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Enemy, that men should put in Excess, wasteful and ridiculous,
their mouths, 14.

Enemy, thing devised by, 61. Eye for an eye, 218.
Engineer hoist with own petar, Eye to mark our coming, 176.

Eyes start from their spheres, 3.
England, if rest but true, 45. Eyes, whose subdued, 16.
England, never lie at foot of con-
queror, 45.

FABLES, cunningly devised, 238.
England, this precious stone, 45. Face, sweat of, 217.
England, with all thy faults, 135. Faint heart ne'er won fair lady,
Enterprise, life-blood of, 51.

Epitome, all mankind's, III. Fair Greece, though fallen, 170.
Equivocation will undo us, 11. Faith, for modes of, 99.
Erebus, dark as, 33.

Faithful among faithless, 79.
Erin, exile of, 161.

Fallen from high estate, 109.
Err, to, is human, 97.

Falsehood, a goodly outside, 30.
Erring sister's shame, 185. Falsehood and fraud shoot, 93.
Errors like straws, 110.

Falstaff's Catechism, 51.
Ethiopian change his skin, 228. Falstaff's death, 55.
Ethiop's ear, jewel in, 70. Fame, blush to find it, 107.
Eve, fairest of daughters, 78. Familiar, but not vulgar, 2.
Even, in our ashes live, 153. Familiar in their mouths, 57.
Evening, in sober livery, 79. Fan, I could brain him with, 49.
Events, coming, cast shadows, Fancies, men's unfirm, 20.

Fancy, bright eyed, 154
Ever thus from childhood's hours, Fancy, sweet and bitter, 36.

Fantastic tricks, man plays, 22.
Every inch a king, 69.

Farewell speech, Othello's, 15.
Everything by starts, III. Farewell to all my greatness, 62.
Eve's consenting star, 168. Fashion, glass of, 7.
Evil, be thou my good, 78. Fast bind, fast find, 31.
Evil communications, 236. Fate, to bear, is to conquer, 161.
Evil, lives after men, 66. Father, wise, that knows his child,
Evils, of two, least to be chosen, 31.

Faults, be blind to, 205, 206.
Excellent to have giant's strength, Faults, in other men, can spy, 120.

Faults, lie gently on him, 64


Favourite, has no friends, 155. First flower of the earth, 162.
Fear of the Lord, 224.

Fish, flesh, nor good red-herring,
Feast, beginning of, 51.

· Feast of reason, 107.

Flag, whose, has braved, 160.
Feather daunts the brave, 193. Flattering unction, 10.
Feather, his own, on fatal dart, Flattery, food of fools, 189.

Flattery, painted, 155.
Fee, despairing of, 120.

Flesh, within this wall of, 44.
Feeling, a fellow, 249.

Flock, he fed his, 119.
Feelings to mortals given, 199. Flock, none, but one dead lamb
Feet through faithless leather, 213.

is there, 259.
Fever, after life's fitful, 40. Flodden had been Bannockburn,
Few and far between, 100.

Fickleness of the mob, 200.

Flodden's fatal field, 195.
Fiction, truth stranger than, 183. Flower, born to blush unseen,
Fiddling, unhallowed sound of, 153.

Fluttering spread thy purple,
Field, with his back to, 160.

Fiery-red, with haste, 46. Fly to the desert, 165.
Fight again, those that fly, 146. Folly to be wise, 153.
Fights, he that, and runs away, Folly, shoot, as it flies, 98.

Food for powder, 51.
Fine by degrees, 205.

Fool, a, man suspects himself,
Fine frenzy, poet's eye, rolling in, 209.

Fool at forty, 212.
Finger, little, more goodness in, Fool, he who thinks by force, 246.

Fool of nature, 110.
Finger, slow unmoving, 16. Fools make feasts, 258.
Fire, a little, is trodden out, 59. Fools rush in, 97.
Fire, a little, kindleth, 238. Foot has music in't, 256.
Fire, can a man take, 224. Footprints on sands of time, 259.
Fire closest kept, 28.

For a' that, 91.
Fire, one, burns out another, 70. Forbear, find occasion to, 138.
Fire, uneffectual, 4.

Forefathers, rude, 152.
Fire, who can hold, in his hand, Forgetfulness, to, a prey, 153.

For modes of faith, 99.
Fires, two raging, meeting, 47. For this relief, 146.


For those fly, 146.

Full many a gem, 153.
Fortune, outrageous, 6.

Full of milk of human kindness,
Forum's champion, 174.

Fought his battles o'er again, Full of wise saws, 35.

Fun grew fast and furious, 87.
Frailty, thy name is woman, 1.
France, they order this better in, GALLED jade wince, 9.

Garrick, encomium on, 123.
Fray, latter end of, 51.

Garrick, Goldsmith's lines on,
Freedom shrieked, 159.

Frenchman, easy, debonair, 134. Gath, tell it not in, 219.
Friend, a hot, cooling, 67. Gather ye rosebuds, 260.
Friend, candid, save me from, Gay, epitaph on himself, 122.

