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Some of the Extracts which follow, scarcely co under the denomination of « Familiar Quotation strictly speaking ; as illustrating this may be nam some of the passages from Byron and Scott, “R Britannia” from Thomson, and lines from “ A L Song in the Modern Taste," by Swift. These select pieces, however, are, it is believed, all of a salie character, and are frequently alluded to in the course polite conversation and literary discussion. In Quotations from Shakspere, the aim has been to gi merely the familiar passage, but in some instances, as, example, the advice of Polonius to his son, in “ Hamle Portia's celebrated speech on mercy in the “ Mercha of Venice,” and some others, so many phrases in ever day use occur that it has been deemed advisable to gi the extract at length. It has been objected, indee that the Quotations from Shakspere have not been giv more lengthily, but as this volume does not profess be a collection of the beauties of the authors who works are quoted, but merely embraces those portions daily use, it has not been thought necessary to gi lengthy passages, except in the occasional cases mention In a companion volume to this,* the Compiler has deavoured to meet the objection alluded to.

*“ Choice Thoughts from Shakspere.” London, WH taker and Co.


and lines from A LOVE
by Swift. These selected
believed, all of a salient
alluded to in the course

rary discussion. In the
the aim has been to
it in some instances, as, for
is to his son, in “ Hamlet,"

mercy in the Merchant so many phrases in every. ,

deemed advisable to give as been objected, indeed, spere have not been given ume does not profess to s of the authors whose mbraces those portions in bught necessary to give casional cases mentioned. * the Compiler has enalluded to.

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