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Slander, sharper than sword, 68. Sorrows come in battalions, 11.
Slave's broken chain, 140,

So shines a good deed, 33.
Sleep dwell on thine eyes, 71. Soul, harrow up, 3.
Sleep, Henry IV. on, 53. Souls, all were forfeit once, 21.
Sleep, nature's restorer, 208. Souls made of fire, 213.
Sleep, nature's soft nurse, 53. Sounds, sweet, concord of, 33.
Sleep of death, in that, 6. So wise, so young, ne'er live long,
Sleep that knows not breaking, 60.

Sow, wrong, by the ear, 146.
Sleep, the weary to, 161. Spare the rod, 145.
Sleep, third of life passed in, 183. Sparrow, providence in fall of,
Sleeping, those who watch o'er 12.
what they love, 179.

Sparta hath many a worthier son,
Slow rises worth, 118.

Smell, ancient and fish-like, 17. Spirits from vasty deep, 50.
Smell, villanous, 19.

Spirits melted into air, 17.
Smooth runs the water, 58. Spoon, he must have a long one,
Snake, like a wounded, 96.

Snake, we have scotch'd, 39, Stable door, shut, when steed
Snapper up of trifles, 47.

stolen, 254.
Socrates, take my chance of bliss Stand not on order of going, 41.
with, 165.

Stands Scotland where it did, 41.
Soldier, bearded like the pard, Star, bright, particular, 36.

Stars, gentler, whom they unite,
Soldier fit to stand by Cæsar, 13. 147.
Soldier rest, 198.

Stars hide their diminished heads,
Solid pudding, 105.

Solitude, this is, 170.

Stars, two, keep not their motion,
Solomon in all his glory, 231. 52.
Something is rotten in the state, State, I have done some service,

Some village Hampden, 153. Still harping on my daughter, 4
Sorrow, more in, than anger, 2. Still linger in our northern clime,
Sorrow never comes but brings 194.
an heir, 74.

Still small voice, 220.
Sorrow not as others who have Stolen waters sweet, 224.
no hope, 236.

Stone, this precious England, 45-


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Terrors, the king of, 221. Thou com'st in questionable
Teviot, sweet, 196.

shape, 3.
Thais, the lovely, 110.

Thought, a sudden, strikes me,
Thanks to the gods, 93.

Thanks, for this relief, 1. Thoughts that breathe, 154.
Theban, this learned, 69. Thousands, to murder, 212.
The end crowns all, 48.

Thou strong on strongest side,
The good die first, 126.

The Lord gave, 221.

Thou wert my guide, 101.
Then rose from sea to sky, 177. Three poets in three distant ages,
Thereby hangs a tale, 34.

There is another and better world, Three removes bad as a fire, 258.

Thrice he routed all his foes, 109.
There is a rapture on the lonely | Thrice is he arm’d, 58.
shore, 175.

Through nature up to nature's
There is a tide, 67.

God, 101.
There's a sweet little cherub, Throw physic to dogs, 42.

Thus far into bowels of land, 61.
There's nothing half so sweet in Thy wish was father to thought,
life, 163.

There the wicked cease from Tide in affairs of men, 67.
troubling, 221.

Time, brief chronicles of, 5.
There was a sound of revelry, Time flies, death urges, 210.

Time has thinn'd my flowing
These but the trappings, I.

hair, 257
They have sown the wind, 229. Time, like fashionable host, 48.
They laugh that win, 16.

Time throw a dart, 142.
Thief fears each bush, 59. Time, we take no note of,
Things ill got have bad success, 208.

Tired nature's sweet restorer, 208.
Think of that, Master Brook, 19. | 'Tis an old tale and often told,
This is solitude, 170.

This precious stone, 45.

'Tis distance lends, 158.
This was a man, 67.

'Tis not in mortals always to be
Though last, not least in love, 66.

blest, 214.
Those that fly may fight again, / 'Tis pleasant to see one's name

in print, 186.

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sung, I98.

Unstable as water, 218.

Virtue, make a necessity of, 29,
Unused to melting mood, 17. 112, 254.
Unwept, unhonour'd, and un Virtue makes our bliss below, 101.

Virtue makes the bliss, 156.
Use breeds habit, 29.

Virtue outbuilds the pyramids,
Use every man after his desert, 5. 211.
Usurper, the meek, 155.

Virtue, peace is all thy own, 100.

Virtue's path, keep, before you,
VALLOMBROSA, thick as leaves in, 149.

Virtues plead like angels, 38.
Valour, better part of, 52. Virtue's side, his failings leaned
Valour in vain doth bleed, 83. to, 130.
Valour, my, is oozing out, 203. Vision, baseless fabric of, 17.
Vanity, all is, 226.

Vocation, man to labour in, 49.
Vanquished, he could argue still, Voice, I will aggravate it so, 26.

Voice, soft and gentle, 70.
Vase in which roses, 163. Volscian's ears, unmusical to, 64.
Vaulting ambition, 39.

Votaress, the imperial, 27.
Very like a whale, 9.
Vestal, a fair, 26.

Waft a sigh from Indus, 108.
Vestal's blameless lot, 108. Wagers used by fools for argu-
Veteran, lags, superfluous, 117. ment, 144.
Vice clings to the tott'ring walls, Wall, the weakest goes to, 70.

Warble his native wond-notes
Vice is a monster, 99.

wild, 81.
Vices made instruments to scourge | War is a game, 136.
us, 70.

War its thousands slays, 216.
Village preacher's modest man- | War, rash, fruitless, 149.
sion, 129.

War to the knife, 169.
Vindicate the ways of God, 98. Warrior, like a, taking his rest,
Vine and fig-tree, every man sit 242.
under, 230.

Watch dog's bark, 'tis sweet to
Violet, to throw perfume on, 44. hear, 176.
Violets, a bank of, 20.

Watch dog's voice that bayed the
Virtue alone is happiness, ior. wind, 129.
Virtue, assume a, 10.

Watchman, what of the night, 228.
Virtue in distress, 114.

Ways of God to men, justify, 76.

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