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Thy grace

my days,



T. 74.

Send down thy likeness from above, 2 I thank thee, that in mercy

thou Thine image, Lord, on me impress; Hast waken'd me from death, Fill me with wisdom, patience, love, Arous'd me out of sin's deep sleep, With purity and lowliness :

And calld to walk in faith. These precious gifts on me bestow,

3 Complete thy work, and crown thy That I may in thy knowledge grow.

grace, 5 O Lord, be thou my shield and light

That I faithful

prove, Since I am calld by thy great name;

And listen to that small still voice, In thee my wand'ring thoughts unite,

Which whispers only love, Of all


works be thou the aim : 4. Which teacheth me what is thy will, attend me all

And tells me what to do;
My sole employment be thy praise ! Which fills my heart with shame, when I

Do not thy will pursue.
T. 376.

5 This unction may I ever feel, « GIVE me thy heart, my son," . This teaching of my Lord, thus saith the Lord,

And learn obedience to thy voice, “Give me thy heart, and listen to my Thy soft reviving word.

word; Observe

my ways, Walk in the path of


O LORD in me fulfil In foll'wing my direction

Whatever is thy will;
I'll grant thee my protection."

To thee I now resign
2'Tis only this which Christofus desires; Myself, and all that's mine ;
He to promote our welfare this requires; Thine, only thine I'll be
How blest are they

And live alone to thee.
Who Jesus' voice obey,

2 Each day unto my

heart And give their hearts for ever New life and grace impart; To him our God and Saviour ! For without fresh supply

I languish, droop and die;
T. 376.

Continually I've need
O TAKE my heart, and whatsoe'er is By faith on thee to feed.

Beloved Jesus, I'll be only thine ;

T. 155. To thee I'll live,

LORD, thou mad'st the universe, And soul and body give;

I though dust, am yet thy creature, My words and whole behavior

Spoil'd by nature, Be ruld by thee for ever.

Yet desire to cleave to thee;
2 But give thyself, my Jesus unto me, Make thou me,
And dwell within my heart continually: Like the clay thine hand can fashion,
O Lord, remain

To a vessel of salvation
My joy 'midst grief and pain; Fitted for eternity.
From thee, my soul's beloved, 2 I resign myself to thee,
May I ne'er be removed !

With me do whate'er thee pleases,

Gracious Jesus; 307. T. 14.

May I have to thee always
LORD, take my heart just as it is,

Free access :
Set up therein thy throne; Thus in faith and love proceeding,
So shall I love thee above all, I on heav'nly joys am feeding,
And live to thee alone.

Till in thee I end my race.




T. 15

3 Banish from me what's not right, In thy blood, O cleanse me wholly, Maké me lowly;

SEARCHER of hearts, thou know'st, From whate'er displeaseth thee,

thy love Szt me free;

My heart hath captivated ; And preserve my soul and senses

My soul is closely to thee join'd, From all hurtful influences ;

Ne'er to be separated; Only thine I wish to be.

2 All thou demandest I give up,

Lord, without hesitation ;
T. 11.

But never, never will I leave
GRANT, mostgracious LambofGod, Thee and thy congregation.
Who hast bought me with thy blood,
my soul and body be

313. T. 184. Quite devoted unto thee.

O MIGHT we all, Lord God out 2 Jesus, hear my fervent cry!

My whole nature sanctify;
Root out all that is unclean,

Thy condescending mercy prize, Tho' it cause me pungent pain.

T'accept of us (O boundless favor!)

As of a holy sacrifice; 3 Gracious Lord! I wish alone Of us, tho'sinful, poor and needy: Thine to be, yea, quite thine own, Grant that we freely unto thee And to all eternity,

May offer up both soul and body, To remain thy property.

To love and serve thee faithfully. T. 184.

313. T. 590. DEAR Lord, consume, yea, dash to shatters

PRESENT your bodies to the Lord, , All that, which is not right in me;

A living sacrifice, While the world holds me by its fetters, A holy off’ring unto him, Or silken cords, I cannot be

And pleasing in his eyes :
Partaker of thy full salvation ;

This is a service which ye owe,
For thou requirest such a heart, And reasonably due;
As can without equivocation

For ye are not your own, ye know, For thee, O Lord, with all things part.

But Christ hath purchas'd you.



In foll'wing thee I cannot miss 315.* T, 132.

