Medicinal Plants: Conservation, Cultivation and Utilization

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Daya Publishing House, 2007 - Botany, Medical - 434 pages
Local health traditions cannot be revitalized without ensuring the health of their medicinal plants resources base. For along term and sustainable utilization programme for medicinal plants, it is imperative that medicinal plants are not only domesticated and put under cutlivation, but also conserved in the wild. This book is first of its kind thereby adding a new dimension to the cultivation, conservation and utilisation of medicinal plants. According to current estimates about three fourth of the herbal drugs produced in India are used for curing human ailments. Based on different researchers, strategies on conservation, cultivation and utilization on medicinal plants, the book profiles over 100 s of such type of plants, which have been reported by different scientists, researchers, academicians and scholars of the country. The book highlights the current status of important medicinal plants of India and also has some interesting and vital tips. The book will be useful for research institutions, agencies, NGOs, scientists, academicians, importers and exporters, growers, suppliers, medicinal garden owners and all those working in the allied fields. Contents Chapter 1: Traditional Health Care in a Remote Area of District Chamoli (Garhwal), Uttaranchal: What Could Do With? by Hemlata, Chandra P Kuniyal and Y P S Pangtey; Chapter 2: Medicinal Plants of India: Need for Their Preservation by Maya Ram Uniyal; Chapter 3: Angiospermous Seeds of Medicinal Importance in Gujarat State by Premendra Singh, S Sisodia and Jinesh Shah; Chapter 4: Management of Viral Diseases of Ashwagandha by L P Awasthi, R V Singh, Pardeep Kumar and Shyam Singh; Chapter 5: Ayurvedic Garden: A Novel Concept in Society for Education and Popularization of Medicinally Important Plants by Niraj N Upadhyay, Mitesh B Panchal and Vishal K Muliya; Chapter 6: Isolation of Larvicidal Ingredient from the Leaves of Catharanthus roseus for Mosquito Control by M F Alam, A K Chopra and V K Dua; Chapter 7: Phenological Study of Naturalised Medicinal Herbs of Agra by Manjari Kumari and A K Singh; Chapter 8: An Ethnomedicinal plants in Melghat of Amravati District: A Need for Conservation by U S Patil; Chapter 9: Variability Measurement in Three Wild Collections of Solanum nigrum L Complex by Manisha Dhasmana and R K S Rathore; Chapter 10: Antibacterial Activity of Mixtures of Essential Oils by R C Dubey and Anika Rana; Chapter 11: Herbs, Health and Environment; Chapter 12: Ecological Studies on Medicinal Plants of Neeru Watershed, (J&K) by Harish Chander Dutt; Chapter 13: Assessment of Influence of SO2 Pollution on Biochemical and Antioxidant Defense System of Medicinal Plant (Azadiracta indica): A Case Study by D R Khanna and Neetu Saxena; Chapter 14: Distribution Patterns of Coccinellids and Their Role in Biological Control of Mustard Aphids by Pushpa Singh and Sachin Srivastava; Chapter 15: Pharmaceutical Products and Anti-microbial Activity of Bryophytes: Uses of Green Brain by Kajal Srivastava and Shivom Singh; Chapter 16: Effect of Alcoholic Extract of Three Adiantum Species of Ferns Formulation for Stamina in Male and Female Albino Mice Subjected to Forced Swim Stress by D K Bhatia and R K Pande; Chapter 17: Phytochemical, Antifungal and Antibacterial Studies of Premna cordifolia (Stem) by J S Jangwan, N K Agarwal and J S Kathait; Chapter 18: Phytochemical Examination of Pittosporum nepaulense and its Effect on Microorganism as an Antibacterial Agent by J S Kathait, Veena Joshi, N K Agarwal and J S Jangwan; Chapter 19: Isolation of Active Chemical Constituents and Study of Active Anticancer Alkaloid from the Root Extract of Pongamia pinnata (Vent) by Pawan Kumar Sagar; Chapter 20: Antibacterial Activity of Medicinal Plants Against Dental Infections by Prabhat and Navneet; Chapter 21: Conservation of Some Useful Medicinal Plants of Haridwar District in Uttaranchal State by Anil Kumar Dhiman; Chapter 22: Medicinal Plant Diversity in Pindari Glacier Area of Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve (NDBR), Uttaranchal by Laxmi Rawat, H B Vashista, Deepak Kholiya and S K Kamboj; Chapter 23: