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Wind sits in your sail, 2.

Woman at heart a rake, 102.
Wind, sits it in that quarter, 24. Woman, ever, in this humour
Wind, the cold, 67.

wooed, 60.
Wind, they have sown, 229. Woman, frailty thy name is, 1.
Wind, thou winter, 36.

Woman, he that lays hand on,
Wind, what blew you hither, 55. 240.
Wine, good, needs no bush, 36. Woman, hell has no fury like one
Wine, invisible spirit of, 13. scorned, 244.
Wine maketh glad, 222.

Woman, lovely woman, 250.
Wine, use a little, 237.

Woman, pique her and soothe,
Wings, shook odours from, 157. 170.
Wings, with healing in, 230. Woman, soft voice in, 70.
Winning, too light, 17.

Woman, take an elder than her-
Winter of our discontent, 59. self, 20.
Wisdom, apply our hearts to, Woman tastes no truer joy, 149.

Woman that deliberates is lost, 93.
Wisdom cries in streets, 48. Woman, therefore may be woo'd,
Wisdom crieth without, 224.

Wise father that knows his child, Woman, therefore may be won,

Wise saws, full of, 35.

Woman, till she smiled, 159.
Wish, father to thought, 54. Woman, when she stoops to folly,
Wit, brevity is soul of, 4.

Wit, cause of, in others, 53. Woman will, or won't, 247.
Wits, great, allied to madness, Woman, won with the tongue,

Wit is out when age is in, 25. Woman's duty to her husband,
Wits, this encounter of, 60.

Witching time of night, 9. Woman's honour her safest guard,
Withers, ours are unwrung, 9. 241.
Without thorn, the rose, 214. Woman's lip, 'tis not so sweet
Wives may be merry and yet

as, 165.
honest, 19.

Woman's love, 176.
Woe, luxury of, 166.

Woman's love, brief as, 9.
Woe, suits of, 1.

Woman's mood, fantastic as, 200.
Woe to thee, O land, 227. Woman's tongue, do you tell me
Woman, a ministering angel, 195. of, 46.


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