The path to life and heaven;

Thy word be my unerring guide; JESUS, thou art my heart's delight, Preserve me lest I turn aside, My joy and my salvation;

Or stray from thee my Saviour. Thy presence yields me, day and night, Thou art the Truth, in thee I've found Abundant consolation ;

All that which is essential; Thee I desire to love and praise,

Without thee, all is empty sound, Since thy great love and boundless grace Are ev'ry thing unto me.

In thee is strength substantial :

O Truth! set me at liberty, 2 Thou art the Way, thy Spirit is That I depend on none but thee, As my Conductor given;

By whom I can be healed.

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4 Thou art my Life, thy pow'r divine Would both soul and body taste in thy Shall influence ev'ry motion ;

favor! O may thy Spirit me incline

We then with all our heart could say, To true unfeign'd devotion :

“ Dear Saviour, Who is like thee !" Thus I eternal life shall gain, And, till my latest breath, remain

4 Long suff'ring, merciful and kind A member of thy body.

to be,

Forgiving daily and abundantly, 5 Lord Jesus, thou my Shepherd art, To heal, cheer, and comfort, and show'r

Who dyd'st for my transgression ; thy blessing When lost, I caus’d thee pungent smart, On us, with looks thy tender love exWhen found, joy past expression: pressing,

Is thy delight. Ah! best of Shepherds, ever keep Within thy fold thy helpless sheep,

5 Gracious Redeemer, grant to us

while here Protect it from all danger.

Of thy salvation constantly to share, 6 Thou art my faithful Friend in need, May our souls and senses, without

My flesh and bone, my Brother ; cessation, Thy faithfulness and love exceed Prompted by love and need, for conThat of the fondest mother :


Unto thee look. Thou art my Healer when I'm sick,

6 Thus in communion may we live My Cordial strength’ning me when

with thee, weak,

Happy like children, till thy face wesee; My refuge in all trouble.

Tho', while here we tarry, we're often 7 O Lord, how very short I fall, grieved,

When on thy praise I enter! May we apply to thee and be relieved Thou art, indeed, my All in all,

In all distress. In thee my wishes centre: Whate'er I want, thou art to me; O let my heart incessantly

317.* T. 228. Be by thy love inspired.

HOWbrightappears the Morning-star, T. 58.

With grace and truth beyond compare!

The royal root of Jesse; WHAT peace divine, what perfect o David's Son, of Jacob's line, happiness

My soul's belov'd, and King benign, Our Saviour's presence to our hearts Thou cam'st from heav'n to bless me. conveys !

Unto us poor sinners, thereby is given Ever glorious,—and victorious,
A blessed antepast of bliss in heaven, Is my Saviour,

And lasting joy. Nought but he can please me ever. 2 Altho', dear Jesus, we can't see thy 2 From him descends a beam of joy, face,

When he, with a complacent eye,
Werichly may enjoy thy love and grace,
Since thou hast pronounced those souls Immanuel ! my sov'reign good,

Beholds his needy creature:
thrice blessed,

Thy word, thy Spirit, flesh and blood Who, tho' they do not see thee, aré

Renew my very nature. possessed

Of faith in thee.

Grant me,-richly,
3 Were we but all desirous, day and Thro' thy merit--to inherit

Thy salvation ;
Thee to enjoy, what supreme delight Hear my ardent supplication.

- 316.*



3 The Father from eternity

3 When my mind pursues this medita. In mercy was inclin'd to me,

tion, Throthee his Well-beloved: That the all-creating Word I, as a member of thy bride,

Hath by his humanity and passion, In thee, my Jesus, can confide, To God's image man restord;

Thy love remains unmoved. I regard my body as Christ's temple, Oh! I-have joy,

'Tis my aim to follow his example, That in heaven-with thanksgiving, And my vessel, thro' his grace, Thee my Saviour

In due honor to possess. I shall love and.praise for ever. 4 Tune all your notes to songs of praise,

T. 68. If you can earthly music raise,

BLISS beyond compare,
To join celestial concerts ;

Which in Christ I share !
Be Jesus your delightful theme; He's my only joy and treasure ;
In him, and in his saving name, Tasteless is all worldly pleasure;

Are center'd all our comforts ; When in Christ I share

Bliss beyond compare. Be the phrases sof our praises,

2 Jesus is my joy, 'Tis our duty,

Therefore blest am I.
Fore the Lord of bliss and beauty.

