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2The church submits to Christ,her Lord; T. 22,

Thy will be done,” we pray: THOUBridegroom of the soul! behold This teacheth wives, who love God's This part of thy beloved fold;

With meekness to obey; [word Thy virgins, who before thee met

Adorned with humility Here to perceive thy presence wait. They aid their husbands willingly; 2 Give us, O Lord, to feel thy peace, Are clothed with the beauteous dress And let the sanctifying grace Of Jesus' righteousness. Which flows from thy humanity,


T. 590. Make us well-pleasing unto thee.

WE humbly thee adore, O Lord, 3 O may we feel thy healing pow'r

For thy unbounded grace; And influence, eviry day and hour ;

Astonish’d, in thy sacred word Thus all thy mercies which we prove,

Thy love divine we trace: Will us excite to praise and love.

Thou hast the church in love redeem'd,

Thou gav'st thyself for us; F. For married People. We know we are by thee 'esteem'd, 844. T. 22.

When we behold thy cross. LORD, who ordain'dst the married

2 Grant unto ev'ry married pair,

By chaste unfeigned love, state, When thou didst man at first create,

By meekness, patience, faith and pray'r,

And all we do to prove,
Thou who thy body's Saviour art,
To all of us thy grace împart.

That we, united unto thee,

Are truly one in heart;
2 The husbands sanctify and bless, Thus we shall live eternally
Thy mind upon their hearts impress, With thee, and never part.
Teach them thy Spirit to obey
In all they do, we humble pray.

847. 'T. 580.

To marry, led by fleshly schemes, 3 Unto the wives that grace dispense, And poison’d nature's foolish dreams, To cleave to thee with confidence,

Christians a curse esteem ;
Grant they may love thee fervently,
And walk in true humility,

They wish to marry in the Lord,

Direct their marriage by his word, 4 Wisdom and faithfulness afford, And in this state to live to him. To train our children, gracious Lord,

848. T. 166. That in thy knowledge they may grow. To be a happy married pair, Themselves & theetheir Saviour know.

Approv'd by Jesus in their course, 5 Lord Jesus! may each married pair Comes not from nature e'er so fair, In all their walk thy praise declare; But love to him must be the source; O may their rule in all things be,

Good'sense and prudence, with a mind The union of thy church with thee. To lead a virtuous life, is far

From answering God's purpose kind, 845.

For which we all ordained are, THE love which Jesus Christ displays 2 His Spirit teachęth us to know, Towards the church, his bride,

That we are sinners vile and base, None can describe, it far outweighs

And Jesus doth on as bestow All other love beside :

Remission of our sins, thro'

grace; Believing husbands are to prove, Thus we in all things richly prove By holy and unfeigned love

The Shepherd's care, and faithfulness, Towards their wives, that they indeed And, actuated by his love, (praise. Resemble Christ our Head.

In our whole walk show forth his

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T. 159

T. 9.

T. 16.

849. T. 341.

.: 852. * O MAY our married state,

LOOK on ev'ry married pair, In duties small and great,

Jesus! with compassion, In relations far and near,

Grant that each may richly share
In its trials numberless,

In thy great salvation.
In all cases whatsoe'er,
Serve Christ's holy name to bless.

2 Be thou with us, then indeed,

We shall lack no blessing, 2 May we, by Jesus' love

But with thee, O Christ, proceed, Constrained, clearly prove,

To meet joys unceasing. That we are his flock indeed,

Living branches in the Vine, 3 O may we in all we do Heav'nly plants, a holy seed,

Follow thy direction; Lights who in Christ's image shine! We commend ourselves anew

To thy kind protection. 850.

4 Let our children, gracious Lord, HEAD of thy blest congregation,

Share with us thy favor, Look on ev'ry married pair,

Grant they may be a reward Be our strength and our salvation,

Of thy death for ever. Keep us from all needless care. 2 For our sake, most gracious Saviour,

853. T. 22. Thou thy life and blood hast spent ; May we now in our behavior

O LORD, who number'st all our days, Thee and thy church represent. Who guardest us in all our ways, 3 No spoil'd creature had been able In whom we live, and move, and are, E’er to guide his steps aright

Who know'st our wants, and hearest In this state so venerable,

pray'r; Or to act as in thy sight;

2 To this thy handmaid grant thy peace, 4 Hadst thou not life and salvation Who comes to offer thanks and praise

By thy suff'rings for us gain'd, To thee, her faithful cov'nant-God, And thereby sanctification

For the support thou hast bestowd. For the married state obtain'd.

