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No. XII.


24 Januarij 1484-5.-The action and cause perfeuit be Elene Wallace, the fpous of fum tyme Patric Lord Halis, agane Patric now Lord Halis, anent certane gudis clamyt be hir for the thrid of hir faid husbandis gudis, is contiuewit, &c. And becaus the faid Lord Halis allegis he bocht the gudis that he intromittet with, &c.

(Acta Dominorum Concilii, p. 98*.)

A precept of a charter maid to Patrik Hepburne fone to Alifoun Foreft, and til his airis, of all and fundry the landis of the half of the barony of Litil Kettilftone, with the principale manfion and maner of the famyn, with its pertinentis, liand within the Sherifdome of Linlithgow, and of xxviij fchilling worth of the landis of the Plane, with the pertinentis liand in the barony of the Plane within the Sherifdome of Striueling, The quhilkis landis of the half of the barony of Littil Kettilftone with the principale mansion, `tc., wer Henry For❜teris of Pettyntofkane and Agnes Foreft his fpous in coniunct feftment heretably, And refignit be thare lauchful procuratouris in oure Souerane Lordis handis At Edinburgh, tc. And the quhilkis xxviijs worth of the landis of the Plane, wer the faid Henryis heretably, And refignit be his lauchfull procuratoris in our faid Souerane Lordis handis, At Edinburgh, tc. And gevin be the Kingis Hienes to the faid Patrik and his airis lauchfully to be gottin of his body, quhilkis failzeand to Alexander Hepburn his broder and his airis lauchfully to be gottin of his body/ quhilkis failzeand to Johne Hepburne brother to the faid Patrik and Alexander, and his airis lauchfully to be gottin of his body/ quhilkis falezeand to Adam Hepburne thare broder and his airis lauchfully to be gottin

of his body/ quhilkis falezeand to George Hepburne thare broder and til his airis lauchfully to be gottin of his body/ quhilkis al brether and personis forefaid falezeand to Alexander Hepburne of Quhitfum and his airis quhatfumeuer, &c. De data At Edinburgh the xvij day of Junij the zer of God ve 3o Et Regni Regis xvj°. Per Signet.

(Registrum Secreti Sigilli, fol. 11.)

Quarto Maij Anno [M.] V°. ix°.-Comperit Adam Erle Boithuile and grantit him out wt the age that requirit to haf a tutour and neuirtheles becaus he is nocht zit of perfite age of xxj zere, he defirit the faid Lordis to geif to him venerable faderis in God John Prioure of Sanctandrois, George Abbot of Arbroith, and Adam Hepburne of Cragis curatouris to him ad lites et negotia in forma Juris, The quhilk defire the faid Lordis thocht reffonable, and therfor gaif to him the faidis venerable Faderis and Adam conjunctlie and feueralie curatouris in forme forfaidt interponit thair decrete thairuppon, and caufit thame to be fuorne in jugement to the detfull execution of the faid office.

(Acta Dominorum Concilii, vol. xx. 1508, 1509, fol. 183.)

xxvij Julij [1509].-Mafter James Hepburne forefpekar for Master [Sir?] Adam Hepburne, in a case respecting the feruice of a brief.

[The fame day].-Anent the Summondis maid at the inftance of our Souerane Lord and Adame Hepburne of Cragis, curatour to Adame Erle Boithuile, 't affigney to umquhile Patrik Erle Boithuile, quhom God affoilzie, to the malys and profyttis of the landis of Kirkurde quhill the entre of the air thairto, Agane Johne of Douglas and Patrik Donald, pretendit Sherif deputis, &c.

(Acta, &c. ib., fol, 244.)

A LETTER of licence in dowbill forme maid to Adame Erle Boithuile to

analy his landis of Walestone `t Elgifrigill wt thair pertinentis liand within the Sherifdome of Lanark, in all or in part, in the common forme, tc. At Edin'. the xxvij day October the zer of God M.vt ix zeris, t of the Kingis regne the xxij zere. Delib'at' Ade Hepburne de Cragis.

Subfcript. pr Do". Regem. (Regiftrum Secreti Sigilli, f. 87.)

Decimo feptimo Septembris [1524].—Anent the Supplicatioune gevin in in the name and behalf of Patrik Hepburne Master Halis, aganis Maister Patrik Hepburne, that quhare he is lauchfull tutour to his brodir fone Patrik Erle Bothuile, and has raifit ane breif of tutorie quhilk is proclamit to be feruit in Hadingtoun apoune Monunday the xix day of September inftant, neuirtheless the faid Maifter Patrik, as he is informit, has... [Here the page ends, and the next leaf of the Register is lost.]

(Acta Dominorum Concilii, vol. xxxiv. 1523–1524.)

1542-3, 14 Februar.-Actioun betuix the Abbot of Newbottle and the Maifter of Haillis, quha allegit the Abbot had exonerat, &c.; and that the faid discharge, under the Abbottis feall and fubfcriptioun manual, being in his place of Bowtoun quhen it was brunt, The faid discharge was brunt, and perished thair, with many uther writtis, as he offered to prove, &c. The Lordis gave him ane time to prove the fame per predictos testes.

(Acta Dominorum Conciili.)

ASSEDATION by John Archbishop of St Andrews to Dame Agnes Sinclair, Lady Morham, of the teynd fchevis of the landis of Nether Haillis, Trapren, Half Houstoun, and Gurley Bank, being pairt of the patrimony of our Archbifchopryk of Sanct Androis, during the space of xix years, for the fum of 800 merkis, deburfit to ws in our urgent neceffitie in these trublous tymis, beginning at the term of Lambes, 1st of August 1563.

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(Register of Charters of the Church-Lands, &c. of the Archbishoprick of St Andrews, fol. 54.)

OURE Souerane Lord Ordainis ane charter of confirmatioun to be maid vnder the Grite Seill in the mair forme Confirmand tc. The charter of alienatioun and venditioun therin contenit, maid be umqle Patrik Hepburne Lord Haillis to umqle Patrik Hepburne his fone, and his airis maill lauchfullie to be gottin of his body, quhilkis failzeing to George Hepburne, his brother-german, and his airis maill lauchfullie to be gottin of his body, quhilkis failzeing to his nerreft and lauchfull airis quhatsumever, Of all and sundrie the landis of Benestoun, extending to twa husband landis, w* ane pece land callit the reid abbayes croft, with tennandis tennandriis feruice of fre tennentis of the fame, and all thair pertinentis lyand in the toun and territorie of Benestoun barronie of Hailis, w'in the fefdome of Ed and conftabularie of Hadingtoun, To be haldin of the faid umqle Lord and his airis in fee and heretage and fre blanche for ane penney, Together with the inftrument of Seifing gevin to the faid umqle Patrik conforme thairto, And all vtheris pointis artis etc. Saulffand etc. At Dalkeyth, the penult day of April 1586.


(Regifter of Signatouris, &c., vol. ix.)

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