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5 Who doth preserve our life and health,

Our ease and safe abode ?

Still his name by you be praised, Who are seed to Abra'm raised, Spread his acts in ev'ry nation,

Who doth secure our peace and wealth? Give him praises, give him thanks and

Our ever gracious God.

6 On thee, almighty Lord of hosts,
Depends our life and all,
Thou keepest watch around our coasts,
Protectest great and small.

7 Thy chastisements are nought but love;
When we our sins confess,
We thy forgiveness richly prove:
'Tis thy delight to bless.

8 Thou count'st thy children's sighs

and tears,

And know'st well why they mourn, No tear too mean to thee appears To put into thy urn.

9 Thou, when we are oppress'd with grief,

Dost us with pity view, Administ'ring thy kind relief, And lasting comfort too.

10 Why need we mourn, as in despair, And grieve both day and night? On him we'll cast our ev'ry care, Who gave us life and light. 11 Hath he not, from our earliest days, Us nourish'd and maintain'd? Safe guarded us in all our ways,

In dangers prov'd our Friend? 12 God never yet mistakes hath made In his vast government ; No, what he doth permit or aid

Is blest in the event.

13 Then murmur not, but be resign'd
To his most holy will;
Peace, rest and comfort thou wilt find
My soul, in being still.

557.* T. 277. Now unite to render praises ToJehovah, to our God, and magnify His great name in all your places, Yehis people, ye who are his property; For his goodness, love and favor To his children last for ever; He is full of truth and grace, Pard'ning all our trespasses;


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3 To the throne go undismayed, Go with boldness, and approach the mercy-seat,

Since from God in Christ displayed, Nought but goodness, grace and favor you can meet;

Full of love, he longs to bless us,
And is ready to embrace us;
Yea, to give his flesh and blood
To us, as our highest good;
To his table we're invited,
And thro' with him united,
So that nought which may await us
Can from Jesus, and his love e'er sepa

rate us.

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2 God reveals his presence,

Whom th' angelic legions
Serve with awe in heav'nly regions.
Holy, Holy, Holy!

Sing the hosts of heaven;
Praise to God be ever given!
Condescend-to attend
Graciously, O Jesus!
To our songs and praises.

3 O majestic Being!
Were but soul and body
Thee to serve at all times ready.
Might we, like the angels
Who behold thy glory,
Deep abased sink before thee,
And thro' grace,-be always,
In our whole demeanor,
To thy praise and honor.
4. Grant us resignation,
Hearts before thee bowed,
With thy peace divine endowed:

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THOU, Jesus, art our King! Thy ceaseless praise we sing: Praise shall our glad tongues employ, Praise o'erflow the grateful soul, While we vital breath enjoy, While eternal ages roll.

2 Thou art th' eternal Light, And shin'st in deepest night: Wond'ring gaz'd th' angelic train, While thou bow'dst the heav'ns be neath,

Taking thy abode with man,

Man to save from endless death.

3 Thou for our griefs didst mourn, Thou hast our sickness borne: All our sins on thee were laid;

Thou with unexampled grace All the mighty debt hast paid, Due from Adam's helpless race. 4 Thou hast o'erthrown the foe; God's kingdom fix'd below: Conqu'ror of all adverse pow'r, Thou heav'n's gates hast open'd wide, Thou thine own dost lead secure, And to life eternal guide. 5 Above the starry sky Thou reign'st enthron'd on high! Prostrate at thy feet we fall:

Pow'r supreme to thee is giv'n, As the righteous Judge of all, Sons of earth and hosts of heav'n,


6 The mighty seraphs join, And in thy praise combine; All their choirs thy glories sing,

Who shall dare with thee to vie, Mighty Lord, eternal King,

Sov'reign both of earth and sky!

7 The church thro' all her bounds With thy high praise resounds: The confessors fearless here Boldly praise their heav'nly King; Children's feebler voices there

To thy name hosannas sing.

8 'Midst danger's blackest frown, Thee hosts of martyrs own: Pain and shame alike they dare, Firmly trusting in their God; Glorying thy cross to bear, Sealing thus their faith with blood.

