DEEPLY: Too Much Too Late

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A. M Jaxon, Nov 30, 2018 - Fiction - 419 pages

DEEPLY: Too Much Too Late.

Sometimes no matter how hard you clean the slate, some stains stick.

The second book of the ‘Too Much’ Romance trilogy continues to explore Natasha Perry and Dr Sebastian Mancini’s deeply passionate attraction, which is as potent as it is combustible. Their desire for each other is like fire and gunpowder burning with an intense, incandescent flame that ultimately consumes its makers.

 Seb’s powerful father, Renzo, while respectful towards Natasha, makes it clear that she isn’t a fit for the family. The family’s intimidating chief advisor, Cole Hexum is undecided but willing to let the family interfere with the couple’s relationship. Setting in motion a journey that will test Seb and Natasha’s belief in each other and the strength of the bond between them.

 All the while there is a plot brewing against the Mancini’s to avenge Renzo’s less than noble deeds in establishing his empire. Natasha becomes firmly in the sites of several people wanting revenge on the Mancini family. Natasha is forced to make the hardest decision of her life to protect Seb and his family. Causing Seb and Cole to try and save her but is it all too much too late? 

About the author (2018)

About A.M. Jaxon,

Strong, smart women who endure the interesting twists of life are muses for A.M. Jaxon, who writes erotic literature highlighting the complex and fascinating aspects of human nature. Influenced by colorful characters and her experience in pharmacology and medicine, A.M. Jaxon explores sex, drugs and romance through novels and short stories from her home in Perth, Western Australia.

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