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1026. T. 598.

3. In this sepulchral Eden,

The tree of life I've found, BELOVED, white and ruddy,

Here is my treasure hidden, 150i of thousands none so fair;

I tread on hallow'd ground; T I with thy wounded body

Ye sick, ye faint and weary, No beauty can compare;

Howe'er your

ailments vary, Here to thy care consigned, Creep hither and make sure Within thy tomb enshrined,

Of a most perfect cure.
Might but my body lie ;
To thee my soul would fly.

4. Here lies in death's embraces 2. But while on earth I tarry.

My Bridegroom, Lord and God; Wrapt in this mortal vest,

With awe my soul retraces Within thy sanctuary

The bloody, dol'rous road, My troubled soul finds rest. That leads to this last station; 2017 Admit no strange affections,

Here in sweet meditation

0) But 'midst all imperfections, I'll dwell by day and night, pour Might in my looks be seen,

Till faith is chang'd to sight. That I with God have been.

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T. 58.

2. But when Immanuel's face ap

pears, GLORY to the Father,

My hope, my joy begins, Who in Christ Jesus,

His name forbids my slavish fears, Doth as dear children own, and richly His grace removes my sins.

World without end. 2. Glory unto Jesus,

1029. T. 590. The man of sorrows,

FATHER of angels and of men, Who suffer'd, died, rose and revived Saviour, who us hast bought,

That we might live. Spirit, by whom we're born again, 3. Glory and obedience,

And sanctified and taught; To th' Holy Spirit,

Thy glory, holy Three in One, Who glorifies Christ Jesus, and his Thy people's song shall be, merit,

To us applies. Long as the wheels of time shall run,

And thro' eternity. 4. Lamb of God, once wounded For our salvation,

1030. Let all who breathe, proclaim thy

T. 249. bitter passion, For evermore. WITH holy awe we cry,

Glory :||: to God on high;
T. 14

To the blest Trinity,

Blessing and praise be ever giv'n, TILL God in human flesh I see, By all on earth and all in heav'n;

My thoughts no comfort find, Amen, Hallelujah, The holy, just and sacred Three Hallelujah,

Fill with dismay my mind : Amen, Hallelujah!


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T. 68.

1031,* T. 58

We love thee, since thou man wast

made, LORD God, Abba Father, And hast as man our ransom paid, The whole creation With us unites in praise and ado- 4. Receive our thanks, O Lamb of

God, ration, To thy great name.

Who hast redeem'd us by thy blood; 2. Unto thee we render

Might all mankind thy name adore,
Eternal praises,

For thy atonement evermore.
For having manifested in Christ Jesus
Thy love to us.


T. 22.

GOD Holy Ghost, how gloriously, 1032. T. 125 . In Christs" redeemed property OUR Father, great and glorious, Is thy almighty pow'r display'd,

On heav'n's exalted throne, The same that earth and heaven made. Thy kingdom prove victorious,

2.When thou thy unction dost impart, That Jesus Christ, thy Son,

And breath'st new life into the heart, May for his death and passion,

When thy all-penetrating light From ev'ry tongue and nation,

Dispels the thickest gloom of night,
Receive a rich reward.

3. When thou revealest Christ to us,
And guid'st our eyes unto his cross,

Thy pow'r divine both far and near
O eternal Word,

In countless wonders doth appear.
Jesus Christ, our Lord!
While the hosts of heav'n adore thee,

1036. T. 341.

10 We with awe fall down before thee, THOU promis'd Comforter, And with rapture raise,

Fruit of the Saviour's pray'r, Songs of love and praise,

Thee the world cannot receive, 2. God and man indeed,

Thee they neither know nor see,
Comfort in all need,

Dead is all the life they live,
Thou becam'st a man of sorrows, Dark their light, while void of thee.
To gain life eternal for us,

2. Yet I partake thy grace, By thy precious blood,

Thro' Christ, my righteousness, Jesus, man and God.

Mine the gifts thou dost impart,

Mine the unction from above, 1034. T. 22.

