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Mantle, Elijah's, 158.

Men that are fat, 65.
Mantle has fallen, 159.

Men think all men mortal, 209.
Mantuan swan, 134.

Men's evil manners live in brass,
Many a little makes a meikle, 64.

Merchants, where they congre.
Many-coloured life, change of, gate, 30.

Mercury, a station like, 10.
Marcellus exil'd feels, 100. Mercy becomes great ones, 21.
Margin, a meadow of, 204. Mercy in every place, 138.
Mark how plain a tale, 50. Mercy, nobility's badge, 73.
Marmion, last words of, 195. Mercy, the quality of, 32.
Married to immortal verse, 81. Merits, be kind to, 206.
Marry, choose proper time to, Merits, on their own, 261.

Merrily shall I live now, 19.
Mars, an eye like, 10.

Merry as marriage bell, 172.
Master, go on, 34.

Metal more attractive, 9.
Master spirits of this age, 66. Methinks I see my father, 2.
Masters, we can't all be, 12. Midnight, iron tongue of, 28.
Mate, choose a proper, 140.

Milk of human kindness, 38.
May I be there to see, 137. Milliner, he was perfumed like,
Measures, not men, 133.

Meats, the sweetest, cloy, 205. Millions of spiritual creatures, 79.
Medes and Persians, laws of, Milton, Cowper's lines on, 134.
221, 229.

Milton, faith that he held, 126.
Melrose, if thou wouldst view, Milton, lines under portrait of,

Memory gild the past, 166. Milton, mute, inglorious, 153.
Mendez Pinto but type of thee, Milton, to give a, birth, 134.

Mind diseas'd, canst minister to,
Men, are you good and true, 24. 41.
Men, children of larger growth, Mind makes the body rich, 47.

Mine own romantic town, 193.
Men deceivers ever, 24.

Minerva's step, stalks with, 169.
Men, infamous, fond of fame, 124. Minions of the moon, 48.
Men, lords of the world, 37. Minist'ring angel, thou, 195.
· Men may live fools, 211. Mirror, hold, to nature, 8.
Men should be what they seem, 14. Mirth, admit me of thy crew, 81.

urth can into folly glide, 200. Moving accidents, 12.
irth, with thee I mean to live, Much, to whom it is given, 234.

Multitude of sins, 238.
serable comforters, 221. Murder, justice overtakes, 113.
sery acquaints man with strange Murder, one made a villain, 215.
bed-fellows, 17.

Murder, rash war is, 149.
sfortune's book, one written in, Murder will speak, 5.

Murmurs, hollow, 156.
odesty of nature, o’erstep not, | Music, dear music, 163.

Music, food of love, 20.
narchs ill can rivals brook, 193. Music hath charms, 243.
onarch of all I survey, 138. Music, heavenly maid, 156.
narchs, could ye taste the Music, man that hath none, 33.
mirth, 168.

Mutual forbearance, 138.
narchs seldom sigh in vain, My bane and antidote, 95.

My banks they are furnished, 85.
-ney, put in purse, 13. My bosom's lord, 72.
ney, so much, as 't will bring, My custom in afternoon, 4.

My curse upon thy venom'd
ney, the love of, 237.

stang, 89.
on, if she unmask her beauty My love is like the red rose, 90.

My native land, good night, 168.
on made of green cheese, 253. My nature is subdued, 75.
on, to pluck honour from, 49. My way of life, 41.
ral, to paint a, 117.
re honoured in breach, 3. NAIAD, the guardian, 198.
re in sorrow than anger, 2. Name, a lost good, 120.
re is meant than meets the Name at which world grew pale,

re sinn'd against than sinning, Name, good, he that robs me of,

rtal coil, shuffled off, 6. Name, oh breathe not, 162.
rtal, he raised, to skies, 110. Name, unmusical, of Volscians,
St admired disorder, 40.

St musical, 82.

Name, what is in a, 71.
St unkindest cut of all, 66.

Nature almost lost in art, 157.
Eley's the only wear, 34.

Nature diseased, 50.

to, 2.

ear, 82.

his, 49.

fair, 109.

beth, 203.

Nature, her paths are peace, 210. Night, the, cometh, 235.
Nature, her 'prentice han', 90. Night, witching time of, 9.
Nature, modesty of, o'erstep not, Niobe, all tears, 1.

Nobility, betwixt the wind and
Nature must be nature still, 189.
Nature, one touch of, 48. Nobility, leave us our old, 255.
Nature, on verge of her confine, Nods and becks and wreathed

smiles, 80.
Nature, subdued to what it works Noiseless tenor of their way,
in, 75.

Nature up to nature's God, 101. No Italian priest shall tithe, 44.
Nature's hand, fresh from, 128. No more of that, Hal, 50.
Nature's journeymen made men, None but brave deserves the

Nature's laws hid in night, 107. No new thing under sun, 226.
Nazareth, can any good thing, Noon to dewy eve, 77.

No scandal about Queen Eliza.
Neat-handed Phillis, 81,
Necessity, make virtue of, 29, Nostrils, stink come up to, 229.

