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T. 14.

897. *

My Redeemer, dwell in me, 2 Thou my Rock, my Strength and
Let me sleep and wake with thee, Tower !
And perceive thy benediction,

While I sleep,--deign to keep
Both in joy and in affliction.

Watch from hour to hour;

Visit me with thy salvation ; 2 Ere I close my eyes in slumber,

Be thou near,—that thy care, While to rest I lay me down,



habitation. Let my grateful heart remember All the mercies thou hast shown;

899. T. 14 Fill me with thy sacred love, That I dream of things above,

REFRESH me, Lord, with grace die And bestow on me the favor

vine, Of thy presence, gracious Saviour. Unto thy cross I flee,

And to thy care my soul resign, 3 Pardon, Jesus, each transgression,

To be renew'd by thee.
Whether open or unknown,
Thus removing that oppression

2 Besprinkled with thy precious blood Under which I else should groan:

May I lie down to rest,
I confess the guilt of sin,

As in th' embraces of my God,
But thy blood can make me clean; Or on my Saviour's breast,
Hear, O Lord, my supplication,
Grant me joy and consolation,

CHRIST's precious bloood, which

from each vein T. 164.

Our sin and curse forth press’d, IN will I lie down to sleep;

When overwhelm'd with grief and peace O faithful Lord and Saviour,


His soul was sore amaz'd;
Me under thy protection keep,
Let me enjoy thy favor!

2 May that refresh us while we sleep, Ev'n death I need not fear,

And sanctify our rest, If thou to me art near;

And while we dream our spirit keep For who with Jesus shuts his eyes, With him in union blest. He also doth with Jesus rise. 2 As of this night as my pulse beats

901. T. 580. My spirit would embrace thee;

NO farther go to night, but stay, Oft as my heart its throbs repeats Dear Saviour, till the break of day. May I adore and praise thee;

Turn in, my Lord, with me; Thus I can go to rest

And in the morning when I wake In thy communion blest,

Me under thy protection take, United unto thee by faith ;

Thus day and night I spend with Thou art my joy, in life and death.

902.* T. 580. 898. T. 157

To rest I now again retire,
ERE I sleep, for ev'ry favor, Thou know'st thy presence I desire,
Which my God hath bestow'd, Of thee I wish to dream;
I will bless


Still near to thee hy faith to keep, O my

Lord ! 'what shall I render And taste thy goodness while I sleep, Unto thee Thou shalt be,

Who didst my soul by blood reThis night my Defender.




T. 16.


903.* T. 68.

Cradle Hymn.
JESUS, hear our pray'r,
For thy children care,

T. 22.
While we sleep, protect and bless us,
With thy pardon now refresh us;

SLEEP well, dear child! sleep safe Leave thy peace divine

sound, With us, we are thine.

The holy angels thee surround,
Who always see thy Father's face,

And never slumber nights nor days.
Cradle Hymn.

2 God fill thee with his heav'nly

light, 904.

To steer thy christian course aright; HUSH, dear child, lie still and slumber, Make thee a tree of blessed root,

Hely angels guard thy bed! That ever bends with godly fruit. Heav'nly blessings without number

3 Those children are to God most Gently falling on thy head.

dear, 2 Sleep, my babe; thy food and rai-Who him with rev'rence, love and

ment, House and home, thy friends provide, And infants are by Jesus Christ All without thy care and payment,

Most kindly bless'd, and highly priz'd. All thy wants are well supply'd.

4 Are not the joys of God above 3 How much better thou’rt attended Giv'n to the children of his love ?

Than the Son of God could be, He who desires to see his face, When from heaven he descended,

Must here become a child of grace. And became a child like thee.

5 Be thou, dear child, in thy degree 4 Soft and easy is thy cradle,

Like Jesus, in his infancy: Coarse and hard thy Saviour lay,

He soon did ev'ry grace display, When his birth-place was a stable, Tho' he was God, he learnt t'obey.

