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I 20.

Praise from Sir Hubert Stanley, | Prosperity, a jest's, 29.

Prosperity, the bond of love, 47.
Praise, love of, 212.

Providence in fall of sparrow, 12.
Praising what is lost, 37. Pudding, solid, 105.
Prayer all his business, 261. Pulpit, drum ecclesiastic, 143.
Prayer, house, wherever, 251. Pulse keeps time, 10.
Preacher's modest mansion, 129. Pure, all things are pure to, 237.
Precepts in thy memory, charac- Purse, he who steals, 14.
ter, 2.

Pyramids, virtue outbuilds, 211.
Pre-eminence of man, 37.
Preparation, dreadful note of, 56. QUALITY, give us a taste of, 5.
Pride and pomp of glorious war, Quarrel, beware of entrance to, 2.

Quarrel, is a very pretty one,
Pride goeth before destruction, 203.

Quarrels, head full of, 71.
Pride in their port, 128.

Quarrels, those who interpose in,
Pride that apes humility, 241.
Pride, vice of fools, 96.

Queen Mab, 70.
Primrose by river's brim, 126. Questionable shape, thou com'st
Princes and lords but breath of
kings, 88.

Quickly, 't were well 't were done,
Princes and lords may flourish,

Quietus, himself might make, 6.
Prince's favours, how wretched Quills upon fretful porcupine, 4.

he that hangs on, 63. Quit yourselves like men, 219.
Princes, put not trust in, 224. Quiver, his, full of them, 223.
Print, in nameless, 180.
Print, pleasant to see one's name Race not to swift, 226.
in, 186.

Rack, leave not, behind, 18.
Prior, epitaph on himself, 206. Rake, every woman is, 102.
Privilege of being independent, Ravens, he that feeds, 34.

Razors, a fellow in a market
Prize, too light, winning of, 17.

town, 249.
Procrastination, thief of time, Read, he that runs may, 137, 230.

Reap, as you sow, 145.
Prophet hath no honour, 234. Reason, a woman's, 28.
Prose run mad, 104.

Reason, feast of, 107.

in, 3.


Reason's whole pleasure, 100. Roderick Dhu, I am, 199.
Rebellious liquors, 34.

Rod, spare the, 145.
Reckoning, the, comes, 122. Roman, noblest of them all, 67.
Reed, a bruised, 228.

Romans, last of all the, 67.
Relief, for this, 1.

Room, ample and verge enough,
Religion ! what pleasure untold, 154.

Roscius, what scene of death to
Remember thy Creator, 227. act, 59.
Remembrance dear, of what's Rose by any other name, 71.
lost, 37.

Rose, who can view the ripen'd,
Remnants of good old time, 194. 172.
Remote, unfriended, 127. Roses, the scent of, 163.
Render unto Cæsar, 232. Rosebuds, gather ye, 260.
Repose, the rapture of, 184. Rub, there's the, 6.
Reputation, the bubble, 35. Rude forefathers of hamlet, 152.
Revelry, there was sound of, Ruin, the beauteous, lay, 210.

Rule Britannia, 149.
Revenge, shall not a Jew, 32. Rule, sovereign, in a good man's
Revenge, sweet is, 176.

hand, 148.
Revenge, with whom, is virtue, Rule, the good old, 126.

Ruling passion, be it what it will,
Revenges, time brings in, 21.

Reynolds, Goldsmith's lines on, Ruling passion strong in death,

Rhime nor reason, 260.

Run a muck at all I meet, 106.
Richard III., acting edition of, Rupert of debate, 255.

Riches point to misery, 73.

SABBATH made for man, 233.
Rich, not gaudy habit, 3. Sack, this intolerable deal of, 50.
Rides in the whirlwind, 95, 106. Sadder and wiser man, 242.
Rienzi, last of Romans, 174. Saint, I seem, when most I play
Right, divine, of kings, 106. the devil, 60.
Righteous not forsaken, 222. Sally in our alley, authorship of,
Rivers arise, 84.

Roar as gently as a dove, 26. Saragoza, maid of, 169.
Robb’d, he that is, 15.

Satan tempts by making rich,
Robin Hood, a famous man, 125. 104




Satire's my weapon, 106. Seven ages, Shakspere's, 35.
Satyr, Hyperion to, 1.

Shadow, love flies like, 19.
Saul and Jonathan were lovely, Shaft at random sent, 200.

Shaft flew thrice, 209.
Savage, when wild in woods, III. Shakspere, fancy's child, 81.
Scars, he jests at, 71.

Shakspere's monument, errone-
Scholar, a ripe and good one, 64. ous inscription on, 18.
Scholar's life, what ills assail, Shakspere, what needs my, 84.

Shakspere, Jonson's lines on, 141.
School-boy, the whining, 35. Shakspere not of an age, 141.
School-boy, whistling to keep his Shall I not take mine ease, 51.
courage up, 201.

Shame, an erring sister's, 185.
Scorn, to point finger at, 16. Shame, where's thy blush, 10.
Scorpions, I will chastise with, Shamrock, the green immortal,

Scotland, stands it where it did, Shaving, a daily plague, 183.

She walks the waters like a
Screw your courage to sticking thing of life, 185.
place, 39.

