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Papworth is an essential volume in any heraldic research library. Unfortunately, this Google Book is an immense disappointment. You want the other version at instead.
For one thing, THIS item is only Volume 2, probably of 3 or 4. For another, its "Full text" version is a total mess. The first entry in that version reads:
On a CHIEF conL
Gonttet cont,
Chequy or and sa. on a chief arg. gonttes de sang.
Coi^sHiLL» Bjnamy Castle, and Tremoderet,
CO. Cornwall ; the heiress m. AnindelL
From the *entirely* readable PDF of the same page, that should be:
On a CHIEF cont.
Gouttes cont.
Chequy or and sa. on a chief arg. gouttes de sang.
COLESHILL, Bynamy Castle, and Tremoderet,
co. Cornwall; the heiress m. Arundell.
In the next two items, Chequy appears as Cbeqny and Cheqay respectively, and gouttes as gonttes twice.
The "Plain Text" accompanying the PDF gets the headings and first part correct, but totally massacres the rest:
On a CHIEF cent.
Gouttes eont.
Chequy or and sa. on a chief arg. gouttes de sang. CuLESHiLj,. Bynamy Castle, and Tremoderet, ou. Cornwall ; the heiress tu. Arundell. Colshiix, V. Coi.shyll, V*.
I don't know what technology was used to produce the "Full text" and "Plain text", but they obviously failed miserably.

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