And his softest bed was hay. 6 He hath, by all he did and said, 5 Was there nothing but a manger

For thee rich blessings merited;
Cursed sinners could afford, 'Twas thine entailed misery
To receive the heav'nly Stranger,

Made him become a child like thee. Did they thus neglect our Lord? 7 If thou partakest of his grace, 6 See the joyful shepherds round him, Thou wilt enjoy that happiness,

Telling wonders from the sky! Which our incarnate God regain'd Where they sought him, there they For all whom Adam's sin had stain'd. found him,

8 Soon in this world will finish'd be With his virgin-mother by.

The task God may design for thee; 7 'Twas to save thee, child, from dying, May'st thou, when this short life is That thy blest Redeemer came ;

o'er, He by groans

and bitter crying With Jesus live for evermore. Saved thee from burning flame,

9 Sleep now, dear child, and take thy 8 May'st thou livetoknow and fear him,

rest; Trust and love him all thy days; If thou with riper years art blest, Then go dwell for ever near him, Increase in wisdom and in grace,

See his face, and sing his praise. Till thou shalt see thy. Saviour's face.. T. 595.


C. Before and after Meals.


SURE God is present here,
T. 14.

His gifts demand our praise; FOUNTAIN of being, Source of The present instance of his care good!

Speaks him a God of grace. By thy almighty breath

2 In him we live and move, The creature proves our bane or food, In him our being have; Dispensing life or death.

We thank thee, Jesus, Source of love, 2 Thee we address in humble pray'r,

Who cam'st our souls to save.
Vouchsafe thy gifts to crown;
Father of all, thy children hear,
And send a blessing down.

910. T. 11. 3 May we enjoy thy saving grace,

JESUS' mercies never fail, Thy goodness taste and see, This we prove at ev'ry meal ; Athirst for blood-bought righteousness, Lord, we thank thee for thy grace, And hungry after thee.

Gladly join to sing thy praise.

2 Lord, the gifts thou dost bestow, T. 10.

Can refresh and cheer us too ; To God the Lord be praises

But no gift can to the heart

Be what thou our Saviour art.
For all the gifts and graces
He hath to us dispensed,

3 Praise our God! it is but just,
E’er since our lives commenced. He hath rais'd us from the dust,
2 No blessing he denieth,

Gave us being, gave us breath,

Saves us from eternal death.
Us all with food supplieth,
Grants us his preservation
In ey'ry age and station.


T. 79. 908. T. 90.

WHAT praise to thee, my Saviour, THOU sov'reign Author of all good, Is due for ev'ry favor,

Whose providence for all doth care, Ev'n for my daily food!
Giver of life, of health, and food, Each crumb thou dost allow me,

Be present with thy children here, With gratitude shall bow me,
And to our use oh sanctify

Accounting all for me too good, The gifts thy bounty doth supply. 2 Allcreatures, Lord, on thee depend, And by thy pow'r and bounty live;

912. T. 22. May we each blessing thou dost send

With truly grateful hearts receive, BE present at our table, Lord! In ev'ry gift thou dost dispense Be here and ev'ry where ador'd; Admiring thy wise providence. From thy all-bounteous hand our food 3 Wecan't thy boundless mercies share, May we receive with gratitude. And thee, the Spring of life, forget; 2'We humbly thank thee, Lord our

God, For all thy goodness, love and care,

Our thanks we offer at thy feet. For all thy gifts on us bestow'd; Lord, may we always taste thy grace, And pray thee, graciously to grant Until we end our mortal race. The food which day by day we want,

1 1

918. *

913. T. 22.

916. T. 157. LORD, bless what thou provided JESUS, thou art my salvation! ! hast!

Bow thine

my pray'r,

that we at this repast Grant my supplication : May have, in all we think or do, Lo! thou seest me here a stranger; The glory of our God in view. Unto memgracious be ;

Lord, avert all danger. 2 Thy name be hallow'd evermore, O God, thy kingdom come with pow'r, 2 In distress be thou

my Saviour; Thy will be done, and every day Hear my pray'rssee my tears, Give us our daily bread, we pray. Show thy servant favor.

Thro' life's journey safely lead me; 3 Lord, evermore to us be giv'n

Guide my way,--lest I stray
That living Bread which came from

From the hand that made me.
Water of life on us bestow,
Which doth from thee, the Fountain,


T. 22. flow!

LORD, in thy name we go our way;

Be thou our Guide, Support and Stay, D. For Travellers.

