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665.* T. 166.

O MAY the witness-spirit rest,
Lord, on thy congregation,
May godly zeal inspire each breast
To publish thy salvation;
We gladly promise faithfulness
To do what we are able;
Sufficient is for us thy grace,
Which doth support the feeble.

666.* T. 166.

O LORD, we highly magnify

And bless thy saving Jesus' name: The love that prompted thee to die

We will to all mankind proclaim; Thou bidst the sparks of grace arise,

Which kindle many a lifeless heart; Thou hear'st the needy sinner's cries, And pardon freely dost impart. 2 If we are to thy cause but true,

Upright, obedient to thy will, Enabling grace thou wilt bestow,

Thy thoughts of peace in us fulfil. In all things we may trust thy grace, And rest on thy almighty arm; Keep thou our souls in constant peace, And shelter us from ev'ry harm.

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IN our short warfare here below,
May our experience daily show,
That in our weakness, thro' thy aid,
Thy strength divine is perfected.
2 Without thy blessing how could we
Be servants pleasing unto thee?
But we can by experience sing,
Thy word hath pow'r and fruit doth

3 Ah, could we preach in ev'ry place
Our Saviour's boundless love and grace,
That thousands who are yet enslav'd,
Might in these gospel-times be sav'd!
4 There's but a small beginning made,
The earth is still o'ercast with shade:
Break forth, thou Sun of righteousness,
And spread thy all-enliv'ning rays!

5 Whene'er we to mankind proclaim | 3 O Lord, before us go;
Thy dying love and precious name,
Support thy servants' weakness, Lord,
By thy blest Spirit, grace and word.
6 Lord of the harvest! lab'rers send,
Who willing are their lives to spend,
In scorching heat and chilling cold,
To bring the heathen to thy fold.

7 When all our labor here is o'er,
And when our light shall burn no more,
When our endeavors have an end,
Then let our souls to thee ascend.

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To ev'ry sinner show
What need he hath of thee,
And then most pow'rfully
Convince each human heart,
That thou our Saviour art.
4 O let thy strength and might
Subdue the en'my's spite:
Our weakness well thou know'st,
Of nothing we can boast
But that we trust thy word,
And know, thou art our Lord!
5 Let our beginnings be
Aided, O Lord, by thee;
The things which purpos'd are
Help us to bring to bear;
Forgive whate'er is wrong,
Midst weakness make us strong,
6 Our weak endeavors bless,
And crown them with success.

Thou Workman great and wise!
Who shall thy work despise ?
A tool that's us❜d by thee
Can wonders do, we see.

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We see with joy the work of God in


And thousands who thro' Jesus find release.

2 We see in hearts as cold as ice
The Sun of Righteousness arise,
And that his all-enliv'ning rays
Of Satan's slaves make sons of grace,

2 O might we clearly trace,
In these blest times of grace,
'Mongst the brethren's people
In each a willingness

To be the Lord's disciple,
To spend life and blood
In the cause of God. :||:

674.* T. 206.

Who are increasing daily more and LET the world hear! :||:


And who the slaughter'd Lamb with
us adore.

3 Great is the harvest, truly great ;
Saviour of all! we thee intreat,
To send forth lab'rers, who with joy
Of thy atonement testify,
And to prepare still many witnesses,
Who from experience may proclaim
thy grace.

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LORD, at thy feet asham'd we sink, When on thy wondrous grace we think, Which now so strikingly appears; Lost in amaze we melt in tears.

2 The gospel in these blessed days, Throughout the earth its beams displays;

Nations, that never heard of thee, Thy great salvation shout to see. 3 That mystery from ages seal'd God, by his Spirit, hath reveal'd, That heav'nly thrones and pow'rs might know

God's wisdom by the church below.

4 Tho' hated, tho' despis'd and Yet while we on thy mercy lean, Let nations rage, let devils roar, We will confess thee evermore, 673.*

T. 121.

YE people of the Lord,
Be still, and trust his word,
Bring your supplications
'Fore him with one accord,
That many heathen nations
May his word receive,
And in him believe. :||:


God's Son and Heir,
Who to us came,

And bore :||: our sin and shame,
Who liv'd among his own :||:

Despis'd and mean,-and then was slain,

The ransom HE :||:

For all the world and me. :||:

2 Hereby we stand, :||:
With life in hand,
Us help afford

To bear :|: this witness, Lord;
That thousands may embrace :||:
Thy grace;

We will diffuse--the gospel-news
In ev'ry land; :||:
The Lord will by us stand. :||:
T. 583.
O LORD, command us what we are
to do,


Where thou wilt call us we desire to go, To break thro' roads we else could Because thy orders do imply success,

never pass.

