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5 "Whate'er is carnal, thro' thy grace
In me be mortify'd;
Thus clothed in thy righteousness
I shall in thee abide."

485.* T. 185.

HE who striveth for sanctification,
And is unrenew'd in heart,
Feeling yet a secret condemnation,

Since with sin he still takes part;
He who hath not yet in Christ believed,
Pardon in his blood and peace received;
Hath not found that holiness
Which adorns a child of grace.
2 But how happy is the soul that cleaveth
To the Friend of sinners poor;
And with humble confidence believeth
My diseases he can cure;"
Such a one, tho' e'er so vile by nature,
Tho' throughout a spoil'd and wretch-
ed creature,
Mourning on account of sin,
Is by Jesus' blood made clean.

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486. T. 151.

WHO, thro' Christ's blood, remission
Of all his sins hath gain'd,
And without intermission
With Jesus hath remain'd;
To true sanctification

Attains thro' Jesus' grace,
And in his conversation

Shows forth his matchless praise.
2 Our pleasure and our duty,
Tho' opposite before,
Since we have seen his beauty
Are join'd to part no more;
It is our highest pleasure,
No less than duty's call,
To love him beyond measure,
And serve him with our all.

487. T. 166.

THOU, Jesus! more than thirty years
In deep humiliation
Hast liv'd on earth, thy pray'rs and tears
Have purchas'd our salvation;

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488*. T. 185.

WITH new life endow'd by Christ our Saviour,

Might we to this world be dead; That great prize to gain be our endeavor, Purchas'd when for us he bled; Filled with his love, may we adore him, Thinking,speaking,acting,as before him Being to his gracious mind Ever willingly resign'd.

2 May we all be ever so disposed In our hearts, by day and night, As when this life's period being closed,

We to him shall take our flight; Oras when, releas'd from condemnation; We receiv'd the seal of our salvation, And obtained, thro' his blood, Happiness and peace with God!

489. T. 126.

DRAW nigh to Christ, your Brother,
Let no distrust take place;
He's lovely as none other,
Draw nigh, receive the grace
Which flows from his humanity,
To all who with full purpose
Like Jesus aim to be.

2 He's yours, with all his merit,
If you are truly his;
And thus become one spirit
With him who holy is,
Who spirit, soul and body heals,
And is that kind Physician
Who for his patients feels.

3 Whoe'er this truth believeth,
With love to Jesus burns,
But none its pow'r perceiveth,
Until to Christ he turns.
O blessed Jesus! grant us grace
To grow into thy likeness,
And live unto thy praise.

T. 22.

LORD Jesus, sanctify thou me,
And make my spirit one with thee;
Thy body torn with many a wound
Preserve my soul and body sound.

2 The blood-sweat trickling down thy face,

My condemnation doth erase;
Thy cross, thy suff'rings, and thy pain
My everlasting strength remain.

3 The water flowing from thy side,
Which by the spear was open'd wide,
Shall be my bath; thy precious blood
Cleanse me, and bring me nigh to God.
4 Dear Jesus, grant this my request,
Be thou my everlasting rest,
Protect me by thy saving arm,
Secure my soul from ev'ry harm.
CHRIST crucify'd! my soul by faith
With thee desires to be united;
For, as the purchase of thy death,
To thy communion I'm invited.

T. 102.

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492. T. 14.

I ASK not honor, pomp or praise,
By worldly men esteem'd,
I wish from sin's deceitful ways
To feel my soul redeem'd.

2 I wish, as faithful christians do,
Dear Lord, to live to thee,
And by my words and walk to show,
That thou hast dy'd for me.

3 O grant me thro' thy precious blood,
Thy gospel thus to grace;
Renew my heart, O Lamb of God,
Thus shall my works thee praise.

493. T. 14. BESPRINKLE with thy blood my heart,

O Jesus, Son of God;
And take away whate'er thy grace
Hath hitherto withstood.

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494.* T. 586. JESUS, thyself to us reveal, Grant that we may not only feel Some dawnings of thy grace, But in communion with thee live, And daily from thy death derive

The needful strength to run our race. 2 O let us always think thee near, As near unto us as the air

Which constantly we breathe ; Thus will from all we think or do To thee unfeigned praises flow; For thine we are in life and death. 3 Jesus, thou fain wouldst have us be In all things more conform'd to thee; We're fill'd with conscious shame, And thank thee for thy care and love; Thy patience, which we richly prove, Our heart-felt gratitude doth claim.

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O LORD GOD Holy Ghost,
As sure as Christ's I am,
Só sure am I in him.

