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Life, my way of, 41.

Loan loses itself and friend, 3.
Life, nothing became him like Local habitation, a, 28.
leaving it, 38.

Lo! here the gentle lark, 75.
Life, pictured, of man, 148.

London's column, 103.
Life, sequester'd vale of, 153. Look, a longing, lingering, 153.
Life tedious as twice told tale, 44. Look before you leap, 145.
Life, third pass'd in sleep, Look on her face, 108.

Lord chasteneth whom he lovett.
Life to come, we'd jump, 38. 237.
Life, you take my, 33.

Lord of thy presence, and nc.
Life's a jest, 122.

land beside, 43.
Life's a short summer, 117.

Lord of useless thousands, 103.
Life's a walking shadow, 42. Lord, the, gave, 221.
Life's enchanted cup, 171.

Lords of human kind, 128.
Life's ended when honour ends, Lo, the poor Indian, 98.

Love, brief as woman's, 9.
Light, burning and shining, 235. Love endures no tie, 112.
Light, dim religious, 82.

Love, fire of, to quench, 28.
Lilies, consider them, 231.

Love framed with mirth, 157.
Lily, to paint, 44.

Love in idleness, 27.
Line, none he would blot, 253. Love is a boy, 145.
Line upon line, 228.

Love is blind, 31.
Lines fallen in pleasant places, Love is heaven, 196.

Love is strong as death, 227.
Linked sweetness, 81.

Love like a shadow flies, 19.
Lion among ladies, 27.

Love, loveliest when in tears,
Lion, dar'st thou beard, 194.

Lion, let me play the, 26. Love, none lost between us, 133.
Lion preys not on carcases, 213. Love passing that of women, 220.
Lion's hide, thou wear, 44.

Love rules the court, 196.
Lion's roar, have I not heard, 46. Love, seals of, 23.
Liquors, rebellious, 34.

Love, she never told her, 20.
Little more than kin, 1.

Love springs from only hate, 70
Little rule, a little sway, 252. Love, stony limits can't hold
Living dog, is better than, 226. out, 71.
Loaf, a cut, to steal a shive from, Love, tents with, or thrones

without, 165.


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Mantle, Elijah's, 158.

Men that are fat, 65.
Mantle has fallen, 159.

Men think all men mortal, 209.
Mantuan swan, 134.

Men's evil manners live in brass,
Many a little makes a meikle, 64.

Merchants, where they congre.
Many-coloured life, change of, gate, 30.

Mercury, a station like, 10.
Marcellus exil'd feels, 100. Mercy becomes great ones, 21.
Margin, a meadow of, 204. Mercy in every place, 138.
Mark how plain a tale, 50. Mercy, nobility's badge, 73.
Marmion, last words of, 195. Mercy, the quality of, 32.
Married to immortal verse, 81. Merits, be kind to, 206.
Marry, choose proper time to, Merits, on their own, 261.

Merrily shall I live now, 19.
Mars, an eye like, 10.

Merry as marriage bell, 172.
Master, go on, 34.

Metal more attractive, 9.
Master spirits of this age, 66. Methinks I see my father, 2.
Masters, we can't all be, 12. Midnight, iron tongue of, 28.
Mate, choose a proper, 140.

Milk of human kindness, 38.
May I be there to see, 137. Milliner, he was perfumed like,
Measures, not men, 133.

Meats, the sweetest, cloy, 205. Millions of spiritual creatures, 79.
Medes and Persians, laws of, Milton, Cowper's lines on, 134.
221, 229.

Milton, faith that he held, 126.
Melrose, if thou wouldst view, Milton, lines under portrait of,

Memory gild the past, 166. Milton, mute, inglorious, 153.
Mendez Pinto but type of thee, Milton, to give a, birth, 134.

Mind diseas'd, canst minister to,
Men, are you good and true, 24. 41.
Men, children of larger growth, Mind makes the body rich, 47.

Mine own romantic town, 193.
Men deceivers ever, 24.

Minerva's step, stalks with, 169.
Men, infamous, fond of fame, 124. Minions of the moon, 48.
Men, lords of the world, 37. Minist'ring angel, thou, 195.
· Men may live fools, 211. Mirror, hold, to nature, 8.
Men should be what they seem, 14. | Mirth, admit me of thy crew, 81.


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Mind makes the li
Mine on rome
Minerva's step,
Minions of the
Ministring angel
Mirror, hold, to
Mirth, admit më të

his, 49.

Nature, her paths are peace, 210. Night, the, cometh, 235.
Nature, her 'prentice han', 90. Night, witching time of, 9.
Nature, modesty of, o'erstep not, Niobe, all tears, 1.

Nobility, betwixt the wind and
Nature must be nature still, 189.
Nature, one touch of, 48. Nobility, leave us our old, 255.
Nature, on verge of her confine, Nods and becks and wreathed

smiles, 80.
Nature, subdued to what it works Noiseless tenor of their way,
in, 75.

Nature up to nature's God, 101. No Italian priest shall tithe, 44.
Nature's hand, fresh from, 128. No more of that, Hal, 50.
Nature's journeymen made men, None but brave deserves the

fair, 109.
Nature's laws hid in night, 107. No new thing under sun, 226.
Nazareth, can any good thing, Noon to dewy eve, 77.

No scandal about Queen Eliza-
Neat-handed Phillis, 81.

beth, 203.
Necessity, make virtue of, 29, Nostrils, stink come up to, 229.

Nothing extenuate, 16.
Necessity, the tyrant's plea, 79. Nothing in his lifBecame him,
Neither rich nor rare, 104.

Nettle, out of this, 49.

Not of an age, but for all time,
Never less alone than when alone, 141.

Not to know argues yourself un-
New customs, 62.

known, 79.
News, a tailor's, 44.

Now fitted the halter, 206.
News, bringer of unwelcome, 52. Now is winter of our discontent,
News, evil, rides post, 83.

News, ill, wing'd with fate, 113. Nursing her wrath, 87.
Newton felt only like a youth, 182.
Newton, epitaph intended for, O CALEDONIA, stern and wild,

New Zealand, some traveller O could I flow like thee, 252.
from, 258.

O for a falconer's voice, 71.
Night-cap deck'd his brows, 132. lame and impotent conclusion.
Night, sable goddess, 208.



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