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3 Of life the Fountain thou ! Kept by thy almighty hand, I know, I feel it now.

Saviour, who shall pluck me thence ? Faint and dead no more I droop; Faith supports, by faith I stand,

Thou reviv'st me, thy supplies By the faith thou dost dispense.
Ev'ry moment springing up,
Unto life eternal rise.

216. T. 22. 4 Thou the good Shepherd art;

COME, worship at Immanuel's feet; From thee I'll never part.

Behold in him what wonders meet!

Words are too feeble to express
Thou my Keeper and my Guide,
Watch me still with tender care ;

His worth, his glory, or his grace.
Gently lead me by thy side,

2 Christ is our Head; each member Kindly in thy bosom bear.


And owns the vital pow'r he gives : 5 Thou art my daily Bread!

The saints below, and saints above, O Christ, thou art my Head ! Countless benefits on me,

Join’d by his Spirit, and his love. As thy body's member flow; 3 He is the Vine; his heav'nly root Nourish'd I, and fed by thee, Supplies each branch with life and Up to thee in all things grow.

fruit :

O may a lasting union join 6 Prophet, to me reveal

My soul, as branch, to Christ the Vine ! Thy Father's perfect will. Never mortal spake like thee;

4. He is the Rock; how firm he proves ! Lord, may I by thee be taught, The Rock of ages never moves: May I listen eagerly

But the sweetstreams that from him flow, To thy words, with comfort fraught. Attend us all the desert through. 7 High-priest, on thee I call, 5 He is the Sun of Righteousness, Thy blood aton'd for all.

Diffusing light, and joy, and peace : Thou dost still in heav'n above What healing in his beams appears, As the Lamb once slain appear;

To chase our clouds and dry our tears! There remember me in love,

6 Yet faintly to us mortals here Plead for me a sinner there.

His glory, grace and worth appear; 8 Jesus, thou art my King, His beauties we shall clearly trace, Praises to thee I sing.

When we behold him face to face.


Of the Holy Ghost, and his Gifts and Operations.
T. 203

12 Thou Light divine! most gracious

Lord !
COME, Holy Ghost! come, Lord Revive us by thy holy word,
our God!

And teach thy flock in truth to call
And shed thy heav'nly gifts abroad On God, the Father of us all :
On us, and unto ev'ry heart

From all strange doctrines us preserve, True faith and fervent love impart.

No other masters may we serve, O Lord, who by thy heav'nly light, But Christ, who is our only Saviour ! Hastcalled thy church from sinful night, In him we will confide for ever. Out of all nations, tribes and places;

Hallelujah ! :: To thee we render thanks and praises. 3 O Holy Ghost ! kind Comforter!

Hallelujah! :||: Help us, with watchfulness and pray'r, K

Guide us,

'Midst various trials thee t'obey, 2 Thou heav'nly Teacher, thee we And never from the truth to stray : praise O Lord, by thy almighty grace,

For thy instruction, pow'r and grace, Prepare us so to run our race,

To love the Father, who doth own That we by thy illumination,

Us as his children in the Son. May gain heav'n's glorious habitation. 3 Thee of ourselves we could not

Hallelujah! :/

know, Till thou, O Lord, didst clearly show

The sin of unbelief to us, 218.* T. 58.

Of enmity to Jesus' cross. GOD Holy Ghost, in mercy us pre- 4 When this we felt to be our case,

Then Jesus' blood and righteousness serve, That we from Jesus' doctrine never Unto our hearts thou didst reveal,

Imparting thus thy pard’ning seal. swerve,

till to finish our race per- 5 Most gracious Comforter, we pray, mitted

O lead us further every day! To Jesus' presence we shall be admit. Thy unction to us all impart, ted.

mercy, Lord ! Preserve and sanctify each heart.

6 Till we in heav'n shall take our seat, 2 O grant us thy divine, thy saving Instruct us often to repeat,

light, That we may understand Christ's With Christ, in union constantly.

“ Abba, our Father!" and to be mind aright, That we may in Jesus abide for ever, Who gain’d a place in heav'n for each

T. 58. believer. Have mercy, Lord! THOU Comforter and Guide of Jesus' 3 Thou Source of love, God Holy

train, Ghost, inspire

Who dost thyself her ministers ordain, Our lifeless souls with love's celestial Look on us in mercy,grant us thy favor,

Our souls and bodies we devote for May we, as Christ's members, be join'd


O Lord, to thee. together

2 Where'er we look around, both far In unity, and truly love each other. Have mercy, Lord! The pow'rand glory of the Lord appear,

And such flocks of Jesus are mul4 Othou our highest comfort in all tiplying, need,

Who only wish to live, themselves Grant that we neither shame nor death denying,

Unto thy praise. may dread;

3 Othou life-giving Stream! the earth Should we even suffer hard persecution,

o'erflow, O give us grace to stand without con. Whatever would obstruct thy course, fusion. Lord! break through,

[tion, O most gracious Spirit! hear our peti

Teach all to turn to Jesus with contri219.* T. 22.

Thy office 'tis. To thee, God Holy Ghost, we pray, 4 We pray thee fill us all with Jesus' Who lead'st us in the gospel-way, Those precious gifts on us bestow, That we may in his service faithful Ich from our Saviour's merits flow.

