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The shades of death to pass, Our shield eternal is his love, Our light his glorious face.

534.* T. 14

WHATE'ER our God doth, must be right,

Altho' it cause us pain;

For God is love, and ever will
The source of love remain.

2 The church's Head we thee confess,
Thou of thine own tak'st care;
Jesus, thy will be always done!
This be our wish and pray'r.

535. T. 590.

SINCE we can't doubt God's equal love,

Unmeasurably kind,

To his unerring, gracious will
Be ev'ry wish resign'd;

Good, when he gives, supremely good;
Nor less when he denies;
Ev'n crosses from his sov'reign hand
Are blessings in disguise.

2 Whate'er I ask, I surely know,
And stedfastly believe,"

6 Thy secret hand we bless; on thee He will the thing desir'd bestow,

O Lord, we can depend,

Thou betwixt us and misery
Of ev'ry kind dost stand.

533.* T. 212.

THE will of God is always best,

His will be done for ever;
Those who confide in him are blest,
And prove his love and favor.
He helps indeed-in time of need,

'Midst chastisements he saveth; Those who depend-on God their Friend

He never, never leaveth.

2 His comforts daily me sustain,
He lends me his assistance;
To what he doth for me ordain
I'll yield without resistance:
True is his word,-that ev'n the Lord
My hairs in mercy numbers;

He guards and wakes,-care of me takes,

And all my wants remembers;

Or else a better give;

To thee I therefore, Lord, submit

My ev'ry fond request,
And own, adoring at thy feet,
Thy will is always best.

536.* T. 234.

JESUS, my All, my soul's best Friend, To thee myself I now deliver; Whate'er comes from thy faithful hand,

How hard it be, how strange soever, I'll take it with a passive heart;

And tho' I cannot shout for glad


But keenly feel affliction's dart,
O may I not be sunk in sadness!
May I with cheerfulness,
In thy ways acquiesce,
Nor murmur at thy dispensation;
But simply trusting thee,
On thy fidelity
Depend with humble resignation.

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540.* T. 16.
STORMS of trouble may assail us,
Yea, life's vessel overwhelm;
Yet no danger need appal us,
If our Saviour guide the helm.
2 If with willing resignation,
Free from care, we acquiesce
In his ways, his consolation

Will alleviate our distress. 3 God is mighty to deliver,'

None his power can withstand; In all trials whatsoever

He will be our gracious Friend. 4 When his hour strikes for relieving, Help breaks forth amazingly, And to shame our anxious grieving, Often unexpectedly.

541. T. 22.

WHEN by adversity I'm try'd,

WHAT, my soul, should bow thee In God, my Rock, I will confide,


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3 Mention to him ev'ry want,
Yea, whate'er doth grieve thee,
If for comfort thou dost pant,
Jesus will relieve thee.

4 Turn, my soul, unto thy rest,
Quickly turn to Jesus,

He will do for thee what's best,
Heal all thy diseases.

5 Mourn, whene'er thou hast forgot
Him, whose great compassion
Never fails, whose blood hath bought
Thy complete salvation.

6 Earthly things do not regard,
Trust in Jesus' favor,

He will be thy great reward,
And thy shield for ever.

'Midst trials, whatsoe'er they be,
Rely on his fidelity.

2 I'll trust my great Physician's skill,
Resign'd obey his blessed will;
For each disease he knows what's fit,
He's wise and good, and I submit.

3 Altho' his med'cine cause me smart,
And wound me in the tend'rest part,
It is with a design to cure,

I must and will his touch endure.
4 Lord Jesus Christ, afford me grace,
In ev'ry trial thee to praise:
O let thy sacred will be mine,
To thee myself I now resign.

542.* T. 83.

MY Redeemer knoweth me,
Both in joy and in affliction;
O my soul, now joyful be,

Trust thy Shepherd's kind direction; His own sheep he knows by name, And to bless them is his aim.

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GOD of my life! on thee I call,
Afflicted at thy feet I fall;

When the great water-floods prevail,
Leave not my trembling heart to fail!
2 Friend of the friendless, and the faint!
Where should I lodge my deep com-
plaint ?

Where but with thee, whose open door
Invites the helpless and the poor!

3 Did ever mourner plead with thee,
And thou refuse that mourner's plea?
Doth not the word still fix'd remain,
That none shall seek thy face in vain?

4 That were a grief I could not bear,
Didst thou not hear and answer pray'r;
But a pray'r-hearing, answ'ring God,
Supports me under ev'ry load."

5 Poor tho' I am, despis'd, forgot,
Yet God, my God, forgets me not;
And he is safe, and must succeed,
For whom the Lord vouchsafes to

547.* T. 580.
JESUS, our Guardian, Guide and

Now thy protecting wings extend,

Thy children save from harm;
Would Satan seek us to devour,
Against his malice, craft and pow'r,
Defend us by thy outstretch'd arm.
548.* T. 68.
THANKS for ever be,
Jesus, unto thee,

That thy strength doth us enable
To adhere to thee, tho' feeble;
That thou hear'st our pray'rs,
And regard'st our tears.