Pardon written on my heart,

Light and life and joy and love.
LORD Jesus, praise to thee be giv'n,
Creator both of earth and heav'n,

3. Thee I exult to feel,
Who wast from everlasting Lord, Thou in my heart dost dwell,
And art as God and man ador'd. There thou bear'st thy witness true,

Shed'st the love of God abroad,
2. Praise be to thee in Christendom I, in Christ, a creature new,
Who wast, who art, and art to come, I, ev'n I, am born of God.
Thy lauds shalldwell uponourtongues
All saints and angels join our songs.

4. Thy gifts, blest Comforter,

I glory to declare, 3. Thy incarnation claims our praise, Sweetly sure of grace I am, Wethank thee for thy boundlessgrace, Pardon to my soul applied,



Int'rest in the spotless Lamb, Holy Ghost, on thee I call,

Dead for all, for me he died. Weak as helpless infancy, 5. Thou art thyself the seal,

Weak I am, yet cannot fall,
I more than pardon feel,

Stay'd by faith, and led by thee.
Peace, unutterable peace,
Joy, that


ne'er can move, Faith's assurance, hope's increase,

T. 155 All the confidence of love.

PRAISE the Spirit's mighty work, 6. Pledge of the promise giv'n,

For he proves himself most glorious, My antepast of heaven,

And victorious, Earnest thou of joys divine,

Ruling by his influence Joys divine on me bestow'd,

Heart and sense : Heav'n and Christ and All is mine,

Doth he not from Jesus' merit, I'm through thee, an heir of God.

Truth and comfort, life and spirit, 7. Thou art my inward guide,

Grace and health to us dispense? I ask no help beside;


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T. 167. "I have wrought out full salvation,

“ Sinner, look to me and live." ERE'we know our lost condition, Ere we feel our inbred woe,

2. Dearest Saviour, we adore thee, And exclaim, with deep contrition, For thy precious life and deathy

“ To be sav'd, what must I do?” Melt each stubborn heart before thee, Nought can yield true consolation, Give us all the eye of faith; Vain is all our righteousness :

From the law's condemning sentence Faith alone in Christ's oblation

To thy mercy we appeal: Gives the conscience rest and peace. Thou alone can't give repentance,

Thou alone our souls can'st heal. 2. Living faith, with clearest vision,

Sees the Lamb upon the throne, And in him a fúll provision,


T. 121. Righteousness and peace, our own: THE Lamb of God was slain, Then our days are mark?d with bles

Salvation to obtain ;

No sinner need to die, Then our hearts with rapture glow; Those only, who disdain Streams of comfort, rich, unceasing, His grace, in ruin lie, From the wounds of Jesus flow.

Since they will not flee

To the treasury 1039, T. 167, Of his


free. AS the serpent, rais'd by Moses, 2. His people now confess

Heal'd the fiery serpent's bite, With joy unto his praise; Jesus thus himself discloses, “ Tho'we by one man fell,

To the wounded sinner's sight; : “ By whose unrighteousness, Hear his gracious invitation: • We all are sinners still;

" I have life and peace to give;. " Yet thro' the Lamb slain,



Thro' his toil and pain,

7. Behold, Lord, how. we « We true life obtain...


Most gladly would be

Made clean by thy blood,
T. 22.

The robe of thy righteousness deck WHEN shall I gain the glorious dress,

us, O God, Prepar'd to clothe my nakedness? I need it, Lord, without that vest,

8. Altho we are vile, I cannot be a wedding guest.

Yet are we thy spoil, 2. Thank God! the glorious work is

Since we can by faith

Joy in the atonement, wrought out by done, I put my God and Saviour on,

thy death. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost 9. All they who believe, Declare, I never shall be lost.

And in Jesus live, 3. When Christ our life shall once

Obtain free access, (holy place. appear,

Thro? him our High Priest to the most It will be manifest and clear,

10. Lord Jesus, to thee That his atoning blood from sin We all bow the knee, Hath wash'd and kept our garments At thy feet we fall, [our all. clean.

