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T. 16.

2 We in ev'ry nation

4 Asham'd of Jesus ! of my Lord, Will boldly confess him,

By all heav'n's glorious hosts ador'd! Make known his salvation,

No, I will make my boast of thee, Yea serve him and bless him, In time and in eternity. And him adore--for evermore. 5 And when I stand before thy throne, 3 Our Lord contradiction

Me 'fore thy heav'nly Father own; Of sinners endured ;

Then shall the holy angels ste
Him, 'midst all affliction,

Thee, Jesus, not asham'd of me!
We follow, assured
That we at last-with him shall rest.

T. 54
THE suftrings of this life's short day
Can't be compar'd with that display

Of glory, which God's heirs shall prove, CROSS, reproach and tribulation,

When they who Jesus truly love Ye to me are welcome guests,

Shall shine above. When I have this consolation,

2 Therefore we'll follow willingly That my soul in Jesus rests.

Our Saviour in adversity; 2 The reproach of Christ is glorious, Then, after having suffer'd here, Those who here his burden bear

We shall in heav'n his glory share, In the end shall prove victorious,

Beyond compare. And eternal glory share. 3 Christ, our ever-blessed Saviour,

446.* T. 58. Bore for us reproach and shame, To follow Jesus, is his people's aim, Now as conqu’ror lives for ever, Where'er they go, thro' honor or thro' And we conquer in his name.

shame, 4. Bear then the reproach of Jesus,

They themselves thrice happy esteem, Ye who live a life of faith;

if favor'd Sing ye joyful songs and praises, In his reproach to share, which is still Ev'n in martyrdom and death.


With inward joy 5 Bonds, and stripes, and tribulation,

447.* T. 164. Are our honorable crowns; Shame is our glorification,

How great at last my joy will be,

If I have faithful proved Gloomy dungeons are as thrones.

To Christ, and ʼmidst adversity

Till my last breath him loved.
T. 22.

They who reproach here bear,

In heav'n a crown shall wear ; JESUS, and shall it ever be,

Who follow Christ are truly blest, A sinful' worm asham'd of thee? Forbid it Lord! thee I confess,

For they with him shall ever rest. Before both friends and enemies.


T. 159. 2 Asham'd of Jesus ! of my God, We covenant with hand and heart, Who purchas'd me with his own blood!

To follow Christ our Lord; Of him who to retrieve my


With world, and sin, and self to part, · Despis'd the shame, endur'd the cross!

And to obey his word : 3 Asham'd of Jesus! of that Friend To love each other heartily, On whom my heav'nly hopes depend! In truth and in sincerity, It must not bembe this my shame, And under cross, reproach and shame, That I not more revere his name! To glorify his name.

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XXV. OfGrowth in Self-knowledge, and Sighing for Grace. T. 22.

Who to deliver me,

Suffer'd in my stead,
My soul before thee prostrate lies, In a tomb, was laid,
To thee, its Source, my spirit flies; And rose from the dead.
O turn to me thy cheering face,
I'm poor, enrich me with thy grace.

2 Could even all the love

In heav'nly hosts above, 2 Deeply convinc'd of sin I cry, And in the church below, In thy death, Saviour, let me die; At once united prove, O may the world, may

self and pride And in one bosom glow; In me henceforth be crucify'd. Jesus' love outweighs;

Yea his boundless grace 3 Take full possession of my heart,

Is beyond all praise.
To me thy lowly mind impart,
Break nature's bonds, and let me see, 3 Love is his nature still,
He whom thou free'st, indeed is free. In me he will fulfil
4.My heart in thee, and in thy ways

His precious thoughts of peace,

If I am to his will
Delights, yet from thy presence strays;
O keep, I pray, my wav'ring mind

Resign'd in ev'ry case;

Let him do what's best,
Stay'd upon thee, to thee resign'd.

Then, supremely blest,
5 I know, that nought in me avails, I enjoy true rest.
Here all my strength and wisdom fails;
Who bids a sinful heart be clean ? 4 O my Immanuel,
Thou only, Saviour of lost men! My wounded spirit heal,

I humbly seek thy face;
6 Still will I wait, O Lord, on thee,
Till, in thy light, the light I see;

Yea pungent sorrow feel,

That I've abus'd thy grace.
Till thou in my behalf appear, Jesus, pardon me,
To banish ev'ry doubt and fear.

