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Delpini, 2065, O. 4. Don Juan, or the Libertine destroyed. A ballet. By

Delpini. Philad. 1792.

Destouches, 752, Q. Œuvres Dramatiques de Néricault Destouches, de l'Academie Françoise. 4 tom. A Paris, 1757. M. Diderot, 1533, D. Euvres Philosophiques et Dramatiques de M. Diderot. Avec figures. 6 tom. A Amsterdam, 1772.

Dodsley, 1745, O. 1930, D. A select collection of old Plays in 12 volumes. By J. Dodsley. London, 1780.

2062, O. 2. The King and the Miller of Mansfield. By. Mr. Dodsley. London, 1762.

2062, O. 3. Sir John Cockle at Court, being the sequel to the King and the Miller. London, 1762.

Dow, 2058, O. 3. Sethona. A Tragedy. By Alexander Dow. London,


Dryden, 883, F. The Comedies, and Tragedies, and Operas, written by John Dryden. Now first collected together. 2 vols. London, printed by

J. Tonson, 1701.

· 2056, O. 4.
Mr. Dryden.

King Arthur, or the British worthy. A masque. By
London, 1770.

Ducis, 1662, O. 3. Edipe chez Admete. Tragedie. Par M. Ducis. Paris,


Dunlap, 2080, O. 2. The Italian Father. A comedy. By Wm. Dunlap. New York, 1810.

Edgeworth, 1697, D. Comic Dramas, in three Acts. By Maria Edgeworth. London, 1817.

Etherege, 2071, O. 6. She Would if She Could. A comedy. By Sir George Etherege. London, 1735.

Euripides, 407, F. Euripidis Opera omnia, Græcé et Latiné cum scholiis et commentariis Josuæ Barnes. Cantabrigiæ, 1649. L.

582, O. Euripidis, Tragœdiæ Græce per Joannem Harvagium. Basileæ, 1537. L.

Fabian, 2071, O. 7. Trick for Trick. By R. Fabian. Glasgow, 1751.
Fielding, 2060, O. 1. The Lottery. By Henry Fielding. London, 1733.

2065, O. 7. Tumble Down Dick; or, Phaeton in the Suds. By Henry
Fielding. London, 1744.

2057, O. 5. Don Quixote in England. By H. Fielding. London, 1754.

Fletcher, 2072, & 2073, O. 1. The Pilgrim. A Comedy. By Mr. Fletcher. A La Haye,

London, 1753, 1745.

Fontaine, 1747, D. Pieces de Theatre de M. de la Fontaine.

1702. Foote, 2077, O. 1. The Minor.

By Mr. Foote. Dublin, 1760. 2077, O. 2. The Orators. In which is introduced the trial of the Cock Lane Ghost. By Mr. Foote. Dublin, 1762.

2077, O. 3. The Englishman in Paris. A comedy.

By S. Foote.

Dublin, 1762.

Francklin, 2056, O. 5. Matilda. A tragedy. By Thomas Francklin, D. D.

London, 1775.

Fragoso, 2283, D. Comedias Escogidas de Don Juan de Matos Fragoso.

Tomo Primero. Madrid, 1828.

Garrick, 2060, O. 2. The Lying Valet. By David Garrick. London, 1741. 2053, O. 5. The Guardian. By D. Garrick. London, 1767. · 2051, O. 4. Cymon. A dramatic romance. By David Garrick. London, 1768.

2068, O. 8. The Irish Widow. By David Garrick. Dublin, 1773. Gay, 1936, D. The Plays written by Mr. John Gay. With some account of

his Life. London, 1772.

Gay, 2061, O. 7. The Beggar's Opera. By Mr. Gay. London, 1787.
Glover, 2048, O. 4. Medea. A tragedy. By Richard Glover. London, 1762.
Goldoni, 2080, D. Scelta di Alcune Commedie del Goldoni. Londra, 1823.
Goldsmith, 2054, O. 1. The Good Natured Man. A comedy. By Mr. Gold-

smith. London, 1768.

2049, O. 1. She Stoops to Conquer; or, the Mistakes of a Night. By Dr. Goldsmith. London, 1773. Göthe 2001, D. Die Naturliche Tochter. Trauerspiel. Von Göthe. Frankfurt,


Goudanus, 988, D. Terentius Christianus, seu comedia sacræ Terentiano

styli a C. S. Goudano conscriptæ. Amstel, 1629.

Grapheus, 1098, 0. 2. Acolastus. De filio Prodigo Comœdia, Autore Gul. Grapheo.-Item, Æneæ Silvii in nostri Salvatoris passionem, Carmen Sapphicum. Coloniæ, 1536.


Griffith, 2052, O. 4. The Double Mistake.

