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771.* T. 583.

HOW blest are we, when we enjoy thy love,

And in the sacrament thy bounty prove! When we with humble shame, O Lamb of God,

Feed on thy body and thy precious blood. 2 Whenever we this highest good enjoy, We promise thee anew fidelity; Pow'r to perform thou hast for us obtain'd When, by thy death, life was for man regain'd.

3 Make thou us monuments of grace, to show [canst do; What wonders thou on sinners vile O were in our whole walk this to be


That of thy feast we have partakers been. 4 We humbly pray that, with thy chosen train, [obtain; From this repast we may new strength O deaden all that would thy grace withstand,

Or to its influence refuse to bend.

5 We have nought good in us to bring

'fore thee,

Yet thou art ours, and we're thy property, Preserve to us this grace, we thee implore,

To have our part in thee for evermore.

772. T. 26.

AH! who are we, thou God of love! That we should hear, thro' grace abounding,

The solemn invitation sounding: "Prepare for the Lamb's feast above." 2 Prostrate before the mercy-seat We sinners lie, with holy trembling, The elders' blissful choir resembling, Who cast their crowns before thy feet. 3 Here more than Tabor's glories shine: Heart-captivating meditation! Ev'n here thou feed'st thy congregation With heav'nly manna, food divine! 4 Here it is good for us to be! Our souls imbibe, while here we tarry, The breezes of the sanctuary, The atmosphere of Calvary.

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[get; That I may henceforth never him for When I, a needy sheep of his blest flock,

Drink of the stream that flows from Christ, the Rock!

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3 Let thy pow'r divine, we pray, Be our strength and only stay, Till we drop this mortal vest, And the spirit goes to rest.

776.* T. 22.

FOR that amazing love and grace,
Which doth our thoughts by far surpass,
To eat, thy flesh and drink thy blood,
Thanks be to thee, O Lamb of God!
2 Thy sacred body thou didst give
For us, that we thereby might live;
No pledge of love could be so great:
O may we ne'er thy love forget.
3 Thy precious blood for sinners spilt
Cleanseth our hearts, removes our guilt,
The debt is paid which we incurr'd,
And we're to happiness restor❜d.
4 Thy Holy Spirit with us leave,
So that we rightly may conceive,
What thou for all believers hast
Prepared in this blest repast.

777.* T. 151.

LORD Christ! I give thee praises;
Thy hand ne'er intermits
To show'r, as each day passes,
On me thy benefits;
Thy name, all names exceeding,
I'll praise, for thou art good,
Art with thy flesh me feeding,
To drink giv'st me thy blood.
778.* T. 185.

PRAISE be giv'n to Christ our soul's
By us sinners; what are we ?[Beloved,
Feeble human creatures, far removed
From angelic purity:

Yet when he to his rich pastures leads us, Where he with his sacred body feeds us, And we drink his blood once shed, We are richly comforted.

779. T. 582.

COME, O my soul, and sing How Jesus thee hath fed; How Jesus gave himself to thee, The true and living Bread. 2 For food he gives his flesh;

He bids us drink his blood; Amazing favor, matchless grace Of our incarnate God!

3 This holy bread and wine

Confirms us in the faith, In love and union with our Lord, And we show forth his death.

780.* T. 26. THOU slaughter'd Lamb, thy flesh and Which thou didst sacrifice for us, [blood, Upon the altar of the cross,

Are to our souls delicious food.
2 This makes us all with one accord

To love each other fervently,
Yea, to be wholly one with thee,
And all that love thee, gracious Lord.
781.# T. 22.

HAPPY, thrice happy hour of grace!
I've seen by faith my Saviour's face,
He did himself to me impart,
And made a cov'nant with my heart.
2 Ah, might in my behavior shine
The pow'r of Jesus' love divine,
His conflict and his victory,
His seeking, and his finding me!
782.* T. 590.

THOU,whoartpresent with thy church
According to thy word,

When to enjoy thy flesh and blood,
We meet with one accord;
O grant us to show forth thy death,
Until thou shalt appear;
And may it in our walk be seen,
That we thy foll❜wers are.

2 May we so captivated be

By thy redeeming love,
As to be wean'd from earthly things,
And fix our thoughts above;
May all that's carnal be subdu'd,
And mortify'd in us,
That we may glory in thy name,
And count all else but loss.

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XXXVI. Hymns for different Ages, Sexes, and Stations

in Life; or, Choir Hymns.

784. T. 33.

EACH division of thy fold,

Freed from this world's vain tradition,

Male or female, young or old,

In thee hath true joys' fruition;
All in their allotted place
Should walk worthy of thy grace.
2 Grant us a contented mind,

That in their peculiar station
Each may be to thee resign'd,
Seeking only thy salvation.
By thy staff we're safely led,
Till in thee we're perfected.

A. For Children.

785. T. 22.

THOUGH but a little child I am,
Yet I may praise the slaughter'd Lamb,
He loveth children tenderly,
He also loveth sinful me.

2 Our Saviour was a lovely child,
His parent's chief delight,

In his behavior meek and mild,
And always acted right.

3 A blessed pattern Christ our Lord
Himself to children gave,

That they to him might joy afford,
And never misbehave.

