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712.* HEAD and Ruler of thy congregation, T. 185. Whom thou lov'st unspeakably, And to whom thou often a sensation Graciously regard the inward glowing Giv'st of thy complacency,

Of our hearts, and tears our cheeks' bedewing;

Lord, we blush with humble shame,
And adore thy holy name.

2 Jesus, great High Priest of our profession,

We in confidence draw near, Condescend in mercy the confession Of our grateful hearts to hear! Thee we gladly own in ev'ry nation Head and Master of thy congregation, Conscious, that in ev'ry place Thou dispensest life and grace.

3 Thy blest people trusting in thy merit On the earth's extended face, From each other far, but one in spirit,

Sound with one accord thy praise! May we never cease to make confession, That thy death's the cause of onr salvation;

We to thee, our Head and King,
Joyful hallelujahs sing!


713. T. 97. THOU, who so graciously didst lead Israel of old from bondage freed, And by thy own almighty hand Didst guide them to the promis'd land, A cloud thy brightness veiling in the day, / At night thy pillar'd fire did mark their 2Thatmightypow'r thou then didst show We still thy tender, watchful care, are assur❜d attends us now, Tho' undeserving, richly share, If we thy leadings faithfully pursue, Foll'wing thy Spirit's teaching,as'tisdue. 3 May we to thee, our Shepherd, cleave, Thy holy Spirit never grieve, And love each other heartily, Thereby the scorning world will see, That we're the temple of the living God, Achosen people bought by Jesus' blood.

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WHEN our great Sov'reign from on high,

Our Lord and Saviour was aware, That he his chosen family,

O'er whom he watch'd with tender

Would be constrained soon to leave;
He, fill'd with love and grief intense,
To them his farewel blessing gave,

Before his suff'rings did commence.

2 Feeling beforehand all the weight Of those dire scenes of pain and woe, Which he well knew did him await,

His love towards his own to show, He water in a bason pour'd,

And washed his disciples' feet;
Their souls already by his word,
Save one, were cleansed ev'ry whit.
3 When he this act of love had done,
He unto his disciples said:
"To you I've an example shown:

Ye call me Master, Lord and Head,
If I as such have wash'd your feet,
To one another do the same."
This solemn act to celebrate,

We're now assembled in his name.

4 Arise then, and with due respect,
With humble shame and willingness,
Do what our Saviour doth direct,
Endowed with disciples' grace!
Since Jesus to release from sin
Unto his people power gave,
We in his name are now wash'd clean,
And with our Lord a part may have.
5 Lord Jesus Christ, we pray, be near,
Forgive us all our trespasses;
With joy divine our spirits cheer,
Impart to us thy pard'ning grace!
As our High-Priest lift up thy hand,
That hand the nailonce pierced thro',
Thy mercy unto us extend,

Rich blessings upon all bestow.
6 Inspire our hearts with mutual love,
O may we truly humble be,
Thy faithful servants ever prove,

Who yield in all things joy to thee:
In due obedience to thy word

We now have wash'd each other's feet, Thy blest example, gracious Lord, To follow, we find always meet. 7 Sure as thou art the church's Head, Sure as we dust and ashes are, So sure we, by thy blood once shed, Are now, thro' grace, absolv'd and clear:

Sure as thy cross's church remains

To the blind world a spectacle,
So sure in her thy Spirit reigns,
And thou dost in thy temple dwell.

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(Reception Liturgy. A.)
IN th' name of Jesus Christ our Lord,
The church's Head, by us ador'd,
His brethren's congregation now
Into her fold receiveth you;
2 With us in Jesus to be one,
To follow him, and him alone;
T'enjoy his faithful Shepherd-care,
And his reproach and joy to share.
3 O may our Lord, the God of grace,
While you receive the kiss of peace,
Own you his blood-bought property;
And lead, and bless you constantly.

4 With heart & hand you now we own; 2 But yet she can in truth rejoice,

The Lord, to whom your heart is
Cause your whole walk 'mongst us to be
His joy, and your felicity.

