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C. For unmarried Men. 12 O let us all press, from this day,

Towards the mark before us placed : 820. T. 590.

With tears beseech him, that he may

Imprint in us his image blessed; How shall a young man cleanse his To look to him be our employ,

That soul and body in him joy ; By foll' wing close his word

May his death's pow'r us so replenish, Who once on earth a young man was, That sin and its allurements vanish; Jesus, our God and Lord:

In joy and pain we then shall find His word is spirit, and is pow'r; In him alone true peace of mind.

True life doth flow from him ; Our food his sacred flesh, our drink

822. T. 185. His blood, that healing stream. BRETHREN, 'tis but meet to render 2 We now no longer need remain praises Fast bound in chains of sin;

To Immanuel, our Lord; Whoe'er believes, is free indeed,

Who to bless his children never ceases, And by his word made clean : Since to favor they're restor'd; Since Jesus on th' accursed cross ’Midst a sense of our own imperfection,

The pow'r of sin did quell, We can magnify that free election When sin disorders us, we look Of his grace, by which we stand

To him, and soon grow well. 'Mongst his flock, his chosen band. 3 Ye chosen people of the Lord, 2 Yes, we feel indeed our own demerit

Which Jesus' pow'r displays, And our imperfections great; If in obedience to his word

Had we not been led by Jesus' Spirit, You're render'd clean through grace; Never could we thus have met: His dying love be yet impress'd We deserv'd eternal condemnation,

More clearly on each heart ! But his death procured our salvation: And whether you're at work or rest, And since we've experienc'd this, To love him be your part!

We're determin'd to be his, 4. Ye purchas'd souls, Christ's happy

823,* flock, Be to his will resign'd,

DEAR brethren, let us take to heart And gladly offer up to him

The teaching of the Spirit;
Your body, soul and mind.

He'll ev'ry grace to us impart,
O! if the bleeding Lamb of God, Which Jesus Christ did merit:
Who dy'd us to redeem,

Who, by all he hath done and said
But calls, who can his call withstand ! In his humiliation,
Who would not follow him! Hath boundless blessings merited,

And sanctify'd our station.
T. 217.

824. BRETHREN, by Jesus Christ belov'd, THEE God's own Son-with joy we

First with attention be it weighed, Whether his mind ours always prov'd,

To be our dearest Brother; And how our conduct this displayed; Heav'n and earth do not afford Whether we have in thought and word,

Like to thee another. Shown forth the praises of our Lord; If countless gifts from him received 2 But, Oh! might we-such brethren be, So undeservd, have this achieved, Of whom thou’rt not ashamed; That in the world we know of none Might, by all we do, thy grace To cheer our hearts, but him alone; Loudly be proclaimed.

T. 166.

821. *

T. 45


T. 166.

T. 14.


828. T. 185. JESUS, we now devote to thee To thy brethren ever be propitious, Our body, soul, and spirit,

In our hearts thy love reveal. Since thou to us prosperity

Grant that we may follow thee, Lord Impartest thro’ thy merit.

In thought und deed we wish to be Fill our souls with ardent zeal,

Like thee, that each who sees us To proclaim to many a heathen nation May in us some resemblance see, Thy atoning death for our salvation : Of our great Pattern, Jesus. Grant us, Jesus, to increase

Both in number and in 826. T. 56.

grace. DEAREST brethren :: be this our D. For Girls.

desire That our Saviour :||: us with love inspire,

829.* By his cross, his wounds and pain

OUR Lord and Saviour doth attend May we all true freedom gain,

To all our tears and sighs, Then to serve him :||: he'll of us require. And us his maidens will defend 2 Chains of darkness, ://: wherewith From vain perplexities. men are bound,

2 Blest Mary, with a cheerful voice, Now are broken,:|| : anda help is found;

To all around declar'd : They who gladly would be free

“ In God my Saviour I rejoice, May by Christ deliver'd be ;

For he my sighs hath heard. This to sinners :||: is a joyful sound. 3Noughtbut blessings:/jhe for us intends 3 4. The Lord hath highly favor'd me; And his mercy :/ never, never ends; He hath regarded graciously,

His handmaid's low estate Let us look unto the cross,

The Where he dy'd to ransom us,

poor he doth elate." On that off'ring :: faith alone depends. 4 Thus all who wait upon the Lord,

And seek for 4. As thy chosen, :1 : blood-bought


In him, according to his word, property, We'll know nothing, :ll: slaughter'd

Shall be consoi'd and blest. Lamb, but thee;

5 We're poor and needy; but thro' Thou shalt be our. Lord and God,

grace, And redemption in thy blood

His Spirit teacheth us
Shall our doctriue :fl: to all nations be. To look, with all our sinfulness,

In faith to Jesus' cross.
827. T. 97:

6 When simply we obey his voice, YE brethren, sav'd by Jesus' blood!

And to our Lord appeal,
Let us prepare to serve our God, In God our Saviour we rejoice,
Remember our Redeemer's toil,

Since pard'ning grace we feel.
Supply our lamps of faith with oil;
Tohim devote ourselves each day anew 7 Most gracious Saviour ! to confide
With souland body,for they are his due.