Nothing extenuate, 16.
Necessity, the tyrant's plea, 79. Nothing in his lif: Became him,
Neither rich nor rare, 104.

Nettle, out of this, 49.

Not of an age, but for all time,
Never less alone than when alone, 141.

Not to know argues yourself un-
New customs, 62.

known, 79.
News, a tailor's, 44.

Now fitted the halter, 206.
News, bringer of unwelcome, 52. Now is winter of our discontent,
News, evil, rides post, 83.

News, ill, wing'd with fate, 113. Nursing her wrath, 87.
Newton felt only like a youth, 182.
Newton, epitaph intended for, O CALEDONIA, stern and wild,

New Zealand, some traveller O could I flow like thee, 252.
from, 258.

O for a falconer's voice, 71.
Night-cap deck'd his brows, 132. O lame and impotent conclusion.
Night, sable goddess, 208.





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O love, what is it in this world, Olive plants, children like, 223.

Once more unto the breach, 56.
O many a shaft at random sent, One line, which, dying, 253.

One longing ling’ring look, 153.
O my prophetic soul, 4.

One murder made a villain, 215.
O shame, where is thy blush, 10. One, to destroy, is murder, 212.
O that I were a glove, 71.

One touch of nature, 48.
O that men should put an enemy, On their own merits, 261.

Opinion's but a fool, 74.
O wad some power, 89.

Orator, I am no, 66.
O, what a fall was there, 66. Order, Heaven's first law, 100.
O, who can hold a fire in his hand, Othello's farewell speech, 15.

Othello's occupation's gone, 15.
O, wonderful son, 9.

Out, brief candle, 42.
Obligation, I owed great, 207. Out of this nettle, danger, 49.
Observed of all observers, 7. Outrun the constable, 144.
Ocean, I have loved thee, 175. Oxen, who drives fat, 118.
Ocean to river of his thoughts, Oyster, the world's mine, 19.

Odours, as those who dote on, PAGEANT, insubstantial, 17.

Paid, he is, that is satisfied, 33.
Odours, shook thousand, 157. Pain, sad variety of, 148.
O'er a' the ills of life, 87. Pair, the kindest, 138.
Of all men else, I have avoided Pantaloon, lean and slipper'd, 35.
thee, 43.

Panting time toil'd after him, 115.
Offence, my, is rank, 9.

Parting is such sweet sorrow, 71.
Of manners gentle, 107.

Passing rich with forty pounds a-
Ofright and wrong he taught, 214. year, 129.
Oh, breathe not his name, 162. Passion, tear, to tatters, 7.
Oh love, young love, 171. Passion, the ruling, 102.
Oil, midnight, consumed, 119. Paths of glory lead to grave, 152.
Old age, what should accompany Patience on a monument, 21.

Patriot of the world alone, 246.
Old as I am, for love unfit, 110. Peace hath her victories, 83.
Old man, broken with storms of Peace, her paths are, 224.
state, 64.

Peace slays its ten thousands,
Old man eloquent, 83.


it, 41.



Peace, when there is no peace, Pity melts mind to love, 109.

Pity, soft eyed, 216.
Pearls, cast not, before swine, 231. Pity swells tide of love, 210
Pearls, he who would search for, Pity 'tis, 'tis true, 4.

Pity's akin to love, 242.
Peasantry, their country's pride, Plague o' both your houses, 72.

Player that frets and fumes, 42.
Pembroke, Countess, epitaph on, Play's the thing, 6.

Pleasantness, her ways are, 224.
Penny saved is two pence clear, Pleasure at the helm, 154.

Pleasure in being mad, 111.
Pensioner on bounties of an hour, Pleasure in pathless woods, 175.

Pleasure of being cheated, 145.
Perils, what, environ, 144. Pleasure, unmixed, 214.
Persians and Medes, laws of, Plough, following along moun.
221, 229.

tain's side, 125.
Petar, engineer hoist with, 10. Ploughshares, beat swords into,
Peter, by robbing, paid Paul, 254.

Phantom of delight, 125.

Poetic pains, pleasure in, 135.
Phillis, the neat handed, 81. Poetry, mincing, 51.
Philosophy, more things than are Poet's ear, flattery not lost on,
dreamt of in your, 4.

Physician, heal thyself, 233. Poet's eye in fine frenzy, 27.
Physic, throw, to dogs, 42. Poor, one changeless race, 185.
Picture, look on this, 9.

Porcelain clay of human kind,
Piedmont massacre, lines on, 84. 114.
Pierian spring, drink deep, 96. Porcupine, fretful, 4.
Pillars of the state, 58.

Potations pottle deep, 13.
Pin a day, a groat a year, 253, Poverty, give me neither, 226.

Poverty, not my will consents,
Pinion, nursed, which impelld 72.
the steel, 187.

Power of beauty, I remember,
Pitch, they that touch, 24, 231.
Pitiless pelting of storm, 69. Power, they should take who
Pity, he that hath, upon the poor,

have, 126.

Practised what he preached, 213.
Pity, like new-born babe, 38. Praise, faint, damn with, 105.


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