Gay, Pope's epitaph on, 107.
Friend of every country, 246. Gem, first of sea, 162.
Friend of my soul, 165.

Gem of purest ray, 153.
Friends, call you that backing, Gently scan your brother man,

Friends, grapple them, 2. George the Third, when, was
Friends, in all distresses of, 190. king, 177.
Friends, on choice of, 120. Giant's strength, 22.
Friends, troops of, 41.

Gift, every good, 238.
Friendship but a name, 121, 131. Gift-horse, look, in mouth, 143.
Friendship, constant, save in love, Gift, I have found out, 85.

Gilead, is no balm in, 228.
Friendship, eternal, let us swear, Gilpin, long live he, 137.

Give a taste of your quality, 5.
Friendship more sacred by adver- Gladiator, dying, 174.
sity, 113.

Glass of fashion, 7.
Friendship springs from wine, Globe, the great, dissolves, 17.

Glory built on selfish principles,
Friendship, sweet'ner of life, 201. 134.
Friendship, who with knave has Glory, paths of, lead to grave,
made, 120.


From grave to gay, 101.

Glove, that I were, 71.
From hour to hour we ripe, 34. Glow-worm shows the matin, 4
From morn till night, 169. Gnat, ye strain at, 232.



of, 62.

Go and do likewise, 234. Gray hairs with sorrow to grave,
Go call a coach, 244.

God all mercy, a God unjust, Greatness, farewell to, 62.

Greatness, hard condition of, 57.
God and mammon, ye cannot Greatness, some are born to, 21.
serve, 231.

Greatness, thou touched the point
God at work on man, 213.
God, had I served, 63.

Great wits to madness allied, 111.
God helps them that help them- Greece, relic of departed worth,
selves, 257

God made the country, 135. Greece, the isles of, 180.
God, noblest work of, 100. Greeks, when Greeks join'd,
God save the king, 151, 244.

God tempers the wind, 251. Green-ey'd monster, the, 14.
God, ways of, to man, 98. Grief, smiling at, 21.
God, what he hath joined, 232. Grinn'd horrible, 77.
Gold, all is not, that glisters, Grows with his growth, 99.
31, 255, 259.

Grundy, Mrs., what will she say,
Gold, refined, to gild, 44.

Golden opinions, I've bought, Guardian angel o'er his life, 261.

Guests, unbidden, 57.
Goldsmith, epitaph on, 118. Guest, welcome the coming, 107.
Good digestion wait on appetite, Guide, philosopher, and friend,

Good fellows, best king of, 57. Guide, who were my, 185.
Good in everything, 34.

Guinea, shine like a, 180.
Good man, a, impious to be sad,

HABIT, costly, 3.
Good name in man, 14

Habitation, a local, 28.
Good wine needs no bush, 36. Hair, my flowing, time has thin.
Grace, attractive, formed for, 78.

ned, 257.
Grace in her steps, 79.

Hal, no more of that, 50.
Grandsire skilled in gestic lore, Halter, now fitted, 206.

Hamlet and the players, 7.
Grave, dig it thyself, 54. Hamlet's soliloquy, 6.
Grave, dread thing, 201. Hamlet's soliloquy on Yorick.
Grave to gay, 101.






Hampden, some village, 153. He that complies against his will,
Hang out our banners, 42.

Hand will be against every man, He that feeds the ravens, 34.

He that fights and runs away,
Handsome is that handsome does, 262.

He that is robbed, 15.
Happiness so swiftly flies, 153. He that runs may read, 137.
Hark! the lark, 68.

He was perfum'd like a milliner,
Harness on our back, 43.

Havock, and let the dogs of war, He who hath bent him o'er the

dead, 184.
Head and front of my offending, Hell, better to reign in, 76.

Hell, not mention, to ears polite,
Heads, hide their diminished, 78. 104.
Heart, a warm, within, 139. Hell paved with good intentions,
Heart, out of abundance of, 232. 117.
Heart, ruddy drops that warm, Hell, terrible as, 77.

Herbs, better is a dinner of,
Heart that has truly loved, 162. 225.
Heart, untravell’d, 127.

Hereditary bondsmen, 171.
Heaven and earth, more things Here I and sorrow sit, 43.

Here in cool grot, 86.
Heaven gives its favourites early Here lies our sovereign lord the
death, 173.

king, 261.
Heaven sends meat, 249.

Here's to the maiden, 204.
Heaven's last best gift, 79. Hesperus bringest all good things,
Hecuba, what's she to him, 5.

He dies and makes no sign, 58. Hip, I have thee on, 33.
He hath eaten me out of house, His house, his home, 167.

History, this strange eventful, 35.
He is well paid, 33.

Hit, a palpable, 12.
He jests at scars, 71.

Homer's lamp, 134.
He left name at which the world Honest man, close buttoned, 139.
grew pale, 117.

Honest man's the noblest work,
He may run that readeth, 230.
He must go that devil drives, Honesty, I am arm'd in, 67.

in, 4.

| Honey, gather, from weed, 138.


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