5 The God of peace you sanctify,
With us to yield him praise and joy;
That spirit, soul, and body may
Be blameless, till his perfect day.

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Because she hears the Shepherd's voice,
And owns that by her Lord and Head
She's gently govern'd, train'd and led.
3 While we the kiss of peace impart,
e own thee one with us in heart,
In Christ, who is the only ground
That in one cov'nant we are found.

4 Enjoy then with the church, Christ's

The privileges of his house;
And in our joy, and grief, and care,
With us take thy allotted share.

5 As his redeem'd from this world's

With us make sure thy blessed call: That when the Bridegroom comes we may

Be found wise virgins in that day.

719. T. 58.

WHEN we baptize a sinner in
Christ's death,

2 Then is the blood andwater his true bath:
Not with water only came the Lord Jesus;
He came with water and with blood
to bless us.
Praise be to God!
.2 The water is in baptism seen by eyes;
On Jesus' blood not seen our faith relies;
We are well persuaded this fountain

Polluted sinners, and true grace dis-
To live to him.
3 This precious blood is full of energy,
It washeth clean, and cures effectually;
And the Holy Spirit, unto us tender'd,
Bears witness pow'rfully that we are
Children of God.
4 O come then Father, Son, and Holy

While we of Jesus' bitter passion boast;
While on him relying, weare baptizing
This sinner in Christ's death, that he
be rising
With Jesus too.

15 Besprinkle him, O Jesus, Son of God, Now with thy precious all-atoning blood;

Cleanse both soul and body from all

And grant to him the seal of absolu-
Thy peace divine.

720. T. 590. HEAV'N's kingdom none shall enter in

But he who is a child:
Therefore the children are by God
Heirs of his kingdom styl'd.
Is heaven theirs? none shall forbid
A child to come to him!

Who shall forbid the water-flood


A babe to overstream ?

O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Be present with us here:
We trust in Jesus' saving name,
To us his words are dear.
We now baptize a little child'

Into the Saviour's death;
We have no scruple, we perform

This solemn act in faith.

3 The heav'nly hosts rejoice with us! | 2 Water the body laves ;

An infant here they see,
Whom Jesus, by his precious blood,
Hath sav'd from misery.
The children's angels, who behold
The Father on his throne,
For Jesus' sake will surely tend
And guard this little one.

721. T. 590.

LORD Jesus, from thy pierced side
Both blood and water stream'd,
A cleansing laver to provide
For man, from sin redeem'd;
Thou saidst, "Preach pardon to the

Baptize them in the name
Of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost;"
We now will do the same.

2 Be present with us, Lord our God;
This water can't make clean,
But while we pour it, cleanse by blood
This infant from all sin.
Accept this child we now baptize

And here present to thee;
His soul be precious in thine eyes,
Now and eternally.

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And, if 'tis done by faith,
The blood of Jesus surely saves

The sinful soul from death.
3 Baptiz'd into his death,
We rise to life divine;
The Holy Spirit works the faith,
And water is the sign.

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And on the earth were freely spilt; Water to sanctify and cleanse;

Blood to atone for heinous guilt. 3 This wondrous grace to represent Baptismal waters were design'd, In which thou, Lord, wast bury'd too,

To thy great Father's will resign'd. 4 Thus penitents who die to sin

With thee are bury'd in thy grave, Thus quicken'd to a life divine

Their souls a resurrection have.

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Rejoice, ye contrite hearts,
The blood which Jesus spilt,
While we with water you baptize,
Will wash away your guilt.

3 While with repenting tears
Your sins you now deplore,
Christ with his blood will blot them out,
Remember them no more.

4 Ye who in Christ believe,
And to his sceptre bow,
Sing your Redeemer's love, and tell
What he hath done for you.
5 Unspotted robes you wear,
Your sighs to songs are turn'd:

5 And though their bodies turn to Garments of praise adorn you now,


This holy symbol doth assure:

The resurrection of the just

Shall render them once bright and pure.

Who late in ashes mourn'd.

6 Ye with your Lord are ris'n;

Aspire to things above, Mansions for you your Lord prepares, In realms of light and love.

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