A comedy. By Mrs. Elizabeth

Griffith. London, 1766. Grotius, 238, Q. 2. Excerpta ex Tragædiis et Comædiis Græcis, emendata et Latino Carmine reddita ab Hug. Grotio. Parisiis, 1626. L. Guarini, 828, D. Il Pastor Fido, Tragi Comædia del Sig. Batt. Guarini. In

Roma. L.

870, & 948, D. Il Pastor Fido del Sig. Cavaliere Guarini, con le rime. In Venetia, 1621, 1639. L.

Harpe, La, 1055, D. 1. Theatre de M. De la Harpe. Contenant le Comte de Warwick, et Timoleon. A Amsterdam, 1765.


Hill, 2059, O. 3. Athelwold. A tragedy. By Aaron Hill. London, 1760. Hippesley, 2057, O. 1. The Connaught Wife. Altered from Hippesley. Lon

don, 1767.

Hoare, 2065, O. 6. My Grandmother. A musical farce. By Prince Hoare.

Music by Storace. London, 1794.

2061, O. 8. No Song, No Supper. By Prince Hoare. Dublin, 1792. 2050, O. 4. Songs, in No Song, No Supper. By Prince Hoare. London, 1799.

Home, 2015, D. 1. Douglas.
Hoole, 2059, O. 1. Timanthes.
Howard, 1515, D. The Dramatic Works of Sir Robert Howard. Portrait.

A tragedy. By John Home. Dublin, 1787.
By John Hoole. London, 1770.

London, 1722.

2077, O. 5. The Siege of Tamor. By George Edmund Howard, Esq.

Dublin, 1773.

Humphreys, 2070, O. 1. Sosarme Re di Media. A drama. By Mr. Humphreys.

Italian and English. London, 1732.

Inchbald, 2050, O. 8. Appearance is against them. A farce. By Mrs. Inchbald. London, 1785. Jephson, 2060, O. 3. Braganza.

A tragedy. By R. Jephson. London, 1775. 2048, O. 5. The Count of Narbonne. A tragedy. By R. Jephson.

London, 1781.

Johnson, 2071, O. 4. The Wife's Relief; or, the Husband's Cure. By Charles

Johnson. London, 1736.


2066, O. 1. The Country Lasses; or, the Custom of the Manor.
Charles Johnson. London, 1760.

Jonson, 803, F. The Works of Ben. Jonson. London, 1640. M.

2064, O. 4. The Alchemist. By Ben. Jonson. London, 1763.

2067, O. 3. Bartholemew Fair. A comedy. By Ben. Jonson. Acted in 1614. London.

2067, O. 4. Epicoene; or, the Silent Woman. A comedy. By Ben. Jonson. Edinburgh, 1768.

2078, O. 5. Every Man in his Humour. A comedy. By Ben. Jonson. Altered By Garrick. Philadelphia, 1806.

By Hugh Kelly. London, 1771.
A comedy. By Hugh Kelly.

A farce. By Charles Kemble.

Kemble, 2080, O. 3. The Budget of Blunders.
Philadelphia, 1811.

Kenrick, 2054, O. 6. Falstaff's Wedding. A comedy. By Wm. Kenrick.

London, 1766.

Kelly, 2055, O. 4. Clementina. A tragedy. 2068, O. 7. The Romance of an Hour. Dublin, 1775.

2052, O. 1. The Widowed Wife. . A comedy. By W. Kenrick. London, 1767.

Kotzebue, 2151, O. 5. The Wild Goose Chase. A play. From the German of

A. Von Kotzebue. New York, 1800.

2048, O. 3. Count Benyowsky; or, the Conspiracy of Kamtschatka.
A tragi-comedy. From the German of A. Von Kotzebue,


Lee, 1735, O. Theodosius; or, the Force of Love. A tragedy. Written by

Mr. Nat. Lee. Dublin, 1746.

2073, O. 3. The Rival Queens; or, the Death of Alexander the Great. By Nathaniel Lee. London, 1735.

Theater. Von Goth. Ephraim Lessing. 6 vols. Wien,

Lessing, 2262, D.


Lillo, 1598, O. & 1925, D. The Dramatic Works of Mr. Lillo. London,


2071, O. 2. The Fatal Curiosity. By Mr. Lillo. 2071, O. 3. Arden of Feversham. By Mr. Lillo. Lloyd, 2068, O. 1. The Capricious Lovers. By Robert Lloyd. Dublin,

London, 1762.
London, 1762.


Lockman, 919, Q. 14. Rosalinda. A musical drama. By Mr. Lockman. With reflections on Operas, Oratorios, &c. London, 1740.

Mackenzie, 2056, O. 3. The Prince of Tunis. A tragedy. By Henry Macken

zie. Edinburgh, 1773.

Macklin, 2061, O. 2. The Man of the World. A comedy. By C. Macklin.

Dublin, 1786.

