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in us

6 He
all his servants' toils, That each beholder

may And us his flock in mercy chose ; Thy image clearly trace, Yea on us undeserved smiles,

And in our words and walk discern And choicest blessings he bestows : That we are led by grace. We, foll’wers of the bleeding Lamb, 3 In these our days exalt thy name, Will firmly to his word adhere,

Thy precious gospel spread, Of him, amidst reproach and shame,

That for the travail of thy soul With joy our testimony bear.

Thou may'st behold thy seed; 7 Here many faithful souls are found, O may thy knowledge fill the earth,

With genuineloveto Christendow'd, Increase the number still Led by the Holy Ghost, and crown'd Of those who in thy word believe, As kings and priests to serve their And do thy holy will. God;

4 Thanks, Jesus, for thy sacred blood, Burning with zeal, by love divine

That precious healing stream, Constrain'd, themselves they freely all without this is cold and dead

give, Their wealth and life for Christ re- That virtue is of no avail,

However good it seem; sign,

Which takes not hence its rise : For him they gladly die or live.

Thy blood were else of no effect, 8 What can we offer thee, O Lord ?

That blood of so great price. How worthily set forth thy praise 5 Lord, by thy Spirit us prepare Fain would we preach thy saving word,

To follow thy command;
And dying love in ev'ry place;

To execute thy utmost aim,
In thee believe, thee love and serve ;
To thee our life, our all we owe,

And in thy presence stand,
Who dost 'midst danger us preserve,

As servants willing to be us'd,

Who in thy work delight, And mercies numberless bestow.

And offer freely praise and pray'r, 9 O may our lives thy pow'r proclaim, As incense, day and night. Thy grace for ev'ry sinner free,

6 Hereto we cheerful


Amen! That thousands still may know thy name,

We have this truth avow'd, Humbly adore and worship thee;

That we in spirit, body, soul, Open a door, which earth and hell Striving to shut, may strive in vain, who touch'd, and drew, and wood

Are bound to serve our God Grant that thy word may richly dwell

our hearts, Among us, and our fruit remain.

And conquer'd us by love;
T. 590.

To him we have engag’d ourselves,

O may we faithful prove !
Is this indeed our happy lot,
T'exalt thee, slaughter'd Lamb !


T. 9o. Who art thou ! who can right describe

Thy great and glorious name ! PRAISE be to God the Holy Ghost, And who are we, that we should take Who Jesus in the heart displays, This mighty task in hand!

That he the num'rous faithful host We helpless sinners, base and vile: Of blest departed witnesses,

Sure we must blushing stand. Who now in heav'n are perfected, 2 There hast thou us,most graciousKing! To Christ by his instruction led.

To thee our hearts are bound ! 2 Christ crucify'd we own as God, Our knowledge yet extends not far, Tho' we were scorn'd by all manO grant us deeper ground:


He is our Motto most avow'd;

648. T. 90. To such in spirit we are join'd, And them as brethren gladly own,

THE doctrine of our dying Lord,

The faith he on mount Calv'ry seald, Who by this Shibboleth are known.

We sign, asserting ev'ry word 3 He, who was scorned on the tree, Which in his gospel is revealid,

He, whom his nation still disown, As truth divine, and curs'd are they Who marks with glorious infamy Who add thereto or take away.

All who are as his follwers known, 2 We stedfastly this truth maintain, He is the church's Lord and Head,

That none is righteous, no not one; By whom we graciously are led.

That in the Lamb, for sinners slain, 4 We stand unto this


We're justify'd by faith alone;
In one firm bond of peace and love ; And all who in his name believe,
We are at enmity no more,

Christ and his righteousness receive. But reconcil'd to God above : 3 Our works and merits we disclaim, As children we by him are own’d, Opposing all self-righteousness, Since Christ for all our sins aton'd. Ev'n our best actions we condemn 5 All ye who gospel-preachers are,

As ineffectual, and confess, Adhere to Jesus crucify'd,

Whoe'er thereon doth place his trust, And watch with unremitting care,

And not on Jesus, will be lost, That you in your first love abide; 4 He is our Master, Lord and God, Whoe'er forsakes it can't but feel The fulness of the Three in One, A want of apostolic zeal.

His life, death, righteousness and blood,

Our faith's foundation is alone, 6 Heralds of grace would ye commence, His Godhead and his death shall be

Of grace first self-experienc'd be; Our theme to all eternity. And by the gospel you dispense

5 On him we'll venture all we have, Yourselves be reconcild and free:

Our lives, our all to him we owe; When pardon, grace and life


None else is able us to save,
Then publish it to all mankind.