Effect of Three Different Boiling Times for Extraction of Aqueous Extract of Peepal Leaf on Growth of Myrothecium roridum Tode ex Fr by Vishal K Muliya and Arun Arya; Chapter 24: Rare Medicinal Plants as Used in the Folklore of Garhwal Himalaya by P P Badoni, A K Dobriyal, P K Bahuguna, H K Joshi and (Late) G S Negi; Chapter 25: Antifeedant Activity of Neem (Azadiracta indica A Juss) on Spilosoma obliqua Walker by Dinesh Kumar Bhardwaj, M P Tyagi and Ashish Panwar; Chapter 26: Modern Dosage Forms in Ayurveda: A Study from Aryabhishak by Vishal K Muliya; Chapter 27: Development of a Database for Identification of Powdered Crude Drugs by S P Bhatnagar and V Kaushi; Chapter 28: Ethnomedicinal Flora of West Nimar (Khargone) District, M P, India by S K Pathak and Sunita Pathak; Chapter 29: Makoi (solaum nigrum) and Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa): Effective Herbal Drug in Liver and Kidney Disorders by D R Khanna, Pradeep Sharma and Pramod Kumar; Chapter 30: Isolation of New Isoflavonoids from Bowdichia virgiliodes by C P Singh, Ashuthosh Sharma, C Shekhar and Alok Gupta; Chapter 31: Ayurvedic Quick Remedies by Arun Chugh; Chapter 32: Approach to Cure Tamak Shwas (Asthma) by Panchkarma by Arun Chugh; Chapter 33: Status of Medicinal Plants Found in a Montane Forest of Garhwal Himalaya by Asha Dobhal, Pramod Kumar, G S Rajwar and Manisha Dobhal; Chapter 34: Biodiversity of Cultivated Fruits Plants in Jaunpur Development Block of District Tehri Garhwal, Uttaranchal by Pramod Kumar, Suman Bisht and Asha Dobhal; Chapter 35: Physico-chemical Screening of Abutilon indicum Roots by Shri Krishna, Amit Kumar and Navneet; Chapter 36: Comparative Growth Pattern in Nine Cultures of Ash Gourd by Miti Rani and R K S Rathore; Chapter 37: Medicinal Plants of Rigveda by Deepika Chauhan, Navneet and Prabhat; Chapter 38: Utilization and Conservation of Medicinal Plants by Sudha Dubey and Jyotsana Bhoraskar; Chapter 39: Antimicrobial Properties of Herbal Tooth Powders by Sanjay, Navneet, Murali Manohar and Prabhat; Chapter 40: Conservation Practices and Utilization Strategies of Medicinal Plants in Bhandara District of Vidarbha Region by Deepak D Ramteke, Nitin Dongarwar, S B Zade and C J Khune; Chapter 41: Industrial Utilization and Promotion of Medicinal Plants in India by Shikha Singhal and Amit Agarwal; Chapter 42: Biodeterioration of Aonla (Embica officinalis) and Their Products by Anjma Bhanti, Manisha, Divya Goyal and Seema Bhadauria; Chapter 43: Studies on In vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oil of the Nardostachys jatamansi and Zanthoxyllum armatum by Anupama Gautam, Shailu Dalal and G R S Bisht; Chapter 44: Clinical Evaluation of the Effect of Centella asiatica on Cerebral Higher Functions by Uttam Kumar Sharma, Ajay Kumar Sharma and C M Sharma; Chapter 45: Green Tea and Benefits by Shailu Dalal and Anupama Gautam; Chapter 46: Medicinal Plant Conservation by Rekha Sharma; Chapter 47: Antibacterial Activity of Polar Fraction of Callistemon lanceolatus and Callistemon viminalis by Harish Chandra, Arun Pratap Singh, Jatin Kumar Srivastava, Gyanendra Awasthi and Ajay Singh; Chapter 48: Optimization of Procedure for Dyeing of Cotton and Wool Fibres with Bark of Juglans regia as Natural Dyes by S C Sati, J S Jagwan and Manisha Dobhal; Chapter 49: Optimization of Procedure for Dyeing of Wool, Cotton and Silk Fibres by S C Sati, Manisha Dobhal and J S Jagwan; Chapter 50: Medicinal Plant: Utilization and Conservation by Sudha Dubey; Chapter 51: Demographic Dispersion of Weed Flora of Rice, Maize and Wheat in Doon Valley of Uttaranchal by Arun Gupta, S P Joshi, Pramod Uniyal and Asha Dobhal; Chapter 52: A Survey of Wound Healing Plants Used by the Tribal People of Khargone District of Madhya Pradesh by S K Mahajan, Virendra Mandloi and Amit Raghuwanshi; Chapter 53: Angiospermic Diversity, Conservation and Documentation of Some Interesting and Rare Angiospermis of West Nimar District of M P by S K Mahajan, C L Dulkar, M M Keshare and Chelna Sawale; Chapter 54: Healthy Heart by Ayurvedic Herbs by V K Pandey and Reens Pandey; Chapter 55: An Approach to Cure Paralysis and Arthiritis Using Sida conrdifolia by Panchakarma by Harish Chauhan, D R Khanna and R Bhutiani.

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