2078, O. 2. & 1712, D. 4. Love-a-la-Mode.
New York, 1811.

By Charles Macklin.

Macropedius, 1098, O. 6. Hecastus Macropedii, fabula, non minus pia, quam jucunda, in qua facinorosus quisque mortalium (dummodo salutis suæ rationem habebit) tanquam in speculo quodam contemplari poterit quemadmodum per Christum post veram suorum criminum pœnitudinem ad beatam adeoque lætam mortem perveniat. Coloniæ, 1539.

1098, O. 7. Comicarum fabularum Georgii Macropedii duæ, Rebelles videlicet et Aluta: pueris tum ad eruditionem, pios mores non parum profuturæ. Coloniæ, 1540.

1098, O. 8. Ejusdem Bassarus, fabula festivissima.




1098, O. 9. Ejusdem Andrisca, fabula lepidissima. 1539. Mallet, 2057, & 2066, O. 3 & 4. Alfred. A Masque. By David Mallet. Lon

don, 1758, & 1773.

Mariveaux, 1074, D. Euvres de Théatre de M. de Mariveaux, de l'Academie Françoise-portr. 5 tom. A Paris, 1758. M.

Markoe, 1861, O. 10. The Patriot Chief. A tragedy. By Peter Markoe.

Philadelphia, 1784.

Massinger, 947, O. The Plays of Philip Massinger. London, 1638. M.

2078, O. 4. The Great Duke of Florence. By Philip Massinger. Philadelphia, 1811.

2078, O. 6. The Roman Actor. By Philip Massinger. Philad.


Mason, 891, Q. Elfrida, a dramatic poem. Written on the model of the An-
cient Greek Tragedy. By Mr. Mason. London, 1752.
Menander, 98, O. Menandri et Philemonis reliquiæ, ex nupera editione Joan-
nis Clerici. Tomi II. Edente R. Bentleio. Trajecti ad Rhenum, 1610. L.
Metastasio, 1629, D. Opere Scelte dell' Abate Metastasio. 2 tom. Londra.
Moliere, 587, D. Les Euvres de J. B. P. Moliere. A Amsterdam, 1713. L.
23, D. Les Œuvres de J. B. P. Moliere, enrichies de figures en Taille-
douce. Tomi VIII. A Paris, 1730. L.
853, O.
Euvres de Moliere, avec des remarques grammaticales; des
Avertissemens et des Observations sur chaque Pièce, par M. Bret.
Avec figures. 6 tom. A Paris, 1788. M.

2240, D. Œuvres de J. B. P. de Moliere. 8 tom.
1197, Q. Œuvres de J. B. Poquelin de Moliere.


A Paris, 1813.

6 tomes. Paris,

Moncrief, 2055, O. 2. Appius. A tragedy. By John Moncrief. London,


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2025, D. 2. Tom and Jerry, or Life in London. By W. Moncrief. Philadelphia, 1824.

Montalvan, 2282, D. Comedias Escogidas del Doctor Don Juan Perez de

Montalvan. Madrid, 1827.
Moore, 2058, O. 1. Gil Blas.
Morand, 1052, D. Theatre et
A Paris, 1751. M.
Moratin, 2096, & 2292, D.


A comedy. By Mr. Moore. London, 1751.
Œuvres diverses de M. De Morand. 3 tom.

Comedias de Moratin. 3 tom. Paris, 1821,

More, 2048, O. 2. Percy. A tragedy. By Miss Hannah More. 1778.
Moreto, 2277, D. Comedias Escogidas de Don Augustin Moreto y Cabana.

Tom. 3.

Madrid, 1826. Morgan, 2055, O. 3. Murdock, 2065, O. 8. phia, 1795. Murphy, 2059, O. 4. 2056, O. 2. 1768.

Mussi, 2500, O. Jefte. Tragedia, con note di Antonio Mussi. 2 tom. Milan,


Nichols, 1711, O. Six Old Plays, on which Shakspeare founded his Measure for Measure, Comedy of Errors, &c. Published by J. Nichols. 2 vols. London, 1779.

Noris, 416, O. L'Odio e l'amore. Drama da Matteo Noris. Italian and English. London, 1721. L.

O'Keefe, 2065, O. 1. The Highland Reel. By John O'Keefe. Dublin, 1740.

2065, O. 12. & 1712, D. 3. The Agreeable Surprise. By J. O'Keefe. Dublin, 1786.

Philoclea. A tragedy. By M. Morgan. London, 1754.
The Triumphs of Love. By John Murdock. Philadel-

The Old Maid. By Arthur Murphy. London, 1761.
Zenobia. A tragedy. By Arthur Murphy. London,

1712, D. 5. The Poor Soldier. By J. O'Keefe. Dublin, 1786.

2050, O. 3. Airs, Duets, Trios, &c. in the Czar. By John O'Keefe, London, 1790.