May I henceforth be, 7 All my own schemes, each self Faithful unto thee. design,

5 O Lord, thy grace impart, I to thy better will resign; Impress this deeply on my breast,

Refresh and cheer my heart,
That I in thee am truly blest.

Thy pard'ning love display,
For thou


Saviour art;
8 Then ev’n in storms|I thee shall know To me, poor sinner, say:
My sure Support, and Refuge too, Thy reproach is mine,
In ev'ry trial I shall prove

All my merit's thine,
Assuredly, that God is Love.


my peace divine."
6 I know, that thro' thy grace

Thou wilt, my guilt erase,
450. T. 121.

And banish all my fear;

Wilt grant to me thy peace, FOR grace I weep and pant,

And me with patience bear. 'Tis mercy that I want;

On me grace bestow, How wretched should I be, Jesus thee to know, Did I not Jesus know !

Amen, be it so!

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T. 141.

12 Lord, thy body's Saviour, I AM a poor sinner,

Comfort us anew,

Ah, regard our weeping,
This I surely know;
And if my dear Saviour

Thy compassion show;

Pardon our transgressions, Did not love me so,

Hear our fervent cry, That my soul, his purchase,

And our souls and bodies He can ne'er forsake,

Heal and sanctify. He ere now had taken His grace from me back,

3 All our days, O Jesus,

Hallow unto thee, 2 Grace, and a sensation Of my sinfulness,

May out conversation

To thy honor be;
Keep on each occasion
In me equal pace;

Let us all experience,

To the end of days, While I own ashamed, « I deserved wrath!”

Thy reviving presence

'Midst thy chosen face. I rejoice, reclaimed From sin's pow'r, by faith,


T. 30. . 3 Jesus, when thy blessings

O MY God, I come oppress'd witlisado Fill my needy heart,

ness, Fear and anxious doubtings Then from me depart;

Fillmytroubled soul with joy & gladness

In thy salvation; I in thy atonement

No where else I find true consolation. My election trace, And rejoice astonish'd

2 Faithfully thy Spirit me directed, At my lot of grace. .

But his warning I have oft neglected; Witness true and faithful,

Most gracious Saviour, Christ, the church's Head,

Pardon and restore me to thy favor. All is Yea and Amen

3 I confess, O Lord, with deep conThou hast promised;

trition, As I am, so take me

My unfaithfulness, hear my petition ; With my worst and best ;

Comfort and bless me, Ever thine preserve me

With thy gracious presence now rem Till with thee I rest. 5 Now what thou art doing 4 O baptize me with thy fire & spirit, I with joy will view,

Grant me from the fulness of thy merit For thy tender mercies

True heart's compunction, Are each morning new;

Prim'tive love, simplicity and unction. And thou wilt thy promise, Lord, fulfil to me,

5 Give me grace to walk with circum. That 'midst all my weakness,

spection, I thy joy shall be.

Keep me from the world's and sin's

T. 141.

That my behavior
JESUS' love unbounded

May adorn thy doctrine, gracious SaNone can e'er explain ;

viour. Yet, alas, how often

454.* Do we cause him pain! Even such still grieve him,

O WHAT would be my condition, As enjoy his grace,

Did not Jesus stand my

Friend! And, to him devoted,

But his faithful love and mercy, should show forth his praise. Keep me from all danger screen'd.

fresh me.

T. 16.

2 Doth how,e'er in my frail nature

Then I true happiness
Something stir that is not good,

And joy in him possess,
And might to my soul prove hurtful, My eyes with tears flow over

Straight I turn to Jesus' blood, For heart-felt thankfulness. 3 Straight to Jesus'wounds and bruises,

457.* T.22. With believing confidence; Thus I always can find shelter

WHILE here on earth we nud our race, From sin's baneful influence. We Jesus' love and kindness trace;

Our faults are more than we can tell, 4 Lamb of God, display the virtue Of thy sanctifying blood,

Yet did his mercy never fạil. Overstream with life and blessing, 2 When we like wand'ring sheep had

Us poor sinners 'fore thee bow'd; stray'd, 5 Sinners, in ourselves unworthy

His boundless goodness he display'd ; Of the smallest crumb of grace,

He sought us, worthless as we are, But who dare of boundless

And took us in his tender care,

mercy Boast, to our Redeemer's praise. 3 Asham'd we own our great defect,

And did not Jesus us protect,
T. 4.