3 Thy pow'rful aid thou, gracious Lord, 5 Bless, O Lord, thy married people, In travail didst to her afford;

In thy blood, 0 wash us clean; Her sorrows now are turn’d to praise, Help us, for we're weak and feeble, Her sighs and tears to grateful lays. And preserve us from all sin,

4 O Shepherd of thy chosen sheep!

Both child and mother bless and keep, 851. T. 114.

May they enjoy in their degree HEAD of thy church! thy fatherly The fruits of thy humanity.

correction We have deserv'd: but pardon now

5 Endow the parents with thy love, impart,

And give them wisdom from above Give each of us a clean and docile heart;

To educate this child for thee, O grant that we may weigh with due As thy redeemed property. reflection

6 Grant us, and all our children, grace, The duties of the holy married state

So here on earth to run our race, While we 'for thy instruction humbly That we in heav'n may meet, and sing wait.

Eternal praise to thee, our King.


854. T. 581. Kind Shepherd, take each little lamb PARENTS, weigh before the Lord

Into thy faithful arms of love ;

Cause them to know thy saving name, The importance of your state;

And thy redeeming grace to prove. Learn from his most holy word, Your whole walk to regulate,

2 On us, their parents, grace bestow, That each to his family

That with care and faithfulness, May a blessed pattern be!

May lead them thee, our Lord to know, 2 All your children are his own,

T' obey thy word, and seek thy face.
He hath bought them with his blood! Teach us the duties of our state,
Unto him their souls are known,

To love each other heartily,
Full of sin and void of good!

Our children so to educate
Yet he saith most graciously,

That they may love and follow thee, « Suffer them to come to me !"

856. T. 83. 3 Tis by you they should be led In the way that leads to bliss;

IN this world, so full of snares, Grace is not inherited

Take our children in thy keeping; As a worldly fortune is,

Hear the parents' sighs and pray’rs, 'Tis free mercy, we must own,

When for them before thee weeping; And the gift of God alone.

Mercy for our children we,

Gracious Lord, implore of thee. 4. In this vain and wretched world Children are expos'd and try'd;

857. T. 586. Many are to ruin hurld, Few in Jesus Christ abide ;

MOST holy Lord, mankind's Creator, And no human prudence can

Who, to redeem us by thy death, Save the soul of fallen mạn.

Assumedst feeble human nature, 5 Here's a task, may parents think,

We call on thee in humble faith; Far beyond the reach of art;

O hear our fervent supplication,
But let not your courage sink,

Let all our children thy salvation,
Grace and wisdom he'll impart:

Thy tender love and care,
Your sincere endeavors bless, In largest measure share;

For thine they are. Hear your pray’rs, and grant success. 6 Hear, O Lord, a parent's pray'r,

Let my tears prevail 'fore thee!
How should I in heav'n appear,

G. For Widowers.
If my child were not with me!
Therefore thou my steps direct,

858. T. 22. Lest my duty I neglect.

IN God, the mighty Lord of hosts, 7. In thy grace my children keep,

A happy wid'wer gladly boasts ; That when once, on that great day, No trials need oppress the mind, Thou shalt come to seek thy sheep, For we in Christ may comfort find. I

may gladly to thee say: “ Here am I, thro' mercy free,

2 Whene'er by faith our Lord we see And each child thou gavest me!"

Clothed with frail humanity,

Bearing our griefs and sicknesses, 855. T. 166.

This doth alleviate all distress, OUR children, gracious Lord and God, 3 He is our Saviour and High-Priest,

With fervor we to thee commend, Who, when we suffer in the least, Thou hast redeem'd them by thy blood; Sustains us by his pow'r and grace,

They are by thee to bliss ordain'd. And in each hard and trying case,

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4 Yea, he supports us ev'ry day,

862. T. 112 He is our comfort, Help and Stay ; We'll trust his boundless love and pow'r

ON our God we will rely; Until our happy dying hour.

Boldly unto him draw nigh;

And the Lord our Righteousness
T. 22.

Both with hearts and voices bless, JESUS, accept the thanks and praise, 2 We can from experience trace, We wid'wers offer for the grace That, in ev'ry trying case, Which thou so richly hast display'd Jesus truly can impart Unto us, as the church's Head. Joy and comfort to the heart. 2 Grant that we all, with heart and 3 May we fix the eye of faith voice,

On our Lord's atoning death,
In thee, our Saviour, may rejoice ; Till we shall in heav'nly bliss
Let us, in our sabbatic state,

See our Saviour as he is.
The joys of heav'n anticipate.
3 Fill us with peace, and joy and love,
And our support in trials prove;
When weaknesses of age appear,
Keep thou our mind and senses clear. II. For Il'idou's.
4 This be our aim on earth, thy will
To seek in all things to fulfil;
And, when thou call'st, prepar'd to be


T. 22.
To leave this world and

to thee.