Otway, 1376, & 1857. D. 2. Venice Preserved. A tragedy. By T. Otway.

Glasgow, 1773.

2072, O. 5. The Cheats of Scapin. By Thomas Otway. London,


Palaprat, 1831, D. 1. Le Muet. Comédie. Par M. de Palaprat. A Paris. Palissot, 1862, O. 2. Le Triomphe de Sophocle. Comedie. Par M. Palissot. Papeus, 1098, O. 1. Petri Papei, Samarites Comoedia de Samaritano Evangelico. Additum est Carmen Bucolicum per D. Eras. Roterodamum. Coloniæ, 1539. M.

Philips, 2057, O. 6. Belisarius.
Plautus, 834, 967, & 2265, D.
Amstelodami, 1695.


A tragedy. By Mr. Philips. London, 1758. M. Accii Plauti Comœdiæ, accuratissime editæ. L.

254, Q. M. Accii Plauti Comœdiæ, ex recognitione Jani Gruteri. Wittebergiæ 1621. L.

470, O. M. Accii Plauti Comœdiæ cum notis variorum, studio M.
Zuerii Buxhornii. Lugduni Batavorum, 1645. L.

378, O. M. Accii Plauti Comœdiæ cum notis variorum ex recensione
Joannis Frederici Gronovii. Tomi II. Amstelodami, 1684. L.
842, O. M. Accii Plauti quæ supersunt Comœdiæ cum Commentario
ex variorum notis et observationibus, ex recensione Joh. Frederici
Gronovii, accessere ex ejusdem Lectionibus Plantinis notulæ asterisco
notatæ, cum præfatione Jo. Aug. Ernesti., 2 tom. Lipsia, 1760. M.
851, O. M. Accii Plauti Comœdiæ superstites viginti. 3 tom. Biponti,
1788. M.
1079, D.

Comedies de Plaute, traduites en François, avec des Remarques et un Examen selon les Regles du Theatre. Par Mademoiselle Le Fevre, (Mad. Dacier.) Lat. et François. 3 tom. A Paris,

1683. M.

1493, O. The Comedies of Plautus, translated into familiar blank verse. By Bonnell Thornton, M. B. 2 vols. London, 1767. Poisson, 1078, D. Les Œuvres de Mr. Poisson, 2 tom. A Paris, 1743. M. Quinault, 1358, D. Théatre de Quinault: contenant ses Tragédies, Comédies, et Opéras. Avecs sa Vie, une Dissertation sur ses Ouvrages, et sur l'Origine de l'Opera. 5 tom. A Paris, 1778. Racine, 1192, Q.

874, O.

Euvres de Jean Racine. 3 tomes. Paris, (Didot.) 1783. Euvres de Jean Racine, avec des Commentaires. Par M. Luneau de Boisjermain.-port. 7 tom. A Paris, 1768. M. 628, D. Euvres de Louis Racine. Tom. II. A Amsterdam, 1736. L. 1480, O. Euvres de Louis Racine. Portrait. 6 tom. A Paris, 1808. Reeves, 2050, O. 8. Songs in Mirth's Museum, or the Country Club. By Mr. Reeves. London, 1794. Regnard, 942, 0. Reynolds, 2061, O. 6. lin, 1792.

Euvres de Regnard. 3 tom. A Amsterdam. M.

Notoriety. A comedy. By Frederick Reynolds. Dub

2051, O. 3 Airs, Songs and Duets, in the Historical Romance of the Crusade. By Fred. Reynolds. London, 1790.

2080, O. 4. The Exile. A comedy. By F. Reynolds. Philadelphia, 1811.

Rich, 2068, O. 4. The Spirit of Contradiction. A comedy. By Mr. Rich.

Dublin, 1770.

Rojas, 2279, D. Comedias Escogidas de Don Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla. Madrid, 1827.

Rolli, 2070, O. 4. L'Astarti.
London, 1757.

A drama. By Paolo Rolli. Italian and English.

Ruggles, 754, D. Ignoramus. Comœdia per Academicos Cantabrigienses
habita. A Georgio Ruggles. Londini, 1668. L.
Savage, 2048, 0. 1. Sir Thomas Overbury. A tragedy. Altered from R.
Savage. London, 1777.
Schiller, 2193, O. Mary Stuart. A tragedy, from the German of Frederick
Schiller. London, 1801.
Scribe, 2025, D. 3. La Dame Blanche. Par M. Scribe. New York, 1827.
2015, D. 4. La Charlatanisme. Par M. Scribe. New York, 1827.
Seneca, 339, D. L. Annæi Seneca Tragœdiæ, cum notis Thomæ Farnabii. Lon-

dini, 1624. L.

381, O. L. Annæi Seneca Tragœdiæ, cum notis Joannis Frederici Gronovii. Amstelodami, 1682. L.

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