Noughtbutthe Saviour will weknow; 7 We join the ransom'd church of God, This we subscribe with heart and hand, His blood-bought, blood-besprinkled Resolv'd thro' grace thereby to stand, train,

6 This now with heav'n's resplendent To publish the good news abroad,

host That only thro' the Lamb once slain We echo thro’ the church of God, The world may gain a full release Among the heathen make our boast From all their sins and endless

grace. Of Jesus' saving death and blood;

We loud like many waters join, 8 Christ's ransom'd people rest enjoy, In showing forth his love divine.

Upon his arm they lean in peace, To follow him is their employ,


T. 166. In this most blessed time of grace: O GLORIOUS Master of thy house, They preach their Saviour crucify'd,

Thou know'st the thoughts of ev'ry Determin’d nought to know beside.

breast, 9 In life they witness this, with pow'r To thee each servant gladly goes,

That strikes and fastens in the heart, Like Noah's dove, for peaceand rest. And when this mortal period's o'er, Indeed the waters overflow

And they in peace to Christ depart, The world all o'er, and us withstand;. Their dying looks, serene and fair, Few will our mind and purpose know, Bears witness that they christians are. Few comprehend thy blest commande

have won.

2 But we can hope thy word and grace But Jesus, thro' his tender care,

Will soften many a heart of stone; Which is at all times present,
What means can help the human race? Revives the weary traveller
The same which our poor hearts Again by ways more pleasant.

2 (thou the sole defence and aid Tho' carnal reason stand to faith

Of all the weak and feebie, Oppos'd, the wounded conscience Thou strong support in time of need, flies

And Saviour of thy people : To the blest doctrine of thy death,

Uphold us, Lord, most pow'rfully, And all-aloning sacrifice.

With thy divine assistance, 3 Thy pow'rful presence, Lord,display, And grant us constant victory

Or else in vain the sun we see ; When meeting with resistance. Thou art our life, our truth, our way, 3 We offer gladly unto thee

We have no comfort, but in thee: Our spirit, soul and body; Vouchsafe to us thy unction, Lord, We promise thee fidelity

Where'er obedient to thy call And loyalty most steady ; We go, thy help to us afford,

Thou surely wilt thy cause maintain, And ever be our All in all.

Nor leave thy work unfinish'd;

Thy servants many conquests gain, 650. T. 22.

Tho' in appearance vanquish'd. SHALL I, thro’ fear of feeble man, The Spirit's fire in me restrain ?

652.* T. 58. Aw'd by a mortal's frown, shall I REDEEMER of mankind, God of all Conceal the word of God most High?

grace, 2 Shall I, to soothe th’unholy throng ? Pour fire and spirit on thy witnesses, Soften thy truth, and smooth my tonguet Preaching thy salvation, by love conTo gain earth's gilded toys, or filee

strained : The cross endur'd, my God, by thee! Thus thousands more for thee shall still 3 No, fearless I'll in deed and word

be gained,

By thy blest word. Witness of thee, my gracious Lord; 2 O may thy ransom'd people ev'ry My life and blood I here present,

where If for thy truth they may be spent. Of this great truth forever witness bear, 4 For this let men revile my name,

That whoe'er believeth in Christ's re

demption No cross I shun, I fear no shame;

May find free grace, and a complete I no reproach nor suff'rings dread,

exemption From serving sin. Is Christ with me, I'm not afraid. 5 Give me thy strength, O God of To all their undertakings give success :

3 Ourelders and allother servants bless, pow'r;

Gracious Lord, afford them thy SpiThen let winds blow, or thunders roar,

rit's unction, I need not fear by sea or land,

That they may faithfully fulfil the For thou, my God, wilt by me stand.

function, To which they're call'd. 651.* T. 166.

4 Grant none among us may inactive be,

Enable us to serve thee cheerfully, WE often, in our course thro' time, Render thou successful each step and

Have rugged roads to travel ; action, Faith's fortitude must sometimes climb, Which we perform, Lord, under thy And paths uneven level;

direction, And in thy name. 5 Let more unto thy church collected

655.* T. 146. be In ev'ry quarter, to yield joy to thee,

LORD, grant thy servants grace, Here, and o'er the ocean, in all her

The needful gifts and unction, stations ;

That with due faithfulness And, O impart to the most savage na

They may discharge their function; tions Thy saving grace ! That all things as they ought

May punctually be done ; 653. * T. 14.

And wiih success, when wrought,

Their work vouchsafe to crown, LORD JESUS, who hast called us To magnify thy name,

2 We pray thee, bless them all, And preach the doctrine of thy cross


their endeavor,
Amidst reproach and shame; In their important call,
2 We thee intreat with one accord :

To serve thee, gracious Saviour;

Thou list'nest to our pray’rs,
Thy ministers prepare
To lead thy flock, and preach thy word, The faithful ministers

And surely wilt uphold
With meekness, zeal and care.