Protect us by thy mighty hand,

Where'er we go by sea or land. 914. T. 580. A STRANGER and a pilgrim I

T. 26. With thy command, O Lord, comply, LORD, let thy presence with us go,

I go where thou dost send: My high commission I obey,

Throughout our journey us direct, The toil and dangers of the way

Thy angels guard us and protect, Shall all in lasting comforts end.

Yea, prosper thou whate'er we do. 2 Attend me, Lord, in all my ways; Open my lips to sing thy praise

919. T. 583 For blessings freely giv'n:

PRESERVE this ship and company, In all my journies here below Let thy kind presence with me go; Yea, grant me once to rest in heav'n. And thy protecting aid to them afford;

Be their support when waves and tem915. T. 580.

pests roar, THE Lord be with me ev'ry where,

And bring them safely to their destin'd

shore. And screen me with paternal care

By his almighty arm.
No trav'ller needs to faint or fear,
If he believes the Lord is near,

920. Who can protect him from all harm. WHEN Jesus calls we ready stand, 2 By sea and land, by night and day, Our future life is in his hand; O Lord, in safety me convey,

Tho' separated for a time, Tho' winds and thunders roar. We yet continue one in him; Bring me, when ev'ry peril's past, And therefore, while we part, need Safe to the destin'd place at last, not complain,

There to extol thy help and pow'r. As if we never were to meet again.

O Lord,

T. 97

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13 When flesh decays, when vigor fails, 921. T. 14.

He will thy strength and portion be; BLEST be that sacred cov'nant love, Support thy weakness, bear thy ails, Uniting tho' we part;

And softly whisper, “ trust in me." Our bodies may far off remove,

Himself will be thy helping Friend, We still are one in heart.

Thy good Physician, yea thy Nurse, 2 Join'd in one spirit to our Head,

* To make thy bed will condescend, Where he appoints, we go,

And from affliction take the curse. And still in Jesus' footsteps tread,

* Psalm xli. 3. Show forth his praise below.

923. T. 22. 3 Oh, may we ever walk with him, And nothing know beside,

THO’I'm in body full of pain, Nought else desire, nought else esteem, My soul doth heav'nly comfort gain; But Jesus crucify'd.

And, should I die, I'm not afraid, 4 Nor joy nor grief, nor time nor

Since Jesus suffer'd in my stead. place,

2 Yet one thing will I ask of thee; Nor life nor death can part Never, O Lord, forsake thou me; Those, who enjoying Jesus' grace,

But bless me often, keep my mind In him are one in heart.

Stay'd on thy help, to thee resign'd. 5 Soon will he wipe off ev'ry tear,

3 Then I shall be supremely blest, On Canaan's blissful shore,

Nor ask, tho' sick, to be releas'd; Where all, who friends in Jesus are,

I'll wait thy time, thy love I feel, Shall meet to part no more.

I know thou rulest all things well.

924. T. 22.
My body's weak, my heart unclean,

I pine with sickness, and with sin;
E. For the Sick. My strength decays, my spirits droop,

Bow'd down with guilt, I can't look up.

2 To thee, O Lord, in faith I turn, 922. T. 166.

Who all my sicknesses hast borne; WHEN pining sickness wastes the Sin thou hadst none, and yet didst die frame,

For guilty sinners, such as I. Acute disease or weak’ning pain; 3 Sin's rankling sores my soul corrode, When life fast spends its feeble flame, Oh, heal them with thy precious blood;

And all the help of man proves vain ; And if thou wilt my health restore, Joy less and flat all things appear, Lord, let me ne'er offend thee more.

Languid the spirits, weak the flesh, No med cines ease, nor cordials cheer,


T. 22. Food can't support, nor sleep refresh; 2 Then, then to have recourse to God, The Lamb of God, who dy'd for me;

OH, HOW I long to go and see
To pray to him in time of need,
And feel the balm of Jesus' blood,

How do I languish, night and day,

To hear him bid me come away!
This is to find a Friend indeed.
And this, O christian, is thy lot,

2 He loves and values me; I him ; Who cleavest to the Lord by faith, Therefore I all things dross esteem He'll never leave thee (doubt it not) But my dear Jesus, whom I prize In pain, in sickness, or in death. Above my life, or earth, or skies.

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