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m of purses
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king, 177
unt's strengti

5, every good
z-horse, lock

I have fel
ad, is no laini
zz, long livet
a taste of
stor, draga


Hampden, some village, 153. He that complies against his will,
Hang out our banners, 42.

Hand will be against every man, He that feeds the ravens, 34.

He that fights and runs away,
Handsome is that handsome does, 262.

He that is robbed, 15.
Happiness so swiftly flies, 153. He that runs may read, 137.
Hark! the lark, 68.

He was perfum'd like a milliner,
Harness on our back, 43.

Havock, and let the dogs of war, He who hath bent him o'er the

dead, 184.
Head and front of my offending, Hell, better to reign in, 76.

Hell, not mention, to ears polite,
Heads, hide their diminished, 78. 104.
Heart, a warm, within, 139. Hell paved with good intentions,
Heart, out of abundance of, 232. 117.
Heart, ruddy drops that warm, Hell, terrible as, 77.

Herbs, better is a dinner of,
Heart that has truly loved, 162. 225.
Heart, untravell’d, 127.

Hereditary bondsmen, 171.
Heaven and earth, more things Here I and sorrow sit, 43.

Here in cool grot, 86.
Heaven gives its favourites early Here lies our sovereign lord the
death, 173.

king, 261.
Heaven sends meat, 249.

Here's to the maiden, 204.
Heaven's last best gift, 79. Hesperus bringest all good things,
Hecuba, what's she to him, 5.

He dies and makes no sign, 58. Hip, I have thee on, 33.
He hath eaten me out of house, His house, his home, 167.

History, this strange eventful, 35.
He is well paid, 33.

Hit, a palpable, 12.
He jests at scars, 71.

Homer's lamp, 134.
He left name at which the world Honest man, close buttoned, 139.
grew pale, 117.

Honest man's the noblest work,
He may run that readeth, 230.
He must go that devil drives, Honesty, I am arm'd in, 67.

Honey, gather, from weed, 138.

in, 4.



Tere lies or so Iorse, my kingdom for, 61.
esperus bro lot, cold, moist, and dry, 78.
, I have the House, if divided, 233.
house, his be House, set it in order, 228.
Oly, this strug House, you take my, 33.
palpable, I Blousehold words, familiar as, If reasons were plenty as black.

Honours blushing thick upon him, | How happy could I be, 122.

How long halt ye, 220.
Honour but a bubble, 109.

How many saucy airs we meet,
Honour, Falstaff's catechism on,

, post of, a private station, Humbleness

, whispering, 31.

Hum, busy, of men, 81.
Hope bade the world farewell, Hum, the ceaseless, 147-

Humility, the pride that apes,
49 Hope brighten days to come, 241.

Hyperion's curls, 9.
dead, 14 [I ope deferred, 225.

Hyperion to a satyr, 1.
ope, leave light of, behind, 159.
Hope, sorrow not as others who I am fearfully made, 223.
have none, 236.

I am Sir Oracle, 30.
Il perelii ope springs in human breast, I awokeand found myself famous,

, temibile ope, the charmer, 158. I can call spirits, 50.
erbs, better Hope, the wretch relies on, 133. I care for nobody, 242.
Hope, true, is swift, 61.

I could a tale unfold, 3.
Cereditary buHope withering fled, 186. I could have better spar'd a better
Tere I and sour

Horse, a given, look in mouth, man, 52.

I dare do all that becomes a

man, 39.
, 261. Hospitable thoughts, intent on, Ice, turn sun to, 56.

Idea how to shoot, 147.

Idiot, tale told by, 43.
House, bloody, of life, 44. I'd rather be a dog, 67.

I'd rather be a kitten, 51.
If Atticus were he, 105.
If it were done, 38.

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Tere in cool grad

Tere's to the main

I's lamp, 14

ather, free

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I have thee on the hip, 33.

In the sweat of thy face, 217.
I know a bank, 27.

In the worst inn's worst room,
I know a trick, 49.
I lisped in numbers, 104. Invention, when it fails, 190.
Ill blows the wind, 59.

Iron enter'd into his soul, 239.
I'll make assurance double sure, Iron, shall rule with a rod of, 239:!

Iron tongue of midnight, 28.
Imagination's airy wing, 2 r2. I run before my horse, 60.
I'm cabin'd, cribb’d, confin'd, 40. I say the tale as 't was said to me,
Immodest words admit, 248. 196.
Immortality, longing after, 94. I shall not look on his like, 2.
Impeachment, I own the soft, Is it not lawful for me, 232.

Isocrates, old man, eloquent, 83.
Imperfections on my head, 4. Israel be a proverb, 220.
Imperial vot’ress, an, 27. Is thy face like thy mother's, 171.
Indian, lo the poor, 98.

Italian priest, none shall tithe,
In durance vile, 90.

Industry supports us all, 121. thank thee, Jew, 33.
I never loved a tree or flower, It is more blessed to give, 235.

I've often wish'd that I had clear,
Infant, when it gazes on a light, 189.

Infidel, a daring, 211.

JEALOUSY, beware of, 14.
Ingratitude, man's, 36.

Jest, a scornful, 117.
In Him we live and move, 235. Jest's prosperity, 29.
In hollow murmurs, 156. Jew, hath he not eyes, 31.
In maiden meditation, 27. Jew, I thank thee, 33.
In multitude of counsellors, 224. Jewel in Ethiop's ear, 70.
In my hot youth, 177.

Jove, front of, 9.
In my mind's eye, 2.

Jove laughsatlover's perjury, 112
Inn, the world's an, 112. Joy, domestic, glides, currento,
Inn, shall I not take my ease in,


Joy, there's not, the world can
Inn, warmest welcome in, 86. give, 187.
Insatiate archer, 209.

Joys, departed, 201.
In summer's heat and winter's Judge, a, that no king can cor

cold, 119.

rupt, 62.

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