Of thy redeemed fold. 3 Without thy aid we nought can do,

But by thy pow'r we know, Weak as we are, we're heroes too,

656. T. 22. Who conquer where we go.


present with thy servants, Lord,

We look to thee with one accord; 654. T. 56.

Refresh and strengthen us anew, YEwhocalled :/: to Christ's service are, And bless what in thy name we do. Join together:||: both in work and pray'r; 2 O teach us all, thy perfect will Venture all on him our Lord,

To understand, and to fulfil; Who assures us in his word,

When human insight fails, give light, That we'reconstant::objects ofhiscare. This will direct our steps aright. 2 Show'rs of blessings :: from the 3 The Lord's joy be our strength and Lord proceed,

In our employ from day to day; [stay Strength supplying :/: in the time of Our thoughts and our activity need;

Thro' Jesus' merits hallow'd be,
For no servant of our King
Ever lacked any thing,
He will never:11: break the bruised reed.

657.* T. 26. 3 Lord have mercy :/: on each land MOST faithful Lord, thyself reveal ; and place

[of peace, Where thy servants :||: preach the word My eyes with contrite tears o'erflow,

My heart with gratitude doth glow, Life and pow'r on them bestow, Them with needful strength endow, But adequate expressions fail. That with boldness :/: they may thee

If I were free from all distress, confess.

Had to converse with none but thee,

Were I from ev'ry burden free, 4. May we faithful :||: in our service be,

Then nothing could my soul oppress : Truly careful :||: in our ministry; Keep us to thy church fast bound, 3 But I have trials to go thro', In the faith preserve us sound, And hardships oftentimes to meet: Often weeping :ll: grateful tears 'fore And, conscious of my wants, intreat thee.

Thee, Lord, to teach me what to do. Bb

4 Give me what thy own mind decrees, 659.* . t. 185. And what thy children must possess, SINCE our Saviour call'd us to inherit If they shall serve thee with success :

Everlasting happiness, A neck which with thy yoke agrees. And without the unction of the Spirit 5 Give me a lowly, faithful mind, We the way to him can't trace,(vor, With patience and undauntedness; Grant us therefore, Holy Ghost, the faIf thou my poor endeavors bless Both in doctrine and in our behavior Action and rest may be combin'd. By thee to be taught and led, 6 Give me an inly cheerful heart,

Till in Christ we're perfected. Besprinkled with thy blood, made clean: 2 Faithful Lord, my onlyjoy and pleasure O may it in my works be seen

Shall remain, while here I stay, That ihou its sole Possessor art! Thee, my matchless Friend and high. 7 Grant me to know thy blessed ways;

est Treasure, With all both joy and grief to share;

To adore, serve and obey ;

Tho' I in myself am weak and feeble, And lips thy mercy to declare To all that mourning seek thy face.

Yet I trust thy grace will me enable,

By obedience to thy will 658.* T. 583. All thy purpose to fulfil. SINNERS' Redeemer, gracious Lamb 660.* T. 228.. of God,

BODY and soul's at thy command, We thy poor children, purchas'd by And we with gladness ready stand thy blood,

To serve thy name, Lord Jesus ! With gratitude acknowledge, that we Since thy blest Spirit did explain share

Unto our hearts, why thou wast slain, Thy boundless favor and protecting Nought else on earth can please us:

O no,-altho' 2 From day to day may we with rap. We are feeble—and unstable, ture feel

Thou'rt our Treasure, Thy life, thy unction, and thy Spirits And to serve thee is our pleasure! seal,

2 Unto ourselves no praise is due; The pow'rful drawings of thy love and should we even something do,

That in thy sight were pleasing, And zeal to serve thy cause with To thee we render all the praise, faithfulness.

Thou giv'st thereto enabling grace, 3 With each of us obtain thy gracious Unless--thy grace

And grantest us thy blessing. aim, That we, thy servants, may exalt thy Sway our nature,-ev'ry creature

name ; Enabled by thy grace, may we declare Ought that's good to be fulfilling. The greatness of thy ransom ev'ry 661*. T. 166. where.

TAKE me into thy hands anew, 4 We feel our insufficiency, to bear Out of which none is plucked, The weighty charge committed to our By which thy childrenare brought thro'

, care ;

And servants are conducted: To thee, who dost thy people's cause Lord Jesus, lead and bless thou me defend,

In ev'ry future station, We the concerns of thy whole church That I may serve thee faithfully commend,

Until my consummation.


and grace,

Is unwilling

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