We should be oft depress'd with fears, We know that we're poor,

While traversing this vale of tears. And sinful all o'er, In us there's no good,–O cleanse us, True comfort to the needy heart:

4 But Jesus' blood and death impart dear Saviour, in thy precious blood. Those who still weak and feeble are, 2 How wondrous thy love

He kindly in his arms will bear.
And mercy do prove,
This plainly our faith-Discerns hy

458. thy agony, passion and death.

AT thy feet :/: 3 Lord Jesus, receive

At thy pierced feet I lie; The thanks we can give;

Saviour, mark my heart's contrition, Othat to thy praise, Each blood-drop Listen to each broken sigh; within us were hallow'd always ! Ah!, refuse not the petition

Of a sinner conscious he's unclean, We all at thy throne Now humbly fall down;

Full of sin ! :il: Praise tothee,our God, Be brought by 2 Make me clean, ill: us, sinners,redeem'd with thy blood. My whole nature purify,

Cleanse me in that precious fountain, 456.* T. 244. Which by faith I open'd see, WHEN I am conscious truly Standing on the blissful mountain, Of my great sinfulness,

Where thou bar'st my sin, my guilt And that so very slowly

and shame, Towards the mark I press; Slaughter'd Lamb ! :/ Nought then can comfort me,

3 Look on me, : /l: But Jesus' mercy free,

See each painful wound and sore,
And that he bore with patience

Thou compassionate Physician,
the tree.

Speak the word, my sickness cure, 2 Yea, when I see in spirit

Wrest me from the sad condition, My Saviour shed his blood, Into which transgression brought my That I might life inherit,

squl ; And everlasting good;

Make me whole. :ll:

T. 119.

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My sins

4 Bid me live, :Il:

10 Chastise me when I do amiss, Bid a dying sinner live,

O might no thought arise
Raise, o raise my drooping spirit; Which is displeasing unto thee;
Then to thee myself I'll give,

Of grace send fresh supplies.
And, until I heav'n inherit,
Ev'ry moment in thy service spend,

11 Impress thy wounds upon my heart, Faithful Friend ! ::

And all thy bitter pain;
Abide in me for evermore,

And constant vict'ry gain.

ners slain

love me,

T. 14.

460. T. 58. O JESUS, Jesus, my good Lord, O LAMB of God, who wast for sin

How wondrous is thy love, Thy patience, pity, tenderness, That they might pardon, life and bliss

Which I each moment prove ! obtain, 2 I once was wholly dead in sin,

Give me to experience thy great sal

vation, And ignorant of thee, And liv'd contentedly therein, And in my heart O fix thy habitation

For evermore. Nor knew thy love to me. 3 But thine all-seeing eye then view'd, 2 Thou know'st my inmost soul, I've And mark'd my ev'ry way,

nought to boast, Me still in tender love pursu'd

And without theeshould be for ever lost; Who oft from thee did stray.

When I am neglectful thou

prove me, 4. Yet O! how faithless is my mind,

Yet I am well assur'd that thou dost How apt to turn aside,

For thou forgiv'st. And wander in its own deceits Of reas'ning and of pride!

3 How glad am I that thou so gracious

art, 5 How doth the old corruption strive that thou dost bless my sinful, worthAnd fight to reign again!

less heart There's surely not a heart like mine,

And canst with such patience bear my So wretched, dark and vain. ,

behavior, 6 Thou Friend of sinners, love me still, wert thou not exactly such a Saviour The poorest and the worst;

What should I do! Where sin abounded, well I know, Thy grace aboundeth most.

T, 151. 7 Yet let me not thy grace abuse, COME, faithful Shepherd, bind me And sin because thou'rt good:

With cords of love to thee! But let thy love fill me with shame,

And evermore remind me That I so long withstood.

That thou hast dy'd for me ; ; 8 On me, my King, exert thy pow's, O may thy holy Spirit - Make old things pass away;

Set this before mine

eyes, Create all new, draw me to thee, That I thy death and merit Still nearer ev'ry day.

Above all else may prize.
9 Thou know'st which way to rectify 2 I am of my salvation
Each stubborn ill within,

Assured, thro’thy love;
How to subdue my ev'ry thought, Yet ah, on each occasion
And conquer
all that's sin.

Might I more faithful prove!


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