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I view the Lamb in his own light,
Whom angels dimly see:
And gaze, transported at the sight,
To all eternity.


T. 90.

O CAN it be that I should gain

An int'rest in the Saviour's blood?
Dy'd he for me, who caus'd his pain?
For me, to make my peace with God?
Amazing love! how can it be,
That Jesus deign'd to die for me?
2 'Tis myst'ry all; my Maker dies!
Who can explore his vast design?
In vain the highest seraph tries
To sound the depths of love divine;
When this became my only plea
He freely pardon'd sinful me.

3 He left his Father's throne above,
So free, so infinite his grace!
Compell❜d by everlasting love,

He bled for Adam's helpless race; 'Tis mercy all, immense and free, I know that Jesus saved me. 4 Long my imprison'd spirit lay Fast bound in sin and nature's night; His eyes diffus'd a quick'ning ray, I' woke, the dungeon flam'd with light,

My chains fell off immediately,

I rose, went forth, my heart was free.

[blocks in formation]

S Sure never till my latest breath

Can I forget that look;

It seem'd to charge me with his death,
Tho' not a word he spoke.

4 My conscience felt, and own'd the

And plung'd me in despair;
I saw my sins his blood had spilt,
And help'd to nail him there.

5 Alas! I knew not what I did;
But now my tears are vain ;
Where shall my trembling soul be hid?
For I the Lord have slain.

6 A second look he gave, which said,
"I freely all forgive;
This blood is for thy ransom paid,

I die, that thou may'st live."

7 Thus, while his death my sin displays
In all its blackest hue,
(Such is the mystery of grace)
It seals my pardon too.

8 With pleasing grief and mournful joy,
My spirit now is fill'd,
That I should such a life destroy,
Yet live by him I kill'd.

290. T. 582.

NOT all the blood of beasts

On Jewish altars slain,
Could give the guilty conscience peace,
Or wash away the stain.

2 Christ, the true Paschal Lamb,
Takes all our sins away;
A sacrifice of nobler name,

And richer blood than they.
3 My faith would lay the hand

On that dear head of thine,
While like a penitent I stand,

And there confess my sin.
4 Lord, I look back to see

The burdens thou didst bear, When hanging on the shameful tree; And know my guilt was there.

5 Believing we rejoice

Our curse he did remove; Webless the Lamb with cheerful voice, And sing his bleeding love.

291. T. 151. HOW lost was my condition, Till Jesus made me whole! There is but one Physician


Can cure a sin-sick soul!
Near unto death he found me,
And snatch'd me from the
To tell to all around me,
His wond'rous pow'r to save.
2 A dying, risen, Jesus,

Seen by the eye of faith,
At once from danger frees us,
And saves the soul from death:
Come then, to this Physician,
His help he'll freely give,
He makes no hard condition,
'Tis only-look and live.

292. T. 96.

O Thou, who pardon canst impart,
Thy pard'ning grace I wish to feel;
Give life unto my lifeless heart,

And my diseases kindly heal:
Hear, Jesus, hear my feeble moan,
And me as thine in mercy own.
2 Vain are all other helps beside,
Such favours only from thee flow;
Other physicians have I try'd,

Yet only worse and worse I grow:
Give me by faith on thee to lean,


3 I'll never cease repeating
My numberless complaints,
But ever be intreating

Thee, glorious King of saints,
To form me in thine image,
And fill my soul with love,
Till I to thee my homage
Pay with the saints above.

294. T. 22.

THE one thing needful, that good part,
Which Mary chose with all her heart,
I would pursue with heart and mind,
And seek unweary'd till I find.

2 Hidden in Christ the treasure lies,
That goodly pearl of so great price;
No other way but Christ there is
To endless happiness and bliss.
3 But Oh, I'm blind and ignorant,
Thy Holy Spirit, Lord, I want,
To guide me in the narrow road
That leads to happiness and God.
4 My mind enlighten with thy light,
That I may understand aright
The glorious gospel-mystery,
Which shows the way to heav'n and thee.
5 O Jesus Christ, my Lord and God,
Who hast redeem'd me by thy blood;
By faith unite my heart to thee,

say unto me: "Be thou clean."That we may never parted be.