In thee, O grant us grace; 2 Then let us rise and serve the Lord, Preserve us all from self and pride,

That bane of happiness.
Go when he calls, proclaim the word
Of his atonement far and near,

8 Meekness, and true humility
Count not our lives for him too dear, Unto us all impart;
Declare to negros, savages and slaves, Yea, by thy merits sanctify
That Jesus'blood the vilest sinners saves, And render pure each heart,

and rest,

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831. *

T. 168.

830.. T. 16.

12 Then, renew'd by grace, the heart

desireth BLESS'D are they whose meditation To be Jesus' property ; Is directed oft by faith

Yea his dying love our souls inspireth To their Saviour's incarnation,

Him to love most fervently; Human life and painful death. We remain his maidens poor and 2 Bless’d are they, who as poor sinners needy, Gain from Jesus life and


Yet to give him joy are ever ready, Tho' they be but young beginners,

Thinking always how we may And by nature vile and base. Love unfeign'd to him display. 3 Blessed, who are ever ready

833. T. 56. Him to follow cheerfully, Who took, in a virgin's body,

O BE mindful :il: of us gracious Lord, For our sake, humanity.

'Midst our weakness :1: aid to us af

ford ; 4. Blessed they, who live to Jesus,

Human frailty well thou know'st;
Who to him their hearts devote,

We of nothing else can boast
Wishing to show forth his praises;
Truly blessed is their lot!

But the blessings : ll: which thy death

procur’d. 2 Lord, assist us:/1: in the needful hour,

In temptation :fl: grant us help and UNTO thee, most gracious Saviour,

pow'r; We ourselves anew commend ! We in thee alone confide, Look on us in grace and favor, In this world be thou our Guide, .

To our pray’rs and wants attend; Keep us humble, :||: and in spirit poor. Grant us all a tender feeling Of thy love and gracious dealing,

3 From each rival ://: 0 deliver us, That our hearts may truly be

Make us willing :ll: to take up our cross;

Our diseases kindly heal, Filld with fervent love to thee.

To our hearts thy love reveal; 2 This alone can keep us steady All besides thee :/j: may we count but In the simple path of grace,

dross. And when any thing seems ready To disturb our happiness,

834. T. 168. Lord, in mercy us deliver,

BLESSED are we, if believing
Yea protect and keep us ever
From the world and sin secure,

In the Lord our Righteousness,
And in soul and body pure!

And in lowliness receiving

From his fulness grace for grace;

When we find in him salvation, 832. T, 185.

Happiness and consolation, WHEN bemoaning our undone con- And obey the Shepherd's voice; dition,

Then we truly can rejoice. Weeping for redeeming grace, 2 Tho' we feel that soul and body We with heart-felt and sincere con- Are corrupt and void of good, trition

Yet the Lord is ever ready
Pant for peace and happiness, To apply his cleansing blood;
Which is only found by faith in Jesus, With our weaknesses he beareth,
Who was slain,from sorrow toreleaseus, all our pray’rs he kindly heareth,
We find then most certainly

And we daily may

increase Life, and true felicity,

In his knowledge and in grace.

:: 837.

E. For unmarried Women. 4 If we thy rich forgiveness daily prove,

This will unite us, Lord, to thee in love, 835.* ; T. 185. O make us all devoted unto thee; WOULD you know the grace and Let us thy chaste and faithful virgins be.

peace enjoyed By a child of God, thro' faith;

. T. 16. See a virgin, who alone employed

HAPPY they, who oft for Jesus With her Saviour and his death, Weep, from need as well as love, Vanity and worldly ways despiseth, They experience him propitious, While the converse with her Lord she

And his favor richly prove. prizeth,

2 Happy they, who are excited, And thus, on this side the

grave, Him to follow ev'ry where, Foretaste sweet of heav'n may have. And are with his ways delighted, 2 Therefore, this be our concernforever,

He to such is truly dear. Since we're with this knowledge blest, 3 Happy is each virgin's station To have oureternal Bridegroom's favor,

Whom he kindly owns as his, Then we find true peace and rest;

And who counts his great salvation But indeed it is from each expected, As her highest good and bliss. That the heart be by his grace directed, 4 Happy she, who finds in Jesus Nor have any other aim,

All her wishes satisfyd; Than to love the slaughter'd Lamb. Ah, to her how dear and precious 3 Happy they who feel the healing power

Is that Friend who for her dy'd ! of Christ's blood in ev'ry case!

