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My life I now to God resign,
At his decree I'll not repine,
Will he prolong my mournful days,
He'll help me, well to end my race.

2 I go hence at th' appointed hour,
Nor would I wish to go before,
My hairs the Lord hath number'd all,
Without his will not one can fall.
3 Lord, what is man! a clod of earth,
A needy mortal from his birth,
Brought nothingwith him when he came,
And naked leaves this earthly frame.
4 Teach us to number so our days,
That we apply to wisdom's ways,
Knowing how swift our moments fly,
That all, both young and old, must die,
5 This is the fruit of Adam's fall;
Death, like a conqu'ror, seiz'd on all;
Sin gives him pow'r, there is no place,
Exempt from his continual chace.

6 Evil and few, as Jacob says,
Alas! I count my pilgrim-days;
When God shall call his servant home,
In hope of joy I'll meet the tomb.
7 How could I bear the guilt of sin,
Assailing me without, within,
Did I not know, God
his Son,
Who did for all my sins atone!

8 'Tis he, my Saviour Jesus Christ, Who for my sins was sacrific'd, And rose triumphant from the grave, That he my soul from death might save. 9 To him I yield my life and breath, His love will guide my soul thro' death, And bring me to that blissful place, Where I shall see him face to face. 10 My flesh meanwhile doth rest in hope, Till in his likeness raised up; Out of his hands no dust shall fall, My body he'll to life recall.

11 This gives me comfort and relief, In all my greatest pain and grief; He'll wipe away my ev'ry tear, When he in glory shall appear.

12 Humbly,Lord Christ, I thee address; Ah! clothe me in thy righteousness; Within thy wounds I crave a place, There is my only happiness.

13 Amen! thou sov'reign God of love, O grant that when we hence remove, Our souls, redeemed by thy blood, May find in thee their sure abode ! 951.* T. 22.

LORD Jesus, Fountain of my life! Sole comfort in this world of strife! and opprest,


I come both
And pray, Lord, take my soul to rest!
2 When I shall yield my dying breath,
Support me by thy bitter death;
Thy mercy is my only plea;
Thy bonds have gain'd my liberty.
3 By all thou hast for me endur'd,
Thou hast eternal life procur'd;
Thy shame, reproach and thorny crown,
Gain'd for me glory and renown!
4 Thy stripes have me, a sinner, heal'd;
My pardon with thy blood is seal'd;
Thy agony, thy dying breath
Redeem'd me from eternal death.
5 Unto my heart when speech I want,
The utt'rance of thy Spirit grant:
O that my soul to heav'n may rise,
When death in darkness seals my eyes.

6 What songs of everlasting joy
Shall mine and angel's tongues employ!
How shall we to eternity
Exalt thy love and mercy free!

952. T. 22.

CHRIST's bitter death shall sweeten
My soul I to his care resign; [mine;
Since he laid down his life for me,
He'll keep me to eternity.

2 How glad am I, that I have known
What he to ransom me hath done!
How glad am I, that I believe,
Die when I will, he'll me receive!
3 Thanks be to thee, my gracious Lord,
That thou hast all my curse endur'd;
Nor doth the grave to me appear
A terror, since thou restedst there.

953.* T. 132.
JESUS, by thy almighty pow'r
My soul from death deliver,
In that important awful hour,
When soul and body sever;
Into thy ever faithful hand
My spirit will I then commend,

I trust thou wilt receive it.

2 Tho' guilt would fill my soul with dread,

Despair and consternation,

I know I need not be afraid,

Since Christ is my salvation [death, His precious blood, his wounds and Shall, when I draw my latest breath, Be my support and comfort.

3 I of his body am a limb,

This is my consolation;

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T. 232.

And death between my soul and him LORD, let thy blest angelic bands

Shall make no separation; He in me, I in him abide, In him, who for me liv'd and dy'd, I've found life everlasting.

4 Since he did from the dead arise, And then ascend victorious, I likewise in the hope rejoice,

To rise again more glorious; Thus free from fear, I can in peace Depart to see him as he is,

And live with him for ever.

954. T. 582.

THE spirits of the just,

Confin'd in bodies, groan,

Convey my soul into thy hands,

When soul and body sever; My body, tho' reduc'd to dust, Thou wilt (O Lord, I firmly trust) Once raise to live for ever. Then shall I see thee face to face, In everlasting joy and peace, And sing, with all the saints above, The wonders of redeeming love. O Christ, my Lord, :||: I'll thee adore Here, and above, for evermore.

957. T. 582.

CONFIDING in thy name,

Jesus, the church's Head,

Till death consigns the corpse to dust, We give to earth the breathless frame,

And then the conflict's done.

2 Jesus, who came to save,

(The Lamb for sinners slain,). Hath sanctify'd the gloomy grave, And made ev'n death our gain. 3 Why should we fear to trust

The place where Jesus lay? He'll raise our bodies from the dust, And unto life convey.

4 Sin's pardon'd-I'm secure ; Death hath no sting beside:

The law gives sin condemning pow'r, But Jesus for me dy'd.

Rememb'ring thou wast dead:

A bitter death indeed

Was thine, O Lamb of God;
But from the curse thou hast us freed,
By thy atoning blood.

2 O death where is thy sting?
O grave, thy victory?

He that believes in Christ can sing :
"He hath redeemed me!"
Trusting in him by faith
We now the vict❜ry gain;
In him we triumph over death,
Who for us rose again.

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Of Christ's Coming to Judgment.

96.3.* T. 132.

sure that awful time will come, When Christ, the Lord of glory, Shall from his throne give men their doom,

And change things transitory:
This will strike dumb each impious jeer,
When all will be consum'd by fire,

And heav'n and earth dissolved.

