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Be just and fear not, 63. Boast not thyself, 225.
Bell, a sullen sounds, 53. Bodkin, with a bare, 6.
Bell strikes one, 208.

Bonaparte, allusion to, 188.
Belted Will, 197

Bondman's key with bated breath,
Bent, fool me to top of, 9.

Be thine despair, 155.

Bondsmen, hereditary, 171.
3e to her virtues kind, 205. Booby, who'd give her, 119.
3e true to thyself, 3.

Books, of making many, 227.
Better a dinner of herbs, 225. Books in running brooks, 34.
Better die ten thousand deaths, Book, that mine adversary had

written, 222.
Better to have lov'd and lost, 256. Born to blush unseen, 153.
Betwixt wind and his nobility, 49. Borrower nor lender be, 3.
Beware of desperate steps, 140. Borrowing, he that goes, 258.
Beware of entrance to a quarrel, Bourn, no traveller returns from,

3e wise to-day, 209.

Boxes, beggarly account of, 72.
Bezonian, under which king, 55. Boy, who would not be once
3id me discourse, 74.

more, 170.
Bilboa blade, 197.

Brains, to steal away, 14.
Birthright of mankind to die, 148. Brains when out, man would die,
Ziscay's sleepless bay, 168.

Blackberries, reasons as plenty, Brain, written troubles of, 41.

Brand pluck'd out of fire, 230.
Blasphemy, flat in soldier, 22. Brave deserves the fair, 109.
Bless'd he who ne'er was born, 206. Brave, how sleep the, 157.
Blessedness, single, 25.

Brave man struggling, 106.
Blood, freeze thy young, 3. Brave peers of England, 58.
Blood, licks the hand rais'd to Breach, once more unto, 56.
shed, 98.

Breastplate, what stronger, 58.
Blood serves to wash ambition's Breathes there the man, 197.
hands, 182.

Breeches' pocket, keep your hands
3lood, who sheddeth, 218.

out, 183.
Bloody with spurring, 46. Brevity the soul of wit, 4.
Bilow thou winter wind, 36. Briars, how full of, the world, 33.
Blushing honours thick upon him, Bright-eyed fancy, 154.

Bright honour from moon, 49.

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Bright particular star, 36. Calumny, thou shalt not escape,
Britannia needs no bulwarks, 161. 7.
Britannia, rule, 149.

Camel, a, ye swallow, 232,
Broadcloth without, 139.

Can such things be, 40.
Brother, a, to relieve, 89. Candle, a farthing, hold to sun,
Brother, we are both in wrong, 213.

Candle, how far throws its beams,
Brother's keeper, am I, 217.

Bruce of Bannockburn, 159. Carcase, wherever it is, 233.
Brussels, ball at, 172.

Card, we must speak by, II.
Brutus is honourable man, 66. Care to our coffin adds a nail, 249
Bubble reputation, 35.

Cap by night, stocking all the
Bubbles, the earth hath, 37.

day, 132.
Buckingham, Duke, death of, 102. | Cast thy bread on waters, 227.
Buckingham, Duke, description Casuists, learned, say, 180.
of, 111.

Catch the transient hour, 117.
Bug, like an industrious, 105. Cato, day big with fate of, 93.
Burke, lines on, by Goldsmith, Cato, heroic stoic, 182.

Cato's soliloquy, 94.
Burning, firebrand pluck'd out Caucasus, the frosty, 45.
of, 230.

Cerberus, you are not like, 203,
Butterfly, who breaks on wheel, Chain, a lengthening, 127.

Chair, a vacant, 259.

Character, I leave behind me,
CABIN'D, cribb’d, confin'd, 40. 204.
Cæsar, render unto, 232. Charge, Chester, charge, 195.
Cæsar with senate at his heels, Charity, a hand for, 54.

Charity, all mankind's concern,
Cake, eat, and have it, 254.

Cakes and ale, because thou art Charles XII. of Sweden, lines
virtuous, 20.

on, 117.
Caledonia, stern and wild, 198. Charlotte, Princess, lines on, 174.
Calf-skin, hang on those limbs, Charmer, dear, were other away,

Call you that backing your friends, Chatterton, the marvellous boy,

Calm, a holy, diffusing, 156. Cheated, pleasure of being, 145.


Cherub, a sweet little, 250.

Commentators each dark passage
Chest, contrived double debt to

shun, 213.
pay, 130.

Comparisons odorous, 25.
Chewing the food, 36.

Complies, he that, 146
Chickens count ere hatch'd, 146. Compound for sins, 143
Chiel's amang you, 89.

Conclusion, lame and impotent,
Child, a thankless, 69.

Child is father of the man, 126. Confusion worse confounded, 78.
Childhood's hour, from, 165. Conscience have vacation, 145.
Children, happy the man that Conscience makes cowards of us,
has, 223.

Children, like olive-plants, 223. Consideration like an angel, 55.
Children of the sun, 213.

Conspiracies should be executed,
China to Peru, survey mankind, 92.

Constable, outrun, 144.
Chisel, what fine, 47.

Consummation to be wished, 6.
Chivalry, age of, is gone, 255. Counsel, men's ear deaf to, 73.
Chivalry, last of bards who sang, Counsellors, in multitude of, 224.