9 Arise, exert thy pow'r Thou glorious Conqueror! Help us to obtain the prize,

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Help us well to close our race; That with thee, above the skies, Endless joys we may possess.

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They join with us his goodness to rehearse,

His glorious name be prais'd throughout the universe!

* T. 146.

Now let us praise the Lord
With body, soul and spirit,
Who doth such wondrous things
Beyond our sense and merit;
Who from our mother's womb
And earliest infancy
Hath done great things for us,
Praise him eternally!

2 O gracious God, bestow
On us while here remaining,
An ever-cheerful mind,

Thy peace be ever reigning: Preserve us in true faith

And christian holiness:
That when we go from hence
e may behold thy face.

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ALMIGHTY Lord! :||:

Eternal Word,
Creation's Head,

By whom : the worlds were made,
Which in heav'n's spacious sphere :||:
Who by thy blood
Brought'st us to God:
Thee we confess :||:
The Lord our Righteousness. :||:
2 Sure as thou liv'st, :||:
To all things giv'st
Both life and pow'r,
Supporting :||: them each hour;
Jehovah, great I AM, :||:
And Lamb:

So sure's thy blood
Of sinners poor; :||:
The highest Good

Till death shall be no more. :||:

Heb. i. 2.

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2 The Lamb was slain! both day and night

Th' angelic choirs his praises sing; To him enthron'd above all height, Heav'n's hosts celestial anthems bring;

While here poor sinners join the song, And praise him with a stamm'ring tongue.

3 Gladly our own poor works we leave, For him despise, wealth, pleasure, fame,

To him our souls and bodies give,

His death doth our affections claim : Henceforth we own him as our Lord, His name be by us all ador❜d.

4 Thro' him alone we live, for he Hath drowned our transgressions all In love's unfathomable sea;

Fall prostrate, lost in wonder fall, Ye sinners, for the Lamb was slain, Who dy'd that we might life regain.

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565. T. 159.

ADORED be the Lamb of God,
That he upon the cross

To God, by his most precious blood,
Hath reconciled us.

All praise be given to him, that we
Were born the day of grace to see,
When he his love to us reveal'd,
And thus our pardon seal'd.
2 To be his priests and witnesses
Is now our happy lot,
To sing in songs of endless praise

To Jesus who us bought,
We now, like Mary, wish to sit
In spirit list'ning at his feet,
For Jesus' marriage-feast.
Waiting with lamps prepar'd and drest

3 Meanwhile his promises we trust, And join our grateful lays, In concert with the ransom'd host,

To sing redeeming grace. While they who round his throneappear The wonders of his love declare, And sing, "The Lamb for us was slain"; Our hearts reply, Amen!

566. T. 132.

SING praises unto God on high

To him who us created;
Sing praises to the Lord, so nigh

To sinful man related.
Rejoicing Hallelujah sing,
Jesus Jehovah is our King,

And gracious Meditator. 2 He calls us brethren, not asham'd To bear our human nature!

Yea, heirs of life we now are nam'd,

Joint heirs with our Creator! He ever lives our cause to plead, Grants help in ev'ry time of need, Praise to his name for ever!

567. T. 39.

YE servants of God, your great Master proclaim,

And publish abroad his most excellent


The name all victorious of Jesus extol,

We thy little flock adore
Evermore show us thy love,
Thee, our Lord, for evermore !

Till we join the choirs above!

5.69. T. 22.

His kingdom is glorious, He rules over BLESS, O my soul, the God of grace!


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His favours claim thy highest praise;
How can the wonders he hath wrought
Be lost in silence, and forgot?

2 'Twas he, my soul, that sent his

To die for crimes which thou hast

The hourly follies of our lives.
He paid the ransom, and forgives

3 Our youth decay'd his pow'r re-

His mercy crowns our growing years; He satisfies our souls with good, pro-And filleth us with heav'nly food.

Fall down on their faces, and worship

the Lamb.

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