O! his

is unbounded, 5 Before the world I make my boast, All my hope on him is grounded ; That he in whom I place my trust, Jesus is my joy, Is Lord of light and glory :

Therefore blest am I.
At last he'll bring me to that place, 3 When the Lord appears,
Where wonders of redeeming grace

This my spirit cheers ;
Shall lie disclos'd before me ;

When his love to me revealing, Amen!-Be then

He, the Sun of grace with healing, Praise and blessing,—never ceasing

In his beams appears, To him given,

This Here, and by the hosts of heaven!

my spirit cheers.

4 Then all grief is drown'd;
318.* T. 185

Pure delight is found
THE unbounded love of my Creator Joy and peace in his salvation,
Heart-felt gratitude doth claim;

Heav'nly bliss and consolation.
Why did Christ appear in human nature!

Ev'ry grief is drown'd

Where such bliss is found.
'Twas for me he man became;
While the whole world's Saviour I

T. 4.
confess him,
As my own Redeemer oft I trace him, LORD Jesus, my pray's
And his merits I apply

Is while I am here,
To myself especially.

In union to be 2 When with him, my Lord, in closest With thee and thy people inseparably. union,

2 Concern'd for more grace I can all things else forget ;

And true happiness;
In his fellowship and blest communion, Intent evermore,
I heav'n's bliss anticipate ;

'Forethee to be contrite,& lowly & poor.
By his presence he dispels all sadness; 3. O were my whole mind
Filling my poor soul withjoy & gladness; And spirit inclin’d
Tho' I often am to blame,

Toshow forth thy praise, -To serve thee Yet his love is still the same.

with gladness, and walk in thy ways.


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323. *

321. *

T. 159.


me ever

4 If question'd by thee:

T. 206.
Say, lovest thou me?"

THOU slaughter'd Lamb, :f1:
lown I shall prove-Deficient, O Lord,
yet thou know'st that I love.

Whose love the same-doth still abide,

Tho’oft severely try'd ; 5. John's portion so blest

I am no longer mine, : 11:— But thine, To lean on thy breast,

Bought with a price ;--As sacrifice Be mine, till with thee, When time is no more,l for ever shall be. Of spirit, body, soul. :/:

Accept the whole 2 My King benign! :/: I'd fain be

thine; 'Tis the most blest and needful part Not anything,-Nosmallest hankering, . To have in Christ a share,

Cause me while here I stay, And to commit our way and heart My dearest Lord, from thee :/:-To Unto his faithful care ;

stray ; This done, our steps are safe and sure, No, may each breath--Exalt thy death, Our hearts' desires are render'd pure, And sing thy praise And nought can pluck us from his hand, For thy unbounded grace. :ll: Which leads us to the end.

T. 36. 2 Nought in this world affords true rest, O LET thy countenance, most loving But Christ's atoning blood,

This purifies the guilty breast,
And reconciles to God:

Shine on me day and night, and let Hence flows unfeigned love to him

Have of thy presence, and thy gracious Who came lost sinners to redeem, And Christ our Saviour doth appear


A tender feeling. Daily to us more dear.

2 That soul and body on thy merit

feeding 3 My only joy and comfort here May daily be from grace to grace proIs Jesus' death and blood;

ceeding, I with this passport can appear With thee at peace, in tend'rest love's Before the throne of God:

communion, And perfect union. Admitted to the realms of bliss, I then shall see him as he is,

325. T. 14 Where countless pardon'd sinners meet, JESUS, my Saviour, full of grace, Adoring at his feet.

Be thou my heart's delight,

Remain my fav'rite theme always,
T, 14.

My joy by day and night.
THY child so minded ever keep, 2 Hungry and thirsty after thee,
Let me know nought beside

May I be found each hour; Thee, who wast slain me to redeem, Humble in heart, and constantly Thee, Jesus crucify'd.

Supported by thy pow'r. 2. May I to thee in all my wants 3 May thy blest Spirit to my heart, Child-like yet closer fly,

Throughout my future race, Dire cting still throughout my course, True faith and constancy impart B y faith to thee mine eye.

To live unto thy praise.
3 Tho'tis but little I can do, 4 The myst'ry of redeeming love
Yet I would willingly,

Be ever dear to me:
Jesus, do that which yields thee joy, Till I shall once in heav'n above
This is enough for me.

For ever dwell with thee.


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