Ships are but boards, 30.
Scribbler, who shames, 104. Ships that have gone down at
Scripture, devil can cite, 30.

sea, 164.
Search the Scriptures, 235. Shoot folly as it flies, 98.
Season, when a convenient, 235. Shore, thy wild and willow'd,
Sea, they that go down to, 223. 196.
Seeking the bubble reputation, Short and simple annals of the

poor, 152.
Self-murder, our island's shame, Shoulder'd his crutch, 130.

Shreds and patches, a king of,
Sentence, he mouths, as curs, 123. IO.
Sermons in stones, 34.

Shrewsbury clock, fought an hour
Serpent, the trail of, 164.

by, 52.
Serpent'stooth, how sharper than, Shrine of the mighty, 184.

Sigh no more ladies, 24.
Serpent train, hide in flowers, Sigh, waft from Indus, 108.

Single blessedness, 25.
Servants, bad, wound their mas- Sins they are inclined to, 143.
ter's fame, 121.

Sire, the stern ire of, 180.




Slander, sharper than sword, 68. Sorrows come in battalions, 11.
Slave's broken chain, 140.

So shines a good deed, 33.
Sleep dwell on thine eyes, 71.

Soul, harrow up, 3.
Sleep, Henry IV. on, 53. Souls, all were forfeit once, 21.
Sleep, nature's restorer, 208.

Souls made of fire, 213.
Sleep, nature's soft nurse, 53.

Sounds, sweet, concord of, 33.
Sleep of death, in that, 6, So wise, so young, ne'er live long,
Sleep that knows not breaking, 60.

Sow, wrong, by the ear, 146.
Sleep, the weary to, 161. Spare the rod, 145.
Sleep, third of life passed in, 183. Sparrow, providence in fall of,
Sleeping, those who watch o'er I 2.
what they love, 179.

Sparta hath many a worthier son,
Slow rises worth, 118.
Smell, ancient and fish-like, 17. Spirits from vasty deep, 50.
Smell, villanous, 19.

Spirits melted into air, 17.
Smooth runs the water, 58. Spoon, he must have a long one,
Snake, like a wounded, 96.

Snake, we have scotch'd, 39, Stable door, shut, when steed
Snapper up of trifles, 47.

stolen, 254.
Socrates, take my chance of bliss Stand not on order of going, 41.
with, 165.

Stands Scotland where it did, 41.
Soldier, bearded like the pard, Star, bright, particular, 36.

Stars, gentler, whom they unite,
Soldier fit to stand by Cæsar, 13. 147.
Soldier rest, 198.

Stars hide their diminished heads,
Solid pudding, 105.

Solitude, this is, 170.

Stars, two, keep not their motion,
Solomon in all his glory, 231. 52.
Something is rotten in the state, State, I have done some service,

Some village Hampden, 153. Still harping on my daughter, 4.
Sorrow, more in, than anger, 2. Still linger in our northern clime,
Sorrow never comes but brings 194
an heir, 74.

Still small voice, 220.
Sorrow not as others who have Stolen waters sweet, 224.
no hope, 236.

Stone, this precious England, 45.

Stone walls do not a prison make, Sweetness, linked, 81.

Sweetness, waste, on desert air,
Stones, continual dropping wears 153.
away, 257.

Swift, the race is not to, 226.
Storm, pitiless pelting of, 69. Swine, cast not pearls before,
Story! God bless you, 245.

Strange eventful history, 35.
Strangers, forget not to entertain, Take the goods the gods pro-

vide, 110.
Strong on strongest side, 43.

Take those lips away, 23.
Strong without rage, 252. Tale, an honest, speeds best, 61.
Strumpet's plague to beguile, 16. Tale, a twice-told, 44.
Studious to please, 118.

Tale, an old and often told, 192.
Study, a weariness of flesh, 227. Tale, an unvarnish’d, 12.
Sublime tobacco, 183.

Tale, how plain a, 50.
Success, 'tis not in mortals to Tale, I could unfold, 3.
command, 93.

Tale, I say't as 't was said to me,
Such dusky grandeur clothed the 196.
height, 193.

Tale, thereby hangs a, 34.
Sufferance is the badge, 30.

Tale, to adorn a, 117.
Sufficient unto the day, 231.

Tale told by an idiot, 43.
Suicide, Britain infamous for, Talents angel-bright, 211.

Teach the young idea, 147.
Suit lightly won, 193.

Tear, a pious father's, 199.
Sun, a world without, 159.

Tears become the manly cheek,
Sun, nothing new under, 226. 149.
Superfluous lags the veteran, 117. Tears, like Niobe, 1.
Suspicion haunts the guilty mind, Tears such as angels weep, 77.

Tears, they that sow in, 223.
Sweet are uses of adversity, 34. Tedious as twice-told tale, 44.
Sweet be thy cradled slumbers, Tell it not in Gath, 219.

Tell me where is fancy bred, 32.
Sweet is revenge, 176.

Tell, the patriot, 159.
Sweet Swan of Avon, 141. Tell truth and shame the devil,
Sweet to know there is an eye, 50, 190.

Tenor of his way, 215.
Sweets of forgetfulness, 247. Tenor of their way, 153.


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