293. T. 151.

MY Lord, how great the favor,

That I a sinner poor,
Can, thro' thy blood's sweet savor,
Approach thy mercy-door!
And find an open passage
Unto the throne of grace,
Then wait the welcome
That bids me go in peace.

2 In my forlorn condition,
Who else could give me aid?
Where could I meet compassion,
But in the church's Head?

In mercy, O receive me,

Thou God, who hearest pray'r!
From ev'ry evil save me,
Dispel each needless fear.

[blocks in formation]


T. 14.

THOU, Lord, must for thy sake forgive,

It cannot be for mine;

My pow'r, the pardon to receive,
My faith, is all divine:

2 A sinner on mere mercy cast,
Thy mercy I embrace,
And gladly own from first to last,
That I am sav'd by grace.

XVII. Of the Surrender of the Heart to Jesus.

297.* T. 582.

UNTO the Lamb of God,
Who to retrieve my loss,
Became a man and dy'd for me,
Upon th' accursed cross;
Unto the Prince of Life,
Who felt such racking pain,
While he the vengeance due to me
Did willingly sustain:

2 To him I wholly give
Myself this day anew,
As his reward so dearly gain'd,
His spoil and purchase due;
That with me he may do
What's pleasing in his sight,
And from me take whate'er him grieves,
Whate'er he sees not right,

3 How very weak I am,
My Saviour well can see,
And how exceeding short I fall,
Of what I ought to be:
Compassionate High-Priest,
To thee I must appeal;
My numberless infirmities
O kindly haste to heal!

4 In thy most precious blood,
Which from thy open'd veins,
To heal my soul in plenty flow'd,
I wash out my stains:
It is thy daily care,
Thy helpless sheep to feed;
To purify their spotted souls,
And gently them to lead.
5 Redeemer of my soul!
Whene'er thereon I think,

Have sav'd and rescu'd me;

And how thy cleansing blood, Apply'd unto my heart by faith, Hath brought me nigh to God: 6 I in the dust adore,

Amaz'd at grace so free, Bestow'd on such a wretched worm, And ask, "How can it be, That sinners base and vile Should be so greatly lov'd, Who cost thee so much pain and grief, And so ungrateful prov'd ?"

7 Me thy all-seeing eye

Hath kept with watchful care; Thy great compassion never fail'd, Thou heardst my needy pray'r ; This makes me firmly trust That thou wilt guide me still, And guard me safe throughout the way That leads to ZION's Hill.

8 Dear Saviour, I resign

My worthless heart to thee;
And whether cheerful or distress'd,
Thine, thine alone I'll be ;
My only aim is this

(O may I it fulfil!)

Thee to exalt with all my strength,
And do thy holy will.

[blocks in formation]

O GOD of mercy, grace and love!` Thy yearning bowels did thee move, To call me from death's gloomy night Into thy own amazing light.

2 I once was wholly dead in sin, Wholly corrupt and spoil'd within,

How thy compassion, love and grace,The carnal mind still bore the sway,

From sin and hell's dark brink

And hurry'd me a slave away.

It caus'd thee pain, O Son of God, To see the purchase of thy blood So deeply sunk in misery; And 'twas thy aim to set me free.

4 Thou drewest me with cords of love, Till thou at last didst conqu'ror prove;

3 Jesus cur'd my soul's infection

By his suff'rings, stripes and wounds: From his death and resurrection,

Life and pow'r to me redounds;
Once shall heav'nly joys inherit,
I by virtue of his merit
And ev'n here a foretaste have,

Till sin's strong pow'r thou hadst sup-Of that world beyond the grave.


And till my weary soul had rest.

5 Now, thro' thy wounds my soul hath found

Peace, righteousness, and solid ground;
I've now obtained, thro' thy grace,
Among thy ransom'd flock a place.
6 I thee adore, my gracious King,
And joyful Hallelujahs sing,
My eyes with grateful tears o'erflow,
For all the mercies thou dost show.
7 Faithful to thee I now engage
To be throughout my pilgrimage;
Accept my life and soul, my King,
Pledg'd to thy service these I bring.
8 Nature's reluctance over-rule,
My fleshly tenderness control,
O may I always have in view
Not mine, but thy blest will to do.

9 Thus by thy pow'r I here shall be
Prepared for eternity,
Walk with my God, him serve and love,
Till I shall live with him above.