838. T. 16. May we follow him, and seek each hour To preserve ourselves thro' grace;

BLEST are they, who human nature May the virtue of our Saviour's passion,

Feel as vile, corrupt and base,

But who know each fallen creature Sanctify our walk and conversation ; We ourselves to him commend,

May be heal’d by Jesus' grace. May his aim with us be gain'd. 2 Mourning souls are truly blessed,

They that seek will surely find;

Jesus comforts the distressed,
T. 583.

To the contrite he is kind.
WE virgins, who enjoy our Saviour's

3 Christthe Bread, that came from heagrace,

[express :

Doth the hungry soul revive, (ven, Are happier far than words can e'er Jesus, the Bridegroom of our souls, Unto those who thirst, is given

Water from the well of life. supplies Our wants,and soul and body sanctifies. 4 Blest are they, who, thro' his favor,

Are in heart here purify'd ; 2 His love produceth love; constrain'd

They shall once behold our Saviour thereby, Our sole intention is to yield him joy:

Who by faith in him abide. When in our hearts his love is shed 5 Blest are they, who in his merits abroad,

(God. Have a share, tho' here despis'd, We then, like Mary, favor find with All is theirs; what flesh inherits 3 Lord, may thy love with gratitude

They renounce, he's only priz’d. inspire

6 Blest are they, who, foll'wing Jesus, Oarsouls, and tothy name beour desire! Virgins are in deed and truth; We thee intreat to form us to thy praise, They have cause to give him praises ; And all that's carnal wholly to erase, Both the aged and the youth.


836, *

899. T. 22.

2 Unto us thy name's sweet savor THE

Is as ointment poured forth;
whence ev'ry sin doth

In thine spring,

eyes we have found favor, 'Is that we turn from Christ our King ;

Tho' deprav'd and void of worth; And hence it is, the giddy eye

And thy banner :/:

Over us is love divine.
Imagines bliss in vanity :
2. Pleasure in things producing smart, 3 Now the conflict is decided,
And cleanness in an impure heart ;

We count all things else but loss, Knowledge in blindest ignorance,

What with thee our hearts divided And plenty in deep indigence;

Now is nailed to thy cross, 3 Wevirgins have great cause to praise But the wounded Lamb of God.

Nought can please us :il: Thee, Lord, and grateful songs to raise, That, from the world's delusion free, 4 We will dwell on Calv'ry's moun. We wish to be made clean by thee; tain, 4 That they, who weep because of sin,

Where the flocks of Zion feed; May be absolv’d and washed clean; Oft resort unto the fountain, Since thou wast in the flesh reveald, Open'd when the Lord did bleed, That by thy stripes we might be healid.

Thence deriving :11:

Grace, and life, and holiness. 840. T. 56.

5 There with trimmed lamps we'll We thy virgins :|: claim thy special tarry, care,

Till the Lord comes from on high, O preserveus, :||: Lord, from ev'ry snare; Watch in pray'r and ne'er be weary, May our hearts and senses be

But await the midnight cry: Fix'd, in true simplicity,

Haste to meet him, :11: On the suff’rings:ll thou for us didst bear. Lo! the Bridegroom draweth nigh, 2 Us deliver :l]: from the world and sin, 6 On that day of consummation, Let thy Spirit :|| : rule alone within,

May we sinners mercy find, Ev'ry vain desire control,

Saved with complete salvation, And in spirit, body, soul,

And not one be left behind,
Sanctify us :11: by thy grace divine.

As wise virgins ::
3 In temptation :ll may we firmly stand, May we then before thee stand!
Ever watchful:: as thou dost command:
Without thee we nought can do,
Strengthen and support us too.

842. In all trials, :||: by thy mighty hand. 4.Fix thy temple://:Saviour in each breast, THY virgins, Lord, 'fore thee appear, Undisturbed :ll be our peace and rest ! Conscious of their depravity, Let us on thy merits feed,

Yet longing to be heald by thee; In the path of grace proceed, Each mourning sinner deign to cheer: Be, in union :ll with thee, ever blest.

2 From all false love cleanse ev'ry soul, 841. T. 585.

And us with sacred love inspire, WE thy virgins, Lord, implore thee:

O quench in us each base desire, Let us, cleans'd and purify'd,

And bear the sway without control. Walk in grace and truth before thee, 3 In mutual love and harmony, And in thee, our Lord, abide; Our virgin-cov'nant we renew, Sanctified :11:

Say thou in grace Amen thereto; Both in body and in mind.

We give our hearts and hands to thee.

T. 26.

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