Tis true the lonely widow'd state 5 Then, at the end of all distress, We shall depart to thee in peace:

With various trials is replete, Meanwhile thy coming we await,

But Christ, the widow's faithful Friend, Like Simeon, ready thee to meet.

Will guide us safely to the end.

2 He saith to us repeatedly: 860. T. 14.

“ Cast all your burden upon me,

For I in all things kindly care JESUS, our Helper in all need,

For you, and in your troubles share." And comfort in distress, Thou art the wid’wer's only Stay

3 Therefore whate'er our trials be, And Hope in loneliness.

Or weaknesses, or poverty,

Sickness of body, soul's distress, 2 A foretaste of eternal joys, Or sorrows which we can't express;

O Lord, to us dispense,
And ʼmidst our weakness bear us up,

4 Our comfort is, he knows and feels

Whate'er his needy children ails; Till we are called hence.

He sympathizeth with the weak, 861. ' T. 167.

Relieves the poor, and heals the sick. THEY who for true consolation,

5 He graciously regards our pray'rs,

And counteth all our sighs and tears; Like old Simeon, humbly wait,

Afflictions, whether small or great, Shall behold the Lord's salvation,

His comforts can alleviate. Then their joy will be complete, May we follow his example, 6 Might we, like Anna persevere,

Trusting in God's promises, By day and night, in constant pray't, Wait for Jesus in his temple, And thus for his appearing wait,

Daily offer pray'r and praise. In joyful hope the Lord to meet.

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T. 22.

His care and faithfulness
GOD will the widows ne'er forsake,

We prove in ev'ry case.

2 The feeble he makes strong, To him we may our refuge take,

With us he beareth long, 1 And on his care and faithfulness Our whole dependence firmly place.

On him the weak can lean,

The youthful he keeps clean; 2 A widow, who her son belov'd Each


in him confide With tears bemoan'd, his pity mov'd; Whate'er


them betide. His mother he did recommend, When on


cross, to John, his friend. 3 Widows are objects of his care,

867. T. 74:
Since scripture plainly doth declare, O LORD, the widow's Friend,
That to the church this charge he gave, To us thy Spirit send,
Widows to honor and relieve.

Be in our husbands' place,
4 To Christ, Omay we closely cleave, Revive us with thy grace,
And in communion with him live; Give us whate'er we need
To love the Lord, be our first care,

Widows to be indeed. The next, to serve his people here. 5 Till we, who here must often

weep, In heav'n eternal joys shall reap;

868. T. 121. Till he shall say to us, “ Ye blest, BEHOLD us widows here, Enter into my joy and rest."

Lord Jesus, hear our pray'r :

Fill our hearts with gladness,
T, 185

O wipe away each tear,
WE with joy confess, beloved Saviour, Make thy face to shine

Dispelling all our sadness;
Thee, the widow's special Friend,

We are objects of thy love and favor :

us, we are thine. Thou on us thy life didst spend; Thou with more than husband's love

869. T. 184. dost lead us,

[us; $ Thy all-bounteous hand doth daily feed THOU art our comfort in all cases, All our wants thou dost supply;

Jesus, to thee O may we cleave! Thus our cruise is never dry. For all thy mercies give thee praises, 2 Thou hast promis'd for our con- In happy union with thee live! solation,

Whene'er we call, thou, Lord, wilt
That we shall not come behind
In the gifts, which to thy congregation And blessings on us all bestow,
Thou dispensest, of each kind;

Yea for that awful time prepare us,
May we, to thy service dedicated, When we in peace to thee shall go.
And for thee our Bridegroom decorated, 2 The needy share thy consolation,
For thy blest appearing wait;

The poor are objects of thy love, Then our bliss will be complete. Thou on the weakly hast compassion,

Thy sure support the aged prove: 866.

Thou helpest us in our distresses, CHRIST is the widow's Friend, Suppliest kindly all our wants ; Our cause he doth defend,

We'll cast each burden that oppresses All our complaints he hears,

On thee, who hearest our conAnd listens to our pray’rs,




hear us,

T. 74

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