With thee in close communion;
Might my whole walk proclaim
With Christ a blessed union,
The pardon'd sinner's frame,
A mind to his conform'd ;

2 The genuine mind of Christ,
Proceeding from a heart
Engaged with his cross,
Blest theme of meditation!
Deriving all delight

From Jesus' great salvation;
Supported day and night
With peace and joy divine.

496. T. 16.

JESUS, by thy Holy Spirit
May we all instructed be;
Sanctify us by the merit

Of thy blest humanity.

2 Grant that we may love thee truly, Lord, our thoughts and actions sway, And to ev'ry heart more fully

Thy atoning pow'r display.

3 Lead us so that we may honor

Thee, the Lord our Righteousness, And bring fruit to thee, the Donor Of all gospel-truth and grace.

497.* T. 23.

TO that Lord, who unconstrained Death's dire pangs for us sustained, May we all in our small measure Willingly give joy and pleasure. 12 May our mind and whole behavior Bear resemblance to our Saviour, And his sanctifying merit Hallow body, soul and spirit.

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500. T. 586.
How could I bear to be partaker

Of sinful frail humanity,
Had not the world's almighty Maker
Become a sinless man for me?
But since my God assum'd my nature
I gladly am a human creature;
For now he takes a part,
With sympathizing heart,


502.* T. 228.

O JESUS, were we thro' thy grace,
In all respects form'd to thy praise,

Like thee in thought and action;
Did we but wake and sleep to thee,
Bear pain and sickness patiently,
Trusting in thy direction.
Where'er-we are ;

Might, dear Saviour, our behavior,

In all my smart. Thro' thy blessing,

T. 244.

LORD Jesus, thy atonement

Be ever new to us;
Grant we may ev'ry moment
In spirit view thy cross:
O keep our garments pure,
In the the temptation hour,
From sin's infatuation
Preserve us by thy pow'r.

Always be to thee well-pleasing.

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XXVII. Of Humility, Simplicity, and Growth in Grace.

504. T. 590.

OLORD, the contrite sinner's Friend,

Most wretched should I be,
Did I not know thy precious blood
Was shed for worthless me:

Nought could console me in distress,
Or give my soul relief;
When troubles seize my anxious breast,
Nought could appease my grief.
2 O give me, Jesus, give me still
My poverty to know;
Increase my faith; may
I in grace
And in thy knowledge grow:
More clearly to me manifest
The mystery of thy cross;
And for this precious Pearl may
Count all things else but dross.

505.* T. 22.


WHOE'ER in Jesus doth believe,
To soaring thoughts no room can give;
The blessed fellowship with Christ,
And nothing else by him is priz'd.

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ly share,

4 O keep me contrite, low and poor! 2 His loving-kindness those shall rich-
Thus shall I praise thee evermore.
Myself thrice blessed I can call,
When I am nought, and thou my All.

507.* T. 14.

NONE God the Father's favor share,
Or heaven's kingdom win,
But those who little children are,
And as such enter in.

doth poor

2 The high and mighty ones the Lord Doth from their seats put down; But to the afford, grace And them with blessings crown. 3 O may I with submissiveness,

Dear Lord, be taught by thee;
To thee obedience show thro' grace,
And learn humility.

4 Jesus, I humbly thee implore,
Grant me thy Spirit's light,
That he may teach me evermore,
And guide my steps aright.

5 A lowly mind impart to me,
According to my pray'r;
Since those who know their poverty,
To the Most High are near.

6 Thou, who in heaven art ador'd,

Dost with the contrite dwell, Revive the humble by thy word,

The broken-hearted heal.

7 Therefore, my soul, delight no more
In this world's vanity;
Look forward; Jesus hath in store
Unfading joys for thee.

8 Lord Jesus Christ, O may I grow
In knowledge and in grace!
Grant that in me, while here below,
Thy likeness each may trace.

508.* T. 583.

THOSE are partakers of our Saviour's

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Who at a loss, and ready to despair, Retire in secret, pray him for relief, And consolation to assuage their grief. 3 To those the Lord will deign his teaching mild,

Who gladly listen to the meanest child,

And from experience willingly allow, That they are learners, and but little know.

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510.* * T. 141.

GO, ye flattʼring visions,
Honors, wealth and lusts:
He who lowly minded

In our Saviour trusts,
Rich in grace, is blessed,
Freed from anxious care;
For the poor in spirit
Heaven's kingdom share.

511.* T. 16. WHEN simplicity we cherish,

Then the soul is full of light: But that light will quickly vanish,

When of Jesus we lose sight.

2 He who nought but Christ desireth, He whom nothing else can cheer But the joy which he inspireth, Lending to his voice an ear;

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