4 A child true happiness may find,
And humbly ought to pray :
"Lord Jesus, make my heart inclin'd
To love and to obey."

5" I'm often stubborn, vain and wild,
Self-will'd and hard in heart;
O Lord, to me thy chaste, thy mild,
Thy holy mind impart."

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O WHAT a wretched heart have I,
How full of sin and shame,
How obstinate continually,

How day by day to blame!

2 Lord, look on me 'midst all my faults; And, when thou seest my guilt,

2 Yes, gracious Saviour, I believe,
Thou wilt a little child receive;
For thou didst bless them formerly,
And say,
"Let children come to me."3

3 Lord Jesus, unto me impart
A humble, meek and docile heart;
O cleanse me in thy precious blood,
Shed in my heart thy love abroad.
4 Save me from liking what is ill,
Teach me to do thy holy will;
Each day prepare me, thro' thy grace,
To meet thee, and behold thy face.

786. T. 14.

THO' Christ was God, and all things made,

Himself he humbled thus: That he, a Servant in our stead, Might minister to us.

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My wicked words and foolish thoughts,
Think why thy blood was spilt.
In that most precious river cleanse
And wash my crimes away,
My selfishness, and that offence
Which I have done to-day.

4 When thou, dear Jesus, wast a child,
Thou hadst no sin like me;
No wicked words thy lips defil'd,
No faults appear'd in thee.

5 Thou wast more spotless than a dove,
More harmless than a lamb,
Obedient, humble, full of love,

And never once to blame.

6 But I am proud, and headstrong too,
Oft sadly misbehave;

I am not meek, like thee, and low;
Me, Lord, in mercy save!

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Like thee, Oh, make me pure;
To me thy love divine impart,
Keep me from sin secure.

3 Self-will, that cruel enemy,
No more I would obey;
Thy Spirit shall my Teacher be,
And guide me in thy way.

4 0 may I never speak a word
But what I truly mean,
Nor lie to thee, most gracious Lord,
By whom each thought is seen.
5 I'll make thy wondrous, dying love,
Dear Lord, my daily song!
And joys, like theirs who sing above,
Shall tune my infant tongue.

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4 Loving Jesus, holy Lamb, In thy hands secure I am ; Fix thy temple in my heart, Never from thy child depart.

5 Teach me to show forth thy praise,
Love and serve thee all my days;
Oh, might all around me see
Christ, the holy child, in me!

790.* T. 14.

THOU, gracious Saviour, for my good Wast pleas'd a child to be,

And thou didst shed thy precious blood Upon the cross for me.

2 Come take me as thy property, Take me just as I am,

I know that I belong to thee,

Thy love my heart doth claim.
3 Low at thy feet O may I bow,
Be thine, my Saviour, still;
In nothing bad myself allow,

Nor ever show self-will.

4 Preserve, I pray, my heart secure
From ev'ry hurt and stain;
First make it, and then keep it pure,
And shut to all that's vain.

5 If early thou wilt take me hence
O that no harm will be!
Since endless bliss will then commence,
When I shall live with thee.

6 If thou wilt have me longer stay,
years and stature grow;
Help me to serve thee night and day,
While I am here beolw.

7 Then, after walking in thy ways,
And serving thee in love,
Receive me to thyself in peace,
To sing thy praise above.

791. T. 11. OUT of love and boundless grace, Thou hast brought us to a place, Jesus, where we oft may hear Of the suff'rings thou didst bear.

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THOU Guardian of thy lambs, behold
Us little ones of thy dear fold;
Take us into thy special care,
Secure our souls from ev'ry snare.

2 Let nothing in our minds take place, But what comes from thy blood and grace;

May that sink deep into each heart,
And let nought else have any part.
3 Set on our breasts thy Spirit's seal,
Within our hearts thy love reveal,
And our poor souls securely keep
Among thy flock, thy chosen sheep.

793. T. 14.
LOVER of little children! thee,
O Jesus, we adore;
Our kind and loving Saviour be,
Both now and evermore.

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2 His mercy ev'ry sinner claims; For all his flock he cares;

The sheep he gently leads, the lambs He in his bosom bears.

3 If unto us our friends are good, 'Twas he their hearts inclin'd; He bids our fathers give us food, And makes our mothers kind. 4 Then let us thank him for his grace, Our meanest sacrifice of praise, He will not disapprove

For his unbounded love.

5 When children honor Jesus thus,
And thank him for his

Out of the mouths of babes, like us,
His wisdom perfects praise.

795.* T. 22.

JESUS! the children's dearest Friend,
Who dost to all our wants attend,
Thou wast a child, and knowest well,
How we thy helpless children feel.
2 Grant unto us continually
The blessings of thy infancy;
Let us, thro' each succeeding year,
The merits of thy childhood share.
3 Thee, gracious Lord, we now implore,
To manifest thyself still more,
And thus to teach us by degrees
To live a life of happiness.

4 May we thy mind still better know;
May we in grace and knowledge grow,
And learn all that whereby we may
Adorn thy doctrine ev'ry way.

5 O may we ever feel thee near, And be employ'd in praise and pray'r, May we in thy blest fellowship Wake, do our daily work, and sleep. 6 Thus will our infant tongues record

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Thy birth and passion, gracious Lord,
That thou who diedst in our stead,
Art God, by whom all things were

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