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Peace, when there is no peace, Pity melts mind to love, 109.

Pity, soft eyed, 216.
Pearls, cast not, before swine, 231. Pity swells tide of love, 210
Pearls, he who would search for, Pity 'tis, 't is true, 4.

Pity's akin to love, 242.
Peasantry, their country's pride, Plague o' both your houses, 72.

Player that frets and fumes, 42.
Pembroke, Countess, epitaph on, Play's the thing, 6.

Pleasantness, her ways are, 224.
Penny saved is two pence clear, Pleasure at the helm, 154

Pleasure in being mad, 111.
Pensioner on bounties of an hour, Pleasure in pathless woods, 175.

Pleasure of being cheated, 145.
Perils, what, environ, 144. Pleasure, unmixed, 214.
Persians and Medes, laws of, Plough, following along moun.
221, 229.

tain's side, 125.
Petar, engineer hoist with, 10. Ploughshares, beat swords into,
Peter, by robbing, paid Paul, 254.

Phantom of delight, 125. Poetic pains, pleasure in, 135.
Phillis, the neat handed, 81. Poetry, mincing, 51.
Philosophy, more things than are Poet's ear, flattery not lost on,
dreamt of in your, 4.

Physician, heal thyself, 233. Poet's eye in fine frenzy, 27.
Physic, throw, to dogs, 42. Poor, one changeless race, 185.
Picture, look on this, 9.

Porcelain clay of human kind,
Piedmont massacre, lines on, 84. 114.
Pierian spring, drink deep, 96. Porcupine, fretful, 4.
Pillars of the state, 58.

Potations pottle deep, 13.
Pin a day, a groat a year, 253, Poverty, give me neither, 226.

Poverty, not my will consents,
Pinion, nursed, which impelld 72.
the steel, 187.

Power of beauty, I remember,
Pitch, they that touch, 24, 231. IIO.
Pitiless pelting of storm, 69. Power, they should take who
Pity, he that hath, upon the poor,

have, 126.

Practised what he preached, 213.
Pity, like new-born babe, 38. Praise, faint, damn with, 105.

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Reason's whole pleasure, 100.

Roderick Dhu, I am, 199.
Rebellious liquors, 34.

Rod, spare the, 145.
Reckoning, the, comes, 122. Roman, noblest of them all, 67.
Reed, a bruised, 228.

Romans, last of all the, 67.
Relief, for this, i.

Room, ample and verge enough,
Religion ! what pleasure untold, 154.

Roscius, what scene of death to
Remember thy Creator, 227. act, 59.
Remembrance dear, of what's Rose by any other name, 71.
lost, 37

Rose, who can view the ripen'd,
Remnants of good old time, 194. 172.
Remote, unfriended, 127. Roses, the scent of, 163.
Render unto Cæsar, 232. Rosebuds, gather ye, 260.
Repose, the rapture of, 184. Rub, there's the, 6.
Reputation, the bubble, 35. Rude forefathers of hamlet, 152.
Revelry, there was sound of, Ruin, the beauteous, lay, 210.

Rule Britannia, 149.
Revenge, shall not a Jew, 32. Rule, sovereign, in a good man's
Revenge, sweet is, 176.

hand, 148.
Revenge, with whom, is virtue, Rule, the good old, 126.

Ruling passion, be it what it will,
Revenges, time brings in, 21.
Reynolds, Goldsmith's lines on, Ruling passion strong in death,

Rhime nor reason, 260.

Run a muck at all I meet, 106.
Richard III., acting edition of, Rupert of debate, 255.

Riches point to misery, 73.

SABBATH made for man, 233.
Rich, not gaudy habit, 3. Sack, this intolerable deal of, 50.
Rides in the whirlwind, 95, 106. Sadder and wiser man, 242.
Rienzi, last of Romans, 174. Saint, I seem, when most I play
Right, divine, of kings, 106. the devil, 60.
Righteous not forsaken, 222. Sally in our alley, authorship of,
Rivers arise, 84.

Roar as gently as a dove, 26. Saragoza, maid of, 169.
Robb’d, he that is, 15.

Satan tempts by making rich,
Robin Hood, a famous man, 125. 104


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