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forty-five explanatory woodcuts, in addition to the engravings previously given. The Cabinet of Minerals has also been corrected, and brought down to the present time. I have only to add, that the care of preparing this New Edition having been entrusted to me, I have endeavoured, in introducing the new matter, to adhere as closely as possible to the style and arrangement of the original work.



Oct. 28, 845.




“This is something like!" exclaimed James. “Oh! this is quite a fairy palace! We seemed as if we were going out of the land of the living all the while we were coming hither : and now, surely, all I see is magic.”

Mr. Thompson was well pleased to find his son thus interested and delighted. He had been at some trouble, and incurred some expense, to gain this sight for him. They were now in the subterraneous regions of the salt mine, at North




wich ; and he had taken care to have the whole illuminated, according to a custom with the miners, when company visit the mines who are willing to pay for this splendid exhibition. Numbers of the workmen, with each a light in his hand, had placed themselves in the various niches and corners of the mine. As the mine itself is a very large excavation, great pillars of the salt rock are left at various intervals, fifteen, or even twenty-four feet in diameter, and as many in height; by which means, besides a large vaulted dome, a series of chambers, halls, and passages were exhibited to view. As the salt is like a white semi-transparent rock, every light glittered in a thousand places, displaying a great variety and intermixture of splendid colours :- such as one might suppose a vast building would reflect, were the walls and arches encrusted with diamonds.


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Salt Mine of Northwich.

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