Countenance more in sorrow, 2.
Choleric word in captain, 22. Country, best, is at home, 127.
Chronicle small beer, 13. Country, can die but once to
Chronicles, brief, of time, 5.

save, 93.
Churchyards, when, yawn, 9. Country, the undiscover'd, 6.
Citadel, winged sea-girt, 170. Courage, screw, to sticking place,
Civet, an ounce of, 69.

Clay, monumental, press'd with, Course of true love, 26.

Coventry, I'll not march through,
Cleopatra, description of, 72. 51.
Cloud, turn silver lining, 84. Cowards are cruel, 119.
Coach, go call a, 244.

Cowards die many times, 65.
Cock, the early village, 61. Coward, where, that would not
Coffin, care adds a nail to, 249. fight, 193.
Cold iron, who meddles with, Crabbe, nature's sternest painter,

Colossus, like a, 65.

Crabbed age and youth, 75.
Come live with me, 240.

Cradle, between it and grave,
Coming events, 160.


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Creature at his dirty work, 104. Day, whatit may bring forth, 225.
Creeds, shall I ask the soldier, Days, teach us to number, 222,

Death a necessary end, 66.
Critical, I'm nothing if not, 13.

Death, cold dull ear of, 152.
Cromwell damn'd to fame, 101. Death, dread of, 22.
Cromwell, some guiltless, 153.

Death, dusty, the way to, 42.
Cross, power of to save, 136.

Death grinn'd horrible, 77.
Crown, that rounds the temples, Death, heaven gives its favourites

early, 173.
Crutch, shoulder'd his, 130. Death, how many feel, 148.
Cry havock, 66.

Death, how wonderful, 252.
Cunning, let my hand forget, Death keeps his court, 46.

Death of princes, 65.
Cunningly devised fables, 238. Death, ruling passion strong in,
Cupid, all arm’d, 26.
Cup, inordinate, unblessed, 14. Death, sense of, in apprehension,
Cup, life's enchanted, 171.
Cups that cheer, 136.

Death, the poor bugbear, 202.
Curses not loud but deep, 41. Decay's effacing fingers, 184.
Custom in afternoon, 4.

Deed, a good, shines, 33.
Custom more honour'din breach, Degrees, fine by, 205.

Denizen, the world's tired, 170.
Cutpurse, qualifications of, 47. Denmark, something rotten in,
Cynosure of neighbouring eyes, 3.

Derby Dilly, 246.

Description, her person beggar'd,
DAGGERS, I will speak, 9.

Daisies, pied, 29.

Desert, use every man according
Dames of ancient days, 127.

to, 5.
Damien's bed of steel, 128.

Deserted at his utmost need, 109.
Damn with faint praise, 105.

Despair, be thine, 155.
Daniel come to judgment, 32. Despair, wan, 156.
Dan to Beersheba, 251.

Devil, a laughing, 186.
Darkness visible, 77.

Devil can cite scripture, 30.
Daughter, still harping on, 4. Devil, can he speak true, 37.
Day, burden and heat of, 232. Devil drives, he must go that, 36.
Day, darkest will pass away, 140. Devil, give his due, 49.

light, 195

Devil, he must have long spoon Dreams, pleasing, and slumbers

that eats with, 37.
Devil, power to assume, 5.

Dreams, such stuff as made on,
Devil take hindmost, 144.

Devil, tell truth and shame, 19 Drinking, unhappy brains for, 13.
Devil was sick, 254.

Drink to me only, 142.
Diana's foresters, 48.

Drum ecclesiastic, 143.
Dice were human bones, 188. Drum, the hoarse dull, 168.
Die, and go we know not where, Duncan, after life's fitful fever, 40.

Dunce that's been sent to roam,
Die, our honourat the height, 113. 136.
Dies, he that, pays all debts, 17. Dundee, for an hour of, 126.
Dim religious light, 82.

Dust return to earth, 227.
: Dinner-bell, tocsin of soul, 182. Dust, shake off, 233.

Discord, civil, dire effects of, 95. Dust thou art, 217.
Discretion, better part of valour,

EAGLE, like, in dovecote, 64.
Discretion, not outsport, 13.

Eagles be gathered together, 233.
Diseased nature breaks forth, 50. Ear, give every man, 2.
Diseases, desperate grown, 10.

Early to bed, early to rise, 257.
Dissension between hearts, 164.

Earth hath bubbles, 37.
I Distance lends enchantment, 158,

Earth, I'll put girdle round, 27.
Divinity hedges a king, 11.

Earth is the Lord's, 222.
Divinity in odd numbers, 19.

Eat, drink, and be merry, 234.
Divinity that shapes our ends, 12. Echo, I'd applaud thee to, 42.
Doctors, who shall deceive, 102. Education forms the mind, 102.
Doctrine, prove orthodox, 143. Eggs, amatory food, 178.
Do good by stealth, 107. Elder gun, perilous shot from, 56.
Dog, a living, 226.

Elijah's mantle, 158.
Dog turned again to vomit, 239. Elizabeth, Queen, fair vestal, 26.
Dog will have his day, 11. Elizabeth, Queen, no scandal
Douglas in his hall, 194.

about, 203.
Drama's laws, drama's patrons, Elysium, if on earth, 165.

Eminence, to that bad, 77.
Dreadful note of preparation, 56. Enchantment, distance lends,
Dream, a change came o'er, 188. 158.
Dream, exquisite music of, 163. End, the, crowns all, 48.

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