[blocks in formation]

4 Jesus yields me delectation;
When I'm weak he strengthens me,
Sweetens all my tribulation,

His atoning death and passion
And supports me constantly:
Are the cause of my salvation;
Therefore Christ shall ne'er depart
From my sight and from my heart,
5 O! I'm lost in deepest wonder,
To think he shall soon appear
To receive me gladly yonder,

And wipe off my ev'ry tear:
Then my grateful songs and praises
Shall resound in heav'nly places;
Here by faith to him I'll cleave,
Jesus will I never leave.

300.* T. 22.

WE pray thee, wounded Lamb of God!
Cleanse us in thy atoning blood!
Grant us by faith to view thy cross,
Then life or death is gain to us.

2 Take our poor hearts, and let them be
For ever clos'd to all but thee!
Seal thou our breasts, and let us wear
That pledge of love for ever there.

3 What are our works but sin & death,
Till thou thy quick'ning Spirit breathe!
Until we strength from thee derive,
And in communion with thee live.

4 Ah, Lord! enlarge our scanty thought, Toknow the wonders thou hast wrought; Unloose our stamm'ring tongues to tell Thy love immense, unsearchable.

5 First-born of many brethren thou! To thee both earth and heav'n must


Help us to thee our all to give,
Thine may we die, thine may we live!

301. T. 580.

DIDST thou, Lord Jesus, me incline,
When I was lost and dead in sin,

To hear thy quick'ning voice?
Have I obtained in thy blood
Redemption, and found peacewithGod?
And do I in thy name rejoice?
2 O yes, I feel I am forgiv❜n,
A foretaste I enjoy of heav'n
Thy Spirit witness bears;
By faith thy righteousness is mine,
I'm well-assur'd that I am thine,

My soul no condemnation fears.
3 Yet 'fore thee, Jesus, I must own,
I have not this salvation known

By tracing legal ways;

No 'twas rhy pow'r rais'd me from sin,
Thou didst the saving work begin;
Thine be the glory, thine the praise,
4 May I be faithful to thy call,
Surrender unto thee my all,
Myself to thee resign;
When dangers threaten me around,
Invincible may I be found,

And never from thy will decline.

[blocks in formation]

TAKE, Lord, all self from me, that I
No more, but Christ in me may live!
My vile affections crucify,

Let not one darling lust survive :
O may my heart to thee aspire,
And nought on earth but thee desire.
2 Dear Lord, thy sov'reign aid impart,

O banish self-will from my heart,
To save me from low-thoughted care;

From all its latent mazes there;
And grant, that I may never move
From the blest footsteps of thy love.
3 Each moment draw from earth away
My heart, that humbly waits thy call:
Speak to my inmost soul and say,

5 Me with thy gladd'ning oil anoint;1 am thy life, thy God, thy all!"

The destin'd path thou dost appoint
Gladly I then shall tread ;
Bedew me with a genial show'r,
Into my heart thy influence pour,
And me with heav'nly manna feed.

302.* T. 106.
OGOD!whose love (immense in height,
In depth unfathom'd) no man knows;
Grant unto me thy saving light,

Inly I sigh for thy repose:
My heart is pain'd, nor can it be
At rest, till it finds rest in thee.
2 Thy gracious call invites me still,
How light thy burden is, to prove ;
Yet I'm unsteady; tho' my will

Be fix'd, yet wide my passions rove;
Great hindrances obstruct the way,
I aim at thee, yet from thee stray.
3 Mere mercy'tis, that thou hast brought
My soul to seek its peace in thee;
Yet while I seek, but find thee not,

At rest my wand'ring mind can't be


Thy love to taste, thy voice to hear,
Thy pow'r to prove, is all my pray❜r.

304. T. 90. JESUS, thy light again I view,

Again thy loving-kindness prove,
And all within me pants anew

T'enjoy thy all reviving love:
Again my thoughts to thee aspire,
Unto thy name is my desire.
2 But O! what off'ring shall I give

To thee, the Lord of earth and skies?
My soul and body now receive

A holy, living sacrifice;
'Tis all I have to offer thee;
O take me as thy property.
3 O may I never from thee stray,

Or be again subdu'd by sin;
Guide me, my life, my truth, my way,
Thy blood preserve mygarment clean,
O let thy blood and righteousness
My beauty be, my glorious dress.

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