Bulletin of the American Geographical Society, Volume 36

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Page 657 - Geography is that part of mixed mathematics which explains the state of the Earth and of its parts, depending on quantity, viz. its figure, place, magnitude, and motion with the celestial appearances, etc. By some it is taken in too limited a sense, for a bare description of the several countries ; and by others too extensively, who along with such a description would have their political constitution.
Page 121 - Society has adopted for the transliteration of Russian words and names the scheme now in use at the Royal Library and the University in Berlin A few items, as Tyrrell's "The Geology of the Klondyke Region," under the subdivision "Alaska und Aleuten," might more properly have been placed under " Britisch Nord-Amerika." The Grand Duchy of Finland. By the Author of "A Visit to the Russians in Central Asia.
Page 629 - MEYERS Grosses Konversations-Lexikon (6te. Auflage). Band VII. Leipzig u. Wien, Bibliographisches Institut, 1904. 8°. HESS, HANS. — Die Gletscher. [Illustrations and maps.] Braunschweig, Fr. Vieweg u. Sohn, 1904. 8vo. LEYPOLDT, AH, Editor. — Publishers' Trade List Annual, 1904. Supplementary Index. New York, Office of the Publishers' Weekly, 1904. 8vo. MICHAELIS, H. — New Dictionary of the Portuguese and English Languages . . . Based on a MS. of Julius Cornet. Leipzig, FA Brockhaus, 1893....
Page 374 - A new American Atlas, containing Maps of the several States of the North American Union, projected and drawn on a uniform Scale, from Documents found in the Public Offices of the United States and State Governments, and other original and authentic Information.
Page 660 - ... alone among animals is capable of reacting on his environment and deliberately modifying the conditions which control him. I have said before, and I repeat now, that the glory of geography as a science, the fascination of geography as a study, and the value of geography in practical affairs, arise from the recognition of this unifying influence of surface relief in controlling, though in the higher developments rather by suggestion than dictation, the incidence of every mobile distribution on...
Page 465 - ... map in the Report of Charles M. Pepper, United States and Pan-American Railway Commissioner, showing the proposed route of the PanAmerican Railway, and the routes of the branch roads which will connect the trunk line with many important points to the east and west of it. The Report, dated March izth, 1904, gives the results of the Commissioner's visit in 1903 to all the Latin republics on the North American mainland, and to the republics of Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, and...
Page 416 - They were a human hand, three big toes, four eyes, two ears, and other portions of the human frame. The hand was fresh, the others only so so, and shrivelled.
Page 305 - Little emphasis is laid on the commonly recognized subdivisions of the science, such as dynamic geology ', stratigraphic geology, physiographic geology, etc. The treatment proceeds rather from the point of view that the science is a unit, that its one theme is the history of the earth, and that the discussions of dynamic geology, physiographic geology, etc., apart from their historical...
Page 38 - Presidency may take prompt action toward introducing the titles and abstracts in the general program to be published at the beginning of the Congress. The time required for presenting communications should be stated ; otherwise twelve minutes will be allotted. It is anticipated that not more than twenty minutes can be allotted for any communication unless the Presidency decide to extend the time by reason of the general interest or importance of the subject. Titles and abstracts of communications...
Page 653 - The Eighth International Geographic Congress, realizing that the only untouched fields for geographical discovery are the regions immediately surrounding the poles of the earth, desires to place on record its sense of the importance of forthwith completing the systematic exploration of the polar areas.

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