Accept of our homage, for thou art 1042.*

T. 4. DEAR Lord, when I trace

1043. T. 14. Thy mercy and grace,

THOU Friend of sinners, hear mycry, Upon me bestow'd, 'Fore thee, with abasement I sink,

And grant me my request, deeply bow'd.

May I in thy, atonement find. 2. How blind have I been,

My everlasting rest. A vile slave of sin,

2. May I no more resist thy love, Till thy gospel-light [not right. No more thy Spirit grieve, Arous’d me from death, yet I knew it But as a little child become, 3. Myself I could feel

And simply thee believe. Deserving of hell,

3. Faith is thy gift, thou slaughter'd And such, was my case,

[was. Lamb, As if I too one of Christ's murderers Gain'd by thy death for me, 4. Then whisper'd the foe,

Therefore, the privilege I claim, Still plotting our woe,

A child of God to be., “ Tosin, death, and me

4. Impress this truth upon my breast, " A slave thou yet art, and for ever That thou for me hast died, shalt be."

That I in thee with confidence 5. For refuge I fled

For ever may abide. To Jesus, and pray'd : “ Dear Saviour, thy will,

1044. T. 96. " And purpose


grace in me, sins fulfil !”

I TO my God am reconcild, 6. To me he drew near,

With joy his pard'ning voice I hear, His voice I could hear :

He owns me his adopted child, “ Come, sinful and base,

His love forbids all anxious fear; “ Receive, tho unworthy, my pardon With confidence I now draw nigh, and grace."

And Abba! Abba Father! cry.


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T. 126.

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1 V. Of Thankfulness for Christ's Birth and Death. 1045.* T. 147.

Than when his rod and staff impart

True joy and consolation IMPRESS'D with filial fear,

Unto the needy heart? A breeze divine perceiving,

Its influence receiving,
With awe we thee revere;

O what complete salvation
Our eyes with tears o'erflowing, In Jesus I possess !
Our souls devoutly glowing,

In his atoning passion
That thought absorbs us now :

I find true happiness; “ Thou, Jesus, only thou !"

I'm now content on earth to live,

Since to my unseen Saviour, 2. Who can thy kindness prove,

1 Or know thy great salvation,

Thro' grace by faith, I cleave. And not with exultation

2. In him I can completely Confess, that God is love ?

Rejoice, ev'n when in pain, Thou Messenger anointed,

And would ought dissipate me, The Lamb, by God appointed,

He leads me back again; By all in earth and heav'n,

By him protected, I'm secure, To thee be praises giv'n.

From every dart of Satan,

From ev'ry thought impure. "'! 1046,* T. 126.

3. Nought but my Saviour's torment

From sin can set me free, To earth no longer cleaving

And make the world's enjoyment I look to Jesus' cross,

A state abhorr'd by me ; All this world's trifles leaving,

Yea, it would wound me to the heart, For Him count all things loss Should I for that still hanker, Who underwent such tacking pain, which caus’d him so mueh smart.

Distress of soul, and anguish, Vile sinners to regain.

4. O Lamb of God tormented!

Thy pain and anguish sore 2. I'm lost in deepest wonder,

Have me to thee cemented, When I am led to trace


And bound for evermore; His dying love, and ponder

Whoe'er relies thereon alone, *.1 On his amazing grace,

Will safely be conducted, How he, by giving up his breath Until his face is run.

Procur'd life and salvation For rebels doom'd to death.

5. I trust in Jesus' merit,

My life flows from his death, 3. Grace thro' the blood of Jesus, And doth his Holy Spirit The contrite soul's delight!

Before the

eye Nought else on earth could ease us, My crucified Redeemer paint, Should we of this lose sight,

I am thro' grace establish'd,
And could we not, thro'


Firm in his covenant.
Our worthless names engraven
In Jesus' nail-prints see.

1048.* T. 185. 4. O were his death impressed IF to me experience had not proved, On us indelibly!

What surpasseth human thought, Our lot would be most blessed ; That my Saviour, by compassion How can we happier be,


of faiths


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