Nature, Volume 50

Front Cover
Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1894 - Electronic journals

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Page 42 - Engineer, being the art of directing the great sources of power in Nature for the use and convenience of man...
Page 47 - Admission to its sanctuary, and to the privileges and feelings of a votary, is only to be gained by one means, — sound and sufficient knowledge of mathematics, the great instrument of all exact inquiry, without which no man can ever make such advances in this or any other of the higher departments of science as can entitle him to form an independent opinion on any subject of discussion within their range.
Page 144 - PROCESSES, AND COLLATERAL INFORMATION IN THE ARTS, MANUFACTURES, PROFESSIONS, AND TRADES, INCLUDING MEDICINE, PHARMACY, AND DOMESTIC ECONOMY ; designed as a General Book of Reference for the Manufacturer, Tradesman, Amateur, and Heads of Families.
Page 71 - Key to North American Birds. Containing a concise account of every species of living and fossil bird at present known from the Continent north of the Mexican and United States Boundary...
Page 215 - DISEASES OF FIELD AND GARDEN CROPS, CHIEFLY SUCH AS ARE CAUSED BY FUNGI. By WORTHINGTON G. SMITH, FLS, MAI, Member of the Scientific Committee of the RHS With 143 Illustrations, drawn and engraved from Nature by the Author.
Page 49 - ELEMENTS OF THE COMPARATIVE ANATOMY OF VERTEBRATES. Adapted from the German of ROBERT WIEDERSHEIM, Professor of Anatomy, and Director of the Institute of Human and Comparative Anatomy in the University of Freiburg-in-Baden, by W.
Page 265 - ... objected to the doctrine of natural selection, that it was too like the Laputan method of making books, and that it did not sufficiently take into account a continually guiding and controlling intelligence. This seems to me a most valuable and instructive criticism.
Page 49 - Part II., comprising Book II. The Tissues of Chemical Action, with their Respective Mechanisms — Nutrition.
Page 89 - University granting the degree, and that they produce evidence of satisfactory progress in the special study or research undertaken by them during that period. (3) That a period of not less than five years shall have elapsed from the date of the graduation required in sub-section ( 1 ) of this section.

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