220. *

fire :

and near,

Have mercy,





the grace,


6 Have patience with us sinners ey'ry That thus we may show, day,

In our whole behaviour, that Jesus we Forgive us all our trespasses we pray ;

know. O instruct & warn us without cessation; 17 Grant us to increase And with thy peace, thy love and con.

In knowledge and solation, Fill all our hearts. Rejoicing by faith

grace, 7 Of Christ we'll gladly testify each In Jesus' atonement, wrought out by hour,

his death. Until his kingdom shall appear with pow'r;

224. *

T. 22. Then will all see clearly, how thou O Comforter, God Holy Ghost ! hast trained

Thou heav'nly gifts on us bestow'st; God's children, when they once shall The Pledge of our salvation art,

have attained To bliss complete. And bear’st thy witness in our heart: 8 Blest Comforter, vouchsafe us all 2 The sheep of Jesus, which were lost,

Thou callest, teaching them to trust To'yield thee joy for thy great faith- For help, forgiveness, peace and grace, fulness,

In him, the Lord our Righteousness. For thy love and patience; from sin protect us,

3 Thy unction freely dost impart And in the narrow way to life direct To ev'ry poor and contrite heart, Thou heav'nly Guide! Which Jesus as the Saviour knows,

From whom alone salvation flows. 223.* T. 4.

4. The feeble şouls thou dost sustain, O SPIRIT of grace!

Anointest all the witness train; Thy kindness we praise,

Keepest believers in the faith,

And art their Guide in life and death. In showing to us, That life and salvation proceed from 5 Who can thy operations trace, Christ's cross.

Thy kindness, patience, truth & grace, 2 In darkness we stray'd,

Whichọn God's children thou bestow'st Until we were led

Comforter, God Holy Ghost!
By thee to believe,
That Jesus, our Saviour, will sinners

225. T. 583. receive.

O Holy Ghost, within my soul repeat 3 Qur hearts thou didst cheer,

Those blessings which once made this Dispelling all fear;

day so great; We humbly could claim

[name. Breathe thou upon me with that heav'nSalvation and pardon in Jesus' dear

ly wind, 4 Grant us to obey

That it refresh and purify my mind. Thy teachings, we pray,

2 Kindle within me, and o Spirit of love,

[to prove: fire, And thankful to thee, for thy mercies, which will with holy love my breast 5 We wish to afford

inspire, To Jesus, our Lord,

And with an active zeal my soul inflame For his bitter pain,

[train. To do thy will, and glorify thy name. Joy, honor and glory, 'midst his chosen 3 Endow me richly with thy gifts and 6. Otherefore impart

grace Thyself to each heart,

To fit me for the duties of my place:

preserve that “ Thou art my

So open thou my lips, my heart to raise, Jesus, who did for sinners die, That both my heart and lips may give Hath surely dy'd for me. thee praise.

2 No man can truly say
4 As in thy temple,keep thou residence That Jesus is the Lord,
Within my soul, and never part from Unless thou take the veil away,

And breathe the living word:
Until I'm fitted and prepar'd by thee Then, only then we feel
Life to exchange for immortality. Our int'rest in his blood,

And cry with joy unspeakable,
226. T. 582.

Lord, my

God!" COME, Holy Spirit, come, 3 O that the world might know Let thy bright beams arise ;

The all-atoning Lamb ! Dispel the darkness from our minds,

Spirit of faith, descend and show And open all our eyes.

The virtue of his name ; 2 Revive our drooping faith,

which all


Qur doubts and fears remove; The saving pow'r, impart;
And kindle in our breast the flame O testify to all mankind
Of never-ceasing love.

And speak in ev'ry heart! 3 of our sip,

Then lead to Jesus' blood; And to our stubborn hearts reveal

228. T. 14. The hidden love of God. 4 Tis thine to cleanse the heart,

COME, Holy Ghost, eternal God, To sanctify the soul,

Proceeding from above, To pour

fresh life on ev'ry part, Both from the Father and the Son, And new-create the whole.

Thou God of peace and love. 5 If thou, O Comforter! Thine influence withdraw,

2 Thou art the only Comforter

In all our soul's distress; What easy victims soon we fall

Thou showest us our unbelief, To conscience and the law !

And Christ's redeeming grace. 6 No longer burns our love; Our faith and courage fail;

3 Thou dost thy sanctifying gifts

Unto the church impart; Our sin revives, and death and hell

Writest God's holy, precious law Our feeble souls assail.

On each believer's heart. 7 Dwell therefore in our hearts ;

Our minds from bondage free: 4 Thy holy unction pow'r affords Then shall we know, and praise, and

The gospel to proclaim : love

By thee enabled, we set forth The Father, Son, and Thee,

Salvation in Christ's name. 227. T. 582.

5 Assist and strengthen us, O Lord!

Thou know'st we all are frail : SPIRIT of truth, come down,

Grant, neither Satan, world, nor flesh, Reveal the things of God,

May o'er Christ's flock prevail. Make thou to us Christ's Godhead known,

6 Cause all disharmony and strife Apply his precious blood.

In Christendom to cease: His merits glorify,

And give to all the flocks of Christ That each may clearly see,

Love, union, truth, and peace.

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