2 The wak'ning trumpet all shall hear,
The dead shall then be raised,
And 'fore the judgment-seat appear,
On th' right and left hand placed;
Those in the body at that time
Shall, in a manner most sublime,

Endure a transmutation.

3 Woe then to him, that hath despis'd,
God's word and revelation,
And here done nothing but devis'd

His lust's gratification;
Then how confounded will he stand,
When he must go, at Christ's command,
To everlasting torment!

4 When all withawe shall stand around
To hear their doom allotted,
O may my worthless name be found
In the Lamb's book unblotted;
Grant me that firm, unshaken faith
That thou, my Saviour, by thy death,

Hast purchas'd my salvation.

5. Before thou shalt as judge appear,

Plead as my Intercessor; And on that awful day declare

That I am thy confessor,
Then bring me to that blessed place
Where I shall see, with open
The glory of thy kingdom.
6 O Jesus, shorten the delay,

And hasten thy salvation,
That we may see that glorious day
Produce a new creation :

Lord Jesus, come, our Judge and King,
Come, change our mournful notes, to

Thy praise for ever! Amen.

964. T. 581.

HARK! the trump of God is heard,
And th' archangel's voice on high;
Yea, the Lord himself descends

With a shout that rends the sky;
Lo! the bars of death are burst,
See the dead in Christ rise first ;
2 His blest people, still on earth,

In a moment chang'd, all rise
In the clouds, caught up with them,
Meet their Saviour in the skies;
Fears and doubts are far remov'd,
Him they see, whom here they lov'd.
3 See this transient mortal life
Swallow'd up eternally!
Death, O death, where is thy sting?
Thanks to God, thro' Christ we have
Where, O grave, thy victory?
Vict'ry over death and grave.
4 Now all tears are wip'd away;

Free from curse and free from pain,
All Christ's people now with him

Kings and priests for ever reign.
Henceforth his unbounded grace
Is their theme of endless praise.
5 In the hope of all this joy,

Brethren, let us still be found;
Stedfast in the faith of Christ,

May we all in love abound,
Till we shall, when time is o'er,
Live with him for evermore.

965. T. 585.

LO! he cometh! countless trumpets
Christ's appearance usher in!
'Midst ten thousand saints and angels
See our Judge and Saviour shine!
Hallelujah! :||:

Welcome, welcome, slaughter'd Lamb!

2 Now the song of all the saved,
Worthy is the Lamb! resounds:
Now resplendent shine his nail-prints,
Ev'ry eye
shall see his wounds!
They who pierc'd him :||:
Shall at his appearing wail.

S Ev'ry island, sea, and mountain,

Earth and heaven flee away;
All his enemies confounded

Hear the trump proclaim his day:
Come to judgment! :||:

Stand before the Son of man!

4 All who love him view his glory,
In his bright, once marred face:
Jesus cometh, all his people

Now their heads with gladness raise:
Happy mourners! :||:

Lo, on clouds he comes! he comes!
5 See redemption, long expected,
On that awful day appear;
All his people, once despised,
Joyful meet him in the air:
Hallelujah! :||:

Now the promis'd kingdom comes !
T. 590.
MY faith shall triumph o'er the grave,
And trample on the tombs;
My Jesus, my Redeemer lives,

My God, my Saviour comes:
Ere long I know he shall appear
In pow'r and glory great;
And death, the last of all his foes,
Lie vanquish'd at his feet.

2. Then, tho' the worms my flesh devour,
And make my corpse
I know I shall arise with pow'r,
On the last judgment-day:
When God shall stand upon the earth,
Him these mine eyes shall see,
My flesh shall feel a second birth,
And ever with him be.

3 Then hisown hand shall wipe the tears
From ev'ry weeping eye;
And pains, & groans, & griefs, and fears,
Shall cease eternally;
How long, dear Saviour, O how long
Shall this bright hour delay ?
Oh, hasten thy appearance, Lord,
And bring the welcome day.

967. T. 14.

WHEN rising from the bed of death,
O'erwhelm'd with guilt and fear,

I see my Maker face to face,
Oh, how shall I appear?

12 If yet while pardon may be found,

Thy mercy I've not sought,
My heart with inward horror shrinks,
And trembles at the thought:

3 That thou, O Lord, wilt stand disclos'd
In majesty severe,

And sit in judgment on my soul;
How then shall I appear?

4 But thou declarest in thy word,
That sinners who to thee,
While here they live, repenting turn,
Shall live eternally.

5 Grant that I never may despair
Full pardon to obtain,
Since Jesus Christ, to save my soul,
Upon the cross was slain.

968. T. 166.
ACCORDING to my state on earth
They who have felt the second birth,
Will the decisive sentence be;

The second death shall never see;
But if from hence I take my flight
A captive to the tyrant sin,
Farewel to ev'ry cheering light,
A scene of darkness must begin.

969.* T. 592.

THIS transient world is not our home,
No soul finds here or rest, or bliss;
The man by this vain world o'ercome
Will of salvation surely miss:
Jesus alone yields comfort true,

Jesus is pleasure void of pain;
His mercies ev'ry day are new,

His friendship's fire doth still remain.
The scorn'd selected few thrice happyare
Who have in Jesus' love & gracea share.
2 His shame to all will be display'd,

However specious here his dress, Who is not in the robe array'd

Of Jesus' perfect righteousness; Who of Christ's fulness ne'er receiv'd, Will tremble at the judgment-day; However righteous here believ'd,

Then naked must he go away :[they Haste then to Jesus Christ; thrice happy Who to the mercy-seat have found their way!

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