 11. The Preacher commendeth 1083. The advantage of being as

skill and prudence.

well educated as possible.

10. 1. The Preacher remarketh on 1084. The wisdom of not meddling

wisdom, and on the want of it. with affairs of state.

11. 1. The Preacher exhorteth to 1085. Of giving and enjoying, with

bountiful almsgiving.

a view to the future judgment.

12. 1. The Preacher exhorteth to 1086. The wisdom of serving God

remember God in youth.

all our life long.

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