549. T. 149.
MIDST all trials may I cleave
Unto thee, my Saviour;
Ah, my inmost soul doth grieve
When I miss that favor:
Might thy grace-but always,
And thy constant nearness,
Keep my soul in clearness!

550. T. 167.

THO' by trials strong surrounded
Yet thro' Jesus' gracious care,
This poor heart is not confounded,

He doth all my suff'rings share;
On his pow'rful aid reclining,

Calm I'll ev'ry grief sustain,
Bear the cross without repining,
Till the glorious crown I gain.

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If they, 'midst suff'ring, faithful here abide,

They shall with Jesus there be glorify'd.

3 My soul, tho' here by various trials prov'd,

Believe that by thy Saviour thou art lov'd:

Submit thy will to his; with patience wait,

Soon he to perfect bliss will thee translate.

553.* T. 189.

WHO overcometh shall abide for ever A pillar in God's temple thro' his grace,

Adorned with the name of God our

And of Jerusalem his chosen place;
Lord make the feeble
Watchful and able,
That they be stable,
And vict❜ry gain.

XXIX. Hymns of Praise and Thanksgiving.

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LORD GOD, thy praise we sing,
To thee our thanks we bring.
Both heav'n and earth doth worship thee,
Thou Father of eternity.

To thee all angels loudly cry,
The heav'ns and all the pow'rs on high:
Cherubs and seraphim proclaim
And cry thrice holy to thy name:
Holy is our Lord God,
Holy is our Lord God,
Holy is our Lord God,
The Lord of Sabaoth!

With splendor of thy glory spread
Is heav'n and earth replenished.
Th' apostles' glorious company,
The prophets' fellowship, praise thee.

The noble and victorious host
Of martyrs make of thee their boast.
The holy church, in ev'ry place
Throughout the earth, exalts thy praise.

Thee, Father, God on heav'ns throne Thy only and beloved Son,

The Holy Ghost, who Christ displays, The church doth worship thank and praise.

O Christ, thou glorious King we own Thee to be God's eternal Son. Didst not abhor the virgin's womb. Thou, undertaking in our room, The pains of death o'ercome by thee, Made heav'n to all believers free. At God's right hand thou hast thy seat, And in thy Father's glory great; And we believe the day's decreed, When thou shalt judge the quick & dead,

Promote, we pray, thy servants' good, Redeem'd with thy most precious blood; Among thy saints make us ascend To glory that shall never end.

Thy people with salvation crown, Bless those, O Lord, that are thy own: Govern thy church, and, Lord, advance For ever thine inheritance.

From day to day, O Lord, do we
Highly exalt and honor thee:
Thy name we worship and adore,
World without end, for evermore.
Vouchsafe, O Lord, we humbly pray,
To keep us safe from sin this day.
O Lord, have mercy on us all;
Have mercy on us, when we call.
Thy mercy, Lord, to us dispense,
According to our confidence.
Lord, we have put our trust in thee,
Confounded let us never be.


555.* * T. 132.
ALL glory to the sov'reign Good,
And Father of compassion!
To God our help and sure abode;
Whose gracious visitation
Renews his blessings ev'ry day,
And taketh all our griefs away;
Give to our God the glory!
2 The heav'nly hosts with awe show forth
The praise of their Creator;
All creatures, both in heav'n and earth,
Whate'er exists in nature,
Speak their divine Original,
Impress'd most wisely on them all;
Give to our God the glory!
3 What is created by our God
Enjoys his preservation;
He doth extend o'er all abroad

His father-like compassion;
Throughout the kingdom of his grace
Prevail his truth and righteousness:
Give to our God the glory!
4 In my distress I rais'd with faith
To God my supplication;
My Saviour rescu'd me from death,
And gave me consolation;
This makes my heart with thankfulness
Rejoice before the God of grace;
Give to our God the glory!

5 The Lord hath ever to his flock
Kept without separation;
He doth abide our Shield and Rock,
Our and our salvation;
He leads us with a mother's care,
Protects from danger, guards from fear:
Give to our God the glory!

6 Yea, when all creatures here deny
Their help and consolation,
Our great Creator then is nigh

With succor and compassion,
And sets the humble souls at rest,
That live forsaken and opprest :

Give to our God the glory!

7 As long as I have breath in me
I will sound forth his praises;
His precious, saving name shall be
Exalted in all places;
My heart, with all thy strength adore
The God of grace, the God of pow'r,
And give him all the glory!
8 Ye who profess his sacred name,
Give to our God the glory!
Ye who his pow'r know and pro-

Give to our God the glory!
Rejoice from all vain idols freed,
The Lord is God, he's God indeed,
Give to our God the glory;

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