2 May many wild uncultivated parts, Where Satan bears the sway in hea thens' hearts,

Bear fruit abundantly to thee, O Lord, And thousands be converted by thy word.

676.* T. 90. CHRIST JESUS is that precious grain Which fell into the ground and dy'd, Now since he for our sins was slain, He doth no more alone abide, But, for the travail of his soul, His seed appears from pole to pole.

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T. 221.

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WITH fire and with spirit endow'd LORD GOD, our Salvation!

ev'ry moment,

Ye ministers of Christ confest,
Go forth and proclaim ye the word of


Both far and near; and when opprest By hardships and trials, be bold in God, And gladly for him spend your life and blood,

Let thy grace and favor
Rest upon thy church for ever:
Jesus, thee to follow

Be our blessed function;
Grant us all thy Spirit's unction,
To declare-ev'ry where
The complete salvation,
Purchas'd by thy passion.

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XXXIII. Hymns for Festival Days and solemn Meetings.

682.* T. 22.

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OWN thy congregation,
O thou slaughter'd Lamb!
We are here assembled
In thy holy name;
Look upon thy people,

LORD Christ, reveal thy holy face,
And send the Spirit of thy grace,
To fill our hearts with fervent zeal,
To learn thy truth, and do thy will.
2 Lord, lead us in thy holy ways,
And teach our lips to tell thy praise :
Revive our hope, our faith increase,
To taste the sweetness of thy grace.
3 Till we with angels join to sing
Eternal praise to thee, our King;
Till we behold thy face most bright,Ah!
In joy and everlasting light.

4 To God the Father, and the Son,
And Holy Spirit, Three in One,
Be honor, praise and glory giv'n
By all on earth, and all in heav'n.

Whom thou by thy blood
Hast in love redeemed,

And brought nigh to God.
2 Thou hast kindly led us
For these many years,

accept our praises,
And our grateful tears;
Grant us all the favor
To obey thy voice,
Yea, what thou directest
Be our only choice.

[blocks in formation]

SLAUGHTER'D Lamb, Immanuel,
Who hast gained our salvation,
By thy passion,

Ah! we give thee thanks and praise
For thy grace;

Grant, that we may all inherit
The anointing of thy Spirit,
Which instructs us what to do.

2 Let thy spirit, which is truth,
Raise our grov'ling thoughts to heaven,
Us enliven;

Thus adorn'd and beautify'd
As thy bride,

May our walk and conversation
Be a striking demonstration

That thou dwell'st and walk'st in us.

3 Lord, for grace we thee intreat, Grace, the anchor firm and stable Of the feeble;

'Grace, whereon we must depend
To the end;

Grace, the sinner's consolation,
Sure support in each temptation,
Confidence in life and death.

4 God with us, we vow to thee
Due allegiance now and ever;
Gracious Saviour,

We to serve thee ready stand,
Take the hand,"

As a pledge and declaration
Of the grateful heart's sensation,
Which thy dying love excites."

685. T. 583.

LORD JESUS, in thy presence we
are blest,

And thou art even now our wish'd-for

[blocks in formation]

686. T. 161.
CHOSEN souls, who now assemble
Under Christ's protecting care;
Tho' you're weak, your foes must trem-
If by him you guarded are. [ble,
Of his goodness-bear ye witness:
Know ye not your high vocation,
As the Lord's own congregation?
2 To his name give thanks and praises,
Him with deepest awe adore;
May his people in all places

Join t'exalt him evermore;
Christ, our Saviour,-be for ever
Of your building the Foundation,
And the God of your salvation.
3 Hernhut, the Most High's own


Built upon the grace of God,
May thy walls be without fracture,
Sprinkled be thy gates with blood;
God's election-and protection
Founded and maintain our union,
Christ's the ground of our communion,
4 May this place exist no longer

Than, Lord Jesus, thy own hand,
Uncontroll'd, rules in its border,

And be love our sacred band. May we by thee-be found worthy, As a good salt to be used,

That some fruit may be produced.

